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So I’m collaborating with the lovely @zukoandtheoc on a gemilton au and I made a video to explain one of the fusion dances we came up with but then it became a whole thing and I’m not even done designing gems or fusions or the dances but I have a ton of videos and I’m gonna put them here (they’re unlisted on youtube so you can’t look them up)

Fusion Dance Videos

Laurens & Hamilton
Hamilton & Burr
Stupidly long part 1 of the rest of the 2 gem fusions for the poly revolutionaries because of my background music and my inability to remember things
Reasonably sized part 2 of the rest of the 2 gem fusions for the poly revolutionaries
The 4 Gem Fusion
[more to come]

Gem/Character Explanations

None yet because I literally started making these yesterday and I have to record on a phone which has very little space left

Probably Other Videos That Are Miscellaneous Or I Just Haven’t Thought Of Yet

Still none (see above)

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I hope this hasn't been asked before! Why do you think Sapphire didn't notice/comment on BD looking really different/straight up having a different gem?

I mean, Mindful Education suggested to us Sapphire has some kind of anxiety and that when she’s freezing up outside it’s usually because she’s in butterfly-hurricane mode inside, and we see that she’s tottering pretty near that threshold when she approaches Blue Diamond. That’s not a stage where you’d be carefully scrutinizing someone you haven’t seen in the last five thousand years for inconsistencies. 

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Could you give me a Dravite palette? thank you :)

Sure thing~ Since there Dravite looks slightly different color-wise tumbled than in a crystal/gem form, I’ll give you multiple.

Here’s a more saturated palette based on the crystals.

and here’s a softer, dark palette based on tumbled Dravite.

And here’s a third palette based on Dravites with an Usambara effect.

- Mod Sapphire ❤

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I DON'T KNOW BUT I'M PRETTY SURE THE TEARS ON MY FACE AREN'T FROM EATING SPICY FOOD BUT IT'S FROM LOOKING AT THE SECOND PART OF YOUR GEM AU BECAUSE HOLY IS THE AU AMAZING. Anyways, enough with me, I have a question. In this AU, will the squad have the same names like in the anime (Mikaela, Yuu, Shinoa,..) or will they have the names of their gems (Azurite, Emerald, Titanite,...)? Or will this be like "Hit the Diamond' where their names from the anime will be used as a human persona?

!!!!!! AAAA!! I’m smiling so much!! Thank you!!!

I’m calling the characters by their gem names!! But oH gosh…impersonating their actual names with that particular episode…I’D DIE that’s a good one,,, baseball AU but with a gem twist end me

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Omg what were the questions!!!!! Please!!!

Oh you know, the general horrible questions you don’t want children to ask until they’re older much less to prefect strangers.

Gems such as:

“Why does your penis look like that? Will mine be that fat and ugly too?”

“Is it infected?”

“Father’s doesn’t look like that either so does that mean you’re adopted?”

“How many penises have you seen?”

“Why is it so hairy?”

“Are you hairy there as well?”

“Mummy isn’t so does that mean I won’t either?”

“Does size matter?”

“How do you walk with that thing in your trousers?”

“How do I learn to walk with it?”

“Mine looks better.”

Seriously, its a small wonder the kid is alive and Mycroft ever left the house after that debacle.


How do you get her to leave?

Does your pearl always walk next to you?

You are so patient with her. How do you do it?

Do keep up, pearl.


It’s not always easy to understand Rose’s choices… but we have to stand behind them.