look at this cutie he's enjoying this too much


She should be posting it on her own blog and dA soon. But for now, I want to show my finished commissions made by @mulberryart!

Paya is very Japanese oriented and it makes sense that Zelda wouldn’t be too familiar with the culture aside from interacting with Impa, Purah, and the Sheikah poet. After the game, perhaps Link and Zelda take a trip to each village to announce their victory and meet Paya!

I also headcanon that the Bolson Construction Company decided to use their superior skills of mastery to rebuild Hyrule Castle! …too bad the only person available that particular day was Karson.

And perhaps at one point in the game before heading to Ganon, Link cuts his hair.
When they visit Gerudo Town, Link’s now allowed in because he appeased Vah Nabooris and gave his Vai outfit to Zelda. She’s enjoying it a little too much so Link decides it’s best to cover her up so she remains modest. But come on, she’s a cutie~

But thank you so much! As usual, your art looks absolutely beautiful!

Exo: Reacting to you liking thigh riding


Okay lets be honest here, this little cutie wouldn’t be so cute in this situation. He wouldn’t think too much about the request but would be thinking about how amazing you’d look on him and how good he would make you feel. Xiumin would be more than happy to add ways to pleasure you.

“Come have a seat Jagi. Tell me who’s making you feel this good.“ 

External image


I feel that Suho would be a bit surprised about the position you had asked for but nonetheless nothing would stop him from enjoying it as much as you. 

“Don’t worry Y/N, I’ll help make it a little bit more interesting”

External image


I personally think that Chen wouldn’t take you seriously if you told him. He wouldn’t think you’d have it in you. He would keep bugging you till you finally snap and take control. Don’t get me wrong nothing in his right mind would stop you from getting what you want.

“Come on babe, prove it”

External image


THIS BOI OMG. I completely feel that this boy would turn this into a fricken kink. Or he would use it against you to get what he wants afterwards.

“Jagi…It looks like we’re going to have a fun night”

External image


I think Baekhyun would be all for it. Heck he would even encourage it instead of being surprised. though on a side note, he probably would have had been the one that introduced you to thigh riding. 

“Hey babe. How about we try something new tonight?”


Yixing would be like Suho. He would be surprised and a bit confused in why you would chose his leg to ride. But he wouldn’t complain because seeing you please yourself would definitely turn him on.

“Why ride my leg, when you can ride something else?”

External image


Kai wouldn’t be the type to make a really big deal about it. I feel he was kinda expecting you to say something sooner or later. I mean look at his thighs. Do I really need to explain? Who wouldn’t want to do them?

“Come over here Jagi. You dont have to ask me twice.’


Kyungsoo would be the type to low key love knowing that you wanted to. On the outside he would tell you that you were being weird you had a wild imagination but on the inside its completely  different.  Secretly cant wait for you to actually do it instead of just talking about it and for his hand to have full range on you body.

“What are you waiting for Y/N?”

External image


Okay so even though he is the youngest, BUT HE SURE WON’T ACT LIKE IT. Sehun would be a total tease. (Daddy kink like omg) He’d want you to work for it. Maybe even beg for it until he is pleased with what you were doing.

“Does my baby want to feel good tonight? I guess we’ll see how badly you want it”

hello everyone Im aestheic-byunbacon, one of the new admins on this account. Im really excited to be here and cant wait to write more for you guys. Some bands that i really enjoy are Exo, Bts, Seventeen, Astro, Kard, Monsta X, and many more. I hope you all enjoy this :) 

“...This My Girl, No One Else’s”

Requested by an anon. I hope you enjoy. I love Min Sik, guys. Look at this cutie. A WHOLE SNACK!

Originally posted by streetrapshit

“How am I going to do this? Do you think now is a good time?” Min Sik asked quickly.

He wanted to come clean. It was killing him just to hide you out of the public eye. He loved you too much to not let the world know he was taken. He wanted to spoil you and let the world watch as he showered you in gifts he could get with that rapper money of his. You were his most prized possession and he wanted to show you off as his, and not anyone else’s. You couldn’t blame him. You came from a rough background and all he wanted was to give you a good life. 

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itishebihime-samaforyou  asked:

asdfghjkl welcome to the fandom! I wish you good luck! It's always nice to see new blogs. :D I hope I didn't break any rules for characters, but could you write a scenario with Nash and his gf going to the pool and she's been hit on when he wasn't around. Jelaous Nash is my weakness. If you can't write for him then I'd ask for Oikawa. Hope you have a good day! (~^_^)~

thank you cutie! you’re so sweet aw and don’t worry you didn’t break any! i really hope you enjoy this as much as i enjoyed writing it ヽ( ´ ∇ ` )ノ

i may have decided to write for the both of them because why not


You looked really good in a bikini, and it wasn’t just Nash who noticed, but everyone else too.

Your boyfriend needed to use the bathroom, so you were all alone. You decided to go and sit by the pool. You sat on the edge of the pool with only your feet dipped in the water.

You were sitting peacefully until two guys who were swimming near by came closer. The two of them were now beside you, one on your right, and the other on your left.

They were still in the pool, but also too close for your own comfort. 

“You’re really hot. Shame you have no one to show you just how hot you are.” the one on your right bit his lip.

“I can show you, if you’ll let me.” the one on the left spoke with an obvious smirk on his face.

You rolled your eyes. You couldn’t deny the fact that those were actually pretty good pick up lines, but you didn’t appreciate how close they were.

You chuckled, “Sorry boys, but my boyfriend will be right back, and trust me, you do not wanna be seen this close to me.” 

You knew how much your boyfriend adores you, and you knew how just much he adored embarrassing every guy that ever laid his eyes on you.

Though you wouldn’t admit it, you loved how jealous and protective he gets of you, so you may or may not have been a little excited to see him come back and watch his reaction.

And, of course, your excitement did not go to waste.

You saw him swimming from behind the boys, and making his way towards you.

“Hello! What do we have here?” he put his arms around the two boys, with him being in the middle, and his eyes never leaving yours.

He laughed, “Isn’t she just beautiful? Like honestly, I’d do her right here, and right now.”

“Too bad I already have like ten minutes ago.” he continued.

You saw how pissed the two boys looked, and you saw how miserably they failed at getting out of his grasp.

The both of you never left each other’s eyes.

Finally, he let them go, and did not waste a second to grab you by the waist and pull you down in the pool with him. 

You were now leaning on the pools edge, with your legs wrapped around him, your arms around his neck, and his hands supporting you.

He smiled

Slowly, he pulled you into a kiss. More like a 10 minute heated makeout session.


The weather was really hot, and even with you wearing only a one piece, it was still hot. You felt really thirsty so you told your boyfriend you were off to get a drink.

“Bring me one too please!” Oikawa shouted.

“Okay!” you shouted back.

You headed to the drink bar and ordered two iced teas. You were resting your arm on the table, with your chin on the palm of your hand, waiting.

A guy approached you, and stood right in front of you. Taking his arm, he rested it on the table, and imitated the same position you were in.

He grinned at you, and winked. 

“Uh?” was all you managed to say.

“I’m lonely. Will you come with me and keep me company?” he asked.

“Sorry, I’m with someone.” you chuckled, and awkwardly scratched your head.

Your drinks were ready, and you were just about to grab them when he put his hand on top of yours. 

“What the-” was your first thought.

He grabbed your hand and started pulling you away from the bar, you were trying to resist and even kept telling him you really were with someone, and that you couldn’t leave them, but he wasn’t listening.

Before you knew it, the guy who was grabbing your hand and tugging you, was now the guy who was drowning in the pool.

You were even more surprised when an arm had slipped behind your back, and held you tight.

“Are you okay?” Oikawa asked.

Oikawa had got up the minute he noticed you weren’t alone anymore, but was being dragged involuntarily by a random guy. He didn’t know why but his first instinct was to grab the guy and throw him in the pool.

If there was anything that pissed him off more than losing, then it was seeing his girlfriend get hit on by a random dude who doesn’t take a no for an answer.

Luckily, it was a kids pool, and though it didn’t take long for the guy to notice it wasn’t that deep, it was still a nice view to watch and laugh about.

You turned around, now looking at your boyfriend, with both eyebrows raised.

Oikawa chuckled, and held you by the waist with one of his arms, while the other embarrassingly scratched his head. 

“Sorry, I think I was a little over jealous.” he said.

You raised another eyebrow when you could have sworn you heard him whisper something under his breath.

“I’m not even sorry.”

Before you could even say anything, he planted a kiss on your lips, and grabbed you back to the bar, with his hands in yours.

Another Idol said his girlfriend is cute during an interview/TV/video (Monsta X)

Shownu: -Amber. You and Amber had been friends for a long time so her saying your cute was nothing to get over worked about- “that’s nice right? I think you should say she’s cute in your next interview”

Originally posted by madtwn

Jooheon: -Jackson. Jackson had called you cute before but it was always in a friendly manner. Jooheon hated that he got jealous but he did and it was usually entertaining to watch- “are you looking to die? I will gladly do it”

Originally posted by changkyu-n

Wonho: -CL. She just thought you were cute for a hiphop artist. You didn’t have an overly rebellious feel that a lot of rappers gave off in hiphop. He couldn’t help but agree- “she’s definitely not wrong about your being the cutest rapper ever”

Originally posted by shownubot

Minhyuk: -Jay Park. You and Jay Park worked on a song together and all he could comment on was how cute you made it. How you couldn’t be overly serious for too long which he enjoyed- “he took the words right out of my mouth babe”

Originally posted by beastdw

I.M: -Heechul. Your group landed its first time on Weekly Idol and you were the self proclaimed cutie of the group and much to your surprise Heechul agreed. He was slightly jealous- “he’s too old you know. Plus our ship name is cuter”

Originally posted by wonkyuns

Hyungwon: -Mark Lee. Oh he teased you because he wasn’t the first younger boy to find you cute. It was a vibe you have off so well it seemed- “oh look another fanboy to add to your collection babe”

Originally posted by hyungvon

Kihyun: -Chen. You actually told him about it after you watched an EXO interview and he was slightly jealous because of how big of a fan you were for them- “oh um that’s cool I guess he’s not wrong or anything”

Originally posted by kihqun

Herro~! Here’s another random doodle of my ragdoll character thing, only this time he (yesh it’s a he now but he doesn’t have a name yet XD) is pretending to be Ink!Sans, because why not- he looks so smol and adorable next to a giant paintbrush XD Once again enjoy da smol ragdoll 💜




Thank you so much this is way too sweet <33333

In Love (Scott McCall One-Shot)

Request: Can you do an imagine with ScottxReader where she is also a werewolf from Brett’s pack and they don’t want them together and she says “I don’t care what they say, I’m in love with you! ” and fluff and whatever you want?


Word Count: 578

A/N: I only read over this like once but I hope the love muffin that requested this enjoys it!! P.S. the gif doesn't really relate to the one-shot but i mean look a this cutie!

Originally posted by kissmywonderwoman

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Requested by an anon. Cutie Giri. <3

Originally posted by fyeahgiriboy

Your past was something you didn’t like to talk about it, but it somehow spread across the nation. You were a very successful rapper. You started underground and gained fame as you were signed to LOEN Entertainment. Yezi from FIESTAR was the one that found you and wanted to collab. You did and the song was a hit. 

As fame came, the money came, and other rappers wanted to collab. One of those rappers being your boyfriend, Giriboy. 

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Stress Reliever

 A Nate and Mat story! I’ve had a lot of ideas for these two lately so look forward to more of these cuties in the future! Enjoy!

Mat found himself awaking to a string of curses that seemed to be coming from the kitchen. He groaned, and blinked the blurriness out of his eyes before looking at the clock. 3:00 in the morning. Mat groaned again before deciding on what he should do. At this point he had only been with Nate for a week and he was still a bit afraid of him. He knew Nate wouldn’t hurt him, but his size just intimidated him too much.

His curiosity got the best of him and he climbed out of bed and headed toward the living room. It took a bit but eventually he made it, only to see Nate sitting at the table, head in his hands. Mat bit his lip, looked the table up and down and started climbing. He wasn’t the best climber, his only real climbing experience in the tinies shop jungle gym. But he managed to get up to the tabletop on his own. He noticed the surface was covered in crumpled pieces of paper. He went over to one and noticed a few music notes written and crossed out on it.

Ignoring that for now, he went over to Nate and with a burst of confidence, started tugging on his thumb. Of course being his size it didn’t do much and Mat ended up falling back on his butt. He let out a small ow and looked up, only to meet the curious eyes of Nate. Mat instinctively froze. Warning signals went off in his head at being looked at by a human but Mat pushed them down. He was fine, he was safe.

Nate blinked at the sight of Mat sitting in front of him. He had not been expecting a visit from him this late at night. Not to mention the fact that Mat still wasn’t completely used to him yet.

“Mat? What are you doing up this late?” Mat swallowed his apprehension.

“I could ask you the same thing,” He didn’t bother standing back up, instead just moving into a more comfortable sitting position that would also allow him to look up at Nate. He then waved across the table behind him and the papers that littered it.

“I see you’re working on some music, and considering I woke up to some naughty words, I would say it’s not going so well,” Nate sighed and rubbed his face.

“Hit the nail on that one buddy. Sorry for waking you by the way. It’s just I’m having terrible writers block right now and I need to get a new song out, but, ugh!” His face slammed back into the table and Mat flinched before doing his best to compose himself. Nate moved his head in order to look at Mat, but still kept his head on the table. Mat looked at Nate, really looked at him. He seemed tired, though that was a given considering what time it was, but he also seemed stressed. Mat knew what that was like, having been stressed out this entire week. Getting used to a human was stressful business, he supposed songwriting was too.

Nate sighed and without much warning Mat saw Nate’s hand move toward him. Mat tensed at the sight of the larger than life hand coming right for him, every instinct telling him to run. But he willed them away and allowed Nate’s hand to wrap around him, knowing the hands he was in were safe, if this week was anything to go by. Nate’s hand didn’t grab him though, but instead just wrapped loosely around him. A second later he felt something stroke the top of his head and go down to his back. It took another second for Mat to realize that Nate was petting him.

He was about to say something, but stopped himself when it happened again and then a third time. It didn’t actually feel bad or anything. He would even go so far as to say that he liked it. He closed his eyes at the lulling effect it seemed to have on him. It was soothing.

Nate hummed and kept petting him. As he did so he finally took his head off the table and got himself another sheet of paper. He continued to hum and pet as he wrote. A smile appeared on his face about twenty minutes later and he stopped the petting. Mat blinked out of his stupor, surprised that he hadn’t fallen asleep. He looked up into the smiling face of Nate as he held up a paper full of notes and words.

“Check it out Mat! I finished it!” Nate was so giddy and excited that Mat couldn’t help but be that way too.

“That’s great!” Nate nodded and set the paper down.

“Yep and it’s all thanks to you,” Mat blinked and tilted his head, confused. All thanks to him, what did he do?

“What did I do?” Nate laughed and once again wrapped his hand around Mat. Mat didn’t even flinch this time and soon enough the petting was resumed.

“I think the reason I couldn’t think of anything was because I was just so stressed to come up with ideas,” Mat hummed in content as he listened to Nate’s explanation.

“I have to say, you make a great stress reliever.” Mat gave him a look as Nate laughed and once again took his hand away. Though Mat soon gave up on the look and joined in on the laughter.

“Glad I could help, though I have to say it had positive effects on both parties,” Nate raised an eyebrow still smiling.

“Really? Wouldn’t have pegged you for someone who liked to be pet,” Mat shrugged. Nate laughed again and looked at the clock, his laughter slowly fading.

“Wow, it is really late. Or early depending on how you want to look at it. I think we should probably head to bed,” Mat yawned, just now realizing how tired he was. He was sure Nate was worse though, seeing as Mat at least was able to get in some sleep before coming out to check on Nate.

“Yeah that’s probably a good idea,” Mat allowed himself to be scooped up, too tired to really give a proper reaction to it. Though he was probably just getting used to it at this point. Nate brought them back to their room and set Mat back on his little bed. He watched as Mat snuggled into the covers and let out a little chuckle before climbing into his own bed not even a few feet away.

“Night Nate,” Nate smiled.

“Goodnight Mat.”

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Captain Canary prompt: instead of baby Snart, they rescue baby Lisa and Snart walks in on Sara looking after her

(Currently watching Leverage and loving it)

“You are such a cutie-pie,” Sara cooed to the little infant in her arms. “You’re the cutest baby girl in the world.”

“Enjoying your time with my sister?” a smooth voice drawled from the door.

They’d had to pick up Leonard’s sister as a baby after the Pilgrim had gone after her younger self too. After they learned she was going for their loved ones to hurt them, he had been adamant to rescue her. Sara didn’t know much about Lisa Snart, but she could tell that Leonard would do anything to keep her safe.

“She’s so adorable,” Sara gushed as baby Lisa cooed. “But I have a question for you.”

“Shoot,” the criminal nodded.

“Did you have these adorable cheeks too when you were a baby?” Sara grinned. “They’re so cute.”

Leonard closed his eyes. Sara saw him smile a little.

“You did, didn’t you!” she laughed. “Oh, I want to go back and see baby you now.”

“You are not seeing baby me.”

Central City, 2016

“Sara, meet Lisa. Lisa, meet Sara.”

“So this is Lisa,” Sara grinned at the other woman. “I have to say, you were a cute baby.”

Lisa frowned and looked at her brother.

“Time travel. We picked up baby you for a stint so you wouldn’t get killed.”

“And I have to ask, do you have any pictures of Leonard as a baby?” Sara added, her grin growing wider.

Lisa laughed. “Lenny, I like her.”


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*does puppy eyes* vixx spam ? all of Vixx ? - starlight

So I guess you meant like ot6 or some memebers together? Bause that’s what I’m gonna do!

good times…good times…

this kiiiiids T^T 



oh god i love them so much ;; call 911

mom? they doin that again T^T

how purrfect they are???

I should make a post of ONLY this type ofphotos, all of them together. ;;;

Petition to put VIXX in Hello Baby






i can’t… let’s move on to gifs before I start crying

everyone enjoying and Leo looking like he wants to be somewhere else.. anywhere but not there xD

prettier than me


*cries in harry potter theme*

some vixxhugs

Kenbooty :)))))

always loved that moment (Leo biting his neck hihihi)

cutiepieeee, nooo, don’t take hiiiim

more hugs~

mama Leo?

vixx+puppies= <3

if anyone asks me why I stan them, I’ll show them those two gifs

Kenbooty #2

bros for LYFE

why one man when you can have two..three.. SIX!

I’m Hakyeon, my cuties are Ravi.

hungover much??

External image

Was it too much? I didn’t think so too…

brb going to cry


photos and gifs are not mine!

EXO (OT12) reaction : when They're speaking so much, and you kiss them so they can shut up

Here’s the reaction ^^ Hope you’ll like it! :3
(Gifs are not mine crédits to owner)

SuHo : « You saw ?  I’m irresistible even when i’m annoyig you because i’m speaking too much » continue to speak

BaekHyun : You surprised him as he was speaking to you. But he found this so cute !

ChanYeol : This giant would like BaekHyun, but less expressive at first. When you stopped kissing him, he looked at you, and smiled. « Jagi, i will stop to speaking too much if you give me two more kisses ! »

D.O : I think D.O is not the type to speak so much, but if he did, he would maybe speaking about cooking or singing, and when you kissed him, he would be externally as a statue, but internally…

Kai : This guy, i can seeing him perfectly being the cutie JongIn, and if you were in public, he would be like « HEY THAT’S MY GIRL WHO KISSED ME ON MY MOUTH » -so innocent-

SeHun : The maknae would eventually enjoy to annoying you with some speaking about bubble tea, just for fun -but he’s a cutie!!- but when you kissed him, he looked at you with deep eyes, licking his lips. « I’ll annoying you more often, jagi »

Kris : I think Kris is like D.O, he wouldn’t speak so much, maybe in a little fight where he said to you to be organized of more attentive. And you kissed him, he finally shut his mouth for a moment, before talking again. « Hey, you, you thought you could out you with just a kiss ? Get up and come here i want a hug and 1000 more kisses ! »

Xiumin : When you kissed him, he stopped to breathe, to move, to do anything. After, he looked at you and tried to make you understand he would another kiss

LuHan : This little dear would be so shy that you kissed him for him to shut his mouth because he was speaking to much. He would laugh, doesn’t knowing what to do.

Chen : Chen was trolling you since almost 1 hour, and you began to desperate, so you tried to kiss him, and it worked ! After his soul came back, he warned you. « You’ll see later what i will doing to you ! Be prepared for the terrible Troll master revenge ! »

Lay : Lay would be so shy when you kissed him, so he stayed silently there, don’t really knowing what to do, until he said shyly « You know, i like when you’re kissing me like that, You’re more fluffy than unicorns » -so much feels in me :‘3-

Tao : Tao was speaking too much about Wushu ans martial arts. So you decided to kissing him suddenly. He looked at you with a cocky smile. « I think i’m gonna talking about martial arts more often »

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It's not like I don't like ksoo with short hair, he looks good with short hair too!, but I really really missed his long hair a lot, very much, I hope after he finish filming "with god" he will stop cutting it, and leave it grows. Btw can U do a(1)

Ksoo with Long hair spam When you have time? ^^ (2)

Hey anon! I also enjoyed to see KS long hair a lot, so I’m gonna try to post random moments of it, since you asked so cutely <3. 

Look at this cutie with a bowtie!

Precious cutie still impressed with idol world and with the fact that he’s in a fansign.

Precious cutie with bangs and red hair~

*flips hair and leaves*

That’s the kid who goes at church every Sunday.


*heavy breathing*

This hair looks so nice on him, actually


In each picture of him I stare, more like a proud mom I look, what is this

He looks emo but still looks good.


He’s not showing any hair here, but I thought “why not?” and here it is

He just sinned face and he loves it.

One of the last occasions we saw his hair long, but it won’t be forgotten!

Stay strong!


Hey hey I just really wanted to draw your dude like wow wHAT a cutie dlfsknhldkfnhh

I see you drawing all these pictures SO I THINK YOU DESERVE A PICTURE TOO man it takes a lot of energy to draw that much wowo you deserve it!!!
The farther I got into this I think the more I started admiring your art whoopsies ENJOY!!!

OH MY WOW! Thank you for this Aaaa he looks so cool and fishy! He is getting around like wildfire! Thankyouthankyouthankyouforthisohgod