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Cheryl Blossom: Angel on fire

Request: Cheryl x reader: 1. I’m not weird, you’re just basic. 2. This is where you impress me, right? 3. Take notes, sweetheart. 4. I had a dream about you. 5. You’re the only thing left that’s important to me now. 6. You dont get to touch her! Not anymore. Not after what you did!

Notes: No more naughty Cheryl. At least for now. My lil redheaded cinnamon roll. Honestly, between Cheryl and Jughead, I don’t know who I love more. Yes, I kinda did use Stef and Lena from The Fosters. I couldn’t think of anyone else so yeah. I hope you guys like it!

Warning: The reader is going to be the sassy one, instead of Cheryl. Let Cherry bomb get a taste of her own medicine. Oooh and this is sort of going to take place after Cheryl found out about what Mr. Blossom did to Jason. Mentions of suicide.

*Flashback starts*

Reader’s POV

I roamed the halls of Riverdale high, literally trying to figure out what the actual fuck to do. I was busy trying to find the right track to listen to, when I bumped into someone. I looked up to see who it was. It was Cheryl Blossom, the ‘HBIC’. At least, that’s what she thought. You see, Cheryl thinks she has control over every person in this school. Boy was she in for a rude awakening. “Watch out next time,Cheryl. You don’t want to mess up expensive shoes, do you?” She scoffed “I’m surprised you even know what expensive actually means.” A bitter laugh escaped my lips. “Oh come on, darling. Did you forget that I live in the big white house next door to you? My moms are the living definition of expensive. You’re not the only rich bitch in Riverdale.” “Sure doesn’t look like it. What are you even wearing, anyway? Looks like you got that shirt from Old Navy.” “Oh yeah like every rich person likes Dolce & Cobana. In case you didn’t know there’s a store called Urban Outfitters. Unlike you, I actually have style.” “Yeah, your weird personality and clothing style really shows how rich you are.” “Hey, I’m not weird, you’re just basic. Walking around, like you’re the fucking queen. News flash, Cheryl, it’s 2017. This whole ‘Regina George’ attitude is irrelevant.” The anger was evident on her face. “I have not got time to deal with your..shenanigans. I have better things to do, than deal with you.” She said in disgust. “Suit yourself then. Bye, bye Cheryl. See ya round, honey.” She stormed away, leaving me in peace. Eventually, I was going to see her sooner, rather than later. Our parents had these joint dinners, where they talk about their success, and try to top each other. I was always forced to hang out with Cheryl. It’d just be an awkward silence between us. Since we weren’t really friends in school, or anywhere for that matter. I’d actually like to be her friend. But, she doesn’t like me very much. But, today it’s going to be different. I’m breaking down that wall, and going to at least try to get to know her. The real her. “Y/N, darling you really need to get dressed for dinner with The Blossoms. And for God’s sake don’t wear something you’d usually wear. Wear something pretty, please?” “Yes, mother of course.” I fake smiled. She nodded and I ran up to my room. I rummaged through my closet, and tried to find something preppy. I don’t own any dresses, so nude off the shoulder crop top and high waisted pants it is. I styled my hair in a simple ponytail, and did my makeup. When I decided I looked decent enough. I walked downstairs where my mom was waiting for me. “Where’s momma? She’s not coming?” “I’m right here, sweetie. Are you guys ready?” We both nodded and left. My parents were the most extra people you could ever meet. Instead of walking, we drove literally right next door. Once we got to the front door, we were greeted by The Blossoms. “Lena, Stefanie, how’re you guys doing?” Mrs. Blossom asked, as she hugged my mom. They talked, while Cheryl and I were to left ‘chat’.  We were both used to this, so we knew what to do. I followed Cheryl to her bedroom. “You know the rules, no talking, no staring, no nothing.” “Well, sorry to disappoint, But, I’m actually going to do what I came here for. Talk.” “Oh no, you don’t.” “Come on, Cheryl. I actually want to get to know you. The real you, not this whole ‘tough bitch’ front you put on. I promise, I’m not as bitchy as I seem.” I smiled in a hopeful manner. “Fine. But if you tell anyone about what happened in this room, I will murder you.” “Yeah yeah, whatever. Let’s start over, yeah? I’ll go first, hi I’m Y/N Valette. What’s your name?” “Cheryl Blossom. Nice to meet you Y/N.” “See, there ya go. It wasn’t that hard to be nice. Was it?” She chuckled. “No. Hey do you want to get out of here? Go to Pop’s maybe?” I was kind of surprised, but I said yes. “Sure, why not. We were going to be stuck here anyway.” So we headed to Pop’s chocklit shoppe. We caught a booth in the back, because all the ones upfront were taken. “This is where you impress me, right?” I asked jokingly. “Ah right. Excuse me, can I please get two large vanilla milkshakes?” She asked the pretty waitress. The waitress nodded and went to get our order. “I was joking, but thank you.” I smiled. “Yeah no problem.” The waitress came back with our milkshakes, but messed up our order. One chocolate, one vanilla. “Excuse me, but this is not vanilla. I simply asked for, not one, but TWO vanilla milkshakes. Does this look like vanilla to you?” She snapped. Poor girl, Cheryl scared her shitless. “Cheryl! No!” I looked at the waitress :Excuse my friend, I’m sorry. We ordered two vanilla milkshakes. Can you exchange this one for vanilla, please?”  The girl nearly ran off, because she was so afraid. “Take notes, sweetheart. Scaring people is not the way to go.” I said to Cheryl. “Sorry.” She mumbled. “I’m not the one you should apologize to.” I said sternly, while pointing towards the brunette haired girl. “I’m sorry for scaring you.” Cheryl said sincerely, while looking up at the waitress. She only nodded and walked away. “Um, I hope I don’t make this awkward, but I had a dream about you.” I smiled at the blushing girl. “Were you pouring pig blood on me, while I stood on stage at prom?” “Jesus, Y/N no. We were on a date. And I was happy.” “Kind of like now, huh?” Her cheeks were probably the same color as the lipstick she wore. “Y-you think this is a date?” She stuttered out. “I would like it to be. If that’s okay with you?” I replied shyly. “Oh of course! I mean uh yeah totally.” I laughed at her failed attempt to hide how excited she was. From that moment on, I realized how much I was going to be in love with the infamous redhead.

*Flashback ends*

(Present time)

After everyone found out what Mr. Blossom did to Jason. everything kind of went downhill for Cheryl. I mean her father killed himself, and burned down her house. If her mother didn’t like her before, then she definitely doesn’t like her now. Cheryl was in my bedroom, while I went to get food for us. It broke my heart to see her so depressed. I lost my shit when Archie told me she tried to commit suicide.. Ever since then she’s been staying with me. She told me she never wanted to step foot in that house again. And I understand why. “Y/N?” she said. “Yeah babe?” “I don’t know what I’d do without you. You’re the only thing left that’s important to me now. I don’t have my brother anymore. I don’t even know where Grandma Blossom is. My mother thinks I’m a disgrace. My father is a murderer. What about me is so special, that makes you want to stay?” “Cheryl, what’s so special about you is how passionate you are about certain things. And how you’re so confident, and because I’ve known you since we were kids. I’m your friend and you’re girlfriend. And the day you asked me to be your girlfriend, I made a promise to you that I would always be here when you needed me the most. If you really thought that whatever is going on is going to make me stay away from you, then baby you thought wrong. I love you with everything I have and always will. What type of girlfriend would I be if I just gave up on you in your darkest times? A very bad one. I’m not going anywhere, you’re literally stuck with me for like ever.” I chuckled. For the first time in weeks, I’ve seen her smile. Which was the best thing I’ve ever did. There was knock on my door. “Come in.” My mom entered with Mrs. Blossom. “Really, mom?” I scolded my mom for letting her in. Penelope ignored me and marched right over to Cheryl. “We’re going home. Get all of your things, you’re never coming back here.” I was fuming by now.”What? No, you don’t get to touch her, not after what you did!” I yelled, standing in front of Cheryl. Penelope stepped closer to me and said “Who are you to tell me, what I can and can’t do with my daughter?” “Do you know what my moms do for a living? Lena is a fucking lawyer.  And Stef is a fucking cop. Do you really want to go there?” She contemplated for a minute. “Fine. But when things go South, don’t come running to me, Cheryl.” “Oh, you can fucking bet, this will be the last time you ever see me.” Penelope stormed out, while I turned to Cheryl. I smiled and pecked her lips. “You’re free of the Blossom curse, how does it feel?” I asked laughing. “Great, because I’ve got you.” She smiled.


So. Um. I thought I should probably inform you about this. 

Yes. Hades still is majestic and has a beautiful nose. Seph is still gorgeous and has the wild curls. And Hecate is still Hecate. 

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cheronica prompt: veronica tries to give cheryl her hbic shirt back but when cheryl refuses, veronica surprises her with a matching one.

Cheryl had been living her life like a zombie since the day at the river. She would wake up, get dressed, eat, go to school, go home, do her homework, have dinner, and got to bed. Nothing in her life brought her happiness anymore. Or that was until Veronica caught up to her leaving school one day.

“Cheryl! Wait up I have something for you!” Veronica calls after Cheryl. Cheryl stops in her place and turns to face Veronica who is giving her a bright smile.

“For me? Really? I thought you guys were avoiding me?” Cheryl asks vulnerability showing. Normally Cheryl would have hid it but right now it didn’t matter to her everyone was talking about her anyway. 

“Yes! I wanted to give you this back,” Veronica answers holding out the HBIC shirt. Cheryl looks at the shirt and then back at Veronica.

“It’s your shirt. You won it fair and square,” Cheryl states turning around and walking away. In all honesty Cheryl missed the River Vixen but she didn’t deserve to be on the team, her team said it herself.

“I though you would says that,” Veronica says and catches up to the retreating Cheryl. “That’s why there’s two.”

Cheryl stops again and turns to face Veronica again. “Why?”

“As much as I don’t like to admit it, I was being a bitch and just wanted to get back at your family but took it out on you who had nothing to do with it. Plus I know you love doing it and I want that fire back in your eyes!” Veronica explains and Cheryl tentatively takes the shirt from Veronica.

“We’re the captain together?” Cheryl asks.

“Yeah,” Veronica answers.

“Thank you,” Cheryl says tears shining in her eyes.

“Of course,” Veronica replies and Cheryl flings herself onto Veronica hugging her tightly full out crying now.


Like, starting by how stunning she looked as the HBIC that she is (and at 65 btw)

(And those legs alkjskfhjkslad)

Then showing up with her husband, married since 1978 and still rocking the Oscars together

Then, what’s the first Meryl reference of the night? : “Magic Meryl effin’ Streep” (so yeah, a pretty good description for Meryl at the Oscars) and the fact that she still gets adorably embarrassed when they joke about all her nominations

She blew us a kiss and blessed us while doing so

Her epic reaction to feminism

Giving THE BEST introduction ever, so beautifully delivered it almost won an Oscar

Fangirling over Julie Andrews like us

And as if that wasn’t enough, she ruled the selfies of the night once more

being an adorable dork in the meantime 

So thank you Meryl Streep for always making the Oscars an event worth watching, this is why


supercat appreciation meme: the moment you started shipping them


« When the doors opened, I found my seat and waited for the event to begin. As others were getting seated, I casually looked next to me and saw a familiar twisted mustache. I looked more intently and asked the gentleman, “are you Joaquin”?  He smiled and I laughed, telling him how I’ve tweeted him a few times and appreciate his communications to the Glee fans. We spoke a little about Dianna and how he met her on Veronica Mars. He mentioned that Mark told him recently during the #100 filming how happy he was to be “home”. I did a little detective snooping and asked if Dianna and Mark’s duet turned out well.  Of course it did but I was surprised that Joaquin did not know that they have never had a duet. He had never seen any season 1 episodes except the pilot so I recommended that he check out the Quick baking scene as that always brings a smile to my face when watching it. I gave him my theory on the Toxic song with the Unholy Trinity and he said I was somewhat close. 
Then the event began and Dianna came on stage. I was mesmerized from that moment on. She was so poised and classy,  with a dazzling smile, and dressed in a fabulous outfit–skinny jeans, beautiful flowing top, and boots I would want to steal!
Then it was time for the meet and greet.  Those dang butterflies came back even worse! Nadia first met with Dianna who instantly recognized her.  I could see Dianna was very warm and friendly as she spoke with Nadia and then with the countless fans who surrounded her that night.  Eventually, she turned my way. The first thing I noticed was Dianna’s eyes looking directly into mine and how she immediately was focused. She was interested in what I said–even though I’m sure I was a blubbering fool. However, one thing Dianna and I share in common is a love of French dogs–Dianna the French Bulldog and mine the French Poodle.  So I brought my favorite cheerleader poodle to get autographed–doesn’t she look like a certain HBIC?  In return, I wanted to get Dianna a small gift as a little remembrance and ended up finding a little figurine that looked so much like puppy Freddie along with a magnet of his personalized rules.  The smile on Dianna’s face when she saw the gift, saying “That’s amazing, it looks like little Freddie” and thanked me for being “so sweet”–yes, my heart just melted and I knew that decision to come meet this young lady was worth it.  I don’t know if I will ever get that chance again but I would love to just sit and talk with her. Who knows if that will ever happen but I will cherish the memories of that day! »
- Cindy @MOpoodlelady