look at this gentleman

Okay but where is my meet cute AU where the Falcs do a “win a day with a falconer” auction and Jack is being bid on and my child looks so awkward and slightly terrified, gets won by mysterious gentleman in the back and silently dreads the day he’ll have to spend with this guy only to realize the guy is the most angelic southern cutie he’s ever seen, who bid on him because “sweetheart you looked so scared that 80-year old widower in the Leopard jumpsuit was going to win you I had to bid”???????

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Can we talk about this moment right here? Look how happy she is! Her eyes light up, her face is shining, she’s smiling with the realization that she finally has something good in her life and she’s so darn grateful for it! She- Betty Cooper - whose life sucked big-time - the boy she was crushing on broke her heart, her dad was acting crazy, her controlling mom is totally out of control, her sister who she loves more than anyone was confined to a home and is now pregnant, hurt and missing! Add to that her own battle with anxiety and the pressure of school. It’s hard enough for an adult, forget a teen! In all of this mess, it’s a miracle she can smile at all, let alone beam like the light of a million suns! And Jughead Jones, ladies and gentleman, is responsible for that look on her face!

She’s over the moon that she finally has someone she likes who likes her back! Someone that makes her feel protected, supported, wanted, loved. Someone who will always have her back, someone who’s her clarity and someone that puts her first! Don’t you think this sweet, kind, beautiful cupcake deserves that?

Don’t you think THIS tortured, troubled cinnamon bun deserves to smile like this all the time?

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Don’t you think these two adorable, precious puppies deserve to be happy above anything else?  

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that green gentleman (things have changed for me) // panic! at the disco

||BTS REACTION|| When you put up the star on top of the Christmas tree while you are wearing a dress.

Jhope: Like what I am seeing, babe *winks at you*

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Jimin: Jimin laughs when he see’s up your dress. Even though he wanted to keep looking he was a gentleman and wanted to respect you.

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Suga: You saw him looking up your dress. 

“Suga, you perv,” You said to him.

“Hey, you asked for it by wanting to put the star up there,” Suga said.

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Taehyung: He moved his glasses up to get a better view.

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Jin: He was shocked to see that you were wearing thongs.

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Jungkook: Jungkook was watching TV and then suddenly saw you get up a ladder to put the star on top, and your dress lifted up too much revealing way up your legs.

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Rap monster: He loved how cute you were that you didn’t notice that your dress went up a little too high.

“Does it look good there?” You asked trying to put it in a good place.

“Yeah, it looks good,” He said laughing.

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