look at this goddam sunshine man

Holy shit ART

Why are all the pallidans fucking beautiful?! ( Especially in art on Tumblr?! Like the fuck )

First we have lance, AND HIS FUCKING EYES?! HOW​?! IT escapes me how artists make Lance’s eyes look like Galaxies?!

AND shiro?! Holy hell man half of the shiro art is either angst or pure sunshine?! And HOW do you draw his goddam hair flood and his arm?! ( You TALENTED CHILDREN?! )

AND HUNK?! His everything?! Is flawless?! ( I DON’T KNOW HOW YOU GUYS ART SO GOOD?! ) His FACE!!!! It’s effen adorable?! I’ve never seen such a pretty man?!

OH MY DON’T GET ME STARTED ON PIDGE!!! This smol adorable bean is the best looking child I’ve seen in art?! Holy hell just fucking shoot me already?!!! ( THIS ART )

AND FUCKING KEITH?! HES SUCH A PRETTY BOY?! AND How do you transfer that shit on Tumblr?! Holy?! I’m in tears?! Y'all’s art is a God send?!