look at this food


see, i don’t even know what’s funnier here:

- the fact that jin was extra enough to blow a kiss while stealing food

- how in love and satisfied jin looks when looking at the churros

- how devastated the maknae line is after their churros got stolen i mEAN LOOK AT THEM THEY ARE GRIEVING!

My lovely Grandmother hosted an amazing tea party for my friends and I. She broke out her fancy silver, 1800’s china dishes, and other lovely tea cups. She made all the food (with my help) and everyone had a splendid time (even those who weren’t big tea drinkers. We had white pear mango tea from the London Tea Room and Charleston Peach.

Having no concept of time is great because 6 hours can pass after you last ate and you’ll wonder why you’re hungry because I could’ve sworn I just ate???


My attempt to fix it only became worse! Õ_Õ Well.. it looks terrible in cooler tones. With super light or vivid it seems to be less noticable. I like cooler tones tho so.. HMM..

That bump tho.. XD It’s the pregnancy set at progres 90/100 . Damn! It looks food and seems to work fine, so that’s at least working along fine.

Do you guys prefer to have these baked/shadow textures on the meshes or are you fine with the textures I’ve always been using so far which is just .. nothing? ;P

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johnny + 4 ;)

Don’t send in anymore numbers please, thanks ^^

4. “I’m too sober for this.”

“Y/N, I brought… food. What are you doing?”

You look up from the science project you had been helping your little brother with, grinning at your boyfriend from the floor.

“We’re making a volcano!”

“Why is there a barbie taped to a rocket ship if you’re building a volcano?” Johnny asks. He sets the food down on the couch and heads over to you and Chenle. Chenle grins up at Johnny as well, grabbing the rocket barbie.

“She’s going to shoot out of the volcano and go to space- It’s gonna be so awesome!”

“Yeah! Super awesome!” You and Chenle wear matching grins as you stare at Johnny, and he just shakes his head at you.

“I’m too sober for this.”

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Dude all of the geography teachers that worked at my former high school got fired because they were just passing people. There's a whole bunch of people in my university that have never touched the metric system until now. America is a wreck.

oh oh i know because i have one friend, she’s my dumb friend, (let’s call her Laura) and i’ve kept a running list of basic shit she didn’t know: 

  • the distinction between Paraguay and Uruguay (she thought they were like the same country or some shit) 
  • that Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the US
  • who Mussolini was. she just,,, didn’t know who he was. amazing. 
  • that most of Russia was in Asia. like look at a MAP FOR FUCKS SAKE 
  • that not all hispanic food is exactly the same (i mean latin america spans a whole continent and a half why would everyone be eating tacos like jfc)

also not related to that^ but she also thought Attack on Titan and Teen Titans were the same thing, that’s just funny to me lol

This is @acidrockstar‘s fault o3o Bubs x Mayia. Bubs is my birb character specifically made to be a cute jerk. Who then became her birb husband. It’s a long story.

Beth is a duck. How that happened, no one knows. Beth can understand English, but she liked to pretend that she can’t and steals your food when you’re not looking. Confront her about it and she quacks in your face. Or bites you. Usually the biting.

My best friend of ten years has been circulating this cheat sheet to our group of friends on how to handle me because I have a cheat sheet on how to handle all of them (I didn’t write it down or circulate it, so this is really over the top you ass!) Anyway, one of the poor, innocent, newbies in our group accidently forwarded it to me and I’m laughing because this is both ridiculous and true and now I have to kill my best friend.

1. Read up on Cancerians

2. Read up on Steve Rogers

3. Don’t tell her you’ve read either.

4. Always love Tony Stark

5. Don’t ever tell her she’s Steve Rogers

6. Know that she’s Steve Rogers and keep an eye out.

7. Don’t ask her if she’s happy. She’ll overthink it.

8. When she looks sad, offer food. Don’t offer dates, she will run.

9. The urge to hit will pass. Stay away when she has it though.

10. Telling her that Tony Stark is good will get you into the good books. 

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21 and Jaehyun?

Don’t send in anymore numbers please, thanks ^^

21. “I’m bulletproof…but please, don’t shoot me.” 

“Will you stop singing that?” You ask Jaehyun. He looks at you from where he’s been shoving copious amounts of food into his mouth, and quickly swallows the food before speaking again.

“Why can’t I keep singing it? I thought it was a really cool part in the song.”

“I came up with it at like three a.m,” you whine. It really wasn’t your favorite part of the song. “I think it’s crap. Stop singing it please.”

Jaehyun doesn’t listen, because he’s a butthead like that, and proceeds to sing the rest of the song.

“Jaehyun oh my god- stop it! I’m already tired of the song. You should sing it for weeks on end and tell me you still like it.”

“Actually, you know, we should do a duet of the song.”

“…that sounds stupid no way.”

“You’re just saying that because you know it’ll sound really great.”

“No I’m saying it because I don’t like you or the song. I’d rather duet with Doyoung, anyways.”

“You’re so mean.”

I just wanted to start the game ^^

A: Age: I said in a previous tag that I’m not enirely comfortable with telling (I’m in high school, fair enough)

B: Where I’m from: Warsaw, Poland

C: Where I would like to live: London, UK

D: Favourite food: Not able to answer, I love eating and I have sooo many foods that I absolutely love!

E: Religion: atheist

F: Sexual orientation: heterosexual

G: Single/taken: single, but I have a crush :3

H: Favourite book: Look up on my Favourite Food ;)

I: Eye colour: green

J: Favourite movie: Look up on my Favourite Food ;D

K: Favourite TV show: Sherlock, Downton Abbey, Friends, and the list will probably go on ;)

L: Favourite band/singer: Adele, Ed Sheeran, Halsey

M: Random fact about me: I’m quiet and shy, but when you meet me, I am one of the weirdest people alive; I’m also really sensitive

N: Favorite day of the year: for example the day when school year ends (I have a couple of ones I always enjoy, and of course there are also random ones that happen)

O: Favourite colour: black, white, some shades of pink, blue and gray

P: If I have any pets; if so, their names: I have a dog called Kirke (she’s a lovely girl :3)

Q: What I’m listening to right now: Unstoppable by Sia

R: Last movie I’ve watched: The Danish Girl

S: What’s my ringtone: A classic marimba, but I wan’t to change it for something cooler

T: Favourite male character from a TV show: Thomas Barrow from Downton Abbey

U: Favourite female character from a TV show: let’s go with Sybil Crawley-Branson from Downton Abbey

V: What my name means: my original name (Maria) means “to be beautiful or wonderful”, but I prefer to be called Mary, which is an English version of my name

W: Favourite superhero: Black Widow, Cat Woman

X: Celebrity crush: for now Rob James-Collier and Eddie Redmayne, but it’s constantly changing

Y: My birthday: 25th July

Z: Ever self-harmed?: no

I’m tagging @swimmingfeelsinajohnlockianpool @evalocity and @love-in-mind-palace to do this tag (feel free to do is even if I didn’t tag you)