look at this and tell me you still think i shouldn't go to prom

call you tpmorrow

Lily is drunk and erroneously assumes that James’ yellow car is a taxi. Based on a prompt from this post. Rated G for goddammit, she’s drunk, that would be taking advantage. 

The sidewalk is cool on her bare feet as she stumbles to a taxi and opens the door. “Hi there,” Lily giggles, swaying a bit. “Fifth and Main, please.” She buckles her seatbelt with fumbling fingers and sets her purse on the floor.

The car doesn’t move. “Er…” the driver says hesitantly. “This isn’t—”

“Oh, actually, can you take me to Stearns and Second? I forgot to water my friend’s plants, and he’ll kill me if I don’t…”

“I’m not—”

“Or is it Stearns and Eighth?” Lily rambles, words spilling out before she can make sense of them. Her head is fuzzy with tequila shots and the pounding of an impending hangover. “I can’t really remember…”

“Not a taxi!” the driver bursts out. “Just a regular car, thanks.” He twists to look at the girl in his back seat. Her reddish hair is falling out of its complicated updo and her eyeliner is smudged with sweat.

She stares at him like he’s stupid. “Of course it’s a taxi. You’ve got a yellow car and you’re waiting outside a bar at one in the morning.”

“I’m waiting for a friend.”

“Well, I need a ride. I’ll be your friend and you can drive me home, okay? I’m Lily,” she introduces herself as she leans up front. “Who are you?”

He sighs. “My name is James,” he says reluctantly. “Fine, I can give you a ride. I don’t trust you to make it otherwise.” James turns back to the road and shifts out of park, making a dubiously legal u-turn.

“Wait! What about your friend? She’ll be all alone!” Lily protests, apparently just processing what he had said earlier. “You can’t leave her.”

James waves a hand. “He’ll be fine. I’ll text him. He can call a real cab. Fifth and Main, you said?”

“No, Stearns and Fourth. I need to water Peter’s plants,” she says, as if he knows who Peter is. “He’s in England this month. All the way across the sea.” Her mind wanders, until she realizes she’s still leaning forward between the front two seats. “Hi,” she says to his shoulder.

“Hi.” He glances over at her. Her perfume, citrusy and sweet, wafts through the car. “Have you got any shoes on?”

Lily sits back and looks down at her feet. “No,” she says with a frown. “I don’t know what happened to them. And they were so cute.” She stares for a moment more, then shrugs. “Oh well, they were my sister’s old prom shoes. Why’s your car yellow if it’s not a taxi?”

“I like it. It has character,” he says a little defensively. “Okay, we’re on Stearns, so you’re going to have to tell me when we get to Peter’s place.”

She watches out the window, breath fogging up the glass. She absentmindedly traces a heart in the condensation. “Oh, right here! I recognize that book shop. The lady there was pretty. Pretty eyes. Pretty mouth.”

“This is Stearns and Sixth,” James notes as he deftly parallel parks. “Can you remember that?” He gets out of the car and opens her door for her, offering a hand.

Lily doesn’t see it and gets out by herself. “Yes, I can, actually,” she says, somewhat indignantly. “That’s what I said earlier.”

He opens his mouth, then closes it and decides not to say anything.

She walks unsteadily toward a shady-looking apartment building, digging in her purse for a key. “Oh.” James can practically hear her deflating. "I haven’t got the key, it’s at home.”

James sighs again. This girl is either not too bright or unhealthily drunk. Or both. “I’m taking you home now,” he says. “Fifth and Main, yeah?” He helps her back into the car, the front seat this time.

“Yeah. Fifth and Main.” Lily’s lip juts out in a pretty pout. “I really wanted to water Pete’s plants before he got back.” She fiddles with the radio dial and finds an all-night alternative station. “He arrives day after next, and I’ve only watered the plants twice in two weeks. They’ll all be dead.”

“I’m sure they’ll be fine,” James reassures her as he navigates to Main Street. “Once my mum and dad went to Alaska for a week and I was supposed to water their plants every other day, except I actually only watered them once. They survived. Kind of.”

“Yeah, but I wanted to prove I was responsible. He thinks I’m not, since I lost our other friend’s rabbit. She turned up eventually, though.” A pause. “And she even had most of her fur left.”

James can’t stop himself from snorting with laughter. “Jesus. I hope you don’t babysit. Look, we’re almost to your place.” Sure enough, they’ve just turned onto Main Street. “I’m going to give you my number and you text me when you get inside, alright? I don’t want you to end up locked out or anything. And if you want you can call me tomorrow; I have a florist friend who might be able to help with your plant situation.”

Lily smiles faintly at his gentle yet firm tone. She can tell he’s used to dealing with drunk people. “Yes, sir. Oh, that’s my building, next to the tattoo place. With the window boxes, yeah.” He pulls up in a loading zone and scrabbles in the console for a pen.

“Could I see your hand for a sec?” James asks. Lily nods and he takes it to write his number. She watches the way his hair falls over his forehead and for a short, tequila-hazy moment considers pushing it back. But then he’s done and the urge is gone.

“There you go. Text me when you get in,” he reminds her. “Got your keys? Your purse? Shoes? No, you lost them. Right. Well.” A moment of silence, and then Lily opens the door.

“Thank you,” she says as she stumbles out. “Really. It means a lot to me. And I’m not usually quite this dumb, I swear. Or drunk. Or, well, when I’m not this drunk I’m not this dumb. Usually I’m all about organic chemistry and molecular biology and curing cancer.” Another pause. “Anyway.”

“Good night,” James says. “Take two aspirin and call me in the morning.” Lily smiles wryly at this and closes the door. He watches as she tiptoes to her building and struggles with her keys, eventually finding the right one and disappearing without a backwards glance.

Again he sighs. She was cute, he muses, and sweet enough to care about her friend’s plants even while wasted. Hopefully she won’t forget whose number is sharpied on her hand. Hopefully she’ll use it.

Two minutes pass without a text. Five. Ten. James is still parked illegally and has almost resigned himself to forever wondering if she made it home when his phone lights up.

notd ead!! the world of organic chemistry is saved. call you tomprrow.

He smiles at her correctly-spelled ‘organic chemistry’ next to ‘tomprrow’ and shakes his head. Then he pulls away from the curb, the scent of oranges and permanent marker hanging in the air.

Why Wren can't (shouldn't) be Charles.

So I know Wren is Charles is the big thing now. Like overwhelmingly.
But I’m just not feeling it.
I’ve seen some really great ones that show parallels between him and A. E.g. The vodka soda, but I really feel like over 50% of the cast could have similar length posts convincing us of how sus they are (and we did til Marlene convinced everyone he is definitely a guy in his mid 20s). Mainly I’m seeing that post going around about having to base everything on fact etc etc, that shows how Wren is the only logical option left.

First I’ll say, PLL stopped being about logic and fact many seasons ago.
But I do understand what you and everyone are saying. Process of elimination essentially leaves him as the only viable option.
But to me that isn’t fact. ‘Although everyone else has clues about them too, because of x y and z they can’t be so it only leaves him’. That’s not how a real investigation would work so it’s not entirely fair to say that that’s pretty much it, despite the chance being high.

I also question how everyone uses Mona’s pointing out that he spelt diagnosis wrong and therefore was questioning him being a doctor. I said it to prettylittleliarsbiga once, I have spelt many words I know wrong. Including my own name. And everyone says they showed this for a reason, that they wanted us to take note of this, but as I have said before i’d taken that scene that Mona was letting him know she was still on top of things. She was watching him like a hawk and she was letting him know it. And the show was letting us know it.
Maybe this could be an indication he was A because she was watching him, but I do think there is an alternative interpretation thar you can’t categorically put down.

Also so so many people point out that we have no proof of his family, just when he was talking about his father and his family maybe be was talking about himself or about Dr Palmer or the Dilaurentis’ etc… but in the same breath theyll say that ‘we know this other person isn’t Charles because we know they actually have a family because they talked about them’.
Again, maybe a good clue that Wren is Charles. I’m not denying that. I’m just saying that however it turns out, some clues we were given will turn out to be relevant and others won’t. And for now and even after, people need to recognise that we have to respect each other. You don’t have to agree at all, you can think someone is bananas (privately please), but I think people need to remember that there are others ways of looking at things and some people need to settle down on telling others that they’re blatantly wrong when we currently have no real confirmation.

I will add to why I don’t want Wren as Charles/A but first a bit of fuel for why he could be A… The actress that plays Lesli, is from that other show Julian’s on. If he was coming back or in contact with the producers he maybe suggested her. (But i don’t think that’s a good point at all, just decided to mention it haha)

Now why I’m anti Wren as Charles… first.. he’s been gone for ages with essentially no mention (yes I know in pll time it isn’t technically long but let’s be real, the show isn’t written thinking about their time, its about the audience). But anyways, not only that but he was in a position of power as Melissa’s fiancée and a potential Hastings and as a doctor, that the girls trusted (personally and professionally). Now I constantly see questioning of the validity of his medical license if he’s Charles and about how we see him doing bad doctor things e.g. giving Melissa drugs for Ian, not telling Emilys parents about the HGH in her blood, etc. Buuuuuuut guys…. its Rosewood…… in case anyone wasnt sure, teachers aren’t supposed to bang students. Police aren’t supposed to assume guilt, hide/distort evidence, harass young girls, bang a criminals mother in exchange for the crime being forgotten, hook up with teenagers, and so on. Adults are supposed to be there for their kids and not leave them home alone when they know there’s murderers/stalkers on the loose. So yes maybe Wren was being dodgy cause hes a fake doctor or because he didn’t care about his license, but people in this town don’t do what they’re supposed to, including adults and professionals, so let’s not place too much significance on that. (And yes working in the medical institutions he had access to files but so did a) hackers and b) the girls when they broke in to multiple places) My point is just that regardless, he had power over these girls whether he was a real doctor or not. From very early on. So to just be sitting idle as Mona played her game with them, one that was sometimes reckless and near murderous, seems really odd for someone who was later going to take over and torture these girls himself.. And if he is as good a hacker as Charles seems to be to have so much access and control, then I think it furthers that he could have made his move much earlier. Even if it wasnt seasons earlier, this whole season the girls knew who he was… why did he want to wait til prom? Yes in theory they’ve had ‘better protection’ but there’s been plenty of opportunity, particularly if he’s tracking them. and okay we arent sure if he meant for the girls to escape or not, some say no some say yes, but assuming yes.. why? Assuming no.. falling for the prom flashy camera thing? If this guy was smart enough to fool people into believing he was a doctor, including the super intelligent Melissa, smart enough to outcode Caleb and government systems on many occasions and to go undetected this whole time, and smart and controlled enough to wait it out til everything was perfectly set, I find it highly unlikely he’d be so naive as to fall for Mona and Spencers trick.
I think he was very well functioning for so so long, and if his ultimate game plan was to take the girls and torture them, we’d surely have seen some cracks or some indications of stress, if not anger.

Plus criminology wise, torture is usually used by the torturer to feel a sense of control/authority/superiority over the people you’re torturing. We saw that the girls were controlled by the A messages and then by being sentenced to prison. So why would someone who; had (or was perceived to have) a position of power in the community and over the girls as a doctor, and as their stalker/abuser A, kidnap the girls to take them somewhere to keep…… and continue torturing them? Like why do it in the first place, and then why go cray and even sicker? For me that’s the bit that also removes any chance I’d have of sympathising with Charles. If you want them so you aren’t lonely anymore, and you want the adoration and love they had for Alison despite her flaws, the same love you didn’t get from your parents, fine. Creepy and wrong but fine I get it. Its sad. But you had them. You had your control, and you continued to torture them there and that I can’t excuse or forgive. However I may understand it (not excuse it) more if it were someone else… I feel like Wilden is the other best fit in looks and age wise (despite death), but he had power as a cop. Who didn’t have control? Who could easily have felt like an inferior to Ally and the liars? Who did we see often seeming like they were spinning out of control? That essentially had no power to do anything about their situation? LUCAS Aside from the age thing, lucas would be my top pick for A anyway. And this post wasnt supposed to be about him, but just in arguing why I don’t think Wren as Charles/A makes real sense in the scheme of things.. He comes to mind as someone that the psychology of torture would make sense for. Loser Mona and bullied Jenna became popular and powerful in their own rights. I mean Mona was it girl and A. And had perfect hair and a 4.0 GPA (hey Spencer). But regardless, they seemed to step up to at least the same level. Lucas on the other hand? Maybe he didn’t get hermie anymore. But he was still kind of loser Lucas. We saw him multiple times seem to be cracking. Maybe it can be explained away, but he’s the only one I can think of post-Mona when I think about who would actually properly torture the girls. And who was perhaps unlucky enough with the ladies to be naive in the dollhouse prom scene. I’m not sure I entirely think of him as A, or as a Dilaurentis at all, but I could definitely envision it more than Wren.

But then maybe Charles’ mother being murdered made him snap (assuming he didn’t do it). Maybe that was his trigger. But usually a trigger is a trigger and the person starts devolving and losing control instantly. Waiting till the dollhouse doesn’t seem to support that, but anyways!

I also think the show and Marlene mentioning Julian/Wren on social media so close to this reveal is either them reminding the non-tumblr users he exists, or more likely way too dangerous if he is Charles/A… If you read this, awesome! I’m not sure how convinced I am of it either way. I do see some posts about Wren that I go oh yeah that could be how they explain it… but to me it feels pisspoor to have had him absent for so long IN VIEWER TIME to then bring him back, in what is frankly quite a screwed up unbelievable story line. Not just A.. but the long lost Dilaurentis older brother that we never heard about… and have him be like surprise, lol jks about the doctor thing… and the British thing… but here’s 30 minutes to explain everything. I’m out bitches. Fin. Like… no? But again, thanks for reading if you did! Sorry for the rambling and lack of evidence. I typed this post (pretty much essay) on my phone as I was wildly thinking up stuff and trying to make sense of what I’m seeing everywhere and explain why I just don’t feel it. Feel free to message me why you disagree or agree or how it could relate to other things or whatever else! Share this if you want so others can do either ! Would love love love to hear from anyone!!! (About this or anything pll!) Cheers :)