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What are your thoughts on Lin-Manuel Miranda and also Broadway in general? Thanks in advance and I hope you have a great day 💜

I went to Theatre school. lived that life. probably wouldn’t do it again cause it took years off my life expectancy, but i sadly have no one to thank but them for giving me the best foundation of my craft/talent/etc 

lin manuel miranda is my actual husband whose honestly so good at what he does. such a vibrant energy whose so grateful to be doing what he does and like he looks like he has the biggest blast being able to live his life. did to broadway with In The Heights and Hamilton what J. Larson did w RENT back in the 90s (reinventing what it means to be a broadway musical), Moana was a literal masterpiece, and I can’t wait to see what else this man is gonna create. I’m so looking forward to seeing him grow. 

My dad used to work at an interactive history park in Indiana as an 1800’s reenactor and craftsman. Part of his job included apprenticing the blacksmith and creating iron nails. Park tourists would walk between different demonstrations of historical lifestyles and crafts, and he would speak to them as though he were a young blacksmith in 1820 and they were time-travelers.

Tourists often like to play smart, trying to catch reenactors up and get them to break character. It can get pretty obnoxious, but they’re trained to stay calm and indulgent. One day, my father was busy making iron nails and one woman scoffed and said, mockingly, “I’m pretty sure they didn’t have nails back then!”

My dad looked up at her. “Ma'am,” he said, “They didn’t screw Jesus to the cross.”

Apparently she reported him to the museum for being crass.

  • shout out to witches who use the “nasty” ingredients that cause other witches to say “im not one of THOSE witches”
  • shout out to the witches who use spiderwebs, dead insects, raw meat, and mud.
  • shout out to the witches who use blood, bones, chicken feet, and poisonous plants.
  • shout out to the witches who use dolls, fingernails, mold and drugs.
  • shout out to the witches who use sex magic, demon summoning, spirit work and cursing.
  • shout out to the witches who know how to stay safe while doing all of these things and have studied up on proper usage and sanitation methods.
  • shout out to the witches who are shamed for using things that were used in the “old days”
  • shout out to the witches who are shamed for doing the things their ancestors did to get by but have been called users of “black magic”
  • shout out to the witches who do what they fucking want and dont water down our craft to look better for others.
The zodiac signs in Ravenclaw

Aries: loves riddles, decides to learn a new language at 3 AM

Taurus: has read every book in the library and wants to write their own ones in the future

Gemini: spends their spare time pressing the random button on wikipedia learning whatever definition comes by heart

Cancer: the one who doesn’t look like much but always gets the highest scores and no one knows how because they are doodling in their note book all day

Leo: good looks, clever brain, a room full of books - they’ve got it all and they know it

Virgo: incredible at arts and crafts, can build every ikea furniture WITHOUT the instructions

Libra: the angel sent from heaven who helps you when you don’t know how to solve things and never runs out of patience when you’re being especially dumb that day

Scorpio: still waters run deep; will stab you with their sarcasm when they’re bored

Sagittarius: takes their friends to museums and eats lunch at artsy french street cafés

Capricorn: never really talks much but is the biggest video game nerd

Aquarius: knows too much about outer space, is probably half an alien

Pisces: writes poems and composes songs, they don’t need you all they need is their phone and iTunes gift cards

Solar System: Things to Know This Week

Celebrate with us as our Opportunity rover turns 13, view art from our fans and more!

1. All Grown Up

After exceeding her 90-day mission and design parameters many times over, our plucky little rover Opportunity turns 13 years old on the Red Planet. She’s officially a teenager!

2. People’s Space

The public contributes so much wonderful art that we decided to make a place to share it. Enjoy!

3. Ready for a Close Up

Our Juno spacecraft recently got a closer look at Jupiter’s Little Red Spot. The craft’s JunoCam imager snapped this shot of Jupiter’s northern latitudes on December 2016, as the spacecraft performed a close flyby of the gas giant. The spacecraft was at an altitude of 10,300 miles above Jupiter’s cloud tops.

4. A New Test for Life on Other Planets 

A simple chemistry method could vastly enhance how scientists search for signs of life on other planets. The test uses a liquid-based technique known as capillary electrophoresis to separate a mixture of organic molecules into its components. It was designed specifically to analyze for amino acids, the structural building blocks of all life on Earth.

5. Blurring the Line Between Asteroid and Comet  

Our NEOWISE mission recently discovered some celestial objects traveling through our neighborhood, including one on the blurry line between asteroid and comet. An object called 2016 WF9 was detected by the NEOWISE project in November 2016 and it’s in an orbit that takes it on a scenic tour of our solar system. A different object, discovered by NEOWISE a month earlier, is more clearly a comet, releasing dust as it nears the sun.

Discover the full list of 10 things to know about our solar system this week HERE.

Make sure to follow us on Tumblr for your regular dose of space: http://nasa.tumblr.com

Here’s a much more flexible diagram of Hogwarts/Ilvermorny house overlap than the rudimentary one I made on iPhone Notes a couple of days ago. My friend Jenn Levine expertly crafted this! It allows for some much-needed flexibility for, say, Ravenclaws in Thunderbird or, Hufflepuffs in Wampus.

I fully realize that JKR on Twitter has said there is no correlation between Hogwarts and Ilvermorny houses. I won’t argue! But, based on the initial writing, these traits still match up for me closest in this way. I’m thrilled that this idea should look so clean, and really just have my friends to thank. Jenn, and everyone else for their support on this.

Venn design by Jenn Levine, based on a theory by Eric Scull.


12th Day, Month of Songs

I finally come to realize it ain’t enough just to have a tattoo. A tattoo is nothing but a pretty picture put in your skin. That’s all.


How Attainable are your Favorite Hero’s MUSCLES? COMIC BOOK/ANIME MUSCLES are they worth it?

NEW VIDEO for those who happen to give a F*ck. Every single one of us has been inspired by a Fictional Character. 

Whether it be their Charisma, Personality or Never Give up Attitude but one thing a lot of folks look at is the Character’s Physique. Their RIDICULOUSLY OVER JACKED MUSCLES!! 

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Some of us look at and say thats too much, Others look in awe and DREAM to possess a Body that looks Crafted Out of Marble and we work on our Fitness Gainz daily to achieve something close. 

BUT would it really be worth it to attain your favorite character’s body in Real life? 

Well today we take a look. 

 this video took days of editing and research to be honest so REBLOGS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED

Things This INTP Likes

- Times when you’re speaking out loud and you suddenly connect two disparate ideas … Thanks, Ne!

- One absolutely perfect moment of music in a song

- Snowfall at night, where you can sense the flakes hitting the ground

- Anytime a mathematical concept clicks in your head

- Battles of wit with a good friend

- Making obscure foods using difficult kitchen techniques

- Reading a sentence perfectly crafted

- The first sip of coffee in the morning

- Looking out the window and seeing a deer in the backyard

- Walking into a room and catching a whiff of some wonderful candle scent

- Learning a new grammatical concept

- Thinking in another language without thinking about it

- That moment when you wake up and realize it’s your day off

- When a baby reaches its arms out to you

- Laughing until your lungs are weak

There are more, but these are just a few of the things that make me happy. And don’t we all need a bit of happiness right now?

Day in the Life of a Plush Maker:
  • 1% Blogging about plush
  • 2% Looking at plush
  • 10% Making lists of plush I want to make
  • 2% Shopping for fabric for plush
  • 5% Actually making plush

It seems I spend most of my life on the floor looking for various sharp and cylindrical items that have rolled away.

If you wondering where the space for sleep is, that’s it. That’s my life. I haven’t slept a full night in over a week. I’m tired, grumpy, AND my bobbin pot just fell off the desk and threw 64 bobbins across the floor.


There’s something to say about actors who lose an extreme amount of weight to play a role in a film. To become so thin that they look emaciated and close to dying, to be weak and irritable from the lack of food, and loosing whatever previous muscle tone they once had indicates an unflaggible dedication to their craft. To put their bodies on the line for the sake of realism so that we filmgoers can watch their deteroration happen before our eyes on the big screen and know that it’s quite possibly the only non artificial thing in the entire film shows a true passion for their art.


As winter approaches, looking back on some of the snow photography I’ve done! 

These are all sculptures made from polymer clay over wire and foil. They are all about 4-8 inches large. Made between 2011 and 2015. Hopefully we have some pretty days that I can do some snow photography this year too. 

Cleansing & Charging Crystals

Many of us use crystals in their craft. Maybe you just like the way they look, how they make you feel or what they represent. But did you ever pick up your favourite crystal and left it at home because it just didn‘t feel right? Well, maybe it‘s just time to cleanse it. The things we carry around each day pick up the same energies we feel or experience in some way, so they need time to rest. This feature can also be used to give said crystal more strength or your desired property.




Charging & Enchanting





In the end suggestions and ideas from those posts are not something you have to do. Do what feels right but keep in mind that some crystals can break or fade under some circumstances. Always do your own research and check out the links below.

How not to charge and cleanse your crystals



Dear fellow witches,

May your garden be fruitful,
Your water sweet,
Your shade everlasting.

May your day be filled with love and light;
The blessings of a forest sprite.
May your sky be filled with twinkling starlight
And soft, glowing moonlight.
May you get lost in the wonders of your magick tonight
May mysterious forces guide you in your rite.
Hold crystals tight and leave behind your plight.
May you move with the tides
As you take daring strides.
May you practice your craft with pride,
May pesky, prying eyes look aside.

May you charm and enchant with all your might,
May you find solace in a gentle breeze tonight.


Class Appreciation Week, Day 1: Favourite Character

“That’s not even the third weirdest thing I have seen this month.”

While April resents being perceived as nice and Tanya struggles with the fact that her age sets her apart and affects how the others see her, Ram tries to craft an image for himself, fit for Coal Hill’s arrogant star footballer. But it’s a sloppy attempt, at best, of a boy who assures “I shag around!” after taking a leap into a world of shadows with only one look back, to think of his father.

Ram mimes the bully, but picks on the only boy in the school whose reaction to his taunts will only be light bewilderment. Even if he doesn’t appear to care much about his academic performance, when his insecurities surface, he suddenly becomes a stickler for detail - it’s a “meteor of truth”, after all. Ram isolates himself from others and doesn’t even seem to have friends on the football team, but the second he begins to open up, we see just how much he cares. He might remain abrasive and likely to lash out under pressure, but that does not make him any less loyal, brave or smart. And with all these contradictions, he is firmly the hero of Class. And imperfect, rash hero. With so much love to give and so much depth to show for it.

Speaking of Journals...

I spent a good portion of the day scouring Etsy for rustic looking leather bound journals and oh my gosh I was not disappointed! Allow me to shamelessly express my love for my favourite of them all: 


I mean

just look

at these!!!

They even make miniatures!

In boxes!

And some are wearable as necklaces!


I’m still gushing over their gorgeous designs, even now. They’re based in New Zealand, and a little on the higher end of the price scale, but the love and effort that goes into crafting these one of a kind journals is practically oozing from them. They have so much character! I can’t wait until mine arrives! :3

All images are borrowed from the shop listings, all credit to Bibliographica

calli’s fic picks - 11/9/16

It’s not a good day, friends. Even my computer has it in for me. I was halfway through crafting this post when it just randomly restarted… something a Mac just… usually doesn’t do. It must be the apocalypse. So I will start over. Because I feel like we need these fic recs today. It’s important. We have to heal ourselves and fanfic is a viable means to do that. So if you need a break from the doom and gloom, check out these works: 

Is it Real? by @supersillyanddorky06 - Achingly beautiful look at the balcony scene from 5x05. I know this one hurt us, fam. But Matty helps us get a little perspective on what might have been going on in Oliver’s head here. 

And So She Was Addressed As Mistress by AshesTheTerrible - this one isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s got some pretty hardcore BDSM elements to it. But underneath that there’s something amazing being said about these characters and their emotions and motivations and it just gets better with each update. 

Into You Like a Train by @hannasus - I know I’ve recc’d this one before but it’s just so good that I want to make sure you guys are reading it. Arrow on a movie set… who knew that was a itch that I needed to be scratched??

I Wrote Your Name in My Heart by @alanna-the-lionheart - This also isn’t for the faint of heart… it deals with a severely traumatized Oliver. But that’s also what makes it so beautiful too. Felicity and Dig have just recovered him after he was kidnapped and tortured and the man they rescued bears little resemblance to the one they lost. 

It’s Better to Light a Candle, than Curse the Darkness by blackeyedgurl - Have you ever wished that things went differently after 3x07? This is a lovely little canon divergent look at what might have come if Oliver had decided to fight for Felicity after seeing her kiss Ray. 

Just Another Wednesday by @hannasus - ANOTHER one by Sus! She’s been batting 1000 lately. If you find yourself aching for an Olicity reunion and sweet smuttiness, this is the fic for you. 

Something Real by @dust2dust34 - Like Matty’s response to 5x05, this one goes into the fallout from that episode but Bre steps into Felicity’s head and gives some heartbreaking insight. This one is messy and angsty and beautiful and possibly my fave post 5x05 fic yet. 

Sneezes and Secrets by @theshipsfirstmate - Do you want some fluffy silliness and sweet distraction? Here you go. Perfect little helping of awesome right here. 

Purge Night by @spaztronautwriter - I have NEVER seen The Purge. But the concept is super interesting and this fic is, so far, amazing! Felicity gets caught out on Purge Night and is taken in by Dig and the Queens. Only is it as safe inside as she thought? 

In Deed and in Truth by @machawicket - this one is so sweet already. It’s about how Oliver shows his love in actions and starts out with a beautiful vignette about how Oliver fills Felicity’s need for coffee in light of the demands he’s placed on her time. Can’t wait to see where this goes!

Reunited and it Feels so Good by @felicityollies - do you just need some good old-fasioned reunion smut? I mean, who doesn’t, right? This one has what you need. 

Pet Names by @entersomethingcleverhere - now I KNOW I needed this one. This is a very sweet look at some of the pet names Felicity has for Oliver and how he knows what she’s thinking at any given time based on the name she gives him. If you need some fluff infusion STAT go read this. 

Keep reading fic, fandom. I’m trying to keep writing, despite my own upset with the world, because fanfic really does help. It sounds trivial but it’s not. I hope this little list helps, we can use all the help we can get this week!