look at this fucker

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▼ kissing them

Vaas looked confused, intimidated, a little challenged, he’d never seen this other man before and yet he had just appeared at one of the parties at the main outpost, sat himself down next to the pirate king and went about invading his personal space. 

He squinted, a little drunk, a little high, a little beaked.
“Who the..fuck!…do you think you are, amigo??” he asked with a slurr, though he didn’t seem to protest to the action.

You wanna hear the most fucked up dream I’ve ever had

Toward the end of one of my several distressing dreams last night I was approached by this spooky little kid who told me “you have a spirit of evasiveness”

And I laughed it off with some sort of incoherent joke

And the fucker looked me right in the eye and said “it’s not a joke. you are haunted by a spirit of avoidance” and everything took on that weird sense of dread that separates a nightmare from a normal dream and I woke up freaking out