look at this gem

ive seen people say that the jasper squad gem placement could have been different, also ive seen one person say that biggs is probably a crystal gem because bismuth mentioned her in her ep

i might adjust biggs design to make her look more like a crystal gem because thats actually something that ive missed! and i actually might adjust others too a little bit, perhaps make another one a crystal gem too? to be honest this possibility completely slipped my mind, lmao

as for the their gem placement, the thing is, they actually all have their gems on their chests

i just felt like pointing it out in case anyone was wondering why they all got it in the same place


Take my hand -
it is warm
and reassuring.
Hide your daggers
next to your lies,
cover them with blue
fake gems
and call it even.

The sun just set
and the heron flew
off the empty riverbank.
It is time to come home for supper.

The almighty prison
has no door to freedom
no matter how many times you ask
the right question
from the wrong guard.
Do not check in!

Walk with me!
Remember when
your hesitant footsteps
of the forgotten past
turned jolly and firm
and take my hand,
still warm
and reassuring.

I set the table.

best thing about doing the screencapping something yourself is that you catch those gem moments. look at my son! he’s so precious i could cry.


“I think the question of what makes a ‘strong female character’ often goes misinterpreted. And instead we get these two-dimensional superwomen, who maybe have one quality that’s played up a lot.”
- 15-year-old Tavi Gevinson, A Teen Just Trying To Figure It Out (March 2012)