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Dates! An Anthology of Queer Historical Fiction (Volume 2)
Dates is an anthology of positive queer historical fiction, set throughout time and across the world. This is Volume 2!

Okay, friends. Pull up a chair. Really settle in there good. Let’s chit-chat a bit.

You might have noticed my posting a lot lately about volume 2 of Dates! Or maybe you haven’t, maybe you follow like 800 people that don’t know how queues work and my posts get totally washed away in the nonsense, but I’m just going to assume the former and go from there.

Dates! is an anthology of Queer Historical Fiction (over 260 pages!!), and y’all, it’s going to be AWESOME. There are tons of super talented people working on this book, and what I’ve seen of it has me soooo excited.

As someone who has a very large section of her bookshelf dedicated to (sometimes questionable quality) queer historical fiction novels, I can assure you that Dates! is most certainly not questionable quality, folks

(Unlike these photos I took with my phone, sorry guys…)

Let me just show you some beautiful examples from creators in Dates 1! (And, might I add, all of whom are returning for Dates 2).

(Erica Chan)

(Effie Lee)

(Cat Parra)

Look at it my friends!! Beautiful!! I can confirm that the book is really high quality, the printing job is great, and the art is just gorgeous (also sturdy, can confirm, survived my cross-country move stuffed into the bottom of my suitcase without a scratch, definitely some nice binding there haha). And the best part is, when Dates 2 reaches its third tier stretch goal, they’ll be reprinting Dates 1 for anyone who missed it the first time around. 

Jenna and I are making our comic writing debut working with Cat Parra on our comic “Reflections of a Glassmaker” (along with inks by Effie Lee). I’m so excited for this book guys, and I’m absolutely positive that you will love it. 

So if you’re interested in helping us bury the Bury Your Gays trope for a change, check out the kickstarter and spread the word!

UMMM SOOOO today I passed 300 followers and I am stunned. I truly cannot believe you all want to keep seeing this mess but I am so so so happy you are here. Thank you for liking and reblogging my extra af text posts and photo sets, and for putting up with my shouting (and even shouting with me from time to time). 

I started this blog to save a few pictures of hot guys and I ended up finding friends and a community.  I wanted to give kudos to all the awesome blogs I follow that you should follow too if you are looking for some Quality Content™ on your dash. Without these people I would have nothing to talk about:

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Here it is! Me and Deano!

Probably not even a second after the photo was taken, Dean went “oh wow you’re tall!” and stood on his toes, then stopping the staff people and asking if he blinked (with the intention to make them redo the photo if he did).
(He hadn’t blinked)

So yeah. I’m still kinda going “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” in my head. He was so sweet! (And his panels were just awesome! :D)

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hi, I'm new to the studyblr community and I was wondering how I could take nice pictures for my blog/studygram, do you have any tips? 😊

hello there! i do have some tips! 

so you want that aesthetic you love seeing on your dash? here are some things you can do that aren’t difficult at all! 

  • lighting makes a huge difference
    • natural light makes photos clear and adds to the aesthetic
    • lamp light is okay if there is a lot of it!
    • usually, if it’s too dark outside already, i wait until the next day to take a picture. it’s just higher quality when taken in the daytime. 
  • use photo editing apps for nice filters or other editing options
    • vsco is awesome (that’s what i use!) 
    • instagram has some good ones, too
    • if photos look dark, increase the exposure or brightness 
  • positioning and angles make a difference, too!
    • try to take pictures directly above what you want to photograph
    • position the things you want in the picture the way you want them to show up
    • changing up the angles by focusing on one part of your notes or another creative angle helps when you want to upload more than one photo at once. your photoset will have different perspectives! 
  • you don’t have to take a picture of your whole page
    • bringing the camera closer to the page to get certain details works well, too
    • press and hold the phone or camera button to bring the foreground into focus. this will blur the background and add depth to your photos! 
  • experiment!
    • find out which filters you like/match the lighting you have 
    • tweak the exposure/brightness/contrast to see what makes your picture better
    • try black and white to see if that looks cool!

i know this sounds like a lot, but it’s pretty simple once you figure out what works for you :D have fun!


Some of the sketches from the Kamigami no Asobi artbook. They actually designed a god form for Dionysus but it was never used in the game :( Pity, and of course it keeps with the Greek gods’ style of not wearing much lol. And the full sketch for Cerberus looks awesome. It looks a lot scarier than its master.

Photos were taken with my phone camera so the quality sucks. Sorry bout that.

Top 10 Makeup Mistakes

Makeup can be a tricky art form, but it should also be fun and experimental….to a point.  Here are some of the top 10 common beauty mistakes.

1. Sharpie Eyebrows

Any makeup artist will tell you that great skin and brows are the most important part of makeup.  Brows shape the face and impact how people perceive you.  Eyebrows (like makeup) can also make you look softer, younger, sophisticated, glamorous and polished. See HERE how to fill in your brows appropriately. 




2. UNblended Eyeshadow

Blend, people, blend! And when you think you’re done blending, blend some more. Your face will thank you and so will anyone looking at your face.

This does not look good:

You really should never see a distinct line where one color starts and another color ends. BLEND, BLEND, BLEND… I can’t say this enough! Your smokey eye should look more like this: 

3. When your face color doesn’t match your neck color (wrong foundation)

You should always test your foundation on your jaw line. Test 3 colors and the one that blends and matches the most is the winner. You should also blend your foundation down onto your neck to get a blended look.

Going a shade or two darker is a no-no. Going darker can age you and make you look orange in photos.

Going a shade lighter can sometimes be ok to brighten your skin. Going too light can make you have a ghost face in photos. Especially because the flash of a camera can reflect off of your foundation and give you an extra white glow.Like so:

If the color of your skin changes during the summer time…so should your foundation.

4. Clumpy Mascara

Clumpy mascara just looks bad and unnatural. Lots of times the culprit is old, dried out mascara. See my tip to remedy this situation here. Other times the problem is adding way too many coats of mascara. They should look more like this:

5. Too Much Bronzer

Once again..The blending trick would work nicely here. Also, make sure the bronzer isn’t too dark for your skin tone. It doesn’t look good!

6. Too much blush too close to the nose

I love me some blush and I think everyone needs it, especially after taking all of the color out of your skin with your foundation.

Blush should be applied to the apples of the cheeks. I like to use the two finger rule. Place two fingers next to your outer nostril. Your blush should not get closer to your nose than that.

For perfect placement, use the old smile technique and swirl the blush directly on apples of your cheeks blending back towards the temples. Make sure the blush is well blended and that it almost melts into your skin. When applied correctly, blush can brighten any complexion and make you look years younger.



7. Lash Extensions gone wrong

Lash extensions can be awesome! The point of lash extensions is to look like you have longer, thicker NATURAL lashes. I have seen some bad extensions in my day. Either you can see the glue, or they are too thick and heavy that it looks like the woman can hardly keep her eyes open on her own.



8. Raccoon Eyes

Most woman conceal under their eyes to either hide dark circles or puffiness. Most of us have been doing it wrong our entire lives. This looks bad:

Once again…a bad color and reflective qualities made this a bad photo.

Try concealing in a triangle instead. I promise it works. 

9. Lining eyes only half way

True, that depending on your eye shape, lining your eyes all the way around can make your eyes look smaller and closer together. But lining them only half way can look silly too.

A softer line can make your eyes stand out and look much bigger and much better. 

Here’s how to: Line the outer edge of your eye then take a q-tip and smudge the liner towards the inner eye for a soft subtle look.

10. Obvious Lip Liner

Sarah Lucero from Stila says to “look for a lip pencil in a shade that mimics your natural lip tone and simply sketch around the lip line, adding shape and contour.” If you shade and shape the lips rather than line them, this will keep lip liner looking modern and beautiful regardless of the lipstick or lip gloss shade you choose to wear.”

Not this: 

I like to line my lips then shade them in with the liner then apply my lipstick on top of the liner.

Like this: 

“Well Typ, here is it, a little, fluffy, happy, Pines Family bonding pic for you, hope you like it! :D

The fact that Stan had those cute pug puppies for trafficking, hidden in some place of the Mystery Shack, made me think about the kids overjoyed for finding them, playing with them, showing them to Ford, Soos and Wendy… and then Stan being all worried that his brother finds out the kind of business he is into! ha ha!

I tried my best to do a good job, remember i’m not very good at drawing, but your kind words about it, encouraged me to practice, and i think this one turned out being not so bad ¿huh? I also apologize for the quality of the photo, i wish it looked better than this…

I wanted to thank you for being so awesome; you see despite being from very different places, (i’m from Costa Rica, a small central-american country) we share some interests in music and cartoons at least, and it makes me feel that the people from all around the world are not so far apart, and we all can share an amazing friendship.”

- S

 I was in car when I saw this and this is literally my reaction:


The characters are so on point, your lineart is so good and clean too! THOSE PUGS ARE SO CUTE AAA!!! Their reactions, Stanley on the background, chill Wendy… I LIKE EVERYTHING IN THIS! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DRAWING THIS! 

You took your time to draw this and the result looks so GOOD! And I’m honored to be called “awesome”, oh pls now i’m blushing!! You’re too kind! It’s so great to hear your positiveness! We need more people like you!

Again, Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this for us! You’re amazing! <3

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did you watch dan's liveshow it got deep i'd love to hear your take on some of it (esp. the thing with the dog)

Sorry I’m so late. But man, the reactions to this live show in my inbox were amazing. Full scale of emotions right there. We had “he was really weird, I’m so confused” to “what was wrong with him” to “THIS IS THE BEST YOUNOW EVER” and a thousand “opinion on the dog and relationship comment?” messages. Since I’ve been m.i.a for the last week, I have no idea what the general consensus ended up being for most people. But for me? I’m on the this was the best younow ever team.

I mean, talk about a chill show. He seemed so open and self-reflective and he wasn’t afraid to push some boundaries. I was in awe. I feel like we’re always begging him to "give opinions" and this time he kind of delivered. Albeit in a very vague and indefinite way. But I feel like it was quite insightful. I just really loved the relaxed vibe of the show overall. And I definitely thought there was something else mixed in with that ribena lmao.

Let’s start with the first bit about the dog since that is what I got the most messages about.

“I’d love to get a dog. I don’t intend on getting a dog cause I’m not a functional person. I can’t look after myself, never mind a particularly apparently difficult breed of dog. And the thing is…I know I’d be getting a dog to fill a hole. It’s like when you’re trying to save a relationship by having a child or get married or something like that, it’s like ‘you don’t just save a relationship by having a child.’


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ok time for the only closet cosplay i’ve ever been able to pull off.

because fuck it, fuck awkwardness, i look too awesome to not post something. this is my space, it doesn’t matter if people think I’m a HUGE NERD. I’ll just call it my halloween costume for this year OH WAIT actually that would be awesome, I should do that.

sorry about the awful photo quality and also my ugly face. obviously used photoshop to desaturate my hair and blur the bg up. Too bad I couldn’t remove all the speckling from my stupidly dirty mirror that I didn’t notice until after the fact.

100% shit in my closet, all parts of my normal wardrobe. The cravat is made of kleenex. c.c

Anon Submission: Assault is for asses
I’m a cosplayer, have been for quite some time. It’s fun and creative and all that other good stuff that any worthwhile hobby should be. Normally I do characters from American comic books, mostly Marvel and DC, and sometimes from video games and tv shows and even anime and manga. 

Normally I only do characters I like, but a couple of years back a friend of mine (we will call Sasuke) asked me and another friend (we will call Kakashi) to do a Naruto group with her (with me being Naruto). Now she has a lot of fans (on dA and other sites) so it was really important to her that she delivered really quality photos. Which is how we ended up climbing trees in the mountains in costume. It was actually really fun. Our costumes looked great, the scenery was awesome, and I got to go hiking with my friends. This I think lulled me into a false sense of security about this character I didn’t know a lot about. 

I didn’t realize how much attention you get dressed as Naruto until we took the group to our city’s Japanese Festival. 

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Well here you go, some Christmas themed Mystery Skulls Vivi cosplay photos! I have to say it was a lot of fun walking around the lobby and trying to pick out the best spots to take photos. Great Wolf Lodge is awesome!

I will apologize, the quality is not the best but we did try our hardest to make the pictures look awesome!

Update:Wow! We reached 100 notes! Thank you so much everyone!


I’m sorry that it’s really bad quality but he has blue eyes and slight stubble and when I stood beside him I was up to his shoulders! 


i … tried… just know it had this reddish hue and … here have a literary description to make up for it

Observing the perigee of our closest celestial body, the moon, we crane our necks to spot the lunar orb in all its blood-red pigmented glory.
Its compassionate glow spread into the sky, enveloping all of us tiny humans with an airy autumn blanket. A rust tint hangs in the low evening sky, capturing gazes and suspending thoughts for a brief moment, reminding us of the vastness and perplexing mysteries of the universe.

k hope that compensates for the only crap quality photos i have

(i tried taking photos of it using my digital camera, looking thru a binocular lens, but it didnt work out)

Credit: @tinyrarezdew

No but this is great! And the caption is awesome, thank you!
Submit your supermoon photos here

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I love your art,its so awesome and cute,especialy i adore your dragon drawings,how did you learn draw dragons so well

thank you!! Ah, man, I love and draw dragons since FOREVER. I mean, look at them

the are big lizards with bat wings, they are so cool

or giant cats with bat wings! 


Cutie scaled potatoes, I love them so much, of course I’m drawing them since I was like.. 8. Or maybe even before that.