look at this cutie he's enjoying this too much


- He’s really a warm person even though his aura may seem too cold to look at

- Imagine him winking at you

- This rap god can kill you with his skills, but his innocence will make you say “awww this motherfucking cutie I love him so much”

- Aside from his baby talk cheeseburger aegyo and old man puns jokes


- Imagine this cold-looking guy making cute faces to you- how can you not love that

- If looks can kill people… *screams*

- Wonwoo eating will make you smile

he really enjoys it and even succeed in eating seafood so much proud of him

- Another side of him that will make you fall in love is him being a playful lil shit

- Mingyu’s unending love for him but Wonwoo keeps on rejecting him lmao #MeanieCouple

- Wonwoo with glasses looked sooooo goooooood fuck

- Unlimited showcase of charisma on stage 

- Boyfriend!Wonwoo checking on his girl be like:

- He has such a beautiful smile look at that fella

- Yes, he can do aegyo

- He is my spirit animal, indeed


생일 축하해요 원우 오빠~ 몸 건강해! 사랑해요~! ♡♡♡

In Love (Scott McCall One-Shot)

Request: Can you do an imagine with ScottxReader where she is also a werewolf from Brett’s pack and they don’t want them together and she says “I don’t care what they say, I’m in love with you! ” and fluff and whatever you want?


Word Count: 578

A/N: I only read over this like once but I hope the love muffin that requested this enjoys it!! P.S. the gif doesn't really relate to the one-shot but i mean look a this cutie!

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Gifs, gifs everywhere!! I did this on the stream!! Chara is such a cutie <3 <3

I enjoyed the stream a lot! We had a nice ambience, it was really nice ^^

I did this too! Because goat carrying human child is beautiful <3 I dunno, I really like how it turned out, despite being such a lazy coloring xD

Some beautiful and cute thing <3 I think I feel my drawings too much xD Frisk and Flowey in Waterfall!!

People also asked for TEM!!! So I drew Tem!!

Also Flowey with a dapper look. Why not? He’s so fancy <3

And this is Alma. She’s an OC of mine. We started talking about OCs so I drew her…. she’s so cute <3

Thanks for coming to the stream, guys!! You’re the best!! <3


It wasn’t his normal route home, but the weather was so nice and crisp. The air felt refreshing against his pale skin and even with the sun that shone through the perfect cotton-like clouds, he didn’t feel he would redden too soon. No need for his face to be speckled with a pattern of freckles from too much exposure. Not yet at least, the summer was still being held off by the last moments of the spring. 

Lysandre was thankful for that fact and continued to enjoy the sweet smells offered by home-side gardens that were full of tender buds and fully bloomed flowers. It was a lazy day, perhaps he would venture to the quiet park that he knew resided on the chosen path. He could read one of his novels that he had stored away in his shoulder bag. That, or perhaps something beautiful would inspire him to pull out his sketchbook instead. 

Little did he know that something of beauty would catch his attention long before the park even came into his view. 


@ryttu3k inspired me and I had to draw this. (Also take the half prompt… for reasons.)