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Bts reaction to you being short

i love this request because i’m so short i would look small next to Jimin ^-^i love this request! please request more ily all sm.

Kim Seokjin 

You being shorter than him would make his confidence go up. Meaning he would feel very protective over you and it would make him feel very manly when he had to help you reach something or slightly lift you up to give you a kiss. He would be obsessed with your cuteness.

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Kim Taehyung 

This boy would think you were the cutest little thing he has ever seen. But tae definitely tease you. Playfully of course. When you weren’t paying attention to him because you were on your phone. Tae would grab it from your hands and hold it above his head teasing you. “You are gonna have to get up here and give me a kiss if you want your phone back.” You would pout as he leaned down and kissed you because he couldn’t resist you. 

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Jeon Jungkook

Jungkook wouldn’t think much of it. It’s just who you were and he thought it was adorable. How you always had to look up to him. When you hugged your head would only reach the middle of his chest and he loved it. Made him feel like he was the reason you were safe. Kookie loved you so much and everything that came with you.

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Park Jimin

Not being the tallest himself he would not tease you about it. However it did make Chim Chim feel manly when you needed his help with something. And the fact that your hands were even smaller than his made his heart flutter whenever you intertwined your fingers with his. Forehead kisses were a must for him. 

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Jung Hoseok

Playful. That’s the word that would describe your relationship. He was always laughing at how cute you were when you were pouting as you looked up at him when you couldn’t reach his lips to give him a kiss. Of course he would lift you up in his arms and give you a loving kiss because he couldn’t resist not appreciating how cute you were.

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Kim Namjoon

We all know that Joon is dominant. So the fact that you were so much smaller than him made his ego go so high. He loved that he could pick you up and carry you around. Especially when you two were intimate he loved that you were so small and submissive to him. Namjoon was obsessed with how clingy you were to him and he loved having you in his arms. 

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Min Yoongi

Yoongi was an absolute sweetheart when it came to your height. He loved feeling taller compared to you and making you feel safe. His favourite thing is seeing you in his clothes. How big they were on you and how hot they made you look would make him fall for you harder everytime you would walk out sleepily only wearing his shirt. He couldn’t help but cuddle you and give you so many kisses.

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Jackson: I won’t be changing my mind. I realize after Emma that I’m not ready to commit. I’m 21 and I want to focus on other stuff right now. 

Fabian: I’m not saying you have to marry my sister. I only want you to help her take her mind off the prick she’s seeing.

Jackson: You told me you haven’t even met the guy, how do you know he’s a prick?

Fabian shrugs: Eh, just the weird little things Vi’s said here and there. Doesn’t sit well with me.

Jackson: I’ve never even seen your sister. She might not even be my type.

Fabian: She’s easy on the eyes. She looks like me!

Jackson: Sorry to break it to you, Fabian. But you look like a troll. And not the cute Treasure trolls either. 

Fabian: Half the female population over the age of 18 in Newcrest would strongly disagree with you, buddy. Damn- I probably should have brought a gift to soften my sister up! Eh- you’ll be her gift.

The two friends laugh then walk the rest of the secluded path up to the lake house as the truck wouldn’t make it up the narrow, dirt road.

So I saw these pictures on WeHeartIt the other day and all I could think of was Reddie in their mid 20’s getting a cute little kitten in their New York apartment so i made a thing

~Richie’s coming home one day with a bag of groceries and all he hears are small meows behind him.

~ He turns around and there’s an adorable small fluffy gray kitten following him.

~The kitten looks incredibly hungry so Richie gives her a piece of bread. Not even expecting her to like it.

~but to his surprise the kitten eats the bread quickly and cries for more.

~“I’m sorry little guy. I’ve got to get these groceries home.” Riche says before walking way towards his and Eddie’s apartment.

~The kitten follows him home, but Richie doesn’t realize until the kitten is trying to get into the apartment building with him.

~He says sorry to the kitten and reluctantly closes the door on her.

~Everyday after that the kitten follows Richie home and meows at him.

~Richie has gotten so attached to this cute little gray kitten that he named it moon and starts buying a variety of food for her when he goes to the store.

~ He puts the food in a little ziplock bag and keeps it in his jacket pocket for the kitten.

~One cold day as Richie and moon are walking it starts to rain pretty hard so Richie picks up moon and cuddles her in his jacket to sheild her from the rain.

~When they get to the apartment Richie realizes that he can’t just leave moon out in the cold and rain so he brings the kitten inside.

~He’s glad that Eddie isn’t home yet because he would have told Richie to take the kitten back outside since they aren’t allowed pets in their apartment.

~ He gives moon a bath and feeds her before Eddie gets home.

~When Eddie walks into their apartment he hears Richie singing some random song from the radio like usual and making a tuna sandwich.

~What he didn’t initially notice was the gray kitten eating some tuna in a small bowl.

~“Richie what is this?” Eddie asked once he noticed the kitten.

~ “This is moon our new kitten” Richie says nonchalantly as if it was just an everyday thing.

~“ We aren’t allowed pets chee.” Eddie replies as he takes the kitten off of the island so that they don’t get cat hair on it.

~ “But she has nowhere to go and she’s just adorable. Look at her.” Richie begged.

~The kitten looked at Eddie with the most adorable face.

~(Like the one puss in boots does in Shrek 2)

~And now Eddie can’t say no to her because shes utterly adorable and he can tell that Richie is really attached to her.

~Moon becomes apart of the family and starts to attach to Richie and Eddie. She can’t be away from them for more than 2 seconds.

~ When Eddie and Richie cuddle Moon likes to try and lay down in the warmest spot between them.

~ And when they sleep she lays in between their heads because it’s extra warm there.

~ Eddie loves the kitten even more once he realizes that she acts much like him and Richie

~She’s feisty and small like Eddie and likes to mess with Richie just because she can. And she bathes her self so thats a plus.

~ She’s also like Richie in the way that she’s pretty clumsy. Sometimes she underestimates how far the couch is and will jump face first into the bottom of it.

~ Or she’ll fall off the bed when she stretches too far after a nap

~ Sometimes they think that her eye sight isn’t as good as it could be, but she seems to be living pretty okay they way she is so they don’t worry about it much.

~Now they have and adorable new addition to their little family and if their landlord tells them he hears meows coming from their apartment they don’t know what he’s talking about.

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Ok, Sam as a baby is literally the cutest fucking thing you can ever come across on. Like can you imagine on how Sam's baby in the future would be??!! i am having baby fever thinking about this.

oh my god the baby would be the exact replica of him. literally from looks to personality. if you guys had a boy, he’d get his lil boy to do all the things that he enjoyed as a kid. he’d call your son “my little man” as just a cute nickname. oh my god my heart. and if he had a girl, omg he’d spoil her to filth. getting her whatever she wants. but he’d be so adorable with babies??? my heart is literally melting. he’d look at that baby with so much love and admiration. never wanting to let them go, even when they were sleeping. you’d insist on putting him/her in the crib but he’d be like “no i want to hold her/him.” and he’d be so playful with his babies??? FRICK. he’d blow little raspberries on their tummies causing them to laugh so loudly and he loved hearing their little laughs so much, he’d do it over and over again. or sometimes he’d play peek-a-boo with them. he’d hide his face behind his hands and say “where’s daddy??” then remove his hands from his face and say “peekaboo! here i am!!” making your guys baby laugh so fricken hard. this would go on for hours, sometimes you’d have to tell him to stop but secretly loving it bc you loved sam and you loved your little family. ugh my damn heart. 

it’s fluff friday!

who deserves happiness and everything good in the world?

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I don’t make commentary posts like this but after the bomb I really want to say something about the interpretation of Lapis’ behavior in Raising the Barn.

I find it ridiculous that there’s lapidot shippers posting images and gifs from the bomb of Lapis desperately trying to taking Peridot with her to space and finding it cute. Like no, the point of the episode was to show that Peridot shouldn’t feel obligated to bend to Lapis’ every will, and what does Lapis do in response when she doesn’t get it her way? Steal all of Peridot’s things, plus the very place she called home, and bounced.

The message this episode SHOULD’VE conveyed is that Lapis isn’t emotionally mature enough to handle an intimate relationship. Peridot was probably one of the closest friends she had on Earth, and even after all that time she still expected Peridot to be the sole benefactor of their relationship. Peridot gives, and she takes. And the moment it stopped being like that, she left Peridot behind and took everything Peridot had with her (minus Pumpkin but she didn’t exactly want to go either, not like Lapis bothered to respect that).

The message is that Lapis can’t handle intimate relationships. She’s hasn’t grown much from the Malachite incident; the only difference was that she forcefully got her way with Jasper by bounding her at the bottom of the ocean and venting her hatred out on her, while with Peridot she was handed her way on a silver platter. But at the end of the day, indirectly or not, they both gave her a sense of control and entitlement.

Lapis can’t hold a healthy relationship (romantic or otherwise), at least not with the behavior she’s expressed towards Peridot in the bomb. She still has loose ends with Jasper, after all– and, in my opinion, until she goes back and fully take responsibility for the damage she left on Jasper (and pushing her away is definitely NOT taking responsibility) she’ll never be able to maintain a healthy relationship with anyone else.

So, please stop making any of her interactions with Peridot in the bomb ’cute’. They were borderline manipulative at best.

oh pearly girly, what is going on with you


So we all know Hopper’s daughter right? We get that flash back of her, and we see she wears pigtails as seen below

Well, in the next flash back scene, we see that once she losses her hair, Hopper makes her hair ties into a little bracelet he wears on his right wrist

Well, he clearly cherishes this bracelet because other than his watch and hat, this is the only sort of accessory we see him wear, and he always has it on, in any scene where his jacket is off, you can see it in season 1 and 2

Well, now let’s jump to everyone’s favourite scene from the finale of season 2: the snowball dance. It’s a great scene full of love and reasons to make you cry, but due to a little detail, you’ll be crying for a new reason. During the milleven slow dance, if you look at her wrist, eleven has a new accessory

Guys…ITS THE BRACELET!!! remember that this scene is after hopper finds out that Jane is officially his child now, meaning that Hopper has a child again and can finally move on from the heartbreak of loosing his daughter, so hE GIVES EL THE BRACELET! I CANT HANDLE THIS CUTE ASS SHOW WITH ITS LITTLE DETAILS ANYMORE!!