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Decisions, Decisions: Tom Holland x WOC

Requested: Tom and Reader are having twins and can’t decide on the names. Sorry in advance for the weird ass layout, I typed the rest on my phone.

“Look love! This website has a bunch of great names.” Tom sat beside you. You rested your head on his shoulder and looked at the screen. “I tol dyou we’re having girls.” You giggled. “Nope, I’m not listening to you until the doctor tells us for sure.”

“Well fine. But I”m pretty sure we’re having girls.” You smiled. He rolled his eyes and scrolled through the names, “How about names that start with T.” You suggested. His eyes widened, “Really?”

“Yeah.” You smiled, you loved the way he got excited over the smallest things. “Well in that case, what about Tyler and Tristan?” He asked pointing to the screen. “Um-” You made a face and shook your head. “What about Theodre and Timothy.”

You wanted to make him as happy as possible so you sat through the many combinations of T names. “How about girls?” You asked. He nodded, “Tiffany, Taylor, Tiara, Taamara- Oh Tia and Tamara?” he joked. You laughed, “I don’t think so.”

After an hour of thinking of names, you both sighed feeling a bit defeated. “What if we can’t think of a name?” Tom asked, starting to get a bit anxious. “Calm down, honey. We’ll think of something but of course it will go smoother once we find out what we’re having.” You said rubbing your belly. “Boys.” He said postively. “Ha, I feel like we’re having girls>”

“The Holland genes are strong darling. If you haven’t noticed my mom has 4 sons.”

“Oh I noticed and I don’t want that for myself.” You joked. “Wouldn’t it be something if we have all girls and you’re stuck being the only guy. Kinda like how your mom got stuck with all guys.” You laughed. “Ugh I know! Poor woman but she’s the best.” he sighed, admiring his mother’s patience. 

“Whatever these children are, I just hope they get your smile.” You said brushing your fingers on his lips. He blushed, “Well as long as they get everything else from you. You’re stunning.” He leaned in and kissed you. “Are you trying to flirt with me Holland?” You asked. “I don’t know? Is it working?”

“It worked once.” You said pointing to your large stomach causing him to laugh. After a few moments of laughter he turned to you and a serious sincere look came across his face, “Marry me?” You sighed and let go of his hand, “Tom-” “Just listen to me, please.” He said pulling out the diamond ring that you’ve seen plenty of times. “I know how you feel about marriage but I swear-” He paused trying to gather his words, “I love you and I want to be with you forever.”

You were skeptical of marriage after witnessing your parents nasty divorce but then you met Tom and he made you feel like a successful marriage was actually possible. You’ve been with him longer than a lot of married couples you knew, and when you got pregnant your families emphasized marriage.

“I love you too but I think we’re good where we are. We get along better than practically every married person I know.”

“But we could still keep that, I don’t think marriage is going to change us. Its just a piece of paper.” He said, you heard the desperation in his voice. “But look what happened Brad and Angelina, they were together for forever and as soon as thy got married-” He stopped you, “Don’t compare us to them, ever. We’re realer than that.”

You sighed and rubbed your stomach, “I want to marry you but I’m scared.” You whispered. “Scared of what?”

“Of being a terrible wife, of being a terrible mother. I’m just scared.” You started crying and he pulled you into his arms. “I honestly think you’re going to be an amazing wife and an incredible mom.” He brushed your hair out of your face and kissed you on the forehead.

He calmed you down, “Just please give it a chance. You don’t even have to marry me at this point , I just want to see you wear the ring.” He pleaded. His voice broke your heart, “I do want to marry you Tom.” His eye lit up, “R-really?”

“Yes but under one condition!”, “Anything!”

You sighed and grabbed his hand, “I give birth to the babies and I lose my baby weight. I kinda already had my eye on a dress.”

His smile beamed and he got teary eyed, “Of course.” He stumbled with the ring and got down on one knee. “Y/N, will you marry me?” He asked. “Yes.” He slipped the ring on your finger and gave you a passionate kiss. “I love you.”, “I love you too.”

Today’s the Day - Jordan Parrish Imagine

Request by Anon: Could you do an imagine where the reader is new to being a werewolf and Parrish helps her through it, love your imagines and thankyouuu!!!

Word Count: 1,445

Warnings: None

Author’s Note: This is the last imagine for the year. Expect new imagines next year. 😉 Have a wonderful New Years y’all!

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

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Y/N sat in the passenger seat, looking out the window as the different shades of brown and green from the trees in the forest blurred together. With his eyes focused on the road, Jordan could see from the corner of his eye how nervous she was. He reached over and grabbed her hand in his. She immediately intertwined her fingers with his as she took a deep breath before looking down at their locked fingers. With her other hand she began to randomly trace shapes on the top of his hand.

“You’re going to do great,” Jordan said with so much confidence. 

“We’ll see,” she mumbled.

“Honey, you’re going to get it right.”

She let out another deep sigh. “That’s what you said the last time, and I somehow ended up in Scott’s backyard while you were about a mile out from where we started.”

Jordan brought up their locked hands and kissed the back of hers. “Today’s the day. I know it.”

“How are you so sure about that?”

“It’s just a feeling I have, and it’s a good one,” he smiled as he finally parked his truck in the middle of the woods.

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You’re Doing It Again

Simon was going on and on with his long explanation about his newest favorite Sci-fi fantasy show and how the undertones were symbolism for the problems in our world. His hands frantically moving as he spoke, he continued to describe the genius of the show with great enthusiasm and then he just stopped.

“You’re doing it again”, he looked down at his coffee and away from the heavenly face of his watching boyfriend.

“Doing what?”, Jace laughed, his breath making the strand of hair that had fallen out of place fly up before he tucked it back out of his way.

Simon continued to avoid his eyes or he’d falter, looking everywhere but at Jace. He picked at the seam of his jeans nervously, fidgeting and evading. 

“What’s wrong Simon?”, Jace spoke gently, his hand finding Simon’s to still it. 

He was always quick to laugh when Simon was being absolutely nerdy but perhaps it was the wrong thing to do. Jace never really thought of it before, he’d always been a confident guy, his smile and laughter getting him out of trouble more times than he could count. But maybe this time, with this relationship it was actually getting him in trouble. 

“Please look at me”, Jace almost begged.

With a sigh and a gulp Simon looked up into Jace’s worried face and sighed. Simon was a goner for those eyes, an almost shocking blue with a magical splash of brown spiking out into the lower portion of the iris in his left eye, Jace was an original for sure. His glasses were slightly askew, but before he could fix them Jace reached up, brushing his fingers along Simon’s cheek, and put them right.

“What did I do? You said I was doing it again, did I do something wrong?”, the concern was evident in Jace’s tone.

“No actually”, Simon straightened his posture, one side of his mouth going up in a lopsided smile. “You did something right”.

“Then why did it make you act like that?”

“Because you’re looking at me that way - me - Simon Lewis. You - golden boy Jace”.

Jace caught on after that. There must have been an expression he made that had Simon all a flutter. Of course it bothered him a bit that Simon seemed to think he was lucky to be with Jace, in fact Jace thought it was the other way around. He - Jace Lightwood - was the lucky one, because he had someone sweet, adorable and passionate in his life. 

Jace wanted those thoughts to leave Simon’s mind right away. So he put on his most sneaky grin and winked at Simon knowing it would make his boyfriend forget anything upsetting him in mere seconds.

“So how was I looking at you?”, Jace made his voice low and husky as he moved closer to Simon his hand sliding up his boyfriends thigh just a bit. 

“T-that s-smirk”, he stuttered before regaining his composure and rambling in perfect Simon fashion. “You know the one where you seem to be annoyed at me for going on about things you don’t care about or don’t want to care about - but then there is this smirky smile on your lips that you’re fighting to keep in check - and you hold your body in a rigid form but your eyes are soft and you’re looking at me and I just - I just - I know you’re really enjoying yourself even if you’re putting on a front. It makes me happy”

Simon shrugged as he finished his eyes now on Jace’s hand that was rubbing gentle circles into his thigh. Jace leaned in to whisper into Simon’s ear causing a shiver to run through his body.

“It’s not that I don’t care about what you’re saying, it’s the fact that you’re so cute when you get into it. You know I love your nerdy side, babe. I may not get half the stuff you’re saying but I love seeing you talk about it”.

Kissing the corner of Simon’s mouth Jace leaned his head onto Simon’s before giving him the sweetest peck full on the lips and pulling away. 

“So you like that look huh?”, Jace teased.

Simon could only nod because the look Jace was giving him now was one that made Simon feel a whole other way completely. 

“And you like this one too”, Jace smoldered his sexy pout in full force.

Simon gulped again and nodded fervently before finding his voice and it was surprisingly strong. “Can we go home?”.

Jace raised his brow and smirked “Coffee date over?”

“Coffee date over”, Simon nearly growled making Jace bite his lip to keep from groaning in public.

Simon may be his sweet little nerd, but damn he was so hot, especially when he was turned on. Jace only had a few seconds to throw a twenty down on the table before Simon was tugging him towards the door insistently. 


“i will race you to that side of the lake and back.” he stated.

“you’re a werewolf.” you said, “and look at your arms. you’ll win.”

he grinned, looking you up and down, “and?”

“and no fun.” you laughed. 

there was a mischievous look in his eyes and you knew what he was thinking, he grabbed you and threw you over his shoulder, jumping into the lake. you came up screaming because it was freaking cold!

but his lips captured your scream and he grinned. you tried to catch your breath, “can we never stop doing these midnight swims? they’re so great.”

usuk writing 9/26; nsfw

today is my fathers birthday and i chose to spend time doing this. what a great daughter i have turned out to be lol. pls remember to check out the rest of my works on tumblr ao3 or fanfiction B) 

“Babe, you don’t look so good,” Alfred spoke uneasily, eyeing his mate with concern. He placed a hand on his Omega’s shoulder anxiously. “I think we better go home.”

“No,” Arthur refused, flipping through the shelved books with shaky, pale hands. “You told me that you would buy me my books today. D-Don’t try to get me to leave just because you’re low on cash or s-something.” 

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Imagine you’re a tattoo artist and you’re in an open relationship with Happy 

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The sex was great. You’ve had sex before but when you were having sex with Happy, you didn’t want to use the word “magical” but it was. He suddenly felt really hot, whenever he was on top of you, his raspy tongue going all over your navel and down, and down, making you melt into a  puddle into your panties. His hands, manly and full of veins, running down your sides as his concentrated look never left your eyes, until you couldn’t keep them open anymore. His legs were strong enough to lift you and smash you against the wall; What he liked, he said, was that you didn’t complained about his strong and fierce nature,You were a big girl you could take it. He was done with punk bikers wannabe that flinched whenever things got a little too rough. If he was looking for naive and delicate, he wouldn’t find it with you. Good luck he didn’t. 

When he entered you, he filled you just fine. You would feel him hit the right spots every time he was with you, and his moans were the most amazing thing you’ve ever heard. You had lust for this man; and if you thought about it, his conversations skills killed the moment, but every time he bites you, it brings it back to light. He just knows how to light a spark and you loved that. 

You weren’t in a relationship with him, you two were just too people that fitted with each other, and flirted with each other and had sex with each other, drank with each others, smoked weed with each other…pretty much did everything with each other, but that was it. No feelings yet, no strings attached. 

You were smoking a cigarette outside the closed tattoo parlor, at 12:00 PM, once you finished scheduling the next day appointments; waiting for Wendy while looking into your cellphone. You ringed her one more time as you faced the parlor, sighing when the cellphone  sent you to another voice message. 

“Fucker must have forgot, fuck.” You said stomping your feet on the sidewalk. You heard the quiet roar of a motorcycle, one that was going too slow. You smirked down to yourself and turned around, seeing Happy Lowman on the side of the sidewalk looking at you, smirking. 

“Waiting for someone?” Happy said. 

“My cousin.” You walked closer to the man. “But she must have forgot, i guess.”

“Yeah, i think she’s busy.” You lifted an eyebrow. “Cock wise.” You scoffed and laughed. Happy was so direct sometimes it came out rude, but you were the same, so you were fine with it. 

“Yeah, well, i guess i can’t compete with a blonde biker, huh?” 

“C’mon, i’ll give you a ride.” You looked at the empty street, no signs of cabs or ex junkie’s cousin. 

“Alright. Just because Wendy forgot about me.” This was a next step. You’ve never bitch rode with Happy before; You could always drive yourself ot places where you met, or he will always came to your house. You slipped on the back on his bike and smiled at him. 

He opened his kutte, for you to place your hands around his waist. You lifted an eyebrow and denied slowly. “Bitch ride it.” He said. He looked behind himself when he felt nothing and you denied at him. He laughed slightly. It was this fierce attitude you had, what made him jerk off thinking about you on the long runes past these couple of weeks. And it wasn’t like he couldn’t fuck another girl, but he figured out he didn’t had the time…

You held on to the back part of the bike, secure and independent as he started the motor on and you both went into Charming night streets. 

“You’ll enjoy it more if you hold on to me.” He said, eyes on the road the whole time. You were slowly giving it; You had nothing to loose. You slowly wrapped your arms around him and pressed your cheek on his back, as he looked down at your intertwined hands on his stomach. Wind was going through your hair and the stars were a silver swoosh on the sky for both of you; And even thought you’ve never had shackles, you’ve never felt so free. 

You arrived at your house in no time, feeling a little disappointed  that the ride was over. You got off the bike and fixed your hair, adjusting your bag closer to your body.

“It was a sweet ride, killer.” You said caressing his cheek.

“You’re not asking me in?” He lifted his eyebrows. You licked your lips and pulled out your keys as you opened the door, not giving him an answer. He got off the bike and leaned against it, closing his arms on his chest and playing with the toothpick on his mouth. Once the door was open, you threw your bag inside and turned around smiling at him and motioning for him to come in. He smirked and walked over to the front door, closing it behind him. 

You started to take off your jacket and earrings, as Happy removed his helmet and his glasses. He sighed and sat down on the couch. Everything was quiet. Even though, you’ve had plenty of sex before with him, he always seemed to wait for your approval. Because he wasn’t an asshole and because he  mindful of your boxing skills. You smirked and started walking upstairs, to your bedroom, not without lifting your skirt, making sure Happy was watching, showing your boy shorts and your ass cheeks. He smirked and followed you upstairs. 

When Happy catched up on you, you were already  down to just your boy shorts, waiting for him in bed. He smiled, filled with lust, taking off his kutte and kicking off his boots, as you bit your lip and kneeled on the bed, wrapping your arms around his neck as he got rid of his jeans and t-shirt, staying in his dark grey boxers. You pressed your bare chest against his, as you both started a heated make up session. His hands roamed through your whole body, your sides, pressing your body and lifting your legs, throwing both of you against the bed, making you yell in surprise. He was now in between your legs, where you’ve always wanted him to be. He started kissing down your collarbones, making you moan out in pleasure as you caressed his strong shoulders, how the skin glowed under the sweat still amazed you.   His teeth nipping at your neck, still made you shiver; it was an addiction, your own kind of Happy pills, who you would take instead of coke anytime. In that moment, you realized Happy knew nothing about your past. You stared into your ceiling, the punk magazines cut outs staring down at you. What if he found out? Would he be disgusted? You were sure he was not going to be scared. He trusted hard into you, bringing you back to reality as you arched your back, 

“God!” You moaned out as you started to breath faster and faster every time. He attacked your lips once again, and you were sure they were going to be bruised and swollen once he was done with you. 

“What do you want?” His voice was music to your hears. You could barely speak out your mind right now, but you were glad your body as talking. You dig your nails on his back, on top of all his ink as he hissed and went into you harder. “God, (Y/N), where the fuck-…” he trusted again. “Where the fuck did you come from?” You laughed and moved your hips, meeting his. 

“Please, Hap…” you begged in between breaths. “Please…”

Your skin slapping against his and how, once again, he filled you up so well, made you close your eyes in pleasure and lust. He went harder, digging his palms on your thighs, his red marks on you and small love bites forming on your chest, breasts and neck. Damn, that was going to be hard to cover up tomorrow.  You held tight onto his forearms, his grunts filled the room.  Hands slid over your bare skin, cupping one of your breasts. He eyes went dark with lust. He leaned forward and softly sucked on the skin near your collarbones. You could feel yourself sleeping in and out of the edge of your orgasm. This man was going to be the death of you. 

“Happy…” You moaned into this hear, causing him to go harder. “Fuck, Happy, im cumming…”

“Oh yeah?” He looked into your eyes, and you’ve never been one to be shy in bed but his stare was cold, yet so fucking hot. You looked down, as you blushed, making him giggle. “Then cum, little girl…” Your eyes went at the back of your head, as you groaned and came all over him. “So fucking tight.” He groaned, feeling you tight around him. He pulled out just in time, spilling his seed on the sheets and a bit on your low stomach, where your  skull and roses tattoo laid. You laid back, eyes on the ceiling and trying to catch your breath. You felt Happy shift around in the room, looking for his underwear. You got up and cleaned yourself up, finding an over sized shirt you owned and looking around for your joint, trying to make the best of your post sex ritual.

You lighted up, forgetting you were with Happy for a minute and took a long drag. He got closer and sat down on the best, taking it from your hands and getting high himself. You smiled and caressed his scalp, half asleep, half awake. He cleared his throat but then leaned closer and kissed your lips, slowly, sloppy, tired; When you both pulled out, you smiled at him, and laid on the bed.

“You can crash in here if you want.” He looked at you. “I don’t have a problem.”

“Of course not.” He said, laying next to you. “You want to catch me.” You laughed as he pulled the covers on top of both of you and you laid on your side looking at him.

“I’m not one to beg, killer.” You caressed the tattoos over his chest. “Give me a week and you’ll be crazy about me.” He lifted his eyebrow and denied, hands on the back of his head. 

“It’s that a warning?”

“It’s a promise.” He nodded, meaning he believed you. You sighed and let your head fall to your shoulders, covering most of you. “Good night, Hap.” 

He grunted in response, as he laid on his side, wrapping one strong arm around you, pulling you towards him and falling asleep minutes after, as well as you. 

Back in LA; a black haired tall man packed his things in the back of his car. He smirked as he blew the smoke of his cigarette, his cellphone going off.

“We’re here and we’re ready. At your signal.” 

He typed a few words and placed the cellphone back on his pocket. Got into the car and started driving north; loud heavy metal music on his stereo.

“Tomorrow night. Her tattoo parlor. Be invisible.” 


“Look, all I’m saying is a girl like that? She’s gonna want a guy who can take charge sometimes,” Kozik said, as he and Juice walked back to their bikes, “you’re a great guy, Juice, you’re a real sweetheart, and you’re gonna end up with a great girl,” condescension was thick in his voice, “but her? She’ll get bored soon enough, and she’ll go looking for something more exciting, you know, someone more like me. And as long as you’re too chicken shit to actually ask her to be your girlfriend, I’ll have no problem with taking her.”

Juice scowled. Kozik was his brother, and he loved him like a brother, but ever he’d officially transferred from the Tacoma charter to Charming he’d had his eye on you, and with each passing day he was growing less subtle. Juice didn’t like it, but there wasn’t too much he could do about it, you weren’t his old lady, you weren’t even his girlfriend, you’d just been casually dating for a little while, he didn’t even know if you were exclusive,  and as much as he liked you he didn’t want to drive you away by being too intense too soon.

“I’m part of an MC,” Juice said, “I run guns for a living, I just spent two years in prison, most girls don’t find that boring.”

Kozik laughed, putting his helmet on as he climbed onto his bike, “she’s not exactly most girls,” he replied, starting his bike, kicking up the stand, clunking it into gear, and leaving Juice still strapping his helmet on in the parking lot.

It wasn’t a long ride back to TM, but Juice spent the entire ride thinking about you, thinking about your relationship, and thinking about how to tell you he wanted to get more serious. He hated to admit it, but maybe Kozik was right, maybe he was just too nice for you, too much the nice guy compared to men like Kozik, typical bad boys.

Kozik’s bike was already in there when Juice got back. The sun was just setting and the TM lot and shop were empty, but Juice could hear music coming from the clubhouse. He backed his bike into the line of Harleys, climbing off and heading towards the clubhouse, where he figured he’d grab a beer and call you, see if you wanted to hang out that night.

He walked into the clubhouse, and immediately his eyes landed on you, Kozik’s arm around your shoulders.


“You and I should hang out some time,” Kozik said, casually draping an arm over your shoulders, “grab a beer or something.”

You rolled your eyes, “Kozik, you’re my friend, and I like being your friend, but I’m seeing Juice.”

“Yeah,” he said, “but it’s not like he’s your old man or anything, we can still have some fun.”

You’d spent most of the afternoon at the clubhouse, helping Gemma and Lyla organize some stuff for a big party they were planning for that weekend, and somehow, as all the Sons returned from their various club duties that day, the party planning had turned into a small party of its own. You’d been having a great time talking to Tig about his childhood pet dog when Kozik had wandered over, two drinks in his hands, one held out for you.

You truly did like Kozik, as a friend. If it weren’t for Juice, you might have even considered taking Kozik up on his offer. You couldn’t deny that you found him attractive, but you were having a great time with Juice, and your relationship might have been fairly new, but you were looking forward to seeing where it would go.

“Sorry, Herman,” you said, “it’s just not gonna happen, I like Juice.”

He sighed, taking a swig of his beer, “fine,” he said, “I suppose if he makes you happy I’ll learn to accept-”

“Y/n?” you looked up to see Juice walking across the clubhouse towards you, and he looked pissed, “Kozik, get your fucking arm off my girl.”

You had been ready to start defending yourself, to tell him that nothing was going on, that Kozik was just being flirty and it wasn’t a big deal, but something about the way Juice had said ‘my girl’ left you lost for words. You loved how kind Juice was, how sweet he could be, but seeing him like this? Seeing him angry, seeing him possessive? This was definitely a new side to Juice.

“Your girl?” you asked.

“Yeah,” he said, “you’re my girl, you got that?”

You nodded, trying not to blush at seeing Juice like this, seeing the fire in his eyes. The weight of Kozik’s arm disappeared from your shoulders, and Juice’s hand wrapped around your wrist, “come with me,” he said, pulling you towards the dorms. He pushed the closest door open, pulling you inside after him.

As soon as the door shut behind you his mouth was on yours as he pinned you against the closest wall. Usually Juice’s kisses started gentle, but this was hard, it was rough, and it was really fucking hot.

He stopped kissing you for a moment, sucking and nipping at your neck quickly before stepping back a little.

“I want us to be exclusive,” he said, “I want you to be my girlfriend, and one day I want you to be my old lady. Is that okay with you? Because if it’s not then we might as well just end this now.”

You nodded, “yeah, that’s more than okay with me Juice, I want that too,” you replied.

“Good. And that means no more letting him flirt with you like that, no more letting anyone flirt with you like that, you’re mine and I’m yours and that’s that.”

“Yeah,” you said, “I’m yours and you’re mine,” you repeated.

He stepped back in, his lips pressing against yours, his body melting into yours, as he kissed you like he never had before, making you feel things like you never had before.

typenullandvoid replied to your post “What’re you doing over here in the corner?”

He smiles warmly at that, a hand coming up to curl his fingers in his ponytail out of a sort of nervous tick, but he nods and gives a soft sigh. “Thanks, I try to make everything look good for our benefactors- Without them this thing can’t even function… You look gorgeous tonight, by the way.

Ah, was he nervous?  Then again, he had every reason to be on a night like this-all eyes were upon him and the Aether foundation. She could understand his desire to make sure that everything was perfect. The slightest mishap could affect the relationship with the organization’s benefactors-though, with all that Aether’s accomplished, she hopes a small mistake won’t be held over him like that. “Don’t worry, you’re doing a great job.” She reassures, placing a hand on his shoulder. “I’m sure everything’ll be just fine. Just don’t worry so much, alright?” 

Gorgeous…her? Well, she did spend hours shopping for a suitable dress, not to mention having to fight with her hair. She’s just glad she doesn’t look as strange as she thinks she does. “That’s sweet of you to say.” She smiles, a hand brushing a stray hair from her eyes. “But I feel kinda strange being dressed up like this. It’s not bad, just something I don’t do often. Meanwhile, I think you’re catching everyone’s eye! Looking so classy seems like it’s second nature to you!” 

For @notenoughgatorade, who deserves a little something to make her smile. You’re incredible Silvia and I’m so happy to have met you

“Move out?” Stiles cries, dropping the jar of sauce he is holding. It smashes, covering his shoes in a horrible shade of orange. Great. “Scott, I just moved in.

Scott winces, giving Stiles the kicked puppy look. Which, you know, is not fair.

At all.

“Isaac is coming back from France,” he says, ducking his head, looking up at him through his lashes. An evil tactic. “He needs a place to stay.”

“We have a couch.”

“He needs a home, Stiles.”

Stiles rolls his eyes, determined to fight this, even though he knows he’s going to lose. Scott has been trying to get Isaac to come home for months after the time he spent with him in France. “The couch is very homey.”

“Please, Stiles? If you’re here he won’t come.”

Stiles raises an eyebrow, deciding to be a mature adult and not make a joke out of Scott’s poor choice of words. (Mostly because Stiles is sure Scott is the only one in the whole pack who doesn’t know his own feelings for Isaac. Stiles wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise, after all.)  “Fine,” he huffs. “But you’re in charge of finding me somewhere else to stay.”

Scott grins, hugging him. “Done!”


“This is not what I had in mind,” Stiles says, looking at his own personal wall of sexual frustration. In other words, Derek’s…everything. He really hates it when people almost die on him, triggering feelings and shit. He hates it even more when those people stay in your life after, reminding you you can’t have them. Not now, not ever.

“It’s not exactly how I want to spend my life either,” Derek grumbles, pulling Stiles inside the door, throwing his bag in the general direction of the sofa.

Stiles watches as it slides across the floor. “Polite,” he comments. “Also, don’t be so dramatic. It’s not like I’m going to be here forever.”

Derek stills, averting his gaze, mumbling something in response. It makes Stiles want to punch him.

“What?” he asks, not even bothering to make it sound like a question, purposefully trying to make himself sound bored, indifferent, even though he knows it’s futile. Because Derek always sees right though him, werewolf or not. 

“Nothing,” Derek says, shaking his head. It can’t be nothing though. Not with the way the tips of Derek’s ears turn an adorable- uh, pink. They turn pink.

Stiles rolls his eyes, maybe just a little too hard. It was probably just some lousy come back Derek’s too embarrassed to repeat.  Stiles has never met someone like Derek. Someone who can hold his own in any argument. Someone every bit as much of an asshole as him, and yet so…so…

The memory of Derek, naked and trembling in his arms, a whispered plea- don’t leave me- in his ear, comes over Stiles then like a punch to the gut. Or the heart. He’s not sure.  

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@theablackthorn asked for bucky/clint sliding into dating without realizing

Bucky hooks his arm around Clint’s neck and Clint leans toward him, shifting his concentration to whatever Bucky’s about to say. “How accurate’s the archery?” he asks in a low voice.

They’re in the living room with the rest of the Avengers watching The Avengers.

Clint huffs and rolls his eyes. “Not the worst, but it’s not great. Why’s he wearing arm guards? Those are there for when you’re new and can’t fire the bow without snapping yourself with the string. I mean, I guess they look cool, but they kind of make him look like an idiot.”

Bucky snickers. He loves it when Clint gets annoyed about archery inaccuracies. “At least he’s hot.”

“This is true,” Clint agrees.

“Pee break time!” Tony calls from the other side of the room and Bucky groans loudly.

“Come on, can’t we watch more than twenty minutes of a flick at a time?!”

“Fat chance,” Natasha says. “I’m getting more beer, anyone want one?”

“Yeah, I’ll have one,” Clint calls.

Tony crosses the room to pat Bucky’s shoulder. “Just occupy yourself with your boyfriend’s mouth, huh?”

“Boyfriend?” Bucky says, confused.

Tony snorts. “What, is it supposed to be a secret?” He reaches over and taps the back of Bucky’s hand, the fingers of which are currently threaded with Clint’s. “Not subtle.” He strolls out of the room, and Bucky and Clint sit there, frozen, barely breathing.

Clint doesn’t know whether or not he should remove his hand or not. He’s not even sure when it happened and they cuddle all the time, the Avengers all do, but hand-holding that’s not really part of the routine and shit. Shit, he ruined everything.

Clint starts to move and Bucky’s fingers tighten around his.

“Are you freaking out?”

“I’m not not freaking out,” Clint mutters. “Look, man, I’m sorry—”

“Do I seem upset?” Bucky demands and Clint reluctantly concedes, “No.”

“Would you…” Bucky licks his lips and Clint fixes a thousand-yard-stare on the wall next to the TV. “Would you want me as a boyfriend?” he finally asks, so quiet Clint’s not sure he heard him right. He turns his head and stares at Bucky’s mouth.

“Say again.”

Bucky’s Adam’s apple bobs and then he repeats: “Would you want me as a boyfriend?”

Clint’s head goes a little swimmy as he watches Bucky’s lips form the words. “Seriously?”

Bucky nods and Clint hasn’t seen him look so uncertain since the early days after Steve brought him in.  He stares at Bucky’s face and curls his fingers, feeling the way Bucky’s squeeze back automatically and his whole world shifts around him.

“Yeah,” he breathes, “yeah, Buck, be my boyfriend.”


This is such a great moment for all the turtles, but especially Raph.
They’re all shaken up by what they just saw. They know their father is alive, and they know that they’re about to face their greatest challenges yet. And each of them is emotional about it. But look at Raph: while Mikey wipes his tears and Donnie looks at the fire, Raph’s first thought is to look at Leo, to see how his oldest brother is holding up. Raph understands that Splinter’s appearance/words must have hit his older brother harder, and you can tell by Raph’s concerned expression when he turns to Leo that he’s worried about how Leo’s taking in the moment. And he had every right to be worried, because for a moment, we see Leo’s fearless leader qualities disappear. For a second, we see Leo close to breaking down with tears on the verge of spilling from his eyes. But he knew he had to take Splinter’s words to heart, and to Leo, the leader wouldn’t break down right there. So he composes himself quickly. But if Leo had lost it right then and there, Raph would have been the first one to grab him and help him through the pain. So much brotherly love and family dynamic, crammed into one little turn of the head and facial expression. Loved this moment.

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Pregnant - John Swift blurb

Anonymous said:Can you do a John imagine where your pregnant and you have to tell him and you tell him in a really cute way and he freaks out and he’s all happy and like calls the boys and freaks out to them about it? Thanks love!!!!


(making it a blurb, because I wanted this one to be short and super cute, hope you don’t mind love.)


“John, baby. I’m pregnant.” I nervously said, fumbling with my fingers not looking directly up at John, because I was scared about how he would take it. He ran his fingers through his hair, and looked at me, then soon I saw a huge smile spread across his face, his eyes lit up, and he walked closer over to me, and, putting his hands gently on top of my stomach.

“This is amazing, y/n. We’re going to parents. You’re going to be a great mom, and I’m going to be a great dad, and we’re going to raise a really beautiful baby, just the two of us god this is amazing. You got me all excited now, baby.” he kept his eyes on my stomach, probably imagining what it would look like in a few months once it started showing, his smile never faded away in fact he just continued to get bigger and bigger each second. His hands fell down to my waist, and he finally looked up at me again, leaning in to give me a small kiss.

“We’re going to be such great parents, y/n. I get to raise a child with the love of my life. This is amazing.”  John let go of my waist, walking away from me, and he took his phone out of his pocket, his smile turning into a excited grin. I didn’t realize how much I was smiling myself until I felt my cheeks began to hurt, but I never stopped. I raised my eyebrows up at him, wondering what he was doing once I saw him pull out his phone.

“You’re going to be such a great dad, John. I can already tell by the way you get along so well with my little cousins, you’re going to be such a good dad. Who are you calling, baby?” I asked, my excitement being heard clearly in my voice, my hands finally coming to rest on the side of my thighs, the nervous feelings I had before now had all disappeared, since John was just as excited as I was about having this baby. It was such a relieving feeling to know that he was so on board with this, I was just worried he would get upset, or not want to be together anymore, and just knowing he’s ready to raise a child made me fall in love with him even more.

“Calling the guys, they’re going to freak out, once they find out I’m going to be a dad.” and after John told them , I could hear all the guys scream from the other end congratulating both us. I looked at how happy John was, and knew this was going to be the start of something beautiful.

share a secret; whisper on the wind

(recommended listening)

It’s cold. Granted, it’s February in Massachusetts, but the observation stands. It’s cold and Eric shivers a bit, leans more into the heat of the space between him and Jack.

They’re looking at the stars, and Eric was a little tipsy a half hour ago when they started doing this (because college, what can you do?) but he’s getting sober from the chill in the crisp air and the thrill of the heat to his left.

They’re out in the reading room looking at the stars, and Jack has been telling legends; murmuring fantastical epics of mythological beasts and great heroes; whispering tales of triumph and tales of woe; weaving love stories into the space between his lips and Eric’s eyes, Eric’s hair, Eric’s own mouth.

He feels starlight caught in his lashes, thinks his eyes must be shimmering as brightly as the expanse of sky above them as he drinks in everything this boy next to him has to offer. Thinks he’s never been more content.

Jack’s lilting cadence decrescendos; slows to a stop. Jack looks at Eric out of the corner of his eye, a smile (small and private) etched into his lips.

Eric’s breath catches.

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I came up with this situation:

“Troye is hella excited bc he’s just announced Ease and Connor’s really really proud of him and they’re both in great moods and they head out to the music festival and a song comes on and they’re both singing along really loudly and jumping up and down and dancing together. And then Connor just stops and looks over at Troye and watches him- the pure, complete excitement on his face, the way his eyes are lit up, the way the sun is catching his features, the way his hair bounces up and down as he jumps to the beat- and Connor listens closely and can just barely hear Troye singing over the music and his heart just swells with love for this boy and then Troye looks over at him, his eyes alight with joy, and reaches out and pulls him closer so that they’re side by side and grabs Connor’s hand and begins pumping their joined hands in the air, and his joy is contagious and Connor joins in completely, dancing and singing and not caring if he’s making a fool of himself because he’s with Troye.”

And sent it to tronnor-sunsets and then couldn’t stop the emotional torture there sooo have fun. (Sorry it sorta sucks bc I’m sick and can’t actually think straight so)

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