look at this cuteness!

anonymous asked:

Hanayo and maki are two gonna volunteer at the Otonoki Daycare? To see tomato princess and cutest cat  @ask-otonokids

Hanayo: Unfortunately, we’re sort of busy right now. But, we’re able to visit and play with them for a bit! They’re always great to play with!

Maki: … Sometimes

These babies are from @ask-otonokids! Go send in asks to the little kids over there! It’s a Good and Pure blog with A++ content all the time! And the Mod’s a cool person too ;3c

Your ask blog is so cute!!! and the USUK is just– asadkjsh TvT
So here’s something for the wonderful mun!

//SCREAMS OMG WhAt did I do to deserve this– Arthur looks so bloody adorable here- I just..??! (⺣◡⺣)♡* THANK YOU SO MUCH!//