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Imagine: Chris waving at his little girl (and wife) behind the camera from the stage at Comic Con. 

Rating: G
Warnings: FLUFF!!!! Daddy!Chris, Husband!Chris
Summary: Chris brings his family to San Diego Comic Con as he promote Avengers: Age of Ultron. As his wife takes photographs/videos of him onstage, Chris couldn’t help but smile and wave to his family.
Note: Hi @writingcreatingstorytelling @mumbles411 @ariallane @jamesgiuseppe, I hope you don’t mind me giving this idea of yours a little revamp. Hope you enjoy!

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How to write fiction, XF-style

So I attended a creative writing workshop on the weekend and once again was reminded about how to craft a piece of fiction so that it shines. I’ve also been editing my own (non XF) work and beta reading a little lately, as well as meeting/reading emerging writers. So I had a little fun while I’ve been home sick and put on my XF hat to create a little list of writing tips. They’re under the cut because I don’t want to fill up dashes with condescending advice or to preach to the hugely talented bunch of writers who exist on this site. It’s just for fun.

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Summary: You’re Daryls stepdaughter and when he returns to Alexandria with Negan, Negan takes an interest in you so you make a deal with him to trade places with Daryl.

I was awoken by the sound of cars; I looked out my window and saw multiple cars and trucks waiting outside the gates of Alexandria.
“Y/N” I heard my mum call from downstairs;pulling my attention away from the window. I ran downstairs and saw my mum looking out of a window, holding my four year old sister in her arms. She then turned her attention to me and passed me my baby sister.
“I need you to stay in here with your sister, okay?” She said as she kissed my sister’s head.
“Mum, what’s going on?” I asked confused as to why there were cars and trucks outside…however the thing that confused (and worried) me more was the look on my mums face…she looked terrified, I hadn’t seen her this way since the start of the apocalypse.
“Y/N/N, please, just do this for me ,okay?Stay here.” She said as she placed a kiss on him forehead and quickly left the house.

Time skip…
It had been about ten minutes since mum sent outside, I was sat in the room cradling my sister whilst she played with my long strands of hair. I heard the door open, and I was expecting my mum to walk into the room…but it wasn’t. The people that were in the room were strangers to me, and before I could say anything I was dragged out of the house whilst my sister was still in my arms.
“Get your hands off my daughters” I heard my mum yell as she ran over to me.
“Are you okay Y/N/N” she asked, glaring at the men who had dragged me out.
“Mum, I’m okay, I’m fine, we both are” I said softly, giving her a reassuring smile.
“Well, well,well, what do we have here” I heard someone say, I looked behind my mum to see a tall man with a salt and pepper beard holding a baseball bats wrapped in barbed wire, and behind him I saw my step-dad,Daryl…he looked terrible..instantly I knew who these men were…they were the Saviours..they were the people who killed Abraham and Glenn..and this guy who was standing infront of me was their leader…Negan.
“Well aren’t you a fucking sight,” Negan said as he walked closer towards me. My mum sent to say something but I quickly shot her a look, telling her to not say anything, in fear of what could possibly happen. I quickly passed my younger sister to my mum’s Negan continued to walk over to me.
“What’s your name, darling?” He asked asked as he looked me in the eyes.
“Y/N” I whispered, looking down trying to avoid his gaze.
“A beautiful name for a fucking stunning lady” Negan said as he lightly gripped my chin. I could see my mum and Daryl glaring at him out of the corner of my eye…lets just say that if looks could kill, Negan would be dead.
“The trucks are loaded, sir” I heard one of the Saviours say , Negan simply nodded and smiled at me before walking to the gate.
I heard Rick ask Negan if Daryl could stay, his reply didn’t really shock me , of course he’d say no. I didn’t know what to do, I knew that the group needed Daryl… I knew my mum needed him, she was falling apart without him. So, I walked towards Negan,. much to everyone’s shock.
“I’ll go with you…if you let Daryl stay here,” I heard my mum protest as she ran towards me on!Y to be stopped by Rick who knew that if she did anything then something terrible could happen.
“Well doll, that is one hell of a fucking offer” he said as he walked towards​ me with a smug smiled plastered on his face. He walked closer to me until our faces were inches apart.
“Deal” he said, before turning his attention to Rick and my mum, as they began talking I was pulled into a hug by Daryl.
“What the hell are ya doing,Y/N?” He asked quietly
“The guys need you more than they need me” I replied simply,as I broke away from the hug.
“We’ll get you out okay,I promise, we’ll get you out. He reassured me, I nodded and gave him a reassuring smile.
Before I could say goodbye to my mum and the others,Negan ushered me to the truck.
“Look after them okay?” I shouted to Daryl as I entered the truck.
“Always” he yelled back as he held my mum who was crying in his arms.

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could you do a nsfw scenario involving body worship with sidon? like his s/o (preferably female) is touching all of his scars and being gentle and sweet and just generally very loving because i am 100 percent down for him being shown love and affection ; v ;

Female s/o body worshiping him(Sidon)

Beloved-ah-, what are you doing?”

(Name) lifted her head from kissing his chest, looking up at Sidon with soft eyes.

“Kissing you. Why?”
“I can see -groan- certainly feel that. But why-.. why right there..?” He gestured to his chest- where a large scar zig-zagged across the broad area. Long since had it healed, but it’s color made it stand out against him. (Name)’s lips continued to softly meet it, her eyes never leaving his gaze.

“They’re like… *kiss* how do I put this… *kiss* they’re a part of you *kiss*  Like… Getting them was unpleasant, sure, but *kiss* just like they added experience to your life, you added beauty *kiss* to them. You took this painful time and made *kiss* it a part of you, and grew stronger despite it all *kiss*. And I… I think that’s kind of beautiful…” She shot up from his waist, looking at him deeply. “Sorry, was that too much? Didn’t mean to come off as-”



“Please… don’t stop…” She smirked down at him, and took it all in. His flustered cheeks, his glazed eyes, his hands on her cheeks trying to get more of her kisses- everything.

You’re going to have to be more specific darling. The kisses or the words?”
Both. Please.”

“As you wish, my Prince~”

I think this might be one of the worst NSFW scenarios I’ve ever written, I’m so sorry

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24 jamilton plzzz btw MTB was AMAZING

ackk thank you!!

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Who is embarrassed when they have to wear their glasses and who thinks they look super cute?

“Babe, where are my glasses?” Alex asked, flipping over newspaper after newspaper on their coffee table.

“Are they on your desk?” Thomas asked, coming into the living room holding two cups of tea. 

“No, I checked… Did you use them?” Alex asked. 

“I don’t think so…” Thomas shrugged, taking a sip from one mug of tea. “Here babe, sit down, have your tea.”

Pouting, Alex plopped down on the couch, and Thomas sat next to him, passing him a mug. 

“I wish I didn’t have to wear glasses,” Alex grumbled. 

“Why?” Thomas asked, wrapping an arm around his soulmate’s shoulders. 

Alex looked up at him incredulously. “Are you kidding? I lose them all the time, and when I do have them… they make my face look all… boxy.” 

“Darling, you look beautiful no matter what,” Thomas assured him, kissing his temple gently. 

“You’re just saying that,” Alex mumbled, looking down. 

Thomas’ brow furrowed. He took Alex’s tea mug out of his hand and put it on the coffee table. Alex shot him a curious look before he was pulled into a warm, tight hug. His small frame relaxed slightly, and Thomas kissed his hair gently. 

“Feel better?” Thomas asked, pulling back from the hug a little. Alex cuddled into his side, not wanting their embrace to end. 

“A bit…” Alex murmured. 

Thomas looked down at his husband and smiled. “Well, you’re about to feel a lot better, because I just found your glasses,” he laughed, pulling them off Alex’s head and handing them to him. 

His face flushed as he took them, quickly shoving them onto his face. “Thanks, T,” he mumbled sheepishly, and was quickly wrapped in another hug. 

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Maybe Hanzo with a sea witch s/o? always dragging him to the beach at the weirdest times, hoarding sea shells and all her candles are ocean themed.

(This is for a darling follower and friend who made a donation to our Extra Life campaign! If you would like a quick request, please join us in our STREAM or DONATE to us directly <3. Remember this is for the kids!!)

You absolutely loved being stationed at Watchpoint Gibraltar. The smell of the sea water, the sound of the oceans rolling and twisting, the waves crashing into rocks and creating a permanent sound of bewitchment. You were a water witch, blessed with the ability of aquakinesis, a generational gift that was passed down to you from your foremothers as an award for your continued piety. The spirits were fair, some kind, others mischevious, a few openly blasé but still you respected and cherished them all. This was one of the reasons that made you appreciate your boyfriend so much. 

More often than not, people would dismiss you outright when you spoke of the spirits and your gifts; reducing your talents to ‘science’ despite you performing techniques when in nothing but a bathing suit and your deities to ‘unproven beliefs’. Hanzo, however, respected your spiritual work, spoke to you about it and encouraged it. He was no stranger to skeptics; his spirit dragons often dismissed as hardlight or nanotechnology adapted to his family’s ‘aesthetics’ and symbols so he knew better than to mock you for your own beliefs. The two of you had bonded during his travels, he able to see your spirits and his able to be seen by you. The both of you respected one another's respective spirits; his dragons warming up to you quickly when you presented them treats and shiny gifts and Hanzo accompanied you whenever you went scavenging for tributes to them. 

This is how you found yourself rushing down the path that led towards the beach, Hanzo’s fingers laced with your own, and Ame and Yuuki racing ahead of you twisting around one another. The summer days burned hot but gave way as the sun went down, warmth tolerable and sea comfortably cool instead of freezing cold. The moon was high in the sky, bright and full and casting light down onto the world, making it the perfect night to not only scavenge but give thanks to your spirits for protecting your newfound family. A vivacious energy rolled through you, as your feet sunk into the sand, a giddy giggle bubbling up from your lips as you looked over your shoulder at your boyfriend that was humoring you. 

“Isn’t it beautiful”, you asked happily, smiling wide and motioning at how the ocean sparkled off of the calmly rolling waters.

“Very but I think your beauty still rivals it my dearest”, Hanzo answers back with a soft chuckle, a small smile pulling at his lips as he noticed the blush that burned across your cheeks. 

“Flatterer”, you shot back in a small, yet pleased voice before Ame came rushing back to you, dropping a rose pink shell happily into your hand. “Oh wow thank you Ame darling! It’s perfect.”

Yuuki not to be outdone rushed back and dropped a thin opalescent ‘unicorn horn’ in front of you, tail swishing from side to side arrogantly. You snorted as the two rushed away again, determined to find something better and earn more praise from you. Hanzo scoffed, staring as his ‘mighty spirit dragons’ competed for your affections. Keeping a content smile on your lips, you continued to walk into the ocean, until the water stopped at your knees. Dropping your hands briefly, you smiled as the water swirled around you, droplets of water rising and lapping at your fingertips. 

Hanzo gave you space as he settled onto the sand, watching as the water swallowed you and smiling with open affection as you venerated your familial protectors. He would allow you this time and when it was done he would ask you how it all had gone, as he always did. 

You Have To Stay. {Obi-Wan Kenobi X Reader}

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Anonymous said:
Hey! Can i make a request? I was just wondering if you could do an imagine or headcanon where the reader is on a mission with Obi Wan and it goes terribly wrong where you get very badly hurt and how he reacts to i

Anonymous said:
Hey friend can can you do an obi imagine where you and obi go on a mission and you get hurt and when he thinks he’s going to lose you he tells you how he loves you and then you survive and you two live happily ever after? Thanks!

“Are you sure you’re okay with me tagging along with you on this mission?” you asked Obi-Wan with a shy smile.

“Of course, I asked for you specifically. You’re an amazing Jedi Y/N, give yourself some credit darling,” Obi-Wan smiled and wrapped his arm around your shoulder beaming down at you, causing your heart to flutter. Yeah of course you had a crush on the Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi, he's so handsome and kind. He’s an amazing mentor and makes you feel so good about yourself, he’s basically asking you to fall for him.

“T-Thanks,” you muttered kicking the floor under your feet in embarrassment.

“Come on darling, we’re nearly there,” Obi-Wan smilied, patting your shoulder and walking away.


“Obi-Wan this seems like a bad idea,” you whispered as you snuck past the Imperial Guards.

“Shh love, just stay close to me and you’ll be fine. This is where Anakin is and we need to get him before he does something dangerous,” Obi-Wan whispered back to you and smiled at his accurate prediction about Anakin.

You both continued to sneak quietly to the chambers where Anakin was being held. “Master,” Anakin mumbled when he saw the both of you. “Y/N.”

“Anakin,” you smiled as you broke him out of the cell.

“I was beginning to think neither of you would come to my aid, I was thinking of a plan to escape,” Anakin admitted as he hugged you and Obi,

“Told you,” Obi-Wan smiled and winked at you, causing Anakin to scrunch his face up at the thought of his Master talking about him behind his back.

“Eh, can we just get out of here please before they notice I’m gone,” Anakin snapped, grabbing both your arms and running towards the exit. You had your hand close to your lightsaber the same as Obi-Wan however Anakin was just running quietly, desperate to get away. All of a sudden, close to the exit, you made a noise due to something on the floor causing the Imperial Guards to turn their attention to where you, Obi-Wan and Anakin stood still in shock.

“Oh not good,” Obi-Wan whispered getting his lightsaber out and igniting it ready for battle - you and Anakn doing the same.

Lightsabers and blasters flew everywhere as you, Obi-Wan and Anakin battled the Imperial Guards. “W-We did it!” You exclaimed as Obi-Wan killed the last Guard, well as you thought.

“Y/N!” Obi-Wan yelled as he saw another Guard stand behind you pointing his blaster before pulling the trigger and being hit.  “Y/N!” he screamed again as Anakin killed the Guard and he rushed to your side.

“Master,” Anakin sighed.

“No, no, no, Y/N please, stay with me darling,” he panicked placing his hand on your cheek as tears fell from his face.

“Master we need to go,” Anakin said placing his hand on Obi-Wan’s shoulder.

“I’m not leaving her Anakin!” Obi-Wan snapped, turning to Anakin to see him smirking.

“Of course we aren’t leaving her. Her fate will be the same as ours,” Anakin smirked pushing Obi away and picking you up and placing you on his back. "I knew you loved her Master.“

"Just go Anakin she’s bleeding!” Obi-Wan snapped in a panic and rushed to the ship you and him had came in.  


“Y/N,” Obi-Wan whispered as he sat by your side and looked at you lay in a bed in the med bay, his hand intertwined with yours. “Just wake up my love. Please. I need you and I can’t believe it’s taken me until a tragedy like this to realise that I… I love you.” Tears fell down his face and with his free hand he wiped them away and began to talk to you. “Please wake up darling, please. I beg you.”

“O-Obi-W-Wan?” you choked out, as you opened your eyes and tried to sit up however gasping in pain.

“Y/N!” He yelped in excitement, removing his hand from yours and placing it on your cheek as he grinned. “My beautiful darling Y/N. You woke up, darling you woke up!”

“I-I did. Wh-What happened?” You groaned, your face going red from embarrassment from Obi calling you beautiful and his but also because you looked so vulnerable in front of him.

“You got shot by a blaster. I-I thought you were never going to wake up. I thought-I thought my chance to tell you was gone!” he explained quickly.

“To-To tell me what?” You mumbled, finally sitting up and staring Obi in the eyes.

“That you’re my galaxy Y/N, and-and I love you,” he whispered before placing his lips on yours in a soft yet passionate kiss.

“Master Kenobi,” you whispered against his lips and nodded. “I love you too.”


A few days later you had been released from the medbay and were able to go home, Obi-Wan had stayed with you all day and all night and kept reassuring you of his undying love for you and that he was sorry he didn’t protect you when he should. “Come on love, Anakin is waiting outside for us,” Obi-Wan smiled and took your hand before walking outside to Anakin.

“What’s this?” Anakin asked, smirking and looking in between your joined hands.

“Exactly what it looks like,” Obi smirked smugly. “Anakin, take me and Y/N t the Council.”

“Why Master?” Anakin asked, raising his eyebrow.

“We’re leaving the Jedi Order to be together,” Obi smiled before turning to you and nodding and pressing his lips to yours.

Here we go anons!  I hope this is okay :’)

Sorry I’m terrible at writing action/battle scenes so i’m sorry it’s so short lmao


Requests are open, send ‘em in.

Seal The Deal With A Kiss ~Crowley Imagine~

Hello humans! I’m so, so sorry it’s been so long since I’ve updated.  I’ve had no requests and I couldn’t think of anything to write about, but I think I’m good now. I’m also thinking about doing some Christmas themed imagines! Anywho, I hope you enjoy this! :)

*Not My Gif*

I sat on the hood of the impala and looked up at the night sky. Oh how it was beautiful.
The stars were perfectly visible and the beautiful navy blue clouds covered the sky. I laid back on the hood and shut my eyes, almost drifting off to sleep when..
“Hello darling.” I heard his thick accent from beside me.
My eyes shot open as I looked over at him.
He wore a small, gentle smile as he stared at me.
“Hello Crowley.” I replied.
“Pretty night isn’t it?” He asked, looking up at the sky.
“Beautiful.” I said, admiring it again.
“Just like you love.” He said looking back at me.
I smiled and blushed.
“Is there anything I can do for you love?” He asked.
“Like what? A deal?” I questioned.
“If that’s what you’d like.” He said rather quickly.
“Crowl you know I don’t want to sell my soul.” I said.
“Are you sure? It would be in good hands darling. All you have to do is seal the deal..”
“With a kiss.” I said finishing his sentence.
Then it clicked.
“Wait a minute. That’s why you want to make a deal so bad isn’t it?” I questioned.
“What?” He asked laughing nervously.
“It all makes sense now. That’s why you keep asking me to make a deal.” I said, finally putting the pieces together.
“I would never!” Crowley protested.
I stared at him as he tried to lie his way out of it.
He stopped and stared back.
“If I wanted to kiss you, I would just do it.” He said proudly.
“Oh really?” I questioned with a smile.
“Really.” He replied.
“I don’t think you would.” I said.
“I would so.” He said.
I laughed at the conversation.
“Watch me.” Was the last words I heard before he crashed his lips onto mine.
I was stunned, although I should of expected it.
It felt right though.
We pulled away but kept our faces close.
“Point proven.” I said.
He smiled.
He leaned in and kissed me again.

Request an imagine in the ask! :)

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Could you write a smutty feysand Au fic with their honeymoon in Paris Because Feyre always wanted to see the effile tower forever


Ahhhhh, I’m such a francophile, this is great! Good choice, anon.

AO3 Linkage

Je t’aime

He woke me up at midnight.

À minuit.

My eyes were still planted firmly shut in the hangover of my jet lag, but my husband’s lazy kisses across my cheeks, my nose, as his body loomed over me not quite touching my own, stirred me gently from sleep.

My husband.

Golly, that was startling.

Mon mari. Mon époux. Homme. Amant. Meilleur Ami. The French had so many words for a husband when you took in to account all the different entities that singular man could be and Rhysand was all of them.

Feyre,” he whispered, my name rolling off his tongue softly as he payed homage to each of my freckles with his lips. “Wake up, darling. I’ve got a surprise for you.”

I opened my eyes to find Rhysand’s beautiful violet ones staring down at me sparkling with delight.

“I love surprises.”

“I know you do.”

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...And Dance

@spencerreiddr: Dancing Prompt (ReidxReader)
Note: a continuation of “Our Song…” :)

The wedding went flawlessly, and my wedding day was already the best day of my life. But now, as I made my way hand in hand with Spencer down the walkway toward the reception hall, I found myself anxiously awaiting the surprise that was coming. After my laborious and fruitless hours trying to come up with a song that fit, Spencer had taken over. And, in true Spencer fashion, when he’d found it, he had refused to tell me.
I’d been wondering about our wedding song for months, and now I was moments away from hearing Spencer’s choice.
“Are you ready?” he asked with a small smile, squeezing my hand lightly. I smiled and nodded.
“Okay. Let’s go,” he said. He led me through the door to the sound of applause as our names were announced.
Mrs. Spencer Reid.
What a beautiful string of words.
And then, a quiet melody rose up from the speakers as my husband-husband!-pulled me in close to his chest and smiled down at me.
It took me only a few seconds to recognize the song, and by the first line, memories of the day I met Spencer Reid were flooding my brain and I wondered why I’d never thought of it.
“Spence,” I whispered.
“You like it?” he asked softy. I nodded, leaning my head against his shoulder.
“I love it,” I replied.
“Darling, I will be loving you, till we’re seventy,” he whispered to me, the lyrics he murmured matching the voice in the speakers.
I recalled that day in the trendy little coffee shop where they’d been playing this song. The day I’d seen Spencer, hovering near the bar looking horrendously out of place amongst the hipsters of the world. And I recalled the slight, quick smile he’d shot me from across the room. This handsome stranger with the beautiful eyes.

He looked heartbreakingly handsome in his wedding tux, with his new wedding band settled onto his finger, his arms wrapped around me as we swayed slowly. As the chorus to Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’ hit, he spun me out in a circle and then back in with a smile.

‘People fall in love in mysterious ways, maybe just the touch of a hand.’

I remembered the moment he’d walked up to me, three weeks later in the same coffee shop, and handed me a perfectly made cup of coffee, just the way I like it, and his long, slender fingers brushed against mine as I took it from him. His profiling skills had told him what to order. He’d gotten it perfect, and after that first cup of coffee, Spencer and I were practically inseparable.

“I love you so much,” he murmured in my ear. I could tell the song was going to end soon, and I didn’t want it to. I wished we could just stay like this forever.
“I love you too, Spence.”
He smiled into my hair.
“Happy Wedding Day, (Y/N).”
Happy Wedding Day, indeed.

Kindergarten Pt. 3

The next weekend Aaron was once again standing in his room getting ready, Theo coloring on his bed.

He tied his tie, thinking about how he got into this.

You had asked him out on a date, and he had accepted.

He was really glad that he would be able to spend some time with you, even though he was extremely nervous.

“All done daddy!” Theo cried hopping down from the bed. She skipped over to him, excited to see his reaction to her new drawing.

She was a mischievous child, and he knew that he should be suspicious about this drawing.

She held up a scribbled drawing of what looked like a house, some tall trees, the sun and a small family.

“Great job Theo!” Aaron told her as she handed him the drawing.

The man and little girl looked like him and Theo. The women looked suspiciously like…

Miss Y/N.

“Theo, what is this?” Aaron asked his daughter as he sat down on one knee.

“It’s Miss Y/N! Who else would it be?” She giggled. “Do you not like it daddy?”

He sighed.

“It’s a beautiful drawing my darling. But I want you to know that just because I am going on one date with Miss Y/N, it doesn’t mean that anything will happen.”

Her little smile dimmed at his words, but then shot right back onto her face.

“I think something will happen daddy! I can feel it!” She told him, attacking him in a hug.

“Theo-” Aaron started to reply when they heard the doorbell ring. Theo gave a delighted gasp and ran down the wooden staircase, almost falling in her fuzzy socks.

“Theo be careful!” Aaron cried out worriedly.

“Sorry daddy! I’m okay, I promise!” she yelled back as she started to open the door.

“Hello Theo,” Dolley Madison said as Theo let her in.

“Thanks for watching her tonight Dolley. I’m sorry for any complications you might have had,” Aaron told her as he put of his dress shoes.

“It was no problem,” she replied picking up Theo and spinning her around. “Now get out of here. You don’t want to be late for that pretty little date that you have waiting.”

Aaron gave off a nervous laugh and grabbed his car keys.

“Good luck daddy!” Theo shouted and waved at him. He blew her a kiss and waved back.

He was going to need it.

you asked me to paint you a picture but all I could do was bleed red red red all over the canvas, I’d choose that razor over that paint brush any day and I know that drives you mad.

you always held me like I was going to break and crack at any moment but the moment you let me go was what sent all my pieces flying. I’m still missing a few.

you told me that I had the most beautiful shade of blue in my eyes but you got sick of drying the tears that would never stop spilling out of them so you went and found a new pair to look into late at night.

you traced your fingertips up and down my body, you planted gardens with your lips all across my thighs and neck, but you never came back to water them and darling now every single flower is dead.

you saw me collapsed on the hard floor, creeks flowing down my cheeks, and I reeked of the vodka i had taken shot after shot of trying to forget your name and the way it burnt the back of my throat when I said it out loud and I swear it wasn’t the booze.

you finally learned of the mess I was, you learned why all those nights you found me curled up in bed silently crying. you saw the real me and you didn’t like what you saw, so you ran ran ran as far away from me as you could. I would of too if I were you.

you know I could never blame you for walking out that door when I begged and begged you to stay. I understand that it was too much to ask of you, how could you of known that the girl you’d met and fallen in love with had skeletons lining up in her closet and that they all looked like me.

—  you know I’m so sorry

Hello My Lovelies,

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Anonymous said to 5minutefanfiction:

I haven’t been able to leave the house for 2 days thanks to my anxiety. Do you think you could write a fic where the reader doesn’t tell Sam and Dean about her anxiety and they find out after she begins to panic on a case?

Y/N looked down at the well worn of her shirt. A nervous habit, she told her self. She knew other wise. But would never tell. It had been a while since things were this bad. This time though it was different. She couldn’t pinpoint the trigger; she couldn’t remember what started it all. She couldn’t even remember a time when it wasn’t happening. Things were snowballing out of control and she knew how bad it was getting. This right here, this was a train wreck waiting to happen. She lay back on her bed pushed in her ear phones and cranked the music up. Hoping that somewhere in among the bass, drums and lyrics she would find that sweet relief that her mind and soul so desperately needed.

The music drowned out everything, it did the job she had hoped for. Her thoughts couldn’t be heard over the beat, in fact even the knocking and calling for her couldn’t be heard over it. Y/N found herself slowly relaxing. Something she knew she needed. Especially before tonight. Tonight, they would be hunting a wolf and she needed to calm down.

The hand touched her arm and she jumped a mile, screaming.

‘Y/N!’ Sam called, half amused, half concerned.

‘Jesus Christ, Sam!’ she yelled, yanking her earphones out.

‘I called and knocked, but you didn’t answer.’

She sat in bed, trying to calm down, to stop her heart from coming out of her mouth. She was on the brink of tears, everything she had just worked towards had just disappeared with the scream. She could hear the thoughts of doubt and death coming flooding back.

‘You ok?’ he asked.

‘Yeah, I just…You scared me.’

‘Sorry, I didn’t mean to. We just wanted to see if you were ready for dinner.’

She nodded and closed her eyes.

‘You sure you’re ok?’


‘Ok, well we will leave soon, head over to that diner?’

She nodded and waited for Sam to leave before the flood of tears fell.

She joined the brothers about a half hour later, once she had calmed down enough that she could function.

Both boys looked at her concerned as she came out of her room.

‘You good?’ Dean asked.

She nodded.

‘You look like crap.’

‘Tired. And recovering from the heart attack your idiot brother gave me.’

‘Apparently, it was pretty funny,’ Dean smirked.

‘Apparently, I need to kick his arse.’

Dean chuckled and opened the door for her.

Sam found them a table and the trio sat down. Y/N felt herself struggling with sitting against the wall of the booth. She felt trapped, scores of what if’s passed through her mind. She was beginning to feel like she was suffocating.

She struggled but she managed to last through the meal. Only God knew how, because she sure as hell thought that any minute it was all going to fall apart. She was going to fall apart.

They finished and she managed to get out of the booth and she left to go back to her room.

‘Y/N?’ Dean called as she walked off.

‘Gotta go. Meet you in a bit,’ her voice was shaky, her whole body matching it’s panicked undertone.

She rushed inside the room and shut the door. Unable to take it anymore. She pushed in her earphones and cranked up the music, sliding down the wall, and curling up in the corner as the tears fell and she finally gave in.

An hour later, she managed to message the boys, telling them she was out of this hunt. That she wasn’t feeling too well. That they were to text when they made it back safely.

She found herself trying to focus on the lyrics, focus on the beat but it was too late for that now. She sat in the corner rocking, and sobbing as she tried to fight off the thoughts going through her mind.

What if the boys died because she wasn’t there to help?

What if they didn’t kill the werewolf?

What if he killed again?

What if the werewolf found her and killed her?

What if the boys had a terrible accident trying to get to the hunt?

What if one got bit?

What if…?

Sam and Dean finished the hunt with ease, not thinking much of it. It was an easy kill and they were grateful. They headed back to the motel discussing Y/N’s sudden illness.

‘I don’t know, Dean,’ Sam sighed. ‘She wasn’t looking too crash hot earlier.’

‘Flu? Women’s stuff? Headache?’ Dean tried.

Neither boy liked seeing her like this. Both just wanted to help.

‘You think she’d have everything she needed?’ Dean asked.

‘Don’t know.’

They both agreed it was probably best to check on her and make sure she was ok enough to leave alone at the very least and go grab whatever she needed.

Opening the door of her motel room, the they found a sight they never expected. Y/N in the corner, struggling to breathe, fighting to stop the flood of tears, the rocking, trying to win a losing battle.

Sam recognised instantly what was going on. Dean wasn’t far behind him. Both men went over and sat with her, trying to talk, seeing if she needed anything. But they did what she needed, they were there. That sat by her side and helped her ride it out.

‘Why didn’t you tell us?’ Sam asked.

Y/N shrugged. Why didn’t she? Because she would appear weak, because it was dangerous, because they would hate her, because she fought like hell to not let her anxiety ruin her life. To not allow it to control her.

‘We could have helped,’ Dean said quietly. ‘Even if it’s staying at the bunker and not leaving until you’re feeling better.’

Y/N looked at him, with tears in her eyes.

‘Whatever it takes, we will be there. We will help you, sit or stand by your side the whole way,’ Sam told her.

‘He’s right. We’ll get you through this. You’re family, Y/N. We’ll never stop fighting for you, never stop helping.’

Y/N felt another flood of tears coming and Sam got up and grabbed the blankets from the bed, and Dean turned on the TV, tuning it into some badly dubbed movie and muting it.

‘Right, we are going to to lip read and figure out what this says. Ready, go… No, Enrique I can’t possibly eat that pizza, it’s it’s not pie,’ Dean said in a feminie voice.

‘But darling, it does not matter, for the pie it is not worth your beauty,’ Sam said huskily in a Spanish accent.

‘My beauty, Enrique you lie,’ Dean gasped.

Y/N looked at the screen and watched as the people on it were swimming. She laughed at the two men and wiped her tears. She knew then she’d be ok. They’d make sure of it.

A Klaroline Valentine's Day Drabble!

Caroline sat on the couch with her ice cream sundae in hand. It was Valentine’s Day and she was at home with her roommate Rebekah. Rebekah also happened to be her boyfriend’s little sister and he was currently on tour in Afghanistan.

She sighed heavily and the other blonde looked over at her with a small smile on her lips.

“Let’s go out.” Rebekah said as she grabbed the remote control and turned off the T.V.

“Hey! I was watching that!” Caroline cried out as she eyed Rebekah with irritation in her bright blue eyes.

“It’s Valentine’s Day.” Rebekah reminded her.

“Don’t remind me.” Caroline groaned as she rested her head on the pillow and ate the cherry.

“Care, come on… I know you’re feeling rather lonely at the moment, but there is this great party going on at the bar across the street and it’s for us. We’re anti-valentine’s day after all!” She told her as she clapped her hands together excitedly.

“I’m not going anywhere.” Caroline sighed as she stretched her legs out and placed them on the other blonde’s lap.

Rebekah looked over at her and grabbed her legs before she let them go. She stood up and took the ice cream sundae out of her friend’s hands.

“We’re going out. I don’t care if you’re up for it or not. I personally want to get drunk and I do need a drinking buddy.”

“So call Kol.” She shrugged.

“You know that Kol is with Bonnie!” The blonde whined as a frown crept onto her lips.

“Bekah, I really feel like staying in tonight. Let me just hide for the next couple of hours and after midnight we could go out and get drunk.”

Rebekah crossed her arms over her chest and she grabbed the blonde’s hands. She pulled her up and Caroline whined the whole time.

“Stop acting like a bloody baby, Caroline.” She ordered.

“Bekah…” Caroline started.

“It’ll be fun! I promise!” The blonde told her, reassuringly.

“Fine,” she gave up, feeling defeated.

“That’s a good girl!” Rebekah beamed at her as she clapped her hands together and skipped towards her bedroom.

Caroline followed her and entered her own bedroom before she went to her closet. Maybe if she went out, she wouldn’t feel as upset knowing that instead of having a romantic evening with her boyfriend, he was out on the battlefield risking his own life for the good of the country.

Her eyes roamed over the clothing that was in her closet and she spotted a black dress that would probably do for the anti-valentine’s day party.

She quickly put it on and put on her makeup. After that, she curled her hair unruly curls because she had to look somewhat presentable if she was going out in public. Once she was ready, she grabbed the red heels and put them on.

Rebekah was already in the foyer and she was tapping her foot on the floor, impatiently. When she spotted Caroline, she subtly exhaled the breath that she was holding.

“Ready?” Rebekah questioned as she looked over the black dress that Caroline wore.

“Yup,” she nodded as she shrugged.

“Really festive dress by the way,” Rebekah said sarcastically as she motioned towards Caroline’ choice of wardrobe.

“And we’re back to sarcasm.” Caroline shrugged as she grabbed her black pea coat and put it on.

“We should get going.” Rebekah told her as she smoothed her red dress out.

Caroline nodded in agreement and the two left their apartment.


When they arrived at the bar, they immediately walked over to the bar and sat down on the bar stools.

“What can I get the two of you?” The bartender questioned as he handed them two black roses.

“A bottle of your best tequila.” Rebekah answered as her eyes lit up with mischief. “And some lemon.”

“Coming right up,” he smiled before he walked away from them.

“Leave the poor boy alone, Bekah.” Caroline whispered.

“But he has the prettiest blue eyes!” She whined as she looked over at her friend.

“Sure, he does.” Caroline sighed heavily.

“Get your head out of the gutter, Care. We’re out in public. The least you could do is at least pretend like you’re happy.”

“But I’m not.” The blonde whined as the bartender handed them the bottle of tequila and two shot glasses.

“The people around us don’t have to know that.”             

“You’re not very helpful, Bekah.” Caroline said as she looked at the blonde with her judgey blue eyes.

“No kidding.” She replied as she poured the liquor into the shot glasses.

The girls clanked their shot glasses together and the both of them threw their head back before they each grabbed a piece of lemon and bit into it.

Caroline sucked in her breath and she grabbed the bottle of tequila and poured herself another one.

“Slow down or you’ll be drunk by nine.” She warned her.

“Oh, please… I’m older than you, darling Bekah. Let me have my fun.”

“Actually, you’re two months older than me… I don’t really see much of a difference in age if we’re being completely honest.

“You’re the one that dragged me out here, so please let me drink as much as I want.” Caroline said as she threw her head back once again and let the liquor travel down her throat.

“As you wish,” Rebekah shrugged.

“Thank you,” she thanked her as she poured herself another shot.

One hour later, Caroline was feeling tipsy and she needed to use the restroom.

“I’m going to the bathroom.” Caroline told the blonde.

“I didn’t have to know that, but have fun.” Rebekah winked as she drank from the glass of water that Matt so kindly gave her.

Caroline gave her a thumb up before she stood up from the bar stool. She was about to trip over her heels, but quickly regained her balance and a giggle escaped her throat.

Once she was finished in the restroom, she walked back to the bar and noticed that a man was sitting in her stool.

She crossed her arms over her chest and quickly made her way over to the bar. She tapped him on the shoulder and he didn’t turn around.

“You’re sitting in my seat, you know.” Caroline quickly said as she kept her feet firmly planted on the wooden floor.

“Am I?” He questioned as he turned around.

Caroline couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw him and she yelped, but quickly put her hands over her mouth.

“K—Klaus?” She stuttered as her eyes widened in confusion and disbelief.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart.” He smiled as he handed her a bouquet of beautiful red roses. The red roses were nothing like the black roses.

“But—you’re supposed to be on tour. You—you’re not supposed to be back for another two months.” She whispered as she jumped right on him and looped her arms around his neck.

Klaus chuckled as he felt her body press against his own and he couldn’t help but feel peace after so long.

The two knew that the whole of the bar were looking over at them, but neither of them cared enough to go to a more secluded area.

“I got a leave for a while.” He answered as he caressed her cheeks and placed a kiss on her forehead.

“Klaus—“ she started, but couldn’t finish before she broke down crying.

“I’ll always come back, Caroline. I hope you know that. You’re my past, present, and future and nothing will tear us apart. Not even me being on the frontlines and risking my life every day.”

“I was so scared… I thought you wouldn’t come back to me.” She confessed as he wiped away her tears with his fingers.

“I’ll always come back, my love.” He reassured her as she got off of him.

Klaus stood up and he inhaled a deep breath before he stood up himself.

He sat the blonde down on the bar stool and his little sister watched with a dopey smile on her glossy lips.

He got on one knee and he looked up at her. His blue-gray eyes were a whirlwind of emotion and he took out a red velvet jewelry box.

“Marry me.” He simply said as he popped the top of the jewelry box open.

“Yes,” she nodded through tears. “YES.” She repeated as he smiled up at her and took the ring out of the jewelry box.

The diamond ring was beautiful and it looked like it was completely made up of diamonds.

He slid the ring onto her finger and stood up.

He pressed his lips to her own lips and the two didn’t pull away.

They heard the clapping around the bar and they smiled against one another’s lips.

“I love you.” Klaus said as he pulled away from her.

“I love you.” She said back as they hugged one another tightly.

There you have it! This could easily become a three shot because I have an idea in mind, but it all depends on you, my darlings :)

Let me know if you want more!


how we woke up to misty windows- today,
with handprints on windshields, [this feels like 
leaving, but it is not] and how my lips 
cannot touch the residue anymore- we are drying 
up like the rain from two hours ago, and the sun
is out, and we are meant to be dancing; i scream-
i am happy. i am happy. i am happy, but what
does it really make me [with leaves instead of
flowers in my hair] when i lick the chocolate off
my fingers, and only taste the bitter for once;

there’s something about missing, and rain, and how 
haunting is beautiful- i am looking for old ghosts
in all the wrong places [this is where my shadow rests]
like the time i left my heart in a carousal; i am everything
but the lights shining at the edge [you are the kid and
i am the horse]- the dim background, and the shot
of whiskey you never tasted- there’s an endless need
for me to ask you to feel more than this, but we have
always been about the blotchy paint on a cleaning cloth
than the canvas itself; darling, its always beautiful here.