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What We Look Forward To

A Valentine’s Day sheith ficlet for the anon who asked me what Shiro and Keith would do on this love-filled day. 

On the morning of this most sacred day, Keith and Shiro lie beside one another before their morning run together. The room is still dark, and the both of them are watching the dimly visible ceiling fan, suffocating beneath the weight of wanting to pretend it isn’t A Big Deal.

“Capitalism, you know?” Keith tries.

Shiro, a Pisces with the emotional breadth of the Arctic Ocean, fights the urge to disagree. “Capitalism.”

It’s weighted solely because they’re trying to respect each other’s boundaries. It’s their first year back on Earth and suddenly things like holidays matter again. Christmas wasn’t weird because Christmas involved all of the Paladins. It was a group activity and the mistletoe was there for everyone, but Valentine’s Day is for partnerships. It’s for them, and this is stressful because they are nuanced. Blatant displays of love make for handwringing and heart palpitations.

They go for their run and see couples. Everyone has stars in their eyes, but all Shiro can do is remind Keith that his undercut looks good. Keith is no better. He thanks Shiro, is self-satisfied and tells Shiro he always looks good. This is all Shiro needs to spur affection. When they slow to catch their breath, Shiro encircles Keith’s waist from behind before he’s even at a full stop and he tugs him back against his chest. He kisses Keith’s cheek and sways him to the side, smiling when Keith almost loses his balance. Flustered, Keith laughs.

“I love you, you know?”

Keith hesitates only because he’s smiling too hard to manage words. “I know. I love you too.”

This is a snowball effect.

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lies (newt scamander)

i wanted to write a very angry imagine and i came across this prompt in one of my old journals and it felt right lololol

also, i might make a part two to this if i get enough notes ahah :)

pair: newt x reader

era: newt scamander in his hogwarts years

warning: anger, swearing 

requests are open <3

lowercase intended


part two

“hey newt! wanna go study for that potions quiz tomorrow? heard from one of the upper years that it’s a doozy.” you perched yourself beside newt and threw your multiple books and papers on the table in front of you.

“uh, not today, sorry y/n.” newt said, absentmindedly before he stood up and stalked out of the common room.

you gave out a loud sigh, slumping into the couch.

he’s been doing this for the past few weeks, you thought. 

everytime you tried to make plans, newt always had to take a raincheck and in the rare times he actually agrees to hang out, he either cut it short or became very distant.

it’s not like him at all.

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Stupid, Beautiful Smile

A Bucky x Reader / fluff

A/N: I hope you guys like this. It’s really fluffy and cute and ugh. That stupid, dumb, beautiful smile that Bucky has inspired this. Let me know what you think. I LOVE hearing from you! xo

Based on request by @kazumilein: Can I request here? ^^’ If so I would like to request an Imagine with Bucky x Reader~ They’re having a pillow fight and end up in joking/teasing each other and kissing. Is this possible to request? I love your writings ♡ (sorry your tag wouldn’t work, honey. hope you like it!)

Word Count: 1,161

- language.
- mention of smut.
- pillow violence.

Tags: (at the end)

*gif is not mine

You looked up from your laptop, as a sudden knock on your bedroom door commanded your attention. Snapping it shut, you pushed your reading glasses up the bridge of your nose and wrapped your robe around you.

“Come in!” you yelled, starting to straighten up the clutter on your desk. Looking up, you found Bucky Barnes in your doorway; a mischievous, yet disgustingly handsome smile splayed across his cheeks. Ever since you’d came to live in Stark Tower, Bucky had been hanging around you a lot, making your life miserable. Although, that’s the front you put on. Every time he was even in your close vicinity, your heart felt like it was going to explode out of your chest. Being sarcastic was your defense mechanism.

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HC: Newt Delivering His & Reader's Baby

Requested by @hiccuphaddockswife 

A/N: This is my first HC, so I hope I did alright!!! Eek!

♥ Newt delivering yours and his child would include: 

  • The moment it’s time, Newt immediately begins to make sure that you’re alright; grabbing his bag of things he’s already prepared for this moment.

  • He’d ask you every couple of minutes how you’re doing.

  • You’d find it sweet and adorable but just a smidge annoying.

  • Helping you to the bed, he’d make sure to prop up as many pillows as he can.

- “Keep breathing, love….”

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The Three Times The Cute Art Boy Completely Ruined Hanschen’s Day

Prompt(s): “watch where the hell you’re going with your extra extra large canvas, you nearly hit me- wait oh my god you’re so talented is that a jellyfish oil painting?”

And like 200000 more

Late. Late. I’m late.

This had been the only thought running through Hanschen’s day since he woke up, ten minutes before his first class was set to start. He stumbled through his small dorm room, getting dressed and putting his hoodie, brushing through his hair with his fingers, tearing his entire side of the room apart to look for his bag.

The blond glanced over his shoulder to  his dorm mate Otto’s bed, where the raven haired boy had sat last night telling Hanschen that he really shouldn’t stay up marathoning Worst Cooks in America.

Fuck, he was right.

Hanschen tore down the halls down to his Modern Humanities about eight minutes later, completely breathless and red in the face as he sprinted past the large windows with sunlight harshly blaring onto the linoleum floor he swiftly moved across. His footprints were the loudest and fastest, moving around the other students and faculty. Hopefully, they understood why the normally calm and put together boy was skirting around them at forty miles an hour shouting “Excuse me! Sorry! Excuse me!”

It was when he turned the final corner a bit too fast, that the entire situation fell apart. Hanschen heard the collision before he felt the force of it. He heard the textbook in his arms drop to the floor with a thud. He heard a handful of brushes scatter on the hard floor. He heard the hollow, echoing sound of a canvas hitting him in the face and the impact ringing in his left ear. He heard his ass his the floor hard, knocking him down onto his back and spilling the contents of his bag around him fanning out like some sort of homework peacock feathers.

Then he felt all the air get whacked out of him by the hard, hard floor. He gasped, staring up at the ceiling with the realization that he was going to be late.

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I bought these from @gorlassar‘s etsy a little while ago and they arrived last friday (I’ve been disgustingly busy lately) and I adore them so much I mean omg look at them, they’re gorgeous <3 looking forward to taking them to cons

they’re smaller than the other keychains and hopefully a bit more durable (Cas was smooshed by a fellow excited fan who was wearing armour a bit tougher than Cas’ poor face xD that’s what I get for having him on a necklace)

they fit right in with my slightly obsessive Supernatural collection ^^”

pancakebuddy  asked:

Tbh i feel like Calum would be amazing to cuddle. Like go koala on him. Damn I want a cuddle haha

ok so imma rant about this for a bit. cuddly calum would be the cUTEST like he’d deadass get so clingy and just wrap himself around you when you’re lying in the couch tryna watch a movie and you’ll be like “cal wtf can you chill i’m trying to watch this” and he’d go full goof on you, kissing your face all over and it would be impossible not to laugh and he’d whine “i just wanna cuddle goddammit why won’t you love me” and you’d grin at him bc he’s so cute but so annoying sometimes and ofc you’d end up letting him cuddle you properly and you’d lie there on the sofa in his arms and you’d both your movie together and calum would keep asking questions like “who’s that? oh my god did you see that?! i can’t believe he just did that??” and as annoying as it would be he would be so god damn precious and you’d just end up turning to look at him and you’d be quietly staringly fondly at his perfect face for a moment and he’d get all quiet like “what’s wrong?” and you’d kiss his nose before whispering “i’m just so fucking in love with you” and he’d cute that super cute blushy smile before muttering “isn’t that lucky… bc i’m madly fucking in love with you too” and god it would be so disgustingly cute i hate him why isn’t he mine


Prompt: A fic based on the song “Hellfire” (from Hunchback of Notre Dame) where F/C is murderously lusting for Reader? Can be gender-neutral. I’ll bake you some delicious cookies (gluten free if you’d like)!

Note: When I first saw this prompt, I was tempted to take the song lyrics, twist them, then write about the ever-ambiguous FC singing said song about (or possibly to) the reader. Then I stopped and thought for a moment and decided to write something that goes in a different direction (and without the cheesy singing scene). Therefore, I feel it’s only right to say that this fic was inspired by that prompt. It might not fill it exactly now, seeing as how I decided to take some liberties with the term “murderously lusting for the reader” (and the prompt in general), but I hope it suffices.

Gender-neutral, slightly crazy, very obsessive, rather megalomanical FC and a gender-neutral, mourning reader. Ages are rather ambiguous. Your gender-neutral “significant other” can be anyone your mind (or heart) desires, except for your favorite character. Also, because I decided to attempt writing one of these without putting “FC” or “your favorite character” or “YN” or “____” it is implied that “your closest and oldest friend” is your favorite character.

Author: http://leosdrunkagain.tumblr.com/

Warning: this fic is a little dark and angsty and contains a bit of blood and some dark humor toward the end. (Also romantic in a twisted, one-sided way.)

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Title: you’re the cream in my coffee

Fandom: kagepro/kagerou project

Summary: “Welcome to the Blindfolded Café,” he says, voice as polite as he can make it, which really isn’t all that polite. To be honest, it sounds more sarcastic and mocking than he intended. This is Ayano’s the one that’s good with people, not him.

Pairing: harushin

Words: 4,520

Other notes: dedicated to cloud who went to bed before i could finish *weeps into hands* happy v-day… its still valentines day for me okay it lasts for another half hour!!! im sorry that this is poopy im soryryr… i raelly rushed it im tiried oaky ao3 link

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February II

Part I

I’m sorry for how long this is…I really got into it…I liked it a lot :) Hope you don’t mind!

“Hi honey,” you said sweetly as the your son walked into the house. “How was your day?” You asked. He shrugged and you could tell today had been rough. His button down was a bit ruffled. And no matter how many times you wanted to get involved, Harry wouldn’t let you. Harry spoke with Riley constantly about the bullies and explained to him that he knew what was happening and he would refrain from involving himself as long as he was safe and stood his ground when necessary.

“I’d rather bail you out for defensive fighting than taking you to the hospital because you were scared.”

“I’m not scared,” Riley protested angrily.

“Please answer your mother,” Harry asked the sixteen year old.

“It was good, Mum. How was yours?” He asked politely and smiled in your direction. You smiled and got off the couch. Harry pouted because he was really cold on his left side now. He loved snuggling with you and he knew you’d be back in a moment, but he missed you already. No matter how ridiculous it was.

“Good, baby,” you leaned up on your toes to kiss his forehead. He was too tall (thanks Harry) but he was your baby. You wrapped your arms around your son and squeezed him tightly. He hugged you back loosely. “What’s wrong?” You asked into his shirt.

He lightly released you. “Nothing…I’m fine,” he promised. He was lying through his teeth but you were told not to say anything. Harry proclaimed Riley was a big boy and he would figure it out. But you really wanted to intervene and cuddle him like when he was little and scared of monsters.

You frowned and watched him drop into the chair across from the couch and you sat back down with Harry and curled up to his side. Harry no longer gelled his hair back. Or wore sweater vests. His hair was in loose curls and he wore the similar outfit almost every day. It consisted of a T-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans. He opted out of contacts and continued to wear his glasses. He was the cutest thing in your world. The door opened again and a tiny little mass of curls and a little polka dotted dress dropped her Ariel backpack right by the door and jumped into her brother’s arms. “Hi, Riley,” she said sweetly and curled up to his chest.

“I wish she liked me that much,” Harry grumbled into your hair.

“She does, she just adores her brother, can you blame her? He’s wrapped around her finger,” you reminded Harry as you switched the TV to Disney for your princess.

“How’s the boyfriend?” Riley smirked at his little sister.

“What boyfriend?” Harry said in annoyance and his eyebrows furrowed together. “Miss Darcy. You do not have a boyfriend,” he said angrily. You smirked and looked over at Riley and Darcy.

“I do, Daddy, his name is Tommy Tomlinson and he’s cute,” she said happily. “And he shares his cookies.”

Harry gagged. “Gross. You’re not allowed to date until your fifty,” he said.

“Harry,” you rolled your eyes. “You dated long before then,” you reminded him.

“Barely,” he mumbled. “I was lucky. My next door neighbor was hot, didn’t know anyone, and I made her fall in love with me.”

You blushed shyly. “She wasn’t hot.”

“She’s still hot, actually,” he said. Riley frowned. He looked like Harry’s clone from when he was in high school. Which, you found perfect, and endearing even, but Riley not so much. He liked how he was. But similarly, history repeated itself…and some of the kids in his grade didn’t treat him as nicely as you classmates mistreated Harry. “Stop it,” you smacked his stomach and hid your face in his chest. He chuckled and kissed the top of your head and lightly rubbed your arm as you watched the movie playing on the screen. Riley couldn’t help it. You two were disgustingly in love. Still. After years of being together. He was jealous of his dad. He was jealous that Harry could get you to blush after two words and brush of the fingers. He was jealous that you always knew what Harry wanted before he asked for it. He was mad because it seemed hopeless that Harry could be with a girl that was as beautiful as his mother. He had seen pictures of Harry from high school. He knows that you could have done much better than Harry. You always told Harry and Riley that they were wrong and they just wouldn’t believe you. You were too good.

Darcy ran off to her room to get her dolls. “The five year old has better game than I do,” Riley grumbled. “She’s already gotten to first base,” he mumbled.

Harry was burning mad. “I’m going to kill Louis,” Harry promised.

You rolled your eyes. “Tommy is a lovely little boy and he won’t hurt Darcy, so stop,” you said softly to him. “And it’s innocent. They’re five,” you reminded Harry.

“She’s still got love figured out and I can barely spell it,” Riley said sadly.

“You don’t need love,” you told him.

“Mum,” he sighed sadly. “I know. You love me tons. And so does Darcy and Dad. and blah, blah, blah…” he rolled his eyes. “But Dad can vouch for me. There is nothing in comparison to the beautiful girl in school saying she loves you,” he said softly.

“Kitten, it’s the most relieving and exhilarating feeling in the world,” Harry whispered softly. He wouldn’t lie to you. You blushed more and ducked your face against Harry. He kissed the top of your head.

“I’ll be fine, Mum, I will. It’s just,” he sighed. “It’s hard,” he told you.

You frowned. Harry had you in high school. As far as you knew, Riley really didn’t have anyone. “What about Avery?” You asked.

“Avery Malik…” Riley grumbled. “The most beautiful girl on the planet? She’s a bit out of my league mother,” he said. Avery and he didn’t talk a ton outside of school. He didn’t have the luxury of living next door to the hottest girl in town.

“You’re beaut–”

“Mum,” he sighed sadly. “It’s just not the same,” he mumbled and headed upstairs to his room. You pouted and looked at Harry. He smiled down at you.

“I’m not worried about him. I found you,” he said and kissed your forehead. “He’ll find his kitten,” he promised you pulled you in for a kiss that made you feel like you were in high school all over again.


Because they were traveling to the same place, Avery picked Riley up for school and in exchange he tutored her in math. Other days, Riley would pick Avery up in exchange for help in history. (Harry was very upset that Riley liked math like you did more than history, but he’d settle for passion any day of the weak.) Avery was a tanned, dark haired, dark eyed beauty. She smelled like sunshine and looked like a flower that would cure the world of the deadliest diseases. She adored Riley. He was the only guy in school that talked to her like she was a person and not just something to drool over. “Hi, love,” she smiled at him as she waited outside in her car.

“Hi, Aves,” he said softly as he sat in the car.

Riley and Avery got to school and she smiled at him and squeezed his hand. “I’ll see you in study, text me if you need something okay?” She asked. He nodded and watched her walk to her friends hovering outside. Riley was too upset that he wasn’t good enough for Avery that he was oblivious to the fact she adored him. How could she not adore him? He was so sweet and kind. Whenever she saw him with Darcy at the store she just wanted to know who the lucky lady was that would get to have kids with Riley. Obviously she was only sixteen, but she loved kids, and Riley’s entire world revolved around his sister.

And Avery.

Which is why when Riley walked into the building avoiding the taunts and rude remarks from the bullies that told him he’d never get a girl. Girls didn’t like geeks. He knew that wasn’t true. Because his mother and father were literally physical proof that Beauty and the Geek existed. And they were the best love he knew about. But for now, he just had hope.


He was on his way to study. He was a few moments late, he stayed to talk to his teacher. He walked a bit faster than he normally did trying to get to the library as fast as he could. He loved being with Avery. She made him happy when no one else could or tried. “She’s a fucking slut,” Riley heard the captain of the football team say. “She walks around with low cut shirts and tight pants and then turns guys down left and right and hangs out with the likes of Styles.”

Riley bit his lip. He wasn’t blind to the fact that Avery was well-endowed and that her shirts were sometimes low cut. He was still just a sixteen year old boy. But she was not a “fucking slut.” Riley made eye contact.

“Why would she hang out with you?” He asked. Jealous prick. Riley thought. He ignored him and continued to walk along. Instead he grabbed hold of Riley’s arm and yanked it back. Riley’s books fell to the floor. “I asked you a question,” he growled. “Do you only know how to answer essay questions?” He asked. Riley again, said nothing. The football douche stared him dead in the eyes. “You’re little friend is a bitch. And I swear to God, I’ll get in her pants if it’s the last thing I do,” he said crudely. Riley heard the stories of the fights his dad used to get in after the two of you started dating in high school. Harry swore he would do anything to protect you and he wouldn’t stand for stupid, ignorant people making fun of you. And then Riley thought about little Darcy, dating when she was in high school. He prayed every night that she would stick with Tommy–he was a good little kid. He didn’t want to picture her with someone like the bully before him.

And he snapped.

Riley thought about what is dad said. That defensive fighting was better to be bailed for…he hoped this counted as he took his glasses off and shoved them in his backpack pocket and dropped his backpack before shoving the bully up against the lockers with some unknown adrenaline-induced power. Doors flew open as the bully screamed and threw a hard punch to Harry’s nose, causing blood to pour out immediately. Riley retaliated with a jab to his jaw and he went flying back into the lockers. Someone ran down the hall and grabbed Riley before he could inflict anymore pain.

“Riley,” you hissed at your son angrily. “Are you serious?” You snapped. Like father like son. Your math class spilled out into the hall interested in what happened. You crouched down to the football player and helped him up and you glared at your son as you walked the bully to the nurse. Riley knew he’d get an earful at home. Harry looked at you as he walked back from the copy room as you walked the boy to the office. He stared at Riley as he wiped his face off. He stopped in front of Riley. “What’s up?” He asked.

“He called Avery a slut…and he said he would do anything to get into her pants. And all I could think about is how badly I don’t want that to happen. And I thought about Mum and Darcy and, I’m sorry, Dad. But I’m not,” Riley shook his head. “I did what you said, I stood up for what I believed in,” he mumbled.

Harry sighed and tilted his head at his son. “Get to study,” he ordered. A quick stop to the bathroom to wipe the blood off, and he was off. 

Avery gaped at him. “What happened?” She asked worriedly. So Riley told her. Her jaw dropped lower and her eyes filled with tears. He didn’t look at her.

“Please, stay away from him,” Riley said finally. Avery looked at the sweet boy. Without his glasses he looked lost. But he looked less loss than he did with the glasses on. Like somehow, this fight made him figure out what he had to do. So she pulled him toward her, and as it had happened in that very spot so many years ago, beauty kissed the geek.


“You can’t punish him,” Harry told you as you erased the whiteboard from your lesson after school. He leaned against the table in the front of the room and watched you. “I would have done the same thing.”

“I know, that’s what I’m afraid of,” you mumbled.

He pulled you from the board, toward him. “I love you,” he said.

“I love you too…” you mumbled.

“I really do,” he said. “And I think what he did wasn’t responsible, per se, but he meant well and he did what we’ve always wanted him to do,” he reminded you. You shrugged and Harry cupped your face. “Hi beauty,” he smiled brightly. “Don’t you want our little boy to be happy?” He asked.

“I want him to not get in stupid fights like his father did over a girl.”

“The girl is worth it,” he promised. “Trust me, beauty and the geek have history,” he mumbled and pulled you in for a quick kiss before heading back to his classroom for extra help.

I thought a lot about this Con last night and I finally decided to post one of my Photo Ops to remind me of the great time I had. It’s probably the one I love most because of the story behind it.

It was on Sunday and out of three photos with Jensen, this is the only one where I was neither in shock nor tearing up while asking for the pose. When it was my turn, I walked up to them and I tried to not just stare at Jensen, so I looked at Tim first and said hi, before I looked up to Jensen and saw him smiling already with a super bright “Hey!” as if he recognized me from before. And tbh, this caught me off guard and I just stuttered a “Hi…I…can…hi.”, which made him smile a little bit brighter and me blush a little bit harder. “Can we both kiss your cheeks?” and he kinda wiggled his eyebrows and said “Sure.” and pulled me to his side (I don’t even remember that his hand left my waist for the photo, those things are over so fast!). 

So I tip-toed and right in that moment I heard Tim ask: “Wait, what are we doing?” and I panicked because I was afraid he didn’t get the pose. But the photographer was already about to take the pic, so I prayed that Tim would get it and pressed my lips to Jensen’s scruffy cheek and it was so soft and perfect and I CAN’T BELIEVE I DID THIS but it’s on the photo, so it must be true, right??

And then Jensen’s hand was on my back again and I felt him facing me, but I couldn’t look up to him because he was still so close, like, only inches away, and I was shaking so much. So he just kind of whispered (purred??) a disgustingly cute “Thank you!” and I think I smiled or something, I don’t even remember, I was about to faint. 

But it was my last Photo Op with Jensen, so I somehow managed to ask if I could hug them and Tim pulled me close (and he’s not lying, his beard and hair are super soft indeed!) and I thanked him and while still hugging me he goes like: “Well, Jensen, here we are and I just had my lips on your face!” or something like that, which sounded pretty damn kinky. And he must’ve made a funny face or it was an inside joke between them but I heard how Jensen started laughing and when I turned to hug him, too, I literally froze. He did his FULL BODY LAUGH RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, like, with not even half a meter between us. He was throwing his head back and laughed and I just STARED at him and just…listened for a while. And he was so beautiful and seemed so comfortable and I teared up because it made me so, so happy to see him like this. 

But I didn’t want to start crying right in front of him, and I knew I would if I watched him any longer. So I just said something like “Ahh, stop laughing, hug me!” but I couldn’t get the dumb smile off my face or the tears out of my eyes. And Jensen looked at me, still laughing, and was like “Ohh, come here!!” and he hugged me super tight aND THEN HE LIFTED ME UP FOR A MOMENT?!! And I just felt his arms and his chest and heard him laugh and I was so surprised that I squeaked (and it was so embarrassing but I just couldn’t help making a noise, oh god). I didn’t expect him to do that but… it felt so familiar and it made me feel like he kind of liked me and it made me love him even more.

I think I mumbled a thank you but I wasn’t strong enough to look at him again, so I turned around and felt the tears streaming down my face, while I was grabbing my bag and leaving the room.

A fair was the perfect occasion to visit the royal city anonymously. With most of her face covered with fine fabric, Mina walked around the streets looking for some amusement. People were disgustingly happy, oblivious to the fears and dangers surrounding them. The strong smells, the loud music and the cheerful atmosphere were a contrast to her life at the temple. 

The performance of three acrobats drew Mina’s attention. She joined the expectant crowd. The only thing the Priestess expected was too see if they failed a move and fell to the floor. Disappointingly, they were too talented. All of a sudden, a voice behind her annoyed distracted her. She turned around and couldn’t help but to stare at that familiar face.