look at this hottie though

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the character designs in Overwatch but that means I’m also more nitpicky about them. I look at Hanzo and I’m like yup, A+ hottie, though I’ve never seen a Japanese dude with a face like that.

I suspect the designer in question tends to sameface both their males and females a lot and we’re just cool with it because it’s their style or whatever, but I dunno. I think there’s many different kinds of beauty out there and it feels like a waste not to have that diversity. Especially when “diversity” is kind of a selling point for Overwatch.


Next class was math, the dreaded subjects by many. You could feel a general lack of cheerfulness in the air from the students upon coming into this classroom. Maybe it was because the first day spark was beginning to wear off after the first class, or maybe it was because of the subject at hand.

Ibis sat, observing once again who his classmates were until the teacher walked in. She was another young, good looking woman. ‘Are all the teachers at this school hotties?’ Ibis though. Perhaps he’ll enjoy school after all.

@morgibritt making a special appearance as the math teacher