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WARNING : contains explicit sexual content

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You glance up from overtop your glasses and smile at the sight of him, nose scrunched up in concentration, pencil dangling from between his index and middle fingers. His long legs are covered by the grey knit blanket you two share, and your legs are resting on his with your feet sticking out the side of the fabric. Your bed is dipping beneath your combined weight and both of your backpacks are open with notebooks and textbooks spilling out onto your carpet.

“Do you need help?” Shawn asks quietly, shy eyes skittering up to meet yours. His hair is floppy around his face and his glasses are sliding down his nose but you can still clearly see the attractiveness in his features: his sharp jaw, his white teeth, his pretty eyes. And when you allow yourself the peek, his bulging arms aren’t too hard to look at either. “You just, you know, you’re staring so I was just wondering if maybe you needed help with your math or something.”

You blink back to reality and look down to your lap at the blank math worksheet in front of you. Your pencil is still tucked into your bag and your calculator is still in your backpack across the room; it’s obvious you’re not even trying. Shawn’s so kind hearted, so determined to give you the benefit of the doubt, that you say “I actually haven’t even started it, really. To be honest I’ve just been thinking about how good you look”

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Shisui Week day 4: Tragedy

Shisui’s death

Originally posted by cerseilannister

You woke with strong arms around your waist, you stretched your body letting out a little moan, You tried to move so you could get dressed but you were pulled back to the mattress, you felt kisses being placed on your neck. God damn you knew Negan was eager but not this eager, you smiled and turned to face him.

“ Good morning to you “ he said softly kissing your plump lips.  

“ So are we going to talk about what happens now “ you asked wondering what the next chapter of your life was going to lead you. 

You had every intention of staying at the Sanctuary for a long time but you wanted some purpose and one thing for sure you weren’t going to be sitting around not doing anything. You had many skills and you wanted to use them, maybe you could be and eventually be Negans favourite saviour and right hand woman, you just had to convince him first, and you knew just the thing.

A few weeks had past and you were getting used to your new found home, You walked through the compound like you owned the place, at first it was just a look that got the others shaking then it was your brand new attitude you suddenly got whilst giving out orders one day. Another week has past that quick you didn’t realise, You were minding your own business walking through the corridors trying to make your way to the dining hall when you seen Dwight talking to one of the saviours, you were curious about him, you never really interacted with him properly, he used to keep watch when you were going back and forth but thats all, ever since he threatened to kill you and expose you and Negan he had kept his distance, you knew he wasn’t happy with you so you wanted to explore his character a little more.

“ aren’t you supposed to be on a run with Simon “ you asked narrowing your eyes, walking up towards him.

“ the fuck has it got to with you what I do in this place, you ain’t the boss of me “ he harshly answered you, giving you a look that could kill.

“ I may not be your boss but soon you’ll see I will be, anyway Negan isn’t going to be happy when I tell him you’ve been skiving on the job, you may be one of his best men but you’ve still got fucking working to do “ you asserted your presence changing your whole body language crossing your arms.

“ bitch you better get away from me or do you want round two of who can kill who first “ he laughed, signalling his arms to move away from you. 

You scoffed turning away to carry on walking to the dining hall, never realising that Negan had heard the whole conversation whilst standing around one of the corners in the corridor, once you got to the kitchen everyone turned and stared blankly at you like you were nothing, things were tough but you never thought it’d be this tough, sure you had to adjust to the way Negan liked his work completed but something was off. You carried on walking to where the servers were to get something to eat when you caught everyone kneeling, it only meant one thing. You turned around smiling as you seen Negan enter, he casually walked over to you and pressed his body against yours, you moved your hands around his body and gently pressed your lips against his. One thing for sure you weren’t afraid to show any affection, god dam you’d probably take each other then and there but you wouldn’t.

“ doll, how about we skip dinner and head straight for dessert….but before you say yes, dwighty boy here needs a talking to “ Negan smiled at you, giving you a cheeky wink then within seconds his expression changed dramatically, the look of death, his grip on Lucille tightened and he through her over his shoulders walking towards Dwight grabbing him by the arm and dragging him out of the dining hall with such an almighty force.

You looked on in shock, trying to process what the hell was going on, the only thing you could think of is that someone over heard your conversation earlier cause the way Negan acted and his body language you feared you wouldn’t see Dwight again, not for a long time.

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YURIJ LET GEORGIJ LIFT HIM TOWARD THE CUP (is this some kind of “I couldn’t beat Viktor, so, AVENGE ME, SON” “Just hold my flower, Gosha (ʘ‿ʘ)ノ✿“ “KICK HIS ASS, SON (✿\(。-_-。) “???)

I’m honestly even more convinced he’s somehow the over-dramatic and über-protective “mom” of the Team Russia - and their make-up consultant, I’ll talk about Yurij’s make-up for the EX, one day. But fandom had already made the most beautiful headcanons on this matter.








I’m so happy for this official image, I just need a minute to elaborate properly. MORE THAN A MINUTE.

(headcanons about the Russian Fam will follow in the next days, whoops)

Manhattan Mistress part 9


Pairing: Bucky x reader, Steve x reader, Tony x reader and OC!Casey (daughter of Y/N and Tony)

Summary: The devil may care what happens in Brooklyn, but the Manhattan Mistress has lost all her trust in Steve and is getting ready for battle. Song is “Shoot and run” by Josef Salvat.

Word count: 3.051

Warnings: Cursing, mentions of murder, death and rape. Please do not read belong the cut if you’re not comfortable with any of forementioned!

A/N: Dedicated to my favourite mob AU writer @caplanbuckybarnes. Enjoy sweetie!

Part 6: the white noise

Part 7: the waiting game

Part 8: the heathens

Disclaimer: I do not own this pic, credit goes to the rightful owner.

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Light a Fire

Prompt: “Hey it’s cold. Light a fire or something. I swear you’re a cold-blooded reptile.”

AN: *Insert insane screaming here* The Question finally won something! I’m so happy!

Words: 655

          “Why in the world is it so cold in here?”

You smile as your brother walks through the door. He’s dressed in shorts and a god awful Hawaiian printed shirt, decorated with surfing dogs. You smile at him from underneath your throw blanket, and simply say, “It’s hot outside.”

Dick doesn’t say anything as he makes a mad dash across the cold hardwood floors, in bare feet, to the couch. He lands on top of you, and maneuvers you around until he is safely under the blanket with you. Once he’s fully covered by the blanket, he turns to you and says, “It is cold in here. We need to light a fire or something, because I swear you are a cold blooded reptile or something.”

You grin, “You’re being a tad dramatic brother dear.”

          He looks up at you with this horrified expression, “I am not being dramatic!”

          “Yes you are.”

          “Y/N! It’s summer and your apartment is so cold that we could build an igloo!”

          You smirk, “That’s the point Dick, it’s hot outside and cold inside. It’s what keeps me from melting.”

          He stares at you and asks, “Now who’s being dramatic?”

          “I don’t do the heat Dick. It frizzes my hair, it makes me sweat, and I tend to get light headed. I’d much rather stay cold.”

          “And what about that boyfriend of yours?”

          “Believe it or not, he prefers the cold too.”

          “If I didn’t, I would have frozen to death last winter.” A second voice sounds as Vic walks out from his theory room. He’s dressed in his usual suit, with his faceless mask is in place. “Your sister likes to sleep with the windows open during the winter.”

          You smile and say, “We make up what we overspend in summer by barely running the heat in the winter.”

          Dick just stares at you and asks, “Are you sure we’re related?”

          “Positive,” Vic says from the kitchen, not bothering to stick his head out, “I ran tests just to make sure.”

          You elbow Dick in the chest to knock the snarl off his face as Vic comes back out. He walks back to the couch and bends down to eye level, “I’ll probably be gone a few days, I’ll email so you know I’m safe, and I made several casseroles during meal prep on Sunday. They’re in the freezer with specific baking instructions, so please don’t eat nothing but take out.”

          You grin before kissing him, where his mouth would be, “You take very good care of me. I’ll even eat a salad with them. Be safe.”

          He gives you one last kiss before saying, “I will.” Then he turns to your brother and simply says, “Richard.” Before heading to the door. Just before he closes the door he calls out, “Stay cool sweetheart!”

          Dick doesn’t speak again until Vic has been gone several minutes. “You know, you’ve been dating the weirdo for like two years, and he still refuses to tell me his name. I can only call him by his codename, Question. Do you know his name? And does he wear nothing but that suit? What about the mask? Does he ever take it off?”

          You lean back a bit. “These questions have really been bothering you, haven’t they?”

          “First off puns are my thing, and yes they have.”

          You sigh, “He does have other clothes than suit, no he does not wear the mask all the time, and at first he wouldn’t tell you his name because he wanted to make sure he could trust you, now he doesn’t tell you because he knows it bugs you, and you get on his nerves.”

          Dick just gapes at you, “I get on his nerves? I GET ON HIS NERVES?”

          “Yes, would you like some hot chocolate?”

          Dick doesn’t answer, he just sits there kind of shocked. You just sigh and go to make some hot chocolate.

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Hi I am waiting for your boncas thing lol

hiiii omg i’m the worst for teasing this so much and then never actually posting it. so here’s the thing. i wrote this so quickly while i was sick with a fever last week despite never really feeling compelled to write anything resembling fic of dnp ever before?? this scene, the post-boncas cab ride, is one that i’ve thought about a lot. and then when i saw @beautiful-hallucination‘s lovely doodle of it, i decided i really needed to write it down in that moment. but then, like the v next day, when i tried to go back and actually read it/edit it i couldn’t stop cringing at myself. there’s something really strongly blocking me from being able to earnestly write dnp as characters so .. basically i found it way too difficult to re-read the thing and actually edit it into something i really loved, and realized that other than one-off instances like these where i just need to scribble out a rough sketch of how i think a certain interaction between dnp may have transpired, i probs won’t be writing them like this with any sort of frequency in the future. 

all that being said i feel really guilty for teasing it so much so. i’m going to just post it here, under the break. (i realize i’m cheating a bit by posting this basically in the middle of the night. but i srsly.. .. feel so weirdly embarrassed about it). so anyway … yall can see the pretty raw thought process i had about this Moment. which is still one of my very favs to think about. def lmk your thoughts if u end up reading it xx 

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Day 2: Oct 31st
Prompt: Risqué
Risqué: (related to sexual romance) indecent, not moderate.
Title: Hot Spring.
Rating: M.
This fanfic might not be for everyone.
Summary: After the war was over, they decided to relax and what better way could there be than a hot spring? But there are more problems to deal with. Like finding Kakashi-sensei’s true identity and- wait! Is Sakura naked!? /post war/ sasusaku/ team 7
A/N: This story isn’t supposed to be decent as the prompt says (though I’m not too good at writing (.. eh?) dirty romance but I thought about giving it a try. I hope it turns out as good as I wanted it to be..
AND I have literally 0% idea of what happens in Japanese hot springs so if something feels inappropriate, please tell me, I’ll fix it.
- - -
- - -
The luke warm water, mixed with medicinal herbs, felt heavenly to their skin. The heat seemed to have healed all the tensed and bruised muscles of their body. The smoke that made their facial skin appear soft and the sensation of the cozy water that brushed their epidermis, was indeed relaxing.

It was, after all, a good idea to relax at a hot spring in the mighty village of Konoha than to be treated by the current hokage at Ichiraku’s. The previous members of the original squad seven were presently, celebrating their victory at the fourth great shinobi war by ‘relaxing’.

“The war sure left me tired.” uttered the hero of the village, Uzumaki Naruto.

“I agree with you at that one, Naruto.” Said the medic, Haruno Sakura.

“Hn.” muttered the sole survivor of the Uchiha, Sasuke.

“The moment when Kaguya arrived, sure left me scared.” Sakura stated.

“But we kicked rabbit-granny’s ass!” grinned Naruto.

“At least stay quiet here and relax.” Sasuke sighed for the hundredth time that day.

First, his two teammates couldn’t decide on where to go and ‘celebrate’ the defeat of the enemy. The argument about ramen or hot bath kept going on forever until Kakashi, the sixth hokage arrived and declined Naruto’s suggestion. After that, they couldn’t decide on whether Sakura should go and take a bath alone (which she preferred) or join the guys, but due to Naruto’s debate on how his ‘precious’ Sakura-chan would be lonely without him, she ended up taking a combined bath with the duo and their teacher. The masked ninja, on the other hand, was yet to be discovered.

Old habits sure die hard. Sasuke thought to himself as he smiled at olden memories.

“Sasuke’s right. Lets forget about the war at least tonight!” Naruto grinned, yet again, which in turn made Sakura smile and give up the idea of discussing the horrible war.

“Yo!” finally, arrived the most awaited 'guest’ for the night, Hatake Kakashi.

His face never once failed to hide his identity. The white mask covered his face while a small, white towel wrapped around his waist. His idly, sluggish eyes were the only thing visible of his face.

Looking at the infamous mask of Kakashi, three eye rolls were directed towards him. Even though he owed them a reason for being late, they avoided any sort of questioning since they had a clear idea of what type of a reply they would get.

“It seems like you guys arrived pretty early.” He stated as he drenched himself in the soothing, warm water.

Naruto looked over his left shoulder, only to be met by a pair of soft, green eyes giving him that evil look. A smirk was directed towards him as he smirked back at the raven haired boy. Sakura took a look at Sasuke as they shared the same expression. Emeralds looking into deep, dark pearls of the avenger. They understood each other’s motives as the trio decided to complete their previously incomplete 'mission’.

A knock was heard at the door and the blonde Uzumaki told the knocker to come in. An employee came in with a tray filled with food and sake. After an exchange of 'thank you’ and 'you’re welcome’, the door got closed again, leaving team 7 and their 'beloved’ sensei alone.

“wanna have ramen? Kakashi-sensei? Asked a hopeful blonde, but the hope was shattered when the former holder of the sharingan nodded his head, no.

’'Ne, Kakashi-sensei, you want to eat dango?” Sakura offered the small plate of dango to the masked hokage with that puppy look in her eyes.

Even though the son of the 'white fang’ understood their intentions completely, still, he couldn’t say no to a girl when she had such a cute look in her eyes.

“If you say so, Sakura.” he smiled behind his mask as he took one of the sticks in his hand.

'still the same old pervert.’ Sasuke muttered under his breath but his rival didn’t fail to listen.

“Its no time to be jealous, Sasuke. Concentrate.” the last part was whispered, making the Uchiha look away, pouting his lips.

Three pairs of eyes were focused solely on Hatake Kakashi as he placed his fingers on his mask in an attempt to remove it while his right hand held the offered dango.

Curiosity, novelty, excitement.

It appeared in those eyes.

Suddenly, the temperature of the luke warm water rose for a second, leaving a thick screen of smoke, blurring the vision. As Naruto chocked, Sasuke grunted and Sakura panicked, Hatake Kakashi did his job. As the cover of clouds settled itself, their sensei was already done with eating leaving three jaws hanging.

“what was it just now?” asked the confused pinkette.

“we failed again, Sakura-chan.” A dramatic look ruled the expressions of the Jinchuriki.

“Loser. Let me try now.” The holder of the rinnegan held the bottle of sake with all the determination in this world. Turning towards his former teacher, he cleared his throat before speaking.

“Kakashi.” he paused. “drink it.” he offered (ehm, ordered) the current hokage.

Kakashi smiled.


A roaring laughter could be heard in the room filled with water vapors and heart break. Sasuke glared at him before taking a deep breath in.

“what was that again, bastard?” said Naruto, holding back them chuckles.

“Humph.” was all he grunted before he removed the cap from the bottle of sake and started gulping until he could no longer accumulate the amount in his belly.

Naruto snatched the bottle from his hands and drank until he appeared like a pregnant woman. Sakura watched the two of them releasing the despair of failing the same mission for past 4 years by drinking and she didn’t want to be the one left behind. She took the bottle away from Naruto and gulped in what was left in that container.

And then they were… wasted.

Kakashi sighed as he tried to flee from the situation.

“OH NO YOU DON’T!” Naruto screamed in his no longer sensible state. He quickly got out of the water, without having a care for his exposed privates, and tried to catch the escaping 'prisoner’.

“Get.. him NARUTO!” Sakura cheered on him as she and Sasuke got out of the pool of water as well. She tried to run but her current drunk state didn’t let her and she soon lost sight of the blonde savior and the silver-haired kage. Sasuke ran until he couldn’t see them anymore due to his clouded eyes. Giving up, he turned around to get back into the water but his eyes caught sight of something-

“Did we lose them?” asked Sakura. A fainted blush covered her cheeks, eyes half-lidded, hair damp and voice husky. And her body? it was adorable. Pale skin, a pair of round breasts, thin waist, flat stomach and shiny, long legs. She was definitely adorable.

But wait, why could he see all that? was he day dreaming? Or was she.. naked?

Right in front of him?

The scene made him blush like an idiot and he tried to look away. How could he let himself lose to the likes of sake?

“what happened, Sasuke-kun?” He almost fell to his feet as he noticed how close she was to him. Centimeters away. The blush on her face was darker than before and the innocence never lost its presence.

“S-Sakura..” he whispered.

“You’re big, Sasuke-kun.”

The compliment made his ears and neck boil in embarrassment as he took a look at himself.

where was his towel, any way?

“Lets go back in the water until we find something to cover ourselves.”

“why? don’t you like it this way?” the seductive tone in her voice was increasing with the increasing affect of sake. And his self-control was decreasing due to the same reason.

He grabbed her by the hand as he lead her to the previous place. The water was splashed all over the place and the smoke was still lightly covering it. He took every step with precaution but a wet sponge on his way decided otherwise. One wrong step, and there he was, flat on his back on the wet surface with a beautiful, naked girl on top of him. Even though he was, by then, aware of his growing feelings for her, he couldn’t let sake spoil the affection and care he was holding.

But the look on her face, flushed, innocent, inviting, made him change his mind. As much as he tried to control his manly desires, the too-comfortable placement of her breasts on his chest, their stomachs pressed against each other and her legs tangled with his, making their insides touch, was a little-too-much for him to handle. And further more, his growing sentiment for Haruno Sakura, made him give in.

His vision was, by then, clouding with passion and his lone hand splayed across her back. Her skin felt wet to his touch and his hand felt warm on her skin. Their blazing, smoldering eyes met, leaving them both helpless to their desires. She lowered her head to meet his gaze while he lifted himself up to claim her lips.

The texture of her lips was gentle but the force with which she smashed them on his rough ones, was surely not that gentle. She ran her tongue over his lips, over where they met, just inside of them, tracing their outline with the tip of her moist tongue. He gasped at the unexpected move and she used the opportunity to increase the passion. Their tongues massaging, lips brushing and souls meeting. She swirled her tongue to explore every single undiscovered place in his mouth as he kept his enraging needs under control.

They broke free after some good minutes, pausing only when their lips barely touched. Panting, breathing each other’s air. The blood in his veins was buzzing by the time she looked at him with that lustful look again. Her eyes, burning in the thirst of his taste. And with that, he knew she was craving for him, as much as he was for her.

“Sakura..” he pleaded for her permission as she smiled at him. The genuine, innocent, pure smile that she only offered him. And how appealing she looked at that moment.

With one swift move, he turned their positions upside down, with him on top and also, the gainer of dominance.

Tilting, he lowered his head until his breath brushed her earlobe. Nuzzling his nose against her jawline, he let go of a hot breath that made her skin shiver. He licked the soft part of her lobe before tugging her closer to him by the waist.

“Sakura.” he whispered her name against her ear in a needy way.

Bringing her hands around his neck and raking nails through his silky, damp hair, she closed her eyes and breathed out the hot air in his ear. He smirked at her reaction as he place a trail of kisses from her throat to the junction of her shoulder. Tasting every part of her soft skin, he gently dipped his tongue into her collarbone and she arched her back, as a result. A content moan escaped her reddened lips, bringing him closer by his hair, she felt herself dissolving in pleasure with every move he made.

He pulled back before claiming her lips again. He licked her lower lip, demanding for an opening and she gladly let him in. The way she smiled in between those kisses and the way she pulled him closer by his hair, he knew she could drive him insane.

The contact of their lips on each other felt heavenly. He flicked her tongue, as the insides of their mouths danced together. Fighting for dominance. Their saliva mixed, making an even delicious liquid for the two of them to erase their hunger. The pleasing contact never failed to make him feel as if fire was pooling in his lower abdomen until they pulled back. The intensity of his needs ignited on a whole new level and by then, he was craving more of her.

He was intoxicated with her and she was mesmerized by him.

The velvety skin of her body felt cold as the previously created friction was lost as he pulled himself up. His knee between her thighs, his hand pinning her wrists on top of her head and his eyes, filled with lust, looking deep into her emeralds. The frenzy love-making continued as he kissed her jawline with burning passion before proceeding downwards, leaving torturous kisses on her throat and frantic ones near her collarbone.

His wet tongue travelled downwards as he left red marks out of possession and lust on every part of her skin that he travelled to. The friction between their bodies was increasing and so was the temperature.

His mouth travelled towards the valley between her breasts as she moaned in his ear, indicating the pleasure she was receiving. His tongue massaged her erected mounds and she shuddered at the sudden contact. Nipping the soft, gentle skin, he sucked a part of it making her feel as if she was on fire. She pulled him closer by his hair, tugging them with too much force in the process.

Even though the pleasure she was being given was immense, she couldn’t let him do all the job. Using her monstrous strength- which she was capable of using even in her current intoxicated state- she pushed him over. Her legs placed on either of his sides, she lifted herself on her elbows over his muscular chest. Eyes half-lidded, desperate, lazily looking into his incoherent ones, while her wet womanhood was brushing his erection.

The look on her face was amazing. Her flushed cheeks, her pouted, reddened, slick slopping lips and clouded eyes. His heart was pounding, trails of fire burned his lower abdomen. He couldn’t wait any longer.

“Damn you sake! He escaped again!”

The voice that reached his ears made him unconsciously awaken his rinnegan. Popping himself on his elbow he was met by a confused Uzumaki Naruto. Sapphire eyes widened at the scene in front of him.

“what in the world happened here?” he barely managed to speak in the shocked state.

Sakura looked over her shoulder and even if she couldn’t figure out what was going on, herself, a crimson colored blush appeared on her cheeks. Her neck was burning in embarrassment as she looked back at her love-making partner only to find him speechless.

“S-Sakura-chan, Sasuke, GET A ROOM.” The blonde jinchuriki said before turning around and closing the door behind him, leaving the two of them alone, shocked, embarrassed and disappointed, all at the same time.

May be tomorrow, no one would remember it. Neither the intruder, nor them. They hoped.
- -
- -

BTS Reaction to: You Being a Wanted Criminal (for a serious crime)

exo version; here

Jin: scared lil baby. but since he’s already in love with you, he decides to stay in the relationship. now, if one of the boys annoys him, he uses you as a weapon. “oh, you think that’s funny, do you?? jagi, where are you?! come here, I’m being bullied!” he shouts then says quietly “I’d start running if I were you”

Originally posted by jungkooksarms

Suga: will be cold af and cut you out of his life. he’s got his career to focus on, not some criminal. but it inspires a lot of angsty songs

Originally posted by sugagifs

J-Hope: will probably faint. or at least have some super dramatic reaction. and looks at you with this weird expression while asking “am I at risk here?” if you’re still doing criminal activities then he’ll leave you but otherwise, he’ll be willing to stay in the relationship

Originally posted by asdfghobi

Rap Monster: “I’m not happy that you didn’t feel like you could tell me this before we got together. but I do believe in second chances. and if you’re willing to prove that you’ve changed then … then maybe I can get over this” *ignore hobi*

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Jimin: with wide eyes, he looks you up and down. he’s thinking hard, trying to decide if the love of his life could actually be a wanted criminal. “oh my gawd,” he gasps out in shock

V: shocked you by being more offended that you’d hidden it from him, than the fact you’d committed the crime. “I thought you loved me? so do you actually not trust me?”

Originally posted by kpop-kdrama-kvariety

Jungkook: laughs awkwardly. “are you sure?” he’d wonder if you had hit your head and were hallucinating

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every cast interview ever
  • dove: says something really clever followed by an inhumanly cute giggle. very detailed answers and gets super excited about the movie.
  • sofia: sits there looking gorgeous and says something really sweet in a warm tone. probably complements the interviewer.
  • booboo: shys away from the conversation, does a lot of nervous laughing. tiny. cute. smirks. actual puppy.
  • cameron: very very sarcastic, probably the funniest one there. looks beautiful and knows it. dramatic facial expressions.
  • mitch: has the cutest accent ever. lots of laughter. puts everyone at ease. makes u want to have a sleepover at his house where he braids ur hair and sings u hannah montana songs.
  • kenny: cryptic answers. gets almost as excited as dove does. Actual Proud Parent™.

anonymous asked:

I'm not a crier. When I talk about something really hard I almost...leave myself? Idk not like a total dissociation but I can't let myself feel anything and I feel like fraud, or like my T thinks I'm lying, because I say out loud that it's really hard to bring up but I don't act like it once i stutter it out. She'll respond with whatever and my mind goes blank and I just don't have anything else to say. I'm afraid I just look like I'm being dramatic and not really traumatized.

Hey there, emotional expression functions on a spectrum. On one end, there’s excessively dramatisation; on the other, there’s complete detachment - and somewhere in between there’s compartmentalisation. There isn’t a ‘right’ way to feel because each type of expression is just as valid as the individual who’s coping.

Feeling as if you’re speaking outside of yourself, or feeling numb, is a fairly common experience when talking about difficult topics. These forms of dissociation are the mind’s way of protecting itself. Dissociation is not always a negative coping mechanism - but it’s quick to become maladaptive - so it’s important to address it in therapy.

As always, I’d recommend talking about this with T. I know you mentioned that you’ve already told her it’s hard for you to bring these things up, but let her know about your experience during/after you say what you needed to. She’ll help you sort through the emotions and keep you grounded. Best wishes xo

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can i have a request w/ semi where he & reader ""hate"" each other so when they're forced to work together on a project, they get answer but secretly they like each other?????? i love for cliches and need semi in my life

You fumed silently at the male sitting across from you on the carpeted floor who in turn was passing a malicious glance your way.  It was rather unfortunate how the universe deemed to invoke it’s wrath upon you that through a twisted turn of events you need up being Semi Eita’s partner for the project. The two of you seemed to bump heads since the day you met, quite literally to be exact.

The gym was being occupied by the volleyball team that afternoon when you had forgotten your gimbal up on the stage (they gym was used as an auditorium after all). You had managed to enter unnoticed, the players too absorbed into their practices to notice your arrival which you were thankful for. The last thing you had wanted was to be scolded by the coaches for drawing attention to yourself. The relief was short lived as a chorus of shouts yelled, “Watch out!”, before a ball landed soundly to the top of your head. A curse fell from your lips, bag falling to the floor as you clutched your head.

“I’ll handle it, don’t stop practice on account of this.” A gruff voice called before a pair of sneakers stopped in front of your line of vision facing the ground. “Are you okay?” He leaned down to meet your level.

You peaked up, still clutching your head as you met the piercing gaze of the former Shiratorizawa setter, Semi Eita. Your expression fell dramatically, mirroring the distasteful look he had as he recognized who you were. It was always him who seem to cause you problems, stealing your pencils, accidentally bumping into you in the hallway, a complete nuisance. The pair of you were in constant competition with each other which only added fuel to your growing distaste.

“Of course it’s this ass.” The insult caused Semi to growl, irritated at how he went out of his way to ask if you were okay only to get such a response.

“If anything you’re being one! I just asked if you were feeling okay, but maybe the ball his you harder than I thought!” Growing flustered you both stood up at the same time to size each other up, but your heads ended up butting together in a painful crack.

“Idiot!” The others could see that the situation wasn’t going to become any better, Ushijima interjecting before Semi lost his cool.

“Tendou, do me a favor and make sure _____ gets to class.” He turned to the team who had momentarily stopped to watch the ordeal. “Let’s get back to practice.” The red head helped you to the door with a sly smile on his face as if he knew something you were unaware of, but that didn’t stop you from casting another glare at the blonde.

“Maybe if you’d stop glaring at me, and actually do your share of the work we can get out of each other’s sights much faster.” Semi chimed, shifting the ruler across the page to draw a straight edge.

Scoffing you returned your attention back to the project at hand, although you were a bit embarrassed for being caught staring. It was infuriating how he was always on your mind. Perhaps there was something you found attractive in the way he pouted when his serves didn’t go through during a match, or how his eyes lit up in passion when asked anything concerning volleyball, but you’d never admit it, especially not to his face.

Semi could say the same for you. You were in constant competition to out do one another, but it wasn’t often where he met someone with as much vigor and determination as you. There was this air about you that attracted him and made him want to be near, but the stubbornness in your personality was proving to be far more complicated. Besides, his own pride and ego prevented him form caving in first.

“You’re doing it wrong.” In your eyes he was always making a mistake. 

“No, I’m not. Just focus on what you’re doing.” He hissed, shooing you off with a wave of his hand.

“Look, the directions specifically say to-” And suddenly you were caged between the floor and the setter’s heated gaze, embers burning in warm hues.

“You’re always on my case, you know that? I don’t know why it is you find the need to butt heads with me on every detail, but you do. I don’t know what it’s going to take to please you! I’m doing everything I can to put a smile on your face, but nothing works.” A lump formed in his throat as he finished his piece, the air electric between the minimal space.

Confusion predominated the emotions you felt whirling in your brain. What did he mean by trying to put a smile on your face? If anything you swore that he hated you. “Yo-you what? Do you even know what you’re saying?” Your voice wavered, trying not to scream, but in truth you were flustered. After all this time you were starting to discover your won hidden feelings you had for him.

Semi flushed, cursing himself for having a slippery tongue and allowing his feelings to be known. “Yeah, I do. If you don’t accept it that’s fine. We can continue to do this project and then go our separate ways when we’re done.”It was silent for a moment, neither of you uttering a word as you contemplated the possible outcomes of what would happen next if you followed through with an absurd idea.

”Now why would I do that when we’ve already come so far?” You leaned up slowly, closing the space between your mouth. His lips were soft, but slightly chapped as they worked against yours in tandem. He was surprised at first that you were the first to make the move, but reciprocated it wholesomely.

The blonde was the first to pull away, both of you sporting cheeks painted red, but a newfound feeling of happiness spreading in your chest. “So what does this mean for us?” He grinned, a sight that sent your heart thundering in your chest.

“It means the I’m yours, dummy.” The term was affectionate coming from your mouth, not laced with the usual malice. Perhaps it wasn’t a mistake to be paired with you after all.

how to make the signs laugh
  • aries: lowkey make fun of them but get them to join in on it
  • taurus: make faces at them
  • gemini: tell them a funny story
  • cancer: dirty jokes
  • leo: impersonations / impressions
  • virgo: just screw around and make yourself look dumb and they'll laugh
  • libra: really bad puns
  • scorpio: over dramatic facial expressions
  • sagittarius: innuendos
  • capricorn: sarcasm
  • aquarius: anti-jokes
  • pisces: literally just say a word. any word. and look intently at them.
The Truth (Pt.7)

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Request for this smut series: Here

Group: BTS

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Smut / Angst / whatever-the-hell

Yoongi walked out of the room, closing the door behind him. It was weird for him: leaving you alone like that. It was uncomfortable to leave you when so much had just happened. Then again, he felt exhausted. He loved being so close to you but he’d never imagined that you would dump your boyfriend and admit to cheating on him within 20 minutes.

Even Yoongi had his limits and this was definitely crossing a boundary. He needed a vacation from everyone; a day or two to just sleep.

He pressed his back against the door for a second, closing his eyes as he listened to your random sniffling. Running his fingers through his hair, he sighed heavily, letting a bit of the weight and stress off of his shoulders.

He sighed again before opening his eyes and pushing his body away from the door.

“At least he didn’t find out it was Jungkook” he mumbled to himself as he stalked off toward the party.

Scratching his head, Yoongi walked through the crowd of people. By some unfortunate miracle, he noticed Jungkook walking toward Namjoon.

“What is he doing?” Yoongi said, his words mirroring his thoughts.

His feet continued moving toward them, chasing two of the people who were responsible for his growing headache. As soon as he saw Namjoon turn his entire body toward Jungkook, he cursed. The more Namjoon’s eyebrows drew together; the faster Yoongi moved.

“What in the hell is he doing?” Yoongi said to himself, knowing exactly what Jungkook did.

“What do you mean? You’re the one who was sleeping with my girlfriend!?” Namjoon was saying just as Yoongi arrived.

“Are you serious?” Namjoon asked, his face mixed with serious confusion and boiling anger. He was beginning to turn red.

“Namjoon, don’t try and act innocent-”

“Acting innocent? What did I do to you?” Namjoon continued.


“Answer my question! What did I do to you? Did I fuck your girlfriend, Jungkook!?” he asked, voice escalating. Yoongi clenched his teeth, looking around at the party people. Most of them were still dancing their troubles away but a few were starting to stare.

“Let’s go somewhere else to talk about this-” Yoongi cut in. He put his hand on Namjoon’s shoulder, trying to calm him a bit. Jungkook was strangely level-headed despite the burning look in his eyes.

“What did I do to you that makes this okay?” he said, his questions thrown pointedly at Jungkook.

“I told you this would happen-” Jungkook tried to cut in.

“Really? I don’t remember you saying anything about fucking my girlfriend!” he interjected, his voice finally loud enough to be considered a yell.

“You told him what would happen?” Yoongi asked suddenly. This was something new. Jungkook’s eyes trailed over to Yoongi.

“The night that they got back together-”

Namjoon immediately slammed his fist against Jungkook’s face, shutting him up. Yoongi’s eyes widened, shocked by the sudden act of violence. Jungkook stumbled back, his hand flying to his face. Before he could retaliate, Yoongi was shoving him backward, forcing him out of the room.

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Prompt by: @pigeon-riots

Imagine: Obi-Wan shows off his Jedi abilities to try and impress you.

Warnings: None

You lay in bed, next to Obi-Wan, one of his arms thrown over your shoulder the other flipping through holograms. His bare chest shows over the white sheet wrapped around both of your legs, and periodically you can’t help but glance at the toned muscles.

He kisses your temple as you read a holobook, mumbling something.

 “What?” you ask, looking up from the words scrolling past the page.

“I like having days like this. Where it’s just you and me.” You nod and turn back to your book, smiling.

Out of nowhere you hear a loud thump and you suddenly look up. Floating in the air is a small holoprojector, which had been lying underneath Obi’s lightsaber -hence the noise.

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imagine: Izzy dancing to cheer you up

;;requested by @dancing–on-glass

+requests are open! :)

The sun poured in through your windows as you sat on your couch, wiping your tears with the back of your hand.  The day had been horrid, people are so mean.  Work had you infinitely frustrated and overwhelmed, your co-workers didn’t help either.  School was also getting the best of you, multiple assignments due and so little time to complete them.  This awful day was seeming to last for what seemed like an eternity.

You heard the front door open and close, followed by the sound of your boyfriend Izzy walking into the room where you were seated. Seeing you were upset he quickly came to sit beside you, pulling you into his side.  He couldn’t stand to see you like this, he wished he was here earlier to help you before you began crying. 

“What’s wrong doll?” he cooed into your ear as he rocked you softly, sprinkling light kisses to the top of your head and the side of your face.  His eyes looked at you concerned, curious as to what made his favorite girl so upset.  He rubbed your back soothingly, waiting patiently for your answer.

“Everything Iz, I don’t know today just isn’t my day I guess..” You said, your tone melancholy as you peaked up at your boyfriend, his eyes watching you intently and adoringly.  A faint smile crept onto his face, a small idea creeping into his head.  He had the perfect, and comical, plan to make you instantly feel better. sadly its not sex maybe next time

Giving you a light kiss to the side of the head, he stood up and walked over to the stereo, pressing a few buttons and putting a CD in.  What on earth could he be doing? Wiping the last of the tears that sneakily made their way down your face, you stood up and watched Izzy carefully.  A shit-eating grin was plastered on his face, you could only imagine what he had in store.  After a few sounds of buttons being pushed and a disc going into the player, music started playing.

A tune that was extremely recognizable brought a smile to your face; I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor.

Why Izzy owned this you hadn’t the slightest, but you quickly stopped asking questions after your eyes witnessed him beginning to dance and sing to the classic, his hips swaying and his voice standing out prominently.   A child-like grin was plastered on your face as you continued to watch him, throwing your head back in laughter.

“Weren’t you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye?” He sang dramatically, walking/dancing over to your being, grabbing you by the waist and spinning you as he dramatically performed.  Your giggles only promised him to keep going, his voice becoming louder with each lyric.

“Did you think I’d crumble? Did you think I’d lay down and die?” He sang, pausing after each line and looking at you dramatically, his expression cocky.  He spun you around and dipped you, pressing brief kisses against your skin every time he would dip you over his arm.

Knowing the next line of the song, he stood beside you and cocked his head to the side, raising a dark brow as his arm was gently wrapped around your waist as he pulled you closer to him.  Your head was pressed to the side of him as your eyes flickered up to his own.

Within an instant he spun you away, shouting the words of the song; “oh no not I! I will survive!”

His legs kicking and his head banging lasted the majority of the song, accompanied by your giggles and elegant twirls.  After the song ended he smiled at you and pulled you into a hug, beaming down at you lovingly.  He actually had more fun than he should’ve but if it made you  happy, that’s all that matters to him.

“Thank you for that, I wasn’t sure I would’ve made it through today,” You said jokingly, your arms wrapped loosely around him.  A big goofy grin was on his face before he spoke up once more.

“Oh no you would’ve darlin’, you would’ve survived.”

“The man behind the counter was older than Veld, evident by the gray in his beard and the lines in his face. He was wearing a red and black checked flannel shirt, his thick and hairy arms banded across his chest. Veld tried to smile, something closed lipped, something insincere but telling, something of a social nicety, a proof of effort that seemed to have already failed. “Hey,” Veld dug his wallet out of his back pocket. The ShinRa logo had been embossed on the front, so he flipped it around. “How much for a room?”

“…You from the Turks?”

Veld looked dramatically left, then right, an expression of slow and cautious surprise. “… Me?” He spread his arms, looked down at himself. “Turks? No, no… I’m with the Yurks. We walk little old ladies across the street and hand out candy to orphans. See, the T and the Y are right next to each other on a QWERTY board, an administrative fuck up and it’s been a nightmare ever since, a real nigh–”

“Get in your pretty little car and go back to whatever slum hole you sauntered out of. The ShinRa are a scourge.”

“One fifty? Three hundred?” Veld tossed three thousand dollar gil notes onto the counter, frowned. “I’m not working. I’m not even here about the Reactor. It’s personal. I hear it’s a thing, people going on a pilgrimage into the mountains.”

The innkeeper drummed his fingers atop the gil, coiled them into his palm and slid them off the counter. His tone was still suspicious, but the money helped.  “Soul searching, are you?”

Veld pushed the wallet back into his pocket. “Somethin’ like that.”

–Excerpt from A Cold Hearted Boy

anonymous asked:

I know technically holtz is short herself but whatever lets just ignore that for a minute. How about one where reader is smol and can never reach anything without a chair/countertop/table/sketchy makeshift box and holtz just doesn't let it go and is always poking fun at her and just generally being obnoxious, maybe even purposely putting things high to annoy her(def not to check out her gfs cute butt)

“Holtzmann!” Your agitated voice echoed throughout the first floor of the firehouse, causing the blonde engineer to smirk.

“Yes, dearest!?” Jillian called from her seat on top of your desk.

You peaked your head out of the storage closet and scowled at her. “If you put my camera on a high shelf one more time I swear to god I will harm you.”

Jillian dramatically gasped and looked at you with a ludicrous expression. “Me? I would never.”

You scoffed. “Really? Because you left your can of pringles on the floor.”

Jillian faltered for a moment but her smile returned. “Those could be anyone’s.”

You nodded. “Of course, but unfortunately Kevin’s sticky note that says ‘Holtzmann’s’ is still on the bottom of the lid.”

Jillian scratched the nape of her neck. “Sorry?”

“This is the third time this week.” You said, walking over to her and shoving the can into her arms. “I’ve lost a lot of work time.”

She groaned, head rolling to the back. “You’re always working.” She drawled.

Your brows furrowed. “No I’m not.” You defended.

Jillian clicked her tongue, placing her eblows on her knees, resting her chin in her hands and staring at you. “Sure about that? Do you recall a special occasion that occurred three days ago?”

You thought about it, eyes going out of focus as you searched your brain for anything that stuck out in particular.

Jillian sighed at your lost expression. “It was our two year anniversary, (L/n).” She said in exasperation.

Your eyebrows shot upward, and your eyes went wide as the date came flickering in your head. “Oh yeah…”


You shook your head. “I thought you didn’t care about that kind of stuff.”

Jillian’s shoulders tensed. “W-Well I don’t…you know it’s just a little ‘Happy Anniversary’ or just an acknowledgment would have been nice.”

You fluffed your hair, sighing heavily. “I’m really sorry, it’s just that this is a big project and I want everything to be perfect.”

Jillian titled her head to the side and gave you a crooked smile. “I know, just me being petty I guess.”

“Oh well no, that’s not too much to ask of your girlfriend.” You assured, already scheming how to make it up to her.

Holtzmann leaned foward, pressing kiss to your forehead. “How about I get your camera, and then we can finish your project together eh?”

You nodded, pecking her lips. “I don’t deserve you.”

She hopped off your desk, casting a wink at you. “Of course you don’t.” She mused, pushing your glasses up the bridge of your nose. “I suppose you’re too good for me as well.”

You snorted, turning to the closet but you noticed Jillian walking to her desk. “Whatcha doing, Jill?”

“Sweetheart I’m only an inch taller than you, I’m gonna need a stepstool.”