look at this flawless animation

I really love the animation of the characters’ hair in Big Hero 6. So far we’ve only really seen it on Hiro and Aunt Cass, but seriously.

Look how it flows!



Say what you want about Merida’s hair, but I would imagine Hiro’s would be really hard to animate.

This whole film just looks beautiful.

It’s funny. You see all the cynicism, criticism, and political arguing over the new Godzilla among westerners, but when I just showed the new trailer to a Japanese friend, here’s her reaction:

“Wow, Godzilla! It looks really interesting~☆ And there’s even a Japanese actor, Ken Watanabe, in this one. The CG looks perfect, so flawless! I can’t tell what’s real and what’s computer animation. As expected of America!”

Yeah, just one opinion, but man oh man have we become spoiled and whiny in comparison.