look at this boy i!!!!!!!!!!!!

Schneep is absolutely fascinated with Marvin’s magic. He’ll always be one of Marv’s biggest fans and constantly wants the magician to show him how all of his tricks work. Some of their best bonding moments are when they’re hunched over Marvin’s work desk and Schneep gets all awestruck and excited and sings Marvin’s praises for his ingenuity.

As soon as I wrote that headcanon for this post, I knew I would have to draw it eventually! Help, I’m in love with these cuties And it’s like the admin from Marv’s protection squad said, we don’t get to see them being nice to each other very often, for some reason! I don’t get that :/ You’ve all seen how nice the two of them are, right? So here, have some nice fluff between them! 

Not your typical clown. Here’s Croxie!

This is a gift for @vialdovi!

Bc I seriously love what you do, and also, I love so much your clown boi <3

De verdad, amo mucho lo que haces. Me llenas siempre de inspiración y tus dibujo son simplemente la perfección misma para mi. ♥

I really hope that you like it! ♥♥♥♥


shhhhhhh guys……… ur favorite boft (big soft) boy is sleeping