look at this fox puppet

themeanbunny  asked:

Rags pulls the curtains apart from the cove, carrying the newly repaired puppet in her arms. She's letting out static growls as she stares down at the Fox. She then looks down at the puppet for any orders.

*the fox still had to be totally repaired. The left arm was working quite nice, but the eye still seemed to have some problems. The mechanic said something about finding a new one to replace his broken one, so for a while the pirate had to forget about his bandage for a while if he wanted to see properly.
He was waiting quite nervously, sitting on a little corner of his Cove when someone ripped his courtains.
Well, they weren’t so hard to reconize, and most importantly he wouldn’t be so surprised to see them, but still he felt a shiver going through his spine when he reconized them. Two of them together would have been a real problem to deal with…!*
…ahoy. *he grumbled, standing up trying to not show fear* I see ye still need a little help to deal wif’ me, uh, ye flea-riddened sock…?