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A Night You Won’t Forget (Bucky x Reader)

Title: A Night You Won’t Forget

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (Lots of requests for this)

Word Count: 1,058 Words (Oops, kind of short)

Warnings: Fluff, Birthday BASH

Prompt: Bucky remembers the reader’s birthday when no one else does and then they throw a party!

A/N: Ok, this is the fluffy birthday oneshot for all y’all.  I’m kind of in love with Bucky right now anyway so it’s perfect that lots of you guys wanted him! Sorry if this one sucks, I didn’t have much time to write it.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

Tomorrow was Y/N’s birthday, one of the few people that Bucky felt comfortable with.  When you first met Bucky, he was scared and alone; but you managed to help him out of his shell.  One thing many people did not know about James Buchanan Barnes was that he liked to ask a LOT of questions.  

As surprising as it may be, once Bucky felt comfortable with a person, he would never shut up.  One of the first questions he asked was when your birthday was.  You were slightly taken aback by the sudden question but you happily obliged, telling him the date. 

And Bucky remembered that date, along with every other detail about you.  Thing was, James was falling in love with you, he just didn’t know it yet.  
But the other Avengers could tell.  One piece at a time, they put Bucky’s actions together like a puzzle, finally realizing what the end result was: Bucky Barnes was in love with you.  

Each of them picked up little hints; like the way Bucky would let you touch his metal arm, or the way he would touch you softly on your shoulder when you had conversations.

Steve found out first.  From the way Bucky would look at you in glances, lingering on your features for just a second too long.  From the way Bucky would look at you like you were the most important person in the world. Steve knew because that’s how he used to look at Peggy.


Bucky zoomed down the hall, nearly knocking over Clint on his way to the kitchen.

“Hey!” Clint protested, using the wall to steady himself.

Bucky ignored the archer as he sat down at the kitchen table with a notebook in hand.

“Whatcha got there, Buck?” Steve asked, peering over James’s shoulder to look at the paper in his best friend’s hands.  The other Avengers gathered around, eager to see what the Winter Soldier was so excited about.

“It’s birthday plans for Y/N,” he said, looking up when no one made a sound.  "Today’s her birthday.“

Clint rubbed his neck and stretched.  "Hate to break it to ya’ kid, but Y/N doesn’t really do birthdays.  Heck, I don’t know if she even remembers what day it is.”

“Really?” asked Bucky, hoping the disappointment wasn’t evident on his face.

 "Well, I guess it’ll be even more of a surprise than it’s supposed to be.“

Bucky had everything planned out.  He had already ordered your favorite food from a catering place across town, and he’d already bought you a perfect gift.  The only thing he had left to do was get the decorations set up.


The night was beautiful and the Avengers tower never looked better.  

Y/N’s favorite color was the theme of the night, only to be illuminated by bright yet small lights that Bucky had strung from the ceiling.  The team had helped out Bucky immensely the whole day.  

Without the other Avengers, James probably couldn’t have made it this magnificent.  Natasha even picked out a dress that matched the theme of the party.

Bucky prayed that this was going to be a night you wouldn’t forget, even if you didn’t celebrate your birthday often.

The time had almost arrived as you had been training with Wanda the whole day.  Her job was to distract you until 8pm, when the party began.
Bucky waited anxiously, hoping to confess something he’d wanted to tell you for a while now.


“Wanda! Why do I even need to get dressed up? Tony told me we’re just going out for dinner, nothing too fancy.” you said, protesting as Wanda put a diamond earring in each of your ears.

“I’m getting dressed up, too.  Tony says we’re uh, um.. meeting with somebody.” Wanda stalled, looking for a way out of this conversation.

You looked beautiful.  Your F/C dress hung loosely at your legs and tightened around your back, accenting your hips and waist.

“I think we’re ready, let’s head to the tower now.” Wanda said, offering you a hand from the chair you were seated at.

“Tower? I thought we were eating somewhere.” you asked, looking at the Maximoff with suspicion.

“Ah, yes. But, um the person we’re meeting with wants to eat at the tower.” she said, covering up her mishap.

“Ok, let’s go then. Man, I really hate heels.” you said, grimacing as you already began to feel a blister settle in.


Bucky waited quietly near the door, pulling nervously on the inside of his collar.  Y/N was going to walk through that door any moment now.  No one was hiding, everyone figured that’d be too cliche.  So instead everyone waited quietly for the moment that had yet to come.

There was the ding of the elevator door and Wanda and Y/N stepped out.

Y/N stood there in awe until she broke out into a grin.  "You guys remembered?”

“Actually. It was all terminator over here.” Tony said, as he clapped Bucky on the shoulder.

“Aw, Buck.” you said as you grabbed him in your outstretched arms and held him tightly for a hug.

The rest of the night continued smoothly with a few adult party games here and there.  Until Tony brought out the Tequila, everyone was doing fine.  But after 1am, things got a little rough.

You and Bucky found your way in the corner of the room, away from all the action on the dance floor.

“I wanted to thank you,” you said, stepping closer to Bucky.  "Usually, I don’t celebrate my birthday, but this party meant a lot to me.

Bucky gave you a genuine smile as he began to pull out the jewelry box fro his suit pocket.  "I wanted to give you something.“

You gasped as Bucky opened the dainty box to reveal a silver necklace with a mesmerizing crystal at the bottom of it.

"Oh, Bucky,” you murmured, not taking your eyes off of the necklace. “It’s beautiful.”

You looked up at him and he spoke once again, “Now you know what it’s like every time I look at you.”

You looked up into his blue eyes and pulled him in tightly for a kiss.  It was a gentle one, one that you simply melted into.  You stood there for a moment, swaying slightly to the music.  Bucky slid his metal arm onto your waist as you pulled back, a slight tingling sensation still on your lips.

“This is a night I will never forget.”

The Terminal, Ch. VII

We’re built to last.
We’re built to last.
Oh, we’re built to last.
We’re built to last.

The section of city that the call came from was one of the worst. Lexa was no stranger to it, though it had been a while since her last visit, she felt uneasy about it. In the realest sense, she felt a certain unease slowly building throughout the last few weeks. It had nothing to do with the neighbourhood. Not the way the sky was bright blue, blinded in sun, not the hum of far away construction, the beeping of horns, nor the smell of the dirt and trash decaying in the sun, becoming skeletal in the heat. The unease sprouted in her flesh like an overstretched muscle after a long nap, dull and resistant to shrinking to normal size. But she hoped to ignored, as those things are meant to be ignored, until they go back on their own. For the moment it was simply a nagging soreness in her being that persisted in the unreachable, unscratchable spot on her back.

There were piles of trash on corners from a foregone attempt at salvaging the neighbourhood. Buildings were missing doors and windows were larger than necessary from mortars and destruction, but Lexa simply walked. There were teenagers clustered on the corner, baggies changing hands and disinterest in her existence at an all time high.

“You sure someone called this in?” she asked the radio, feeling warm sweat cascading down her back. The weight of the suit was a comfort, cradling her unease.

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Merman! Sicheng (winwin)

• okay literally everyone loves him

• he’s friends with the entire ocean, I’m not even joking, he’d be swimming by and loads of baby seahorses swim towards him and snuggle into his neck, making him smile as he holds some in  his hands

• While the other merfolk admire how much all of the sea creatures love him and how well he takes care of them.

• he does the same for the elders of the sea, he would visit them as much as he could, telling them stories of the week, making sure to drop off some seaweed he collected when he drops by

• he treated everyone as if they were his very own family and in return the was like a son or brother to them too.

• he makes sure none of the babies don’t stray from the boundaries of the seabed’s their community owned

• as a sign of thanks, more often than not he’d wake up to find some sort of gift whether it be shells, pearls or food so he keeps them in a trinket box he found from a ship wreck

• surfing was everything to you, you could escape your daily worries by fleeing to the beach, listening to the waves overlap and breathing in the fresh sea air, allowing all your thoughts to fall into place

• Your favourite thing to do though was to wake up really early at 5am and race to the sand dunes to watch the sunrise. Feeling the breeze against your skin as you sat, the sunbeams illuminating the small beach town you were from.

• it was a sight that never failed to amaze you, the sky was painted with baby pinks, oranges and then finally settled on a light blue.

• After watching the sunrise you raced to the beach with your board and made your way to the shore before the sand became crowded with people.

• And that was when sicheng first saw you, everyday just before sunrise he set off towards the shore to pick up some more seaweed for the elders and it was a plus if he could find more shells for his trinket box. he knew that the humans wouldn’t be awake for a few more hours so he took the chance to go towards the more shallow parts at the break of dawn

• when he looked up towards the colourful beach houses, which reflected an orange tint thanks to the sun, he came across a lone figure which very nearly made him gasp out loud

• there was simply no words to describe how beautiful you were, whether it was the way the sun made your skin glow and your hair shine, or the peaceful look on your face as you closed your eyes and listened to the waves

• sicheng really couldn’t understand why he was so infactuated with you but one thing he did know was that he wanted to find out more
• as you advanced towards the waves he swam to the nearest cluster of rocks so that he wouldn’t be spotted easily
• you ran out until you were waist deep and clambered onto the board, a leg on either side, sighing in content, the waves were perfect for surfing, laying flat on the board you began to paddle further into the sea, waiting for the perfect wave.
• sicheng watched in amazement as you rode the waves like a fine art, like it was second nature, you had always been comfortable in water so when you first tried out surfing you were in love with it

• sicheng looked at the sky which was now sitting perfectly in the sky, it was time for him to return back home before more humans gathered at the beach and although he wished he could stay all day and admire your beauty it was too dangerous to stick around

• he took one more glance at you, taking in the details of your face before regretfully delving back into the sea and returned to the seabed
• for the whole day you hadn’t left his mind, he told anyone that would listen as he drabbled on about you, the baby seahorses, the starfish and the elders who shared a knowing nod and exchanged smiles, they all knew that sicheng had begun to like the girl yet he didn’t even know himself, he had never experienced this warmth in his chest before, it was a completely alien to him.

• They were absolutely delighted that the “ocean’s son” had taken an interest in someone, even if it was a human. They had always wanted him to find someone who took care of him just as he took care of all of the merfolk and creatures in their community.
• Everyone had picked up on his extra chirpy mood, humming songs under his breath and playing around with the clownfish.
• Normally he would have been reluctant to wake up so early to go to the shore but the next day he darted across the sea floor and quickly picked the seaweed before zooming to same rocks he hid before, hoping to get a sight of your face amongst the tops of the sand dunes.

• his hopes of seeing you again began to fade as the sun rose in the sky, it must have been just pure luck that day that he had seen you, with a frown he returned back home with seaweed and a few shells in hand, anyone could see that he wasn’t the usual bright sicheng everyone knew and loved
• the next few days were the same, you were a no show and his hopes of seeing you ever again were deflating
• you had been given an offer by your manager to take care of his shop for a few days while he was on a business trip and in return he would pay you overtime, as soon as he came back you prepared everything for your long awaited surf
• sicheng frowned making his way back to the shore again when he noticed a very familiar surfboard, he almost shouted in delight seeing you again when he never thought he would
• looking around on your board, taking in the wonderful scenery when you come across a pair of eyes in the water which widened when they met yours, who else would be in the ocean at this time? you were so transfixed by the eyes in the water that you didn’t see the huge wave coming your way
• the impact knocked you off your bored sending sicheng into a state of panic, seaweed long forgotten he raced towards you, taking you into his arms and swam towards the nearest rocks, placing you on them and swam back to retrieve your board
• when he dived back you noticed his tail, leaving you in awe, he was a mermaid?!
• he returned back to the rocks “are yOU OKAY?”
• your eyes met with a handsome man, his eyes were beautiful, a deep brown colour, contrasting with the blues of the ocean, his brows slightly furrowed out of worry and his plump lips frowned slightly in concern.
• “y-yeah I’m good now, thank you for saving me, w-what is that?”
• you asked pointing down to his lower half
• “oh this?” he smiled, spinning around “it’s my tail!”, diving into the water, allowing the scales to reflect off of the sun, showing a variety of blues and lilacs
• you couldn’t help but smile back at him, the only word that came to mind to describe the merman was enchanting, his eyes glistened with amusement as you continued to stare at his tail
• after overcoming the initial  shock you threw question after question at sicheng, asking him about anything and everything making him laugh
• “woah woah woah first of all my name’s sicheng and your’s is?”
• “___________”
• “wow it suits you”
• “Huh?”
• “beautiful”
• after your cheeks turned the same colour as the sunlight, sicheng answered all of your questions one by one, often going on tangents of funny stories like how a whale tried to disguise itself with some coral during a game of hide and seek
• After sharing stories of the sea and land the sun had risen and it was time for you both to return back to where you belonged.
• “Promise you’ll come back and visit me?”
• “I’ll be back tomorrow sicheng, you can count on it”
• and that’s how your relationship blossomed, you tried to visit him as much as possible, bringing him beads for his trinket box and a necklace with a fish charm whereas he collected the finest shells he could find to give you in return
• He’d swim right beside you as you surfed sharing lots of giggles when you took a break.

• one day you show up to the rocks before him which was never the case. thinking he had forgotten about the meeting when you see him swim alongside two dolphins, making you freak out, he knew that dolphins were your favourite animal and you had always wanted to swim with them
• you plunged into the water and gave him a hug out of gratitude
• “s-sicheng i-i can’t thank you enough this is the be-”
• he quickly kissed your cheek to stop you from rambling, a quirk of yours he had quickly discovered
• “shhh your rambling, go have fun i know how much you wanted this” he smiled, tucking a stray  piece of hair behind your ear
• nodding happily you took hold of his hand, lacing your fingers through his before gently taking hold of the dolphins fin, swimming around for the entire morning
• finally reaching the rock again, you both smiled, most definitely one of the best memories you’ve ever made but only one of the many you hope to make with sicheng.

Wow this one is even longer than the last, please let me know what you think!! Feedback is always appreciated and have a wonderful day !!

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A/N : I wrote a soulmate AU… I did it, yes I did! I spent so much time thinking about this that I’ve world-builded (… is that a verb? Let’s say it’s a verb) this world to death, so, I might write more about it the future.

Title : Fixed Stars

Summary : In which people carry their souls in a glass vial around their necks, and ‘soulmate’ is not a metaphor at all.

And Michael might have some commitment issues.

Word count : ~4000

Warnings : brief mention of bad parenting?

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