look at this beauty

new neighbors au: sugar

by @u-look-beautiful-today

  • ok so sugar is like the sweetest doggo ever
  • she’s a gorgeous pitbull with a white coat and a few light brown spots on her
  • she’s shaw’s
  • shaw’s mom thought a dog would help her daughter’s anger and show her how to really care for something
  • shaw does car,e it’s just quieter than everyone else’s
  • shaw’s dad came back home from his 3rd and final tour in the marines a few weeks before christmas of shaw’s 8th grade year
  • needless to say shaw got her christmas present 2 weeks early
  • her dad arrives home at like 2am
  • the airport is actual hell
  • of course shaw and her mom were awake on the couch playing mario kart
  • they were playing mortal kombat but /someone/ threw a fit when they lost
  • it wasn’t sameen
  • 100% mrs shaw
  • mortal kombat was /her/ shit and her daughter just won for the 10th time in a row
  • anyway
  • mr shaw comes home and there’s hugs and tears and shaw feels warm inside
  • then her father goes outside and comes back with a little white ball
  • that’s wiggling
  • shaw is speechless and gently cradles the little puppy
  • the little pitbull starts covering her face in kisses and cuddles up to her
  • shaw’s cousin, gen, told her once that her feelings were there, they were just turned way down
  • in this moment shaw 100% believes those feelings are turned way up
  • it’s slightly overwhelming
  • her parents were expecting a name like jaws or rex or ghost
  • nope
  • shaw choses ‘sugar’ a few minutes after holding her
  • sugar loves everyone
  • she’s no guard dog
  • she greets everyone with doggie kisses and demanding belly rubs
  • sugar also has separation anxiety
  • after christmas break was over and shaw had to go back to school sugar freaked the hell out
  • completely trashed the laundry room
  • chewed her food bowl apart, ripped the washing machine hose out, destroyed her bed, flung her water bowl and wrecked the baby gate they had up
  • shaw’s bedroom door was clawed to no end
  • the front door had some scratches on it
  • when shaw’s mom got home for lunch she genuinely thought someone broke it
  • sugar tackled her and scared the shit outta her
  • sugar just covered her in puppy kisses
  • it didn’t take mrs shaw long to figure out what happened
  • sure she was upset but sugar was just a pup and scared
  • but after a few weeks of this happening every day something was up
  • lot of research and a vet trip later they find out dogs can have separation anxiety
  • shaw definitely feels a tug on her insides hearing that
  • they learn how to adjust to it and by now sugar does really good when shaw’s gone
  • it helps that shaw sticks to her schedule of leaving every morning at the same time and coming home for lunch and returning home around the same time every evening
  • it’s a little difficult when shaw has games and she can’t make it home at her scheduled times
  • shaw’s parents always try to bring sugar to all of shaw’s games
  • but even then sugar does really well as long as mr or mrs shaw is home
  • shaw has spent many hours and months into training sugar
  • sugar knows commands in both farsi and english
  • shaw doesn’t need a leash for her anymore
  • she stays by shaw and never gets distracted by other dogs or people or cars
  • sugar loves when shaw takes her for saturday morning runs
  • that dog can run for hours
  • she can also lowkey play soccer with shaw
  • she sleeps in shaw’s bed every night
  • even tho she has like 4 dog beds all around the house
  • some very expensive dog beds
  • she’s spoiled af okay
  • only the best dog food and treats for her
  • a nice black collar with her name stitched in it
  • a shit ton of dog toys
  • shaw even got her little boots and a vest for the winter
  • shaw loves her baby okay
  • sugar loves the water
  • they had a pool and shaw definitely let her puppy play in it with her
  • sugar is a natural in the water
  • baths are no problem for her
  • mostly because shaw puts on her trunks and sits in the tub with her
  • sugar will just sit in shaw’s lap and let her clean her
  • sugar is terrified of thunder
  • she’ll run around the house and try to jump into everyone’s arms
  • she’ll only calm down if she’s in the closet sitting in shaw’s lap
  • shaw doesn’t mind she loves when sugar sits in her lap
  • she’s warm and it makes both shaw and sugar feel safe
  • shaw would go to the ends of the earth for sugar

“You’re inviting me in just like that?” Reborn resists the urge to blanch, out of fear for his own reputation. Then he remembers that Tsunayoshi is probably blind. “What are you, a lemming?”

“Only if you’re actually planning to kill me.” Tsunayoshi looks up at him, and for a moment, Reborn wishes he wasn’t blind. “You’re not, right?”

Because Reborn doesn’t know how to put into words just how much he would never think about killing Tsunayoshi. Not now. Not ever. Not unless there was no other choice, no other way, nothing else they could do. Not unless there was no other way to save him.

(But, Reborn is quite selfish and arrogant in that sense. He thinks he is the way to save him. That this is the way to salvation. This path. This choice.)

“No,” he says, and hopes his voice doesn’t sound as choked as it feels. “I’m not.”

- nip thy affections (in the bloome); ch2

that one au where reborn is groundhogging his way through multiple lives/cycles and suddenly there is a 30yo gardener tsuna inviting him in bc apparently the other arcobaleno won’t stop talking about reborn

the hand rake has probably been a murder weapon at some point.


Hello there~ (๑・v・๑)
I don’t know if anyone remembers me from the dmmd roast stream but just as promised I got my Aoba wig so I’ll be jumping on the cosplay wagon as well if that’s alright (*´∀`*)
The wig still needs some styling and I have to redo my make-up but here’s my version of Owba *laughs*



honestly i felt like i was looking at the sun she’s so overwhelmingly beautiful

she was also very happy that i found pascal!! she said that he liked to hide in her dress a lot since he blends in with it super well

and then we just talked about baking a lot omg she got so excited when I said I liked to bake??? “you like to bake chocolate chip cookies?? i like to eat chocolate chip cookies!!” “same.”

i just… don’t even have words for how beautiful and perfect she was wow wow so gentle and Good

Call out post for @deathcabforjohnlock and @shanakin:

Reblogged that post about being ugly when they’re aesthetically #goals like

Sharanya has super cute hair that always looks good whenever I see her and Deirdre is fashionable as fuck with outfit coordination I only dream of having and both of them have wonderful smiles and I could continue for two more hours


I remember @beachesandfriends messaging me a long time ago asking if I’d check out her YouTube channel, I did and I knew she was something special. So talented!! Now look at ya girl!! Slaying on Morphe’s Instagram!


yalitmeme: nine quotes [4/9] ♡ a world without princes | soman chainani

IT’S THE PROBLEM with fairy tales. from far away, they seem so perfect. but up close, they’re just as complicated as real life”