look at this flawless otp :3

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hi!! what's A40? where can I watch it?


All For One  or A4O is a web series in Youtube Channel KindaTV (click for playlist, series finale is this Friday and ep’s are not that long so go catch up!)

Now I’m not very good with words but I’ll try:

A4O is a genderbent, feminist, modern version(college version) of Alejandro Dumas “The Three Muskeeters”. I

The main character is the Funny, Charming, openly bisexual with a fight me attitude Dorothy Catlemore (ง'̀-‘́)ง  she actually uses the B word unlike some shows

The Rest of the main cast include:

The selfie master, cutie patootie, cinnamon roll Portia Vallon

The funny. sarcastic, hacker master, wtf is tact Ariana Henries

The responsible, caring,  Alex “mom” Silleg

Idk if I had call them minor characters but they appear less than the main cast, they include

The I look good in grandma’s Apron Miller Winters

The openly lesbian, sweet and smart (◡‿◡✿) Connie Bonacieux

The one and only Flawless,  Ms. Jeanne Treville, Sir, Ma’am

annoying, Douche Cannoe Owen Rochefort


Look at how my otp looks at eachother omg 

My baby is bi and dont you forget that

Look at this cuties holding hands and being adorable

I dont want to give away much of the plot because I strongly recommend you watch it, the characters are well written, the cast knocks it out of the park with their acting, the plot thickens as it goes and we are promised no one dies. So GO WATCH and judge for yourself I hope you love it as much as I do <3


Chubby/Chubby requested by Anon!! I hope you like them!!

1. They both love to flaunt what they got and they do it with confidence because they are flawless no matter what anyone says

2. They both love to pack each other’s lunches and leave little love notes in them

3. They always look gorgeous where ever they go, they always have the best clothes, the best make up, the best everything, and everyone can’t help but comment on how good they look together

4. They always love to pick one another up and hold them in their arms

5. They always go for walks with their dogs in the evenings, and their dogs are chubby lovable doggos as well

6. They always go out every week to try new foods and it’s their favourite part of the week

7. They go clothes shopping for one another and they always adore what one another picks out

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Hello! I'm a huge fan of your blog and I was wondering who you bias and ship in svt? I hope you have a wonderful day and happy holidays :)

heyyyyy boo ~

Total Jeongcheol trash ;) Like boi. My all-time OTPs go Hunhan, Jeongcheol, TaeTen

Like they’re so cute, wtf!!!! Like, honey, Jeonghan is such a beautiful devil, and Seungcheol is an adorable puppy/low-key daddy material…they’re basically made for each other <3 ohmagad they’re so flawless ;-;

^^ They would make such good parents, like honestly just looking at the two of them together makes me fanboy all over the place.

And, personality-wise, I feel like they genuinely balance each other out. Like, Seungcheol’s such a loving leader-type figure, and Jeonghan’s a sadistic sassy Queen ~ Literally Mom and Dad of SVT <3 <3 <3 

Meanie couple’s pretty cute too tho ;)

I also high-key ship chinaline XD they’re such babies

Junhao’s always gonna have a special place in my heart XD I think it’s because they communicate so well with one another, and their closeness really shows :P 

Thanks for the ask anonnie <3 Happy new year honiii xxxx 

Day 8: Favourite relationship

I’m a embarrassed to admit this…After being on ragesan’s blog and coming across all her ReiYui pairings posts and drawings it has honestly become an OTP of mine > /// < I mean just look at them together. Even from watching the anime how Reiji went looking for a way to save Yui and drive Cordelia out of her heart. Seeing that scene made me squeal a lot on the inside and finally have a pairing for Yui > u < Also for the Reiji x Yui fans I highly suggest you go ragesan is amazeballs~! <3

Clexa shippers

Can we all like post anything positive for Clexa today or this whole week?

Like a simple text post about why you love Clexa or what about them you love the most or fluffy headcanons, anything positive you’re looking forward about them in season 3? Or just talk about basically anything positive about our OTP; how gorgeous were both Eliza and Alycia in SDCC, how enthusiastic Eliza seemed about Clexa, Alycia being her usual flawless cinnamon roll self. Just positivity posts. Make more gifsets and graphics. Make more pick up lines memes, they never get old tbh. Make fanarts even in the simplest form you could do.

Let’s just make something to celebrate our ship more now that we’ve gotten this good news from Jason. I love how they all waited for the comic con panel to reveal this btw, I’m convinced even Alycia knew it all along. But they took effort to surprise us. It’s so nice, don’t you think?

Anyway, I just hope this post motivates anyone of you to post any positive thing about Clexa and let’s spam our tag with wonderful Clexa goodies which we all deserve after months of struggles and worries, I mean there will definitely more worries to come but as of now, let’s celebrate this good news!

I’m so sick of seeing all the nasty shit in the tag so I thought I’d try to convince everyone that there is something we can do to change that: block the asshats, make something positive about Clexa, post them and tag it! Make as many as you want. I’ll probably try to make graphics tomorrow while at work but for now, I need sleep. But for those who have free time, feel free to start cleaning our tag ;)

Let’s take it back. It’s ours not theirs.

P.S. We also could talk about the fact that Alycia’s birthday is coming very soon omg