look at this guy with his pipe

The Signs as t̃ͩ̂͆͛̽͒ͩ͒̎ͩ͂̐̐͂̊ͧ͏̸̸̢͘ḩ̛ͪ͒͂ͣ̒̇̃̎ͫ̌̇̂ͣ̐͞eͮ̊̅̾̆ͤ̇ͯ͡ ̶̛ͮ̊̒̊ͪ̊ͥ́ͥͨ̿ͩ͏l̴̽̓̈́͌̽̎̅̏͐̍̃ͧ̅͢ā̷̍̅͋͗ͫ́ͤ̑̐̓̓̚̕͝s̵̷̅ͤ̓ͦ̑͆ͭ̇͛̾ͩͥ̓̆͊̋̊͑̚ţ̶ͭ̎͋̎̃ͯ̓ͦͧ͊͊ͦ̓͗ͦ̆ͯ?̨̀̍ͨ̏͛ͯ͏͟

Aries: You are the comfort of an old stretched out hoodie.

Taurus: You are a turn on. Even though they know you shouldn’t be.

Gemini: You are hunting the guy down seven years later and bashing his knees in with a pipe.

Cancer: You are locked eyes from across the restaurant, and the bashful look away.

Leo: You are an unpacked ikea footrest box being used as a footrest.

Virgo: You are the sound of distant fireworks and wind on a warm autumn evening.

Libra: You are the homemade flamethrower fashioned our of a super-soaker.

Scorpio: You are the kinkiest person at the PTA meeting. 

Ophiuchus: You are the cup of coffee, grown cold.

Sagittarius: You are the self-deprecating joke about mental illness that causes a good 45 seconds of concerned silence.

Capricorn: You are death by suffocating on something hilarious.

Aquarius: You are all of the babies that weren’t named “Quathyryn”

Pisces: You are the poleaxe left unattended on the city bus.

If you write, fix pipes, grade papers, lay bricks or drive a taxi - do it with a sense of pride. And do it the best you know how. Be cognizant and sympathetic to the guy alongside, because he wants a place in the sun, too. And always…always look past his color, his creed, his religion and the shape of his ears. Look for the whole person. Judge him as the whole person.
—  Rod Serling
Please (Part two)

Part one

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“Yeah, I can stay back and watch Jack and Henry and besides Garcia’s here I can still help with the case” You said everyone looked up at you trying to think why you would do this Hotch stepped up “Y/N I can’t leave you here with three kids by yourself.” he sighed pulling out his phone “I’m here, I can bring my laptop up here and help Y/N and when you guys don’t need anything or if I get done with what you asked me to do. we can do it, trust us.” Garcia piped up they all exchanged looks then looked at Hotch who nodded and picked up his bag “I will call when we land to check in.” You nodded and looked at the three kids playing in the conference room. JJ walked up to you whispering to you “how long have you been getting sick like that?” you looked around then back at JJ “A couple weeks, but I got my period a couple days ago for 3 days” You were cut off by Hotch “JJ it’s time to go, Y/N are you sure you’ll be fine?” You nodded “Of course Hotch, I’ll be fine and the kids will be great they’re in great hands, see” You chuckled flashing your hands at Hotch. He chuckled and nodded walking over to his son Jack you turned and looked at JJ “its not possible so get it out of your head.” You spoke quietly walking over to Spencer and Allison “Hey gorgeous” you cheered kissing Spencer’s cheek causing his cheeks to turn a bright red “alright pretty boy say goodbye we got a bad guy to catch” You hugged Spencer while hugging Ali “Be safe, we need you back in one piece.” he kissed your forehead and then Ali’s cheek “I promise I will.” He cups your cheeks giving you a passionate kiss before being forcefully moved by Derek causing you to giggle “I love you, Ali, You too Y/N!!” you smiled and shouted back “We love you too!” You looked at Jack, Henry and Allison. “So who wants to have fun?” In a unison they all shouted “me” You chuckled and ran towards the conference room hearing the little feet of all three kids behind you, you hid under the table hoping they wouldn’t find you “Hey. where’d she go?” You heard Jack ask the other two “I don’t know but lets find her!!” Henry exclaimed. You felt your stomach bubble and turn you bit your lip hoping Garcia would walk in so you could escape without the kids seeing you or you throwing up everywhere. Thankfully Garcia walked in you crawled out from under the table and ran towards the bathroom “Y/N? You okay?” You shook your head pushing the stall door open, throwing up everything that was in your stomach. As you finished your phone started ringing you leaned against the wall answering it “H-Hello?” You spoke trying to clear your throat “Y/N, it’s Hotch we just landed, is everything okay?” You swallowed hard and whispered “Yes sir everything is great we’re playing hide and seek” “Well do you think I could talk to Jack really quick?” “Um, well I mean-” “Y/N.” He said sternly you sighed and closed your eyes admitting your defeat “Yes sir?” “I talked to Garcia, why didn’t you tell me you were sick I could’ve called my babysitter” “Sir I promise I’m okay, I can do this it was just something I ate” You lied straight through your teeth, you knew exactly what it is was you just didn’t want to admit anything “Okay, I believe you. Just make sure Jack is okay also JJ wants to speak with you” You sighed once more leaning your head back “Y/N?” You gulped and clutched your stomach lightly “Yes JJ?” You spoke trying to hide the shakiness in your voice “How’s Henry? Is he behaving well?” you sighed in relief and looked around the stall “Yes he’s great we’re playing hide and seek right now and I’m hiding from him. Hows the case so far?” “We just landed, did Hotch tell you that?” You rubbed the bridge of your nose closing your eyes “Right right, I’m sorry.” “Y/N, are you okay?” “Y-Yes, why wouldn’t I?” You finally stood up from the floor looking at yourself in the mirror “Just wondering, hey quick question.This unsub, he’s abducting women with children single mothers to be exact and they always look somewhat similar, abductions are your forte got any advice?” You thought for a second “Well, his mother could’ve been taken from him and this is a way of revenge for him.” You waited for JJ to answer you but all you heard was a keyboard clicking “Garcia?” “Yes gumdrop?” “When did you get in the call?” You wiped you face off walking out of the bathroom “Couple seconds ago, get to the kids I got this” You nodded and hung up the phone, as you passed the bullpen, something caught your eye on Spencer’s desk you walked up to his desk knowing you shouldn’t invade his space but you did anyway, just as you were about to pick up the small box you heard Allison yelling for you. You walked into the conference room “Mommy the movie stopped” You looked up at the tv and pressed play on the remote. “Hey would you mind if I joined you?” they all shook their heads. You sat down cuddling up with Ali on a blanket after about 25 minutes all of you were asleep, when all of a sudden you were woken up by the sound of your phone ringing. you hurried and answered it whispering “Hello?” You heard a cute small chuckle from the other end of the phone “Hi baby, hows it going?” he whispered back “It’s going great, right now we’re all cuddled up sleeping are you guys on your way back?” You said trying not to wake the sleeping children. You heard him sigh indicating that they weren’t “So thats a no?” “No my love, we’re not coming back, we got the wrong guy” You sighed and looked down at the kids “Well tell Hotch and JJ that Henry and Jack are fine they’re asleep which is what I want to go back to doing. I love you, stay safe please.” You could hear the smile in his voice “I love you too, Don’t worry we’ll be home soon.” “Tell Morgan to call Garcia she didn’t seem too happy when we talked a while ago” “I will, sleep tight baby” you hung up and immediately went back to sleep. Spencer rapidly walked over to Derek telling him what you told him after Spencer was done telling him he picked up his phone dialing Garcia’s number “Hey babygirl” She wasn’t her normal cheery self “Hey Derek” “Whoa whoa, no “sweetness” or “chocolate thunder” whats wrong?” He crossed his arm under the other “god, I hate profilers.” he chuckled lightly “Alright mama, whats up?” She took a deep breath “I’m worried about Y/N, she ran to the bathroom about half hour ago and she was in there for 15 minutes and when she came back she looked like she hadn’t slept and she looked weak and I don’t know what to do” She rambled on causing Derek to look around worriedly “Hey hey calm down, I’m sure Y/N is fine Hotch said she was okay, JJ said she sounded okay. Y/N is probably tired she was with three energetic kids all day today. She’s probably just a little wore out a nap will help her.” Garcia eased up a bit “I hope you’re right. Call me if you need anything” Just as she was going to hang up Derek spoke up “Actually I need you to cross check everyone connected to the 2012 bank robbing I think he was apart of it or he at least got details about the case so check the jury as well.” “I sure will my prince.” “And Garcia?” “yes?” He smiled and walked back over to Hotch “I love you, you know that right?” Garcia smiled wide and nodded “I love you too.” A couple hours went by and the kids were still asleep, you were awake but you didn’t wanna move so you just laid there watching the movie which was Finding Dory. You heard the door open not taking your eyes off of the screen. “You like this movie huh?” You jumped slightly looking over at the source of the voice. You smiled when you saw Hotch smiling at his sleeping son you shrugged and looked down at your sleeping child “It was a good day” Hotch pulled out a chair sitting in it “Y/N, is everything okay?” you nodded and furrowed your eyebrows “Why wouldn’t it?” Hotch scanned your face you instantly knew he was profiling you “I think you should take a couple weeks off.” You shook your head and looked at him “I’m fine.” His posture changed “It wasn’t a suggestion, it was an order.” You sighed and shifted slightly, waking up Jack accidentally “Daddy!” he got up running to Hotch, waking up Allison and Henry they both stretched causing both you and Hotch to chuckle. The rest of the team piled into the conference room staring at you, you raised and eyebrow and looked at Emily you stood up “Emily can I borrow you for a second?” She nodded and followed you out of the room you picked up your keys and jacket putting it on “Y/N where are we going?” You saw Spencer watching you and you know he can read lips so you whispered in her ear “To get a pregnancy test” Her eyes got wide along with her smile “Oh my god Y/N! yes of course lets go” You both walked toward the elevator doors hoping no one would follow you you quickly pressed the “close door” button on the panel as Spencer ran towards the elevator “I feel so bad but I want to surprise him, he’s wanted another child for so long and every time we tried I either miscarried or I just couldn’t get pregnant” Emily smiled “Thats really sweet Y/N” Just then your phone started ringing Spencer’s name flashing on the screen you smiled and answered the phone “Hello” “Babe, whats wrong?” you giggled at his worried voice “This isn’t funny Y/N whats going on?” “Spence, everything okay me and Emily have to do something really quick and its a secret” You heard him sigh “Okay, just please be safe” “We will babe I’ll see you when we come back.” You hung up and exited the elevator just as you and Emily got out Erin Strauss walked up “Y/N, It’s great to see you” You raised and eyebrow but respected your superior “You too ma’am” She looked between you and Emily “So where are you ladies off to?” You looked at Emily “Just on a coffee run, would you like us to get you anything?” She smiled and wrote down what she wanted you took the paper knowing now you have to get everyone coffee. You and Emily smiled at Strauss and walked towards your SUV “Well looks like we gotta get coffee too.” Emily chuckled and got in the car. About an hour went by you got the coffee and your used pregnancy test in a small red box. “I didn’t know how else to give it to him so a red box will do.” You smiled and walked out of the elevator looking at your team “We brought coffee” Hotch noticed that you were in a better mood than you were before you left but dismissed it because of the coffee. Spencer walked up hugging you tightly “I missed you, my love” You smiled and breathed in his scent “I missed you more.” You slowly pulled back and handed him the red box he looked at the box then back at you furrowing his eyebrows “What is it?” Everyone chuckled and Morgan piped up “Just open it, pretty boy.” He opened it and stared for a couple seconds “I-Is this real?” You nodded and he picked you up spinning you around, kissing all over your face “Oh my god Y/N I love you so much!!” he slowly put you down turning to the team that all had confused looks on their face. You held up the test smiling wide 

“I’m pregnant.”


100 Ways (Part 12)

A/N: Inspired by this.

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary: Drabble series chronicling your relationship with Bucky, from awkward teammates to friends, to… well, you know.

Word count: 274

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You stare out the window, wide-eyed. “It’s fall, guys. Who wants to go out? Between the missions and staying cooped up in here, I’m going stir crazy.”

“Me too,” Wanda drawls, eyeing Vision meaningfully.

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“Where’d Sirius go?” You ask the three boys walking with you.  You’d taken the quartet to a Muggle mall, where you’d grown up shopping as a kid.

“Who knows.  Five galleons says he’s flirting with a girl,” James pipes up, a smirk tugging upwards at his lips.

You felt eyes on the back of your head.  Turning, you see Sirius sitting on a bench, smirking.  He was wearing a Muggle leather jacket, the tag still on it.  “Sirius?” you ask, raising a brow.  He was very attractive, but you’d never admit it.

“How do I look?” he asked, his smirk only growing larger and more pronounced on his tan face.

“Like a pompous brat,” you said back jokingly, winking and starting to back up.  “Now let’s get back, the boys are probably down to the ice cream alre-” you began, though you cut yourself off.  “Would you stop looking at me like that?” you cried out as he sent you what only could be described as a ‘smoulder’, and licked his lips.

“Not until you say I’m good-looking.”

“Fine, you’re good-looking.  Let’s go, Leather Jacket,” you responded, rolling your eyes with a playful smile.

Creepypasta #FIVE-HUNDRED: Blue Ridge

“Do you know where we’re supposed to park? Ingrid. Hey, did she tell you where to park?”

“What?” I turned away from the window and flashed Lloyd an apologetic look. “Sorry, I was just watching something…out the…”


“Sorry! God, it’s been a long week. No, she didn’t say but since we’re the last ones there, I would assume we just park next to everyone else.”

“Actually, we’re not,” Moss piped up from the back seat. “Ben just texted that he’s still on the 87.”

“Guy sells two songs to Maroon 5 and now he thinks he can make us wait around like he’s a damn celebrity,” Lloyd mumbled.

“Please, Ben’s never been on time to anything in his life. Isn’t that half the reason the band broke up?” Moss laughed.

“Nah, the band broke up because Ash got deployed and Ben was always too good for it anyway.”

Moss smiled and sat back in his seat.

Lloyd and I had been together for four years and he’d been unemployed for three of them. He’d put everything he had into his band and for awhile it looked like Vintage Truth was going to make it. Then one day his guitarist, Ashley, up and joined the Marines and his drummer/songwriter, Ben, sold one of the band’s songs to a recording label for an ungodly amount of money. Lloyd had been wandering blindly through life since.

It was a obvious sore spot for him and no one mentioned Vintage Truth around Lloyd anymore. Well, no one but Moss.

“So where did Melanie find this place?” Moss nudged the back of my seat with his foot.

“Actually, Ashley found this one. He said he wanted something on Blue Ridge Mountain.”

“I’m surprised he had the time to book it, he’s only been back from Iraq for a couple weeks.”

“It only takes a few minutes on the internet.”

“Maybe for you, Ing. But the last cabin you rented us had rats the size of Lloyd’s mom’s dildos.”

“-those weren’t rats!”

“-fuck you, Moss.”

Moss laughed. “Just sayin’!”

“Those were mice. And I’m sure he found it on VRBO, the same place I find all of my cabins.” I rolled my eyes at Moss.

“Yeah,” Lloyd complained. “But this place is like 13 miles from town and the last 3 miles have been unpaved. You sure he’s not bringing us back here to kill us all?”

“I’m not an entirely certain, Lloyd, but if he is, I hope he shoots you first.”

“Oh come on, babe, you know love me.” Lloyd winked at me. I smiled at him and leaned over to give him a kiss. Just as my lips brushed his cheek, Moss sat up and thrust his arm in between us to point into the distance.

“There it is! Finally.”

The cabin was much bigger and older than it looked in the pictures Melanie had shown me. The home was three stories tall and built eloquently into the side of the mountain. It had a small clearing serving as a “front yard” and a dark, dense treeline beyond it.

“Wow, we’re really in the middle of nowhere…” I said to myself as Lloyd pulled into the small, dirt parking lot.

“Yep. That means we can be as drunk and loud as we want and there are no neighbors to complain.”

“Yeah,” I nodded, “I guess. I just hope we don’t get the bottom floor bedroom.”

“I’ll take the bottom bedroom,” Moss said from the backseat. “Lloyd’s mom needs the extra support of a concrete floor.”

“Moss, I fucking-”

Lloyd threw the car in park and lunged into the backseat just as Moss pushed open the door and ran for the staircase up to the main floor of the cabin. I shook my head as I watched Lloyd twist around, open his door and sprint out of the vehicle, laughing. Moss was inside the front door by the time Lloyd reached the bottom stair.

I got out and popped the trunk, tugging on the heavy, beer-laden cooler inside. After being cooped up with those two for three hours, I needed a drink.

I was struggling pretty hilariously when I heard an amused voice behind me.

“I can’t decide if I’d rather have the beer or the view.”

I spun around and pushed my ball cap up out of my eyes.

“Fucking Ash, get over here and help me.”

He laughed, striding casually over to the back of the car and I threw my arms around him in a tight hug. It had been 14 long months since I’d last seen my childhood friend.

“Hey, Ing, how’ve you been?”

“Good,” I said letting him go. “Have you seen your mom and dad since you’ve been back?”

Our families had always been close and I knew from talking to my mom how excited his parents were to see him.

“No, they’re flying out here next weekend. I’m picking them up from the airport like a good son.”

“Good.” I gave him a radiant smile. “So we have you all to ourselves for the next five days then.”

“Well, you’ll have to fight Mel on that. If it were up to her I’d never leave the bedroom.”

“Oh, god, gross, Ash. I don’t need to hear about that shit, you’re like my brother.”

Ash laughed. “Hear about what? I didn’t say anything.”

“Don’t even imply it. Whatever you and your girlfriend do-”

“Holy shit, as I live and breathe, is that the distinguished Ashley Allender?! What are you doing down there?”

Lloyd’s yelled down from the second floor deck.

“That’s Lance Corporal Allender to you. And I’m helping your girlfriend unload the car since you’re an asshole.”

“Oh fuck, I forgot babe, hang on!”

Lloyd set his beer on the railing and ran inside as Moss leaned against the door jam shaking his head at him as he passed by.

“He really is an asshole,” I laughed.

It was an hour and a few beers later that Ben finally pulled up in his brand new H2. Ash and Moss took turns hurling insults at Ben’s new “Pavement Princess” as Melanie and I sat back on the deck and tried not to laugh.

As soon as Ben walked out onto the deck, Lloyd thrust a beer into his hand.

“Finally! Now that we’re all here I call for a toast to our asshole friend Ash.”

“Oh yes!” Mel sprang up beside me and pulled Ash back into the circle as shook his head ardently and backed away from us.

“Come on, guys, this is embarrassing. Don’t fucking toast me.”

“That’s the whole reason we’re here, baby!”


“Come on, Ash,” I teased. “Let your friends toast you. We haven’t seen you in forever.”

“Fuck, alright, make it quick.” Ash tried to look annoyed but failed hilariously.

“I’ll start, then.” Ben held up a bottle of his fancy Trappist beer and everyone else followed suit.

“Well, you are the lyricist.” Mel rolled her eyes playfully and pulled Ash’s arm around her.

“Ashley, what else can I say but thank you for both your service and the great honor of being your friend. We’re glad you’re home.”

We clinked our bottles together as Moss murmured: “That was disappointing.”

It was many cheers and many rounds later that I found myself alone with a drunken Moss and Ash.

“I- I’m so proud of you, Ash.” I stuttered, putting a friendly arm around him. “I wasn’t sure about all of this when you told me you’d enlisted but dammit if I’m not honored as hell to call you my friend.”

“Thank you, but honestly all the praise sorta makes me uncomfortable.”

“Really? Why?”

“Because I don’t know….most of the last 14 months was just training. I was only in Iraq for about 6 of it, in actual combat, for less.”

“Yeah, you must have seen some shit, though.” I nodded my head at him.

Ash was quiet for a beat too long and even in my drunken state I could tell the air had shifted. Moss - who was good at reading people and situations - broke the tension before it got too thick.

“I’ve seen some shit too, man.”

Ash and I looked up at him as he took a long, intense swig of his beer.

“On Lloyd’s mom’s website.”

Ash and I laughed and looked over at Lloyd, who was staring down at his phone, shaking his head.

“One fucking day, Moss.” He said without looking up.

“Oh, come on, man. That’s what I do. I’m a stand up comedian; it’s my job to make people laugh.”

“A struggling stand up comedian who wears makeup even when he’s off stage.” I added with a wink at Moss.

“No, I most certainly do-”

“Ben, you alright, man?” Ash interrupted and we all looked over to the corner of the deck where Ben was standing, looking out into wood.


He didn’t look at us, but motioned Ash over with his hand. They stood in the corner and exchanged quiet words.

“What is it?” Mel asked after a minute.

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I'm Done!

You should be use to it by now, you looked over at Happy. He was handcuffed to the pipe next to you. Your opposite hand was handcuffed to the same pipe.

“I’m sorry baby girl, I’ll get us out of this.” His dark eyes were looking into yours. At this point you’d had enough, of the shit.

The door opened at the Asian guy that had been guarding you came into the room. You stood up, smiling at him. “Hey handsome. Why don’t you undo this handcuff, and I’ll go into the other room and tell you anything you want to know.”

You heard Happy growl out a warning. You glared at him. “I’m tired of this shit Happy. I’m done with you and your club!”

You watched as the man came towards you, unlocking your cuff. Happy swiped at you, smirking at him, you flipped him the bird.

Following the man out of the room, you here Happy yelling your name. Slamming the door shut behind you, ignoring him the best you could.

The sound of gunshots rang through the building.


Happy jerked his arm away from the pipe trying to break it away from the wall. He had to get in the other room and get to (Y/N).

He couldn’t believe she’d betray him or his club. Then he heard the gun go off, he was pulling harder trying to break the pipe, when he heard the door open.


You watched him struggle, trying to get away. “Hap!” He didn’t hear you, afraid he was going to hurt himself. “HAPPY LOWMAN!”

He looked up at you, smiling at him, walking across the room, you unlock his handcuff. He pulled you into his arms, kissing you.

“I swear to God, baby girl…”

“I didn’t tell him shit…I did it to get us out of here.”

“You could have been killed! How do you think I would have survived that?”

“I’m sorry…” He picked you up, holding you close.

“Let’s get out of here!”

“I’ll never be done with you Hap!”

continued from [x] @pilawforhire​ +  @bcczeandgettinglcst

“Oi, Torao be careful !” he said when he saw Law starting to cough wildly. His immeadiate reaction to help his friend was to give few pats on Law’s back. Hopefully the rubber man didn’t break any of the doctor’s bones because those pats were quite powerful but at least managed to made him spit the food out of the wrong pipe. 

“Yo Zoro, you’re early awake !” Luffy greeted his green haired friend after helping Law not to choke on his food. Before Zoro arrived Luffy was in the kicthen preparing for some breakfast that ended up being pretty much unedible but somehow Law decided to try it after Luffy’s requestion with bad results, he didn’t seem to look well at the moment but at least he managed to try a tiny piece of Luffy’s “fried rice” dish.  

“Guess what? I made some breakfast for you guys, wanna try ~?”  
he said while offering a plate with small amount of food for the swordsman.  


Imagine Natasha Training You

For @rolfoffanfiction

By @reyhaswifi (aka the lovely Lily)

You rolled your eyes at him as you finished tying your hair back, ensuring it wouldn’t get into your face as you were fighting.

“Stop worrying, Clint, I’ll be fine! You know that I could more then hold my own in the alleys of Manhattan with guys that were twice my size, why should this be different?”

He looked at you with a pained expression.

“That was just some thugs in an alleyway, where you could use your environment as needed. We all know that if it wasn’t for your powers and some old lead pipes, you would’ve died out there, and you can’t use your powers when you’re sparring with her, nor does Stark have any lead pipes lying around, and also, Natasha is a highly trained killer from the fucking red room!”
You noted the concern in his voice but held up a hand to silence him before he could begin talking again.

“Clint, I know that it was you who found me on the streets, it was you who decided I would be an asset to the Avengers, and I know that you feel like you should be the father figure I never had, but I did survive for an extremely long time on my own, and all I’m doing is sparring Natasha, it’s not like we’re going to be in fight club together with no mercy or whatever. Plus, I’m more than capable.”

With that, you swiveled around on your bare feet and sauntered out of the locker room, into the gym where the fiery red head was waiting.

“Ready for this (Y/n)?”

You smirked at her.

“I was born ready.”

She laughed quietly, looking at you up down, taking in the size of your frame and apparently looking for weak points, causing you to cross your arms over yourself nervously.

“Alright, this is just going to be a good, old fashioned spar. No powers, no weapons, just your fists and, you know, the rest of your body.”

You nodded slowly, your smirk unfaltering. You felt extremely confident and cocky, you weren’t worried at all. If you could stand up to a 6’4 guy on your own, you could surely stand up to 5’3 Natasha.

Or so you thought.

For every punch you threw, she blocked it and threw another one. When you thought you had pushed her to the ground, she was just faking it and ended up tripping you and she quickly overtook you.

You were lying on the ground, everything in pain, Natasha hovering over you.

“Had enough? Actually, don’t answer that, you have, judging by the fact that you’re drooling blood and flinching in pain. Come on, let me fix you up.”

You grabbed her slender hand, noticing how soft the back of her hands were and yet how calloused her fingers were, how tough they felt from all of her training and fighting experience. You stood up and stumbled a bit, Natasha wrapping your arm around her strong shoulders. She walked you over to the locker room, sitting you on the plush couch that Stark insisted on stocking the locker rooms with. She gently cleaned your wounds, causing you to hiss in pain. She grabbed your hand which you had raised in defense.

“So here’s the deal. I’m going to train you to fight. I know that you can take care of yourself but frankly, you fighting without powers is kind of sad. I’ll teach you to do without them so that way you don’t have to end up with me rubbing alcohol and neosporin into your cuts, so long as you stop getting cocky, got it?”

You opened your eyes which had been shut tight as you grimaced against the pain and looked into her pretty eyes, before nodding quietly. The experience would be great, and who better to train you then the one and only Black Widow, your beautiful mentor.

With Interest {Suga Fanfic}

Word Count: 2331

Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Spin-off/continuation of Haunted Drinks

“Which is why, we should take a trip together!” Jungkook announced with a grin.

The group stared at the youngest with a look that was mixed with disbelief, slight irritation and just a sense of “what are you trying to even say”.

“I think it’s a great idea!” Taehyung piped up first.

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Star Grazer

Originally posted by kkuks

Part | 1 | 2 | 3 |

Characters: Jungkook, Reader

Genre: Superpower!AU

Word Count: 3k

Warnings: attempted assault, fight scene, language

A/N: He just looks really cute in that gif, this is how I imagined him while writing this lmao, also i didn’t proofread thoroughly oops

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Inhale Deeply

I was buying candles today and it inspired me to write Destiel. There is nothing greater than the smell of the one you love. Its not very long, but I hope you guys like it!

Contains: Dean and Cas living together in the bunker, cuteness galore, fallen!Castiel, somewhat domestic Destiel, and overuse of the word ‘smell’

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Late Rhodeyfest Gift

AN: This is a little thing for @ynot-stark, who didn’t get a gift when they should have done during RhodeyFest. They asked for Tony and Rhodey being goofy dorks together :)

“I swear you’re like a puppy waiting for their owner to get home,” Clint rolled his eyes, watching from the couch as Tony paced back and forth in front of the elevator door. 

“Shut up, Barton,” Tony replied, ignoring the Avengers’ eyes on him as best he could. “I’m not a puppy. Can I not be excited to see my best friend?”

“I think it’s sweet,” Bruce piped up, and in that moment, if it weren’t for Rhodey, Tony would have declared him his best friend for life. 

“What activities are you and the Lieutenant going to participate in?” Thor asked, not looking up from the game of Mario Cart he, Steve and Natasha were playing. 

“Dunno, big guy,” Tony replied, still pacing; he needed to get the excitement out productively. “Probably gonna hug him for a couple of hours, maybe kiss his adorable dome-head -”

“Are you sure you’re not together?” Steve chuckled, and Tony stuck his tongue out at him. 

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Bring Him Home - War!Calum

Summary: Calum has to leave for war with the boys so you ask Michael for a favour

Word count: 1.2K


“He’ll be okay.” Luke reassured me as we both watched him train with the punching bag. I bit my nails nervously,

“You really think so?” I looked up at him, fear in my eyes.

“It’s Calum. Michael, Ash and I will make sure he gets home safely. We promise.” He held his pinkie out. I wrapped mine around his with a soft smile.

“Yeah, we’ll cover him until he gets home.” Ashton piped in.

“I don’t want you guys to die either.” I whispered. It was barely audible but all three of them heard it. They went silent, looking down.

“We’ll be safe, we promise.” Michael hugged me. I hugged him back, feeling myself start to tremble at the depressing thought of losing them.

“Hey, babe.” I heard Calum whisper. Michael let me go, turning me around so that I could fall into Calum’s arms instead. “Hey, ssh, it’s okay.” His smoothed my hair as he kissed my head, “It’s okay, baby.” He whispered. He crouched down in front of me, tugging on my hands, “(Y/n), look at me, princess.” He said. I opened my tear filled eyes, looking down at his chocolate brown irises, “What’s wrong?” He asked. I opened my mouth to speak, bottom lip trembling before closing it again and falling onto the ground in tears.  Calum wrapped his strong arms around me, pulling me to sit on his lap as he rocked me back and forth.

“We’ll leave you two for a bit.” I vaguely heard Luke’s voice before their footsteps leading out the door.

“Why are you crying, angel?” Cal asked, “Talk to me.” He pulled away to look at me.

“P-Please, don-don’t go.” I choked out, burying my face in his chest. I felt him tense up. I knew he didn’t like addressing it, but it didn’t mean it didn’t bother me.

“You know I have to, baby.” He whispered.

“W-Why?” I whispered.

“I just have to. They requested I fight.” He looked into my bloodshot eyes, “I’m sorry, (Y/n).” He pressed a gentle kiss onto my forehead, holding me until I calmed down.

I kept my face against his chest, breathing in his scent. Despite the smell of his sweat, I could still smell his strong, musky cologne.

“You alright?” He pulled away to look at me. I nodded softly, pulling away from him and looking up at him. He pressed his lips against mine, pulling away after a bit, “Lets go out.” He smiled.

“Where?” I asked.

“Somewhere. With the boys. Just to get your mind off things.” He stood up, holding his hand out. I smiled, holding his hand out and standing up.

“This was a great idea.” Michael said, looking around the beach. There were only about 3 families around, splashing in the water.

“I agree.” I turned to Calum with a smile. He smiled back, pressing a kiss to my head.

“Let’s go swimming.” I stood up, dragging Calum to the water. Luke and his girlfriend Holly following us. Michael and Ash stayed on the beach, building sand castles like children. I splashed into the water, Calum by my side. He pulled me onto his back, walking into a deeper part of the water that I wouldn’t be able to reach due to how much my height. Holly and Luke appeared in the same way, Holly on Luke’s back.

Calum looked at Luke, exchanging glances before both of them fell backwards into the water, Holly and I letting out squeals. I resurfaced, wiping water down my face and hitting Calum’s shoulder,

“You asshole!” I pouted.

“I’m sorry, baby.” He giggled, leaning down and pressing a kiss to my nose. I pushed him away, swimming away.

“Luke, you bitch!” I heard Holly yell. I turned to them, seeing her slap his arm repeatedly as he laughed loudly. Calum came over to me, pulling me closer. I pouted at him,

“C'mon, baby.” He grinned, pulling me against his chest. “Hold your breath.” He smiled wickedly. I glared at him before holding my breath. He pulled me under the crystal clear water, pressing a kiss against my lips. I smiled widely at him before resurfacing, pulling him up with me. He smiled, pulling me onto his back once again.

“That was cute.” Holly giggled, holding onto Luke’s side. Luke smiled widely, nodding his head in agreement. I blushed, patting Calum’s squishy cheeks before pinching them.

“Eengh!” He let out the strange sound, looking up at me with a pout. I giggled, kissing his wet hair,

“Let’s get onto the beach.” I said.

“Let’s build sand castles!” He cheered, running through the water as I laughed. He plopped me onto the edge of the water, like legit just dropped me. I gasped loudly as the water splashed on me,

“Calum!” I gasped, looking up at him. He laughed loudly, falling onto his knees from how hard he was laughing. I grabbed a handful of mud and chucked it at him. It hit his back, making him freeze and turn around slowly. He charged at me, causing me to let out a squeak as he crashed into me and splashed into the water. I sat up, running out of the water and crashing behind Michael, “Protect me!” I squeaked. Michael laughed as he watched Cal chase after me. I ran around to Ashton’s side before running in circles as he chased me. He caught up with me, pulling me onto the sand and hovering over me.

“Caught you, angel.” He chuckled, breathing heavily from the running before leaning down and kissing me deeply. He pulled away,

“I love you.” I whispered, sitting up.

“I love you, too (Y/n).” He smiled.

I watched as he stuffed his necessities into a duffel bag. He slung the bag over his shoulder, turning to me with sad eyes. I felt tears stream down my face as I ran over to him, hugging him tightly as I let out a sob,

“Pl-Please.” I choked out.

“I have to go, princess.” His voice faltered, “I promise I’ll be back.” He lifted my head to make me look at him. His brown eyes were red and puffy as well, tears slowly falling out of his eyes. I leaned up, pressing my lips against his. He pulled away from me after a few minutes of just standing at the door of our shared bedroom.

“C-Calum, p-please.” I whimpered as I followed him out of the room.

“You have to understand, (Y/n). I have to go or they will come looking for me.” He turned around and looked at me, “I’ll be back. I promise this. I don’t care how I’ll get back. But I will come back for you no matter what. I will love you forever. Even if I die,” He paused, “Even if I die, I will love you forever.” He promised, kissing me one last time before walking out the door. Luke, Michael and Ashton watched as he walked out. They all turned to me, eyes red and cheeks wet as they hugged me. Luke went out first, followed by Ash who kissed my head before leaving. Michael was last, holding me tightly since we had always been close even before I met Calum.

“You gonna be alright?” He asked. I nodded,

“I’ll be with Holly.” I wiped the tears from my eyes.

“Okay.” He pulled away heading to walk out the front door.

“Michael?” I called before he stepped out, making him turn around to face me,

“Yeah?” He asked.

“I want you to bring him home for me.”

Just Give Her Some Pizza, You Little Shit

Summary: This was requested by an anon. It looks as if I deleted my request when I started working on the story, but the main point is that the reader is hypoglycemic, and Sam and Dean don’t know, so she passes out.

Word Count: 850

Warnings: none

Pairing: none

A/N: Sorry this took forever to get out! I hope everyone likes it. Remember guys, this isn’t my story. The wonderful Stanton wrote a good bit of this. You can follow him at @thelegendssaymore (fuck u Stanton)​ Also, I’m still looking for helpers! As always, thanks for reading, love y’all, and goodnight!



Dean slams his face into the keyboard, groaning in frustration.

                “Cant. Do. This,” he spits out.

                “How about a dinner break?” you pipe up. If it wasn’t the fact that Sam has been tapping his foot and humming for the past hour, it would be that this is the fourth time Dean has slammed his face into his keyboard tonight. Clearly, they needed a break, and it wouldn’t hurt your feelings to take one either. All you’ve been doing is thumbing through the same book for the past three hours.

                “Not right now,” Sam interrupted from across the room. “Dean and I have got to finish this stuff.”

                The three of you have spent the last seventeen hours in the same hotel room with the same full sized beds and the same hostile feeling in the air.

                “Guys, I really think we should get some dinner. It’s pretty late.”

                “Just let me finish this page,” Sam, who was currently buried under a pile of books, insisted. “We’ve got to find out what the hell is causing this.”

                Sighing in frustration, you throw yourself backwards onto the bed. You check your watch and begin to worry. It’s been four hours since you’ve last eaten and you could feel yourself getting more lightheaded by the minute.

                Walking to where the boys were working, you peek over Dean’s shoulder. “What could have them this hooked?” you thought. It must be a new monster.

                Dean caught you looking at his screen and turned away.

                “Guys! What am I supposed to do? You won’t let me get food for us, and now I can’t even help with the case! Please, can we go eat now?”

                “Not this minute, Y/N. I’ve seriously got to finish this,” Sam’s hand ran through his hair.

                Checking your watch again, you make your way to the fridge. You’ve got to find something to eat. It’s not good for you to go long periods of time without food.

                People like Sam and Dean are lucky, you thought. They don’t have to deal with this hypoglycemic bullshit. Flinging open the fridge, you sign in frustration. Nothing. The same as last time.

                “Sam, I’m really hungry. Can we please go get something?” The only response you got was the ticking of fingers hitting the keyboard. “Dean? What about you? Come on, let me go get some food. Let me borrow the Impala for a while.”

                His green eyes bore through yours and in an almost animal like manner, he growled, “no one touches baby.”

                Retreating from this argument with your hands raised, you spun to Sam for some more luck.

                “Sam, what about-“

                He shushed you and frantically answered his ringing phone. “Yello? Yeah. No, but I think I read about it a minute ago. One minute; I’m putting the phone down and going to get the file.”

                You made one last attempt. “You two, listen here. If one of you doesn’t either give me the keys or drive me to get some food, I’m walking out of that door and I’m not coming back.” Dean snickered, no doubt convinced you were bluffing. Sam, on the other hand, took you seriously.

                “Okay, Y/N. I promise, as soon as I’m done with this call, we’ll go,” Sam reassures you.

                “Good,” you pout like a little child.

                “Alright, I’ve found it. It looks as if…” Sam went on for at least half an hour with monster this and death that. You figured the end of the conversation had to be near, and the last thing you needed was to interrupt him and make him take longer.

                “No, I can’t say I’ve-“ was the last thing you heard before you blacked out.


                Dean slowly reaised his eyes and met Sam’s. “Did you- did you hear that?”

                “Y/N?” Sam calls.

                When you didn’t respond the boys realized where you were.

                “Oh god! She’s passed out, probably dehydrated, Dean! We need to call an ambulance,” Sam was frantic. He was checking your pulse and the elasticity of your skin. After declaring that you were in fact, alive, he went to reach for his phone.

                “Dude, no. We can’t be seen in the hospital. We just made the Most Wanted List like four days ago. Give me five minutes to call Cas and see what to do?” Dean bargained.

                “Five minutes. That’s it.”

                “Hey, uh, Cas? We kind of need you. We’re um- well, Y/N is-“

                “I’m here; what’s wrong?” Castiel was on the other side of the bed, hovering over you.

                “We don’t know. We turned around, and here she was, out cold,” Dean told Castiel everything he knew.

                “Hmm.. let’s see,” Castiel laid his hand on your hand. “Have you tried pizza? Or a hamburger?”

                “Cas, come on! This is serious. You can goof around when our Y/N isn’t unconscious. What’s going on?”

                “She’s hypoglycemic, and she’s just blacked out. She’ll be up in a minute ” Castiel promptly states.

                Castiel was beginning to walk away when Dean calls after him. “Wait! Cas, speak English!”

                “She’s hungry. Give her some pizza or something, you little shit.”

Two Beers, Please

Prompt: Quickie for @saxxxology‘s July Writing Challenge

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: NSFW. Language, alcohol, general drunken shenanigans, light Dom!Sam

Word Count: 1422

Originally posted by yaelstiel

You’d been making eyes at the Greek god across the room all night, even staying for ‘just one more beer’ so you could continue to look at him. Of course, just one more beer turned into three and you were officially drunk and a giant creep.

You swirled the dregs of around the bottom of the bottle. The liquid had gone warm and you knew if you ordered another you wouldn’t be walking out.

“Uh, two beers please.” A customer appeared next to you, hollering at the bartender. You turned to tell him to pipe down when you realized that it was the guy you’d been creeping on all night.

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Old Friends 》Liam Dunbar (Part 1)

“There’s this new girl in my 2nd period. She’s a sophomore but she’s super smart and stuff.” Kira said as she bit into into an apple. “Oh. I think I heard about her. I think someone said her name was Y/N or something."Malia replied,sitting next to her.

"But there’s something strange about her."Kira said.” She was staring at me. When I looked, she looked terrified.“

"Maybe she had a rough night."Lydia pointed out. "Or she’s a banshee.” Stiles replied. Lydia just glanced at him, thinking about how stupid his theory is.

“What are you guys talking about?"Scott asked, sitting down with Liam.

"The new girl, Y/N.” Stiles replied uninterested.

“Wait. Y/N L/N?” Liam piped up.

“I think so. Do you know her or something?"Kira asked.

"We went to elementary and middle school together. But she started getting homeschooled in 7th grade.” Liam replied, looking a little sad.

“You liked her didn’t you?"Malia asked with raised eyebrows. Liam blushed looking down.

"She’s sitting over there. You should go talk to her."Lydia said, pointing at a  few tables behind Liam, where Y/N was sitting.

"That would be a bit wierd wouldn’t it? I haven’t talked to her in like, 4 years.” Liam said, reeking of anxiety.

“Just talk to her Liam. You shouldn’t be worried about it.” Stiles said, eating his fries.

“Fine. I’ll do it.” Liam said sighing. And getting up. As he walked over to the table Y/N is at, he started to get really Nero is and doubt his decision.

“Y/N?” He asked when he reached her table. She jumped and looked at his, like she was afraid. “Liam? Liam Dunbar?” Y/N asked, standing up. “Yup.” He replied looking down.

His eyes were fixated on his shoes until he felt someone’s arms around him. “I missed you.” Y/N whispered. “It’s been so long.”

“Yeah, it has.” He whispered back.

After a while, they pulled away. “Do you want to come meet my friends?” Liam asked, pointing to the pack.

Y/N looked over at them. “You’re friends with them?” She said looking scared, stepping away.

“Yeah. Look I know they’re seniors and they seem a little intimidating.They don’t bite.” Liam said with a soft smile.

“How do you know they don’t bite?” Y/N said, staring at the seniors. Liam looked at her shocked. She knows something,he thought.

“Liam… just please stay away from them. It’s for your own good.” Y/N stated, backing away. She then turned around and left the cafeteria.

“Guys….. she knows something. I - I think she knows we’re supernatural.” Liam said worried.

“Look. I have an idea. All of you guys come to my house and ask her for the truth. There’s nothing wrong with being straight forward.” Lydia said, looking at her friends.

“Alright.” and"Sure.“ Were heard by the pack but Liam hasn’t replied."Let’s do it."Liam finally said

Pressure (Jimin x Reader)

“You smell like trash, let me take you out.”

inspired by this reddit thread

“Dude, what kind of man backs down from a challenge? I say dare.”

“Alright, you asked for it,” Yoongi says, smiling mischievously at Jimin, all the while tapping his chin.

It was Friday, which meant that it was the boys’ weekly get together, in which they all crowded in one of the guys’ dorm rooms and played random games. Like Truth or Dare.

“Oh duuuuuuuuuuude I know what he should do,” Hoseok piped up, “He should totally go and say that one pickup line he wouldn’t shut up about to ______.”

Jimin turned to look at Hoseok with wide eyes filled with horror. The other boys all laughed and gave sounds of approval.

“heY YOU SMELL LIKE TRASh,” Taehyung cried out, hysterical with laughter.

“LEMME TAKE YOU OUT,” Hoseok shouted back at him.

“Guys—“ Jimin began, only to be cut off by Yoongi, who gave him a dark grin.

“Alright, Jimin, it’s settled. _______’s shift at the shop is tomorrow morning, right?” Yoongi asked, despite already knowing the answer.

Jimin meekly nodded, already beginning to regret everything.

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One of my new co-workers surprised me

While surrounded by guys older and manlier than me, they asked me what my favorite kind of music is.
I told them if I told them that, they’d laugh at me.
Upon promising not to tease me for it, I told them I like listening to K-Pop
One of them piped up like “Dude I love Exo who’s your favorite group?”
That wasn’t what surprised me
One of the manliest guys in the room (looks like he does in fact “Even lift bro”)
Asked me why I listen to K-pop
I explained that I like the music and one of my favorite things is how many of the guys in those groups make me question my sexuality
And his response was what surprised me:

“I don’t fucking question MY sexuality.”
So of course I thought to myself, “okay whatever dude.”
Then he continued,
“If I see a dude I think is hot, I’m like ‘yeah I wanna fuck that dude!’ Don’t ever be ashamed to be attracted to someone! If you wanna bone ‘em then you wanna bone ‘em! Simple as that.”