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An adorable PJO commission for @mel-chan366! Now I really want icecream… some ‘sweet’ Percy, Jason, Will, and Nico for today! (Ha-ha, see what I did there? xD)

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Have you ever noticed...

that look Louis has when he thinks he’s in trouble with Harry…  

“I know you lint rolled this earlier, but I had to wrestle Liam to the ground in the green room, Haz…Haz? HARREH. I HAD to.”

(Telepathically, of course) “Babe. Baaabe. Haz. Hazza. Har-old. Look at me. HARREH.”

“I didn’t mean to make the thing open, it just DID. Haz, I swear this time. It wasn’t my fault…Still love me?”

Harry: *muah* Course I do, boo.

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33. “I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention.“

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His Muse

Mikey x reader

You and Mikey loved the city at night, especially the parts of the city that were farther away from downtown. The small streets and parts of the city other people never saw except for the true locals. These streets were quiet, dark…but peaceful. Small, cozy businesses were tucked away in these streets and in some parts the only lights you could see were the soft glows of the neon signs that hung on the windows of businesses and little cafes. Streets like these, especially at 3:45 in the morning, had literally no one in sight. These were the small parts of New York City that actually did sleep.

When you could, you two would actually walk here together on the streets, taking a break from the rooftops. You and Mikey knew these streets well enough so you knew no one would see him. The two of you were walking hand in hand on this particular street and you both saw this purple neon sign. You saw yourself in the reflection and smiled.

“Babe, go stand in front of that sign.” said Mikey as he got out his cell phone. You giggled and walked towards the sign. You were used to this by now, Mikey taking pictures of you. The more you got to know him, the more you realized how much of an artistic guy he was. While at the lair, you would often find him drawing or painting. (Splinter didn’t like it when he did graffiti in the lair so he found him some art supplies.) He only turned into a skilled photographer when he was with you, his lovely muse. You found out not long after you two started to date that he loved taking pictures of dark, but lit up places. He loved neon and loved how the colors blended perfectly into the darkness and how it gently colored your skin.

“So what do you want me to do?” you asked him. He just shrugged.

“Just do whatever babe.” he said with a little wink. You giggled and decided to turn around and look at your reflection. You were wearing your favorite outfit complete with your favorite black hat. Mikey loved that outfit on you, that’s why you wore it. He took a few photos with his phone then told you when he was done. He flipped through the several photos of you to pick out the best one. “Baaabe you’re looking gooodd..” he said to you but kept his eyes on the pictures. You laughed and rubbed his arm, also looking at them.

“Oh! That one! I like that one! Can you send it to me?” you asked when you and Mikey finally picked out the best one.

“Hell yeah baby!” he pressed a couple of buttons on his phone and the picture was sent to you. Your phone dinged, letting you know you got it. Mikey looked at it for a moment before setting it as his lockscreen. “I think this is my favorite picture of you babe.” he said softly and looked at you. You smiled at him and gently kissed his cheek.

“Only because you’re an amazing photographer.” you complimented him. You saw him blush and shift a little.

“Well you inspire me to be.” he put his hands on your hips and looked into your eyes. He saw reflections of the beautiful neon signs in her eyes and leaned down to kiss her. His muse.


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Warnings: slight swearing, mention of smut, FLUFF

“Come on. Let’s just get out of here and do our own thing for a little while.” Justin’s hands had been working on the tight muscles of your upper back.

You flipped the page of a script, your manager had insisted you read right away.

“Justin I don’t know. I might have to do some reshoots in Atlanta next month.”

“That’s fine, we could make our way down there if you need to.” Justin switched positions so that he sat behind you, with his legs on either side of your body.

“Mhmmm.” You replied not actually giving him the answer he wanted.

“Y/N. You’re not even paying attention to me.”

He was right, you weren’t. You couldn’t help it, this script was actually fucking good. You were only halfway through the screenplay and it had all of your focus. You just had to be a part of this project. Suddenly, your shoulders are being shaken lightly.

Baaabe, listen to me.”

Looking back at him, you could see how annoyed and hurt he was that you weren’t playing a part in the conversation. So you placed your pen and highlighter where you left off and placed the script onto the wooden coffee table in front of you.

“Alright, I’m all yours.”

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mornings with ashton where both of you would be reluctant to get up but eventually he would have to bc recording and stuff so he’d glumly crawl out of your warm embrace and he’d pull on a pair of clean boxers with a wink before grabbing a pair of jeans from the floor and attempting to wiggle into them (can u imagine how cute his skinny jeans wiggle is ♡) and they just wouldn’t fit so he’d pout and go “baaabe do i look bigger to you??” and you’d break into laughter and reply “ash.. those are my jeans” and he’d get the cUTEST blush on his gorgeous face as he’d giggle and pull of the jeans before finding his own and wiggling into them and then he’d put on a tight black t-shirt too and he’d look so good fuck and you’d be staring at him with a lustful look and he’d smirk as he noticed before jumping back into bed and attacking you with giggly kisses as he’d go “forget it babe, i’m already late” and you’d pout at him but he’d just kiss you and go “besides it’ll be so much better later when i’m sweaty and high on adrenaline” and you’d probably moan at the thought and ashton would smirk and be like “exactly!” and fuck why am i not dating ashton

Ok michael looking for a shirt so he’s like “BAAABE where’s my shirt” and you’re like “I don’t know??” And he’s like “no seriously babe that’s my favorite shirt gimmie it” and you’re like “no really I don’t have the shirt michael” and your daughter runs into your bedroom wearing the shirt as a dress gigging “look daddy!” And he smiles and is like “now I got two thieves stealing my clothes” and starts to chase her and once he catches her she’s laughing and yelling bc he won’t stop tickling her Why do I do this


Ashton-I drove by all the places we used to hang out getting wasted, I thought about our last kiss, how it felt the way you tasted… Make-out point…The dip in the earth behind the pizza place we used to drive into…The tree by the lake…All the places that will always hold memories of me and you…“Give me a kiss pretty boy.” You giggled. “Am I really pretty?” I laughed, smiling at you. How could we not be making anymore memories there?…Or anywhere?…“I love you Ashton Irwin…” You whispered softly, sliding into my lap. “Do you really?” I asked, searching your eyes. You just slowly brought your lips to mine. I could taste the alcohol on your breath…but it was probably worse on mine…somehow your lips were always so sweet… You used to love riding along with me…Wondering where we would stop to crack the six pack in the backseat. “Never leave me?…” I asked as you slipped away, “I love you…” “I won’t leave…” You smiled, leaning in once again. “I love you…” I whispered. Empty words now…now that you were gone.

Michael-I remember the day you told me you were leaving, I remember the make-up running down your face… “Babe?” I walked into the quiet apartment, looking around. “Baaabe? What, are we playing hide-n-seek?” I laughed. I walked into the hallway and heard soft sniffling. I walked to our room. There you were. Crying on the edge of our bed…with a suitcase at your feet. “Babe?…” I walked in and sat next to you, “Hey, what’s-” “I’m leaving Michael.” You said softly, “I-I can’t stay anymore.” You looked up a bit and I could see the mascara smudged around your eyes and running down your cheeks. “What?” I tried to take your hand, but you backed away. “I CAN’T DO IT!” You yelled through sobs, “I’M NOT GOOD ENOUGH AND I KNOW YOU’LL DO BETTER.” Youe stood up and grabbed your bag. “Babe!” I jumped up and reached out for you, “Please I-” “You’re not going to miss me Michael…” You said softly, “So just let me go…” You walked out of the room as I stood there stunned. You never knew how much those words stung…or how much I really did miss you…

 Calum-Pictures that you sent me, they’re still living in my phone. I admit I like to see them, I’ll admit I feel alone, and all my friends keep asking why I’m not around…. Her smiling face looked back up at me from my photo gallery. “Good morning sweet thang ;)” “I miss you so much…” “I know you like my pouty face” I sighed looking at all the captions underneath them. I should delete them…It’s been months. A message popped up on my phone. “Hey! Catch a movie later? We’re going to see Godzilla…Miss you bro.” I sighed again. I had been avoiding even my closest friends. I just don’t feel right without her…It hurts honestly…So much…Another message popped up, but I had thrown my across the room. I just need silence…I just need a minute…

Luke-If today I woke up with you right beside me, like all of this was just some twisted dream, I’d hold you closer than I did before, and you’d never slip away and you’d never hear me say… “Luke!” The sound of her voice pulled me from my nightmares, “Luke? Baby?” I looked at her confused and held her cheek in my hand. “You’re still with me?” I asked softly. She smiled, “Of course…” I looked her up and down and held her close to me. “I had such a bad dream…” I muttered softly into the crook of her neck, “Such a bad dream…” “It’s over now…” She soothed. I felt my tense shoulders relax at the sound of her voice. It was over…I wouldn’t know the pain of seeing her leave…Ever. “I love you so much…” “I love you too…”

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