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The perfect visual to match this perfect line


170624 - Fansign Fanacc - OP asked Joshua and Jeonghan laughed



Got my head in the clouds

And my feet up off of the ground 

I feel like death is chasing me down

But today I’m, I’m gonna superpower, superpower

@eddsworldweek day 5: song! 

I really love Power Edd, and this song, Superpower by the X Ambassadors! 

Running In Plaid Pt. 2

I hope you enjoy this part two, anon! :)

Jonathan watched the news, checking on the internment camps every now and then. They were to last until the bombings were officially done and over with. Hell to nah. That would take YEARS.

He leaned back in his computer swivel chair and sighed, hearing birds tweeting outside and soft rustling behind him. Wait… Rustling behind him? He lived alone… Well, minus the great many Asians he was thrilled upon saving at that exact moment.

“Hello?” Jonathan called out, swiveling around with a delightful yet curious grin.

And there’s the barrel of a gun. His grin drooped, “Uh… Hi? That’s a nice greeting you got there.”

“You got one jus’ like it?”

Jonathan froze up, judging by the skin tone, complexion, and accent, this was NOT a US soldier. AT ALL. “U-Um… No. I’m strictly pessimist. I have a few kitchen knives though, i-if you’d like to come meet th-them though?”

The guy with the gun frowned, ““Stand up, American. Come meet me in your back yard. My friends are waiting.”

“Y-Your friends?” Jonathan bit his lip nervously but nodded his head and swallowed anxiously.

The guy nodded and grabbed Jonathan by the hair, pulling him up straight and throwing him by his hair onto the floor on his stomach. “O-oof!” Jonathan grunted, a hand traveling to his head in pain.

He groaned as the guy pulled his hair up again and commanded, “Up, American Scum!”

Jonathan huffed softly, his hands gripping on the roughed up hand gripping his hair tightly. He moaned in pain softly, biting his lip to muffle his noises of protest as he gradually made his way up from the ground. As the guy kicked open the door, Jonathan peeked open an eye to see Evan and the other Asians he’d saved standing and talking to the guys with guns so simply.

Evan immediately looked over to see the guy kick Jonathan onto the ground with his military standard boot with his hand still gripping Jonathan’s hair. “H-Hey! Let him go! 그분을 석방시켜 주시 ​​오!“ Evan rushed over to stop the man from pulling the trigger as he pointed the gun at Jonathan’s head.

Jonathan yelped as the man let go of his hair and removed his boot from the back of his blue hoodie.

Jonathan groaned and shifted so he was kneeling on the ground. He glanced at Evan and thanked him with a bow of his head.

Evan smiled and knelt down next to him, hugging the male with great fondness, “Thanks Jonathan.”

Jonathan froze, “E–Evan?”

Evan grinned and nodded, “I knew you’d be here somewhere in NC, mother fucker.”

Sorry it’s so short. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Drama Recommendation

welcome to the segment I call Ranxie Recommends!!!.. lol that sounded like what a Vlogger would say oh demn!🤦

HARD NUT! ( ハードナッツ! )


it has all the perfect ingredients that define my style…

  • It revolves around Mathematics   ✔️
  • its crime and investigation   ✔️
  • beautiful casts  ✔️
  • Slight tinge of romance   ✔️
  • best of all its hardcore COMEDY  ✔️✔️✔️

What more could I ask for.. it was just sugoi for me.


the story is basically a genius girl and a detective using Mathematical approach to solving difficult cases.

“Unbeknownst to us all, our reality operates according to mathematical laws.”

I particularly love this line because it just stated the fundamental truth…

YES, PEOPLE!!! Whether you like it or not MATH IS ESSENTIAL!

As an engineer, I have a fair background to those technical terms, mathematical equations and principles that were used so perhaps I had more in-depth understanding of what she was saying but don’t worry everything was simplified into layman’s term so you’ll still completely understand it.

Every case shown in here was very interesting (even though I immediately predicted all the real killer just by the start), how they played it out on how it would be solved was already enough to keep me pinned to my seat. and the leads are just adorable enough to entertain you.

The only set back is there were a lot of questions left unanswered in the end. I’ve read a comment (dated 2014) that they’ll do season 2 but it’s already 2017, therefore the probability of that happening is very low now


Ah for ones they’ve portrayed a genus being quirky(not serious and moody), friendly(not antisocial), kind(not rude), and cutesy(not prim and proper). Not your typical genius trope. I JUST PLAINLY LOVE HER.She gave color to the show and her comical antics were the best! I had a good laugh.

Your typical detective that has mysteries surrounding him. but unluckily none of it was revealed… His past remained in the shadows.

but nonetheless, I pretty much like all the characters even the annoying ones lol!


I give it 8.5/10… because of a number of unresolved issues I cant give it a perfect score but it was one of the best crime dramas I’ve seen so far.

I bet after you finished it you’ll appreciate the power of Math.. Don’t go hatin’ on it. Well, you might not see the importance of those X and Ys doing with your life but try to at least try to appreciate for you can’t escape it, any field of profession you go Math is required.

As also tackled in this show, the things you are using and doing today ALL used Math to make it possible… for short you won’t be even enjoying the comfort of your life now without Math principles.(wow that felt like I just gave an inspirational talk about Mathematics)

so go watch this drama you’ll have a better understanding how it works.

Plus I assure you won’t be bored because the casts are just too funny and cute.

JAA NE!! ( ^_^)/