look at this and tell me they don't love each other

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How did you and seto kaiba meet!? (In kat's point of view and in seto's point of view? )

They look each other with a surprised look  and then Kat look at the anon with ​​a suspicious  big smile.

“Uh.. Good Question Anon. I was at the Pegasus tournament with the others. It was cool. And then Seto arrived, and he kicked Joey’s ass with his Duel Disk prototype. So I approached Seto to literally kick his ass and then-”

“And then, she bite me” interrupt Seto with a smirk.

“Let me finish ! You’ll tell your version after ! So yeah, for resume, I yelled at him, he insulted me, so I tried to hit him, he grabbed my wrist sooooooo yeah…  I bit him… but later I helped to save his brother ! And then he kidnapped me to scare me when I tried to sympathize with Mokuba after the tournament… Ok this sound bad, you must tell ya « omg whyyy they are togetheeeeer ?? » But he finally fell under my spell hey ! You gonna ask again anon, what happen next is long to explain. »

Kaiba cross his arms and give her a soft nudge.

“It was the worst summary of the universe, my sun. But that will suffice for now. But unless you want my point of view anon…  At first I found her vulgar, unbearable . A pain in the neck. I even promised to make her life hell . Still, she started being friend with Mokuba , who, to my dismay , liked her. So yes, I hired people to kidnap her. A failure, Mokuba intervened and she was not even scared.  On the contrary, she decide to become my friend, she was very insistent … and … she was right to be insistent. She’s not that annoying. She’s interesting. Someone strong who is not afraid to confront me, and I like it. I also enjoy spending time with her and … Damn it, I’ve said too much. Next !”

@mayorcardenial made me an appreciation post so here’s one for her

the Actual Best™ person i know

super super nice and also really cute

actually bothers to look through all the stupid shit i send her on a daily basis and puts up with my incessant need to show/tell people things

knows lots and lots about many topics (usually more than me tbh) and will explain things nicely & clearly so i understand

always looks really nice (and oooohhhh boy am i jealous how do u do it)

gives me fantastic recommendations for things to read/watch/look at/whatever (i have never been disappointed honestly)

in conclusion: i’m glad the ENTIRE GODDAMN SCHOOL tried to get us to meet each other, no matter how much i complain about it ur fantastic