look at this idot

A Jonnor Fan in a Sport Store

I went to a sport store to get some baseball pants for my brother but when I walked into the baseball section I went over to the shirts and touched them and thought “Connor wore this”
Then the bats “Jonnor went on their first outing and used these”
Then the balls and mitts “These started the argument that lead to the kiss”
And then I tried to not look like an insane person crying over baseballs…
Let’s just say
It wasn’t pretty.


“…Are you absolutely sure this is going to work, Caroline?” William asked and looked at the outfit they were going to dress up in. “I mean, you’re going to look amazing. As always, but I… I’ll probably look like an idot and they’re going to have more to pick on me for,” he said and laughed as he looked at the hat and everything that laid on the bed, ready for him to put on. “You better make me look badass, I’m just saying,” he said and chuckled as he took the outfit and made his way into the bathroom where he could change into the outfit. 

sean penn makes a shitty green card joke and alejandro smacks him down with humor and grace i love it sean penn looks like an idiot fuck that guy 

Fairy Tail 423

Sooo, can anyone tell me how Natsu can go from this:

to this?!

It is incredible how he can look idotic in one panel and in the next one like a hottie O__o And it is always Natsu I think of that!

These are my favorite panels:

I really like Chelia’s relationship with Wendy and Lyon. I’m also glad for Wendy who finally found a friend in her age :D

And of course: Loke has to make a comment.

Because of this panel I’m sure Lucy will help Juvia coming out of her depression:

They have a healthy and strong friendship. Lucy immediately thought of Juvia. Let’s see what Mashima will make of it. I just hope Juvia’s depression is not because of some stupid reason. It seems really bad.


LYON *___*  He just looks perfect!

2nd Bonus: Now I know why 423 was so familiar with me! The number reminds me of IchiRuki’s chapter xD