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my sister has a theory that the more compatible and cohesive a gem fusion the more humanoid it looks.

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Gems like Garnet and Rainbow Quartz are fairly normal looking because both Ruby & Sapphire and Rose & Pearl are so close. Their relationship is stable so their form is.

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Opal, Sugilite, Sardonyx, and Alexandrite on the other hand have extra parts. Opal only has two extra arms, which makes sense. Amethyst and Pearl are opposites but they do deeply care about each other as shown in “On The Run”. The other three have three or more gems in them and a respective number of extra eyes and limbs. This is understandable because as anyone who has ever worked in a group before knows, even close friends have a hard time agreeing with each other all the time.

Which brings me to…

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Malachite was formed by anger between two gems who hate each other. Their form is dysfunctional because their relationship is dysfunctional.


Tiny child with giant ass hammer. im surprised it doesn’t squeak too

finally figured out sunstone/Onodas weapon!
gunna draw midousuji/onyx’s next

more gem AU for my soul

Oh Look! Another gem OC. 

This here is Emerald. She’s a Homeworld gem who is almost as old as the Diamonds. At least no one alive now can remember a time when she wasn’t around and loyal to the Diamond Authority. She is the Soundwave to White Diamond’s Megatron essentially. Calm, focused and almost completely devoid of any outward personality, she acts as White Diamond’s left hand, carrying out assassinations and other such cloak and dagger activities. Emerald was actually the one who killed Nacre way back in the day. 

People who watch Steven Universe, can you explain something for me?

I keep seeing all of these adorable photosets about Steven and the gems.

But in one photoset, Steven looks and acts like a five-year-old and the characters are interacting with him as if he’s a young, innocent, child.

But in another photoset, he’s fusing with his soulmate and I just

How does that work?

Theory that everyone will hate

Homeworld gems started messing around with organic material and genetics and stuff at some point to create organic gems, probably incapable of fusion and shapeshifting, who could be controlled with drugs and/or food.

Peridot is an example of this, and that’s why she has prosthetics instead of just shapeshifting the gadgets she needs. Biologically, she’s probably either sexless (lacking genitals completely), female (because of how embryos develop as female unless male genes kick in), or intersex (undeveloped sexual organs which, in this case, probably resemble female from the outside), depending on how much effort was put into making the organic gems thing a thing. I don’t think male would be a thing here, because if gems are anything like humans they’d start riots over bio gems looking different from the relatively feminine appearances that nearly all gems take on.

This thing about Peridot can be revealed on the show through a variety of means. The most likely ways are: Peridot gets cut up and bleeds (or at least doesn’t poof) and requires medical assistance, Jasper or Yellow Diamond or some other higher-ranking homeworld gem mentions it, or somewhere along the way Peridot realizes that Steven is pretty much the same sort of thing she is and comments on it.

All of this goes along with the idea of Peridots being the new Pearls as well. Pearls are made by mollusks and are thus considered organic, so it makes sense that the “new Pearls” would also have something organic about them. But why would the organic forms be a thing, specifically? Because maybe there was a Pearl uprising and to prevent that from ever happening again they had to make gems that couldn’t fuse or shapeshift or anything, and had needs that only Homeworld government could provide. Organic forms is the way that makes the most sense, at least to me.

What do you guys think?


I took steven-universe-edits gemsona, diamond and fixed it. I know diamonds are very popular in India, and I based her design off of princess Jasmine because Jasmine is very beautiful. I gave her realistic proportions and I think she looks much better now. She had far too many gems before so I gave her less gems and extra arms. While I was at it I fixed the colors too. I hope you like it :)


My Elsa Frozen Fever cosplay! I hand cast all of the leaves in clear resin and added some iridescent spring green dye to give them a ‘glowing’ look/effect. Also added hundreds of crystal gems all over the bodice and collar in varying sizes and colors of floral gems and embroidered flowers embedded with AB crystals gems. I handsculpted and cast in resin her purple flower snowflake hairpiece, but it’s not visible in these pictures! (It’s on the other side of my head! Ack!) Hope you like the costume! (I’m holding my Hans custom plush doll that my sister made for me in the sitting photo—-he’s so cute!)

((I just finished moving in to college and setting up my room, I might not get to them tonight but I love the gems you guys sent in, I’m looking in to drawing more of them!))

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It's so cool that your dad lives Bastille! My mom does to and she went to there concert with me last April and we had the best time. I feel like so many parents like Bastille along with their kids and it's so awesome.

Isn’t it just! It means we have conversations like, “Oh hello Gem, you’re looking very much like a Stormer today.”

Oh that’s so lovely. Yes, I agree! Bastille do have a very universally-listenable sound. 


4/6 Infinity Stones seen in the MCU thus far ➞ MIND. POWER. REALITY. SPACE.
The Infinity Stones are six immensely powerful objects tied to different aspects of the universe, created by the Cosmic Entities. Each of the stones possesses unique capabilities that have been enhanced and altered by various alien civilizations through the millennia.