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I’m in such a serious Legend of Zelda mood this week it’s not even funny. I’ve ALMOST finished Breath of the Wild (I’m taking my time because I’m scared of the main boss and I actually just like climbing to the top of mountains and jumping off… yes I know… some hero.) and I got volume one of the Twilight Princess manga. Ok, Twilight Princess is my absolute FAVOURITE Zelda game, I love it way too much <3 

So have some TP Link doodles! The one on the left I tried to draw a panel from the manga that I REALLY love. I really like Akira Himekawa’s style, especially the eyes <3. The doodle on the right I just thought of for no particular reason. I love Link’s Ordon clothes, and I love how he is affiliated with animals in Twilight Princess (this game particularly…). I really love TP’s personality and his adorable little smile~

NCT Member Profiles (As requested)

Chenle: The wildest. His pre-debut photos are actually insane and his laugh is a loud cackle. Can speak many languages and will insult you in them all. 

Doyoung: Drags everyone. Actually loves all the members so much but doesn’t show it often.

Haechan:  Doesn’t talk about feelings and can be a little shit to his members, but he’s sensitive and gets a lot of hate from ‘fans’. He’s gorgeous, protect him at all costs. 

Hansol: Not debuted yet but has been around since ancient times and has a strong fanbase. All you need to know right now is he’s incredibly attractive and will end you in a dance battle.

Jaehyun:  Intelligent and not always equipped socially. Sometimes says dumb shit and has a heart of gold. 

Jaemin: Debuted with Chewing gum but then left due to injury. He is a lovable cutie-pie and will be returning soon. Don’t forget about him this smiley sunshine. 

Jeno: A triple threat who has the potential to take over the world with his talent. He’s adorable. Helps mark keep the dream members in check.

Jisung: Sweet but can be a little shit when older members aren’t supervising him. Constantly looks tired or clueless. 

Johnny: Seems mature but is secretly a dirty jokes factory and knows how disgusting us fans are. Shitty pun guy.

Kun: Shy munchkin. Was around near the beginning but has disappeared into SM’s basement. 

Yukhei: aka Lucas who is a newly revealed future member ready to slay us all. 

Mark: Actual sunshine. He is the nicest, most kind member of the group and full of talent. The whole fandom and his members would kill for this boy so be careful what you say about him. He has enough to deal with as he has a 24/7 schedule and never complains.

Renjun: He can actually be really competitive and loves to sleep. He’s basically on the ground a lot and can be really shy. 

Taeil: Incredibly intelligent and mature guy with an insane IQ. He can actually be really silly and gets on well with younger members. Needs more love. 

Taeyong:  Secretly the mom friend, but doesn’t want anyone to know that. Acts tough but is the cutest cinnamon bun. Clean freak.

Ten: Dance god and a fluff ball but is secretly emo trash, please don’t look up his pre-debut pictures, you will be scarred. 

Winwin: The sweetest angel who all the members love.  Might use members with ulterior motives, but is grateful for them nonetheless.

Yuta: Guy whose good at football and politics. Will end your life with a single roast sessions. Beware. 

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I tried to at least draw u a Victor for ur birthday… But I’m bad at drawing… and this was just a quick sketch ^_^;



Y'know these are like the only two pictures of Chris that I know of and it’s really unfair how adorable he is.

“Titus likes you...too much” - Older!Damian Wayne x Reader

I know I said I wouldn’t write anything until Friday or Saturday, but I just realized this story was done and for some reason I didn’t post it so why not post it now right ? So here we go. Specially written for @loverandomness2. Some fluffy love for the youngest Wayne boy. I’m sorry if you didn’t want an older!Damian and if that’s not what you wanted at all but…yeah, hope you’ll like it

PS : there’s a little surprise for @epickimmie somewhere in this fic. Hope it is ok that I did this.
PPS : Also, this story kinda became some sort of sequel to another story I wrote with Damian, which is here : The First time is serious business

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It was early in the morning when Damian finally came home. Came back to you. 

It had been a few years since his father retired and Damian inherited the Batman’s cowl. Most nights, he was out fighting crimes in Gotham, though, since his dad’s younger years, G-city was way safer, and it often happened that Damian came home early, or sometimes, didn’t go out at all (besides, he still had the help of his brothers, and they took turn to watch over the city…so really, you often had times with him, even if he was also quite busy during the day, as he became Wayne Inc’s CEO as well). It didn’t mean that there wasn’t any work ever though, like tonight, a new guy who called himself the “Joker’s son” was menacing the streets, and Damian was exhausted as he finally came home…But really, more often than not, the city was now calm. 

Bruce was beyond happy about that, as he sacrificed his own life so others wouldn’t have to. Sometimes, when you went over to Wayne’s Manor (you and Damian moved in a penthouse in the heart of Gotham quite a while ago), you felt a bit sad for your father-in-law…But nowadays, seeing his sons happy sufficed to make him happier than ever since his parents’ death. 

None of his children still lived in the Manor, but, now that they were all grown up and understood some of the difficult choices he had to take (it took Jason a little more than his brothers to get it), they all “forgave” him for any mistakes he might have done while trying the best he could to raise them, and often visited him and Alfred. 

Besides, since a little while, a certain Selina Kyle finally decided to move in with him so, Damian’s father wasn’t lonely, and that was great. He could finally live his life, after all those years, after sacrificing his youth and health…Finally, he was at peace (or almost, as sometimes, he couldn’t stay away from the bat-computer and such).  

As Damian came in your bedroom, shoulders hunched with fatigue, rubbing his face softly, you couldn’t help but be happy at the mere sight of him. You guys all came such a long way since you first met him…You were barely ten years old when you first encountered the youngest boy in the Wayne family, and so much had changed since those times. 

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Licht loves animals but when it comes to a certain hedgehog…Oh boy, hedgie Lawless is such a cutie~I kept imagining how he makes that cute little sounds of his like in the OVA. He wears flowers! Just how adorable he can get?

Licht, stop giving him that look! (I won’t forget how you cradled him in your arms and cried when the incident happened, because deep down you care for him!)
He shouldn’t be glaring at Hyde like that…poor little hedgie wants attention too,  especially when he sees Licht fawning over kitty Kuro and he won’t lose to his big bro!

@reimeijennoir tagging you to see an adorable hedgehog and maybe get inspired for your drawings :)

Lawless fans, hope this makes you guys go “kyaaaa” seeing this little cutie xD

Day6 Reaction to You Pulling Away From Kissing Them


He would smile and laugh at how flustered and blushy you got all over trying to initiate a kiss between the two of you. He’ll probably tease you a little bit about your cheeks only making you pout and look even cuter.

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He would probably try to play it off like he wasn’t expecting you kiss him but he wouldn’t be able to hide how disappointed he got all that well because his voice would give it away. Poor cutie was really excited to have you kiss him.

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He would laugh so hard because you were so ready and then you didn’t. I mean, he would try to tell you that you were adorable with your flushed face and little pout but give him a few minutes before his sentence is coherent again.

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He would try and encourage you because it was really cute that you tried and failed to initiate a kiss between he between you two but he also wanted to help you feel more comfortable doing it more often.

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(You’re Wonpil) He wanted you to do it but the moment you ran away he had to take sometime to stop giggling at you before he went to call you cute for trying.

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Every morning between the hours of six and eight, Shawn gets himself ready and dressed to hit the gym, no excuses, no late sleep ins, nothing. The latest he leaves for the gym is eight. 

He likes his strict routine, for what reason, you do not know. 

You, for one, cannot keep to a strict routine when it comes to mornings and your time off. You much prefer to spend your early mornings cuddled in bed sleeping or lazing around. Shawn, however, loves getting himself to the gym and then lazing around and sleeping. 

It wasn’t unusual for you to wake up to an unoccupied bed, the sun peeking through the windows as you shuffle around in the bed, attempting to find a comfortable position to rest and fall back asleep in. But, you’re startled when you hear the front door open and closing, your hand immediately reaching for your phone, the brightness causing you to squint as you read the time, ‘nine-fifteen’ a time that is far too early for Shawn to be getting back from the gym. 

The moment he steps into the bedroom, he abandons his athletic bag to the floor, taking you by surprise as he collapses to the bed, resting his head on the pillow. 

“Hard work out?” You softly challenge, moving to rest your hand on his back, rubbing soothing circles. 

You’re not new to the occasional hard workouts where he pushes himself too far and he ends up just wanting to sleep the rest of the day. In fact, at least once a month he pushes himself excessively far and spends a whole day resting. 

He responds with an inaudible grumble, nestling further into the comfort of the bed, 

“In English please, Shawn,” you chuckle, continuing to rub your hand in small circular motions on his back, keeping him content. 

“Fuckin’ kicked my ass… My legs are done for,” Shawn mumbles, opening one eye to look at you, sighing heavily the moment the wailing of your little girl sounds through the house. “She still not sleeping more than two hours?” He sighs, “I put her back to sleep before I left,” he pouts and you lean over and kiss his cheek, forcing yourself up to get off the warm bed. 

“Nope, did you think you going to the gym would suddenly change that?” You chuckle, pulling one of his sweaters over your body as you look over at him, his body sprawled out on the bed, 

“Kinda hoped so, she’s killing me with this," 

"Mhm, if you had of stayed home you would have been able to sleep and you wouldn’t be sore,” you poke fun at him for his strict schedule that involves going to the gym at the same time each morning. 

You make your way down the warm hallway and enter the neutral coloured walls of your little girl’s room. You peer over her crib, leaning down and picking the three-month-old up, her little body instantly clutching to your body and nestling into you. “Hey there my little darling, did you hear Daddy and want to wake up? Hmm.” You hum, draping her white blanket over her back before you bounce her a few times to get her to completely stop whining. She settles into you and you carefully walk out of her room, wandering back down the hallway to the master bedroom. 

You smile as Shawn is now on his back, his arm covering his eyes as he continues to rest. “Daddy wants some cuddles, I think he needs some,” you whisper to your little girl as she yawns, her little hand pressing to your shoulder.

You gingerly get on the bed and Shawn uncovers his eyes, focusing them on his pride and joy, “Good morning, did you decide you wanted to wake up, again?” Shawn coos, taking her from your hold, settling her to rest on his stomach, his hand resting on her back to keep her sitting up. She crinkles her nose before she stares down at him with her blue eyes, giving him a small gummy smile. “You’re so cute, wanna tell Daddy why you won’t sleep?” … “Is it because you want to sleep with us? I think we should let you and see, but Mummy over here says it is a bad idea.” Shawn mumbles to his little girl, getting no response but random baby noises and a few hands being thrown around. 

“If she sleeps with us, we will never get her back in the crib, Shawn.” You remind Shawn of the reason why you are against bringing her to sleep in the bed with the two of you. She will end up sleeping on yours or Shawn’s chest and will get far to use to it and never want to sleep in her own crib. 

You view as Shawn smiles at his little girl, his eyes illuminating with such love and awe, you have never seen him look at anything with as much love as he does with his little one.
She is everything to him, his pride and joy, his love, his life. 

At just three months old, she has him wrapped around her little finger, there is no doubt in your mind that she will be a Daddy’s girl.

 From the day she was born and placed in his arms, there was no separating them for too long. 

“Ah, bless you, uh and bless you again,” Shawn coos as the little one cutely sneezes, “she is so damn adorable, how did we create someone so cute, look at her.” Shawn smiles at his little girl, positioning himself to sit up a bit more, pressing a sweet kiss to her cheek, “You are a cutie, yes, yes you are, you definitely take after your Mummy,” Shawn continues to talk in a charming voice, keeping your daughter occupied while you take the time to get dressed. 

Since she has been born, you haven’t really had much time to yourself, usually getting dressed is accompanied by her watching or whining, giving you exactly two minutes to get yourself together. 

Her little baby mumbles turn to a few whines and you flick your eyes over to Shawn, “Shh, my darling..” He whispers, resting her on his chest and rubbing her back his soft voice beginning to hum softly. 

He has this nonchalant power over her; Shawn can calm her down with just the sound of his soft hums and the tender touch of his hand. You, on the other hand, you don’t have the power of being able to hum in order for her to calm back down. 

You smile at the two of them, Shawn calming her down and getting her to fall asleep on him rather promptly. 

“Hon, what am I going to do when I go on tour? I don’t want to leave her.” Shawn whispers, keeping his down on his little girl, his hand rubbing her little back as her breaths rise and fall softly. 

“I don’t know, we will figure it out… For now, just enjoy time with her," 

 "She looks so much like you and that isn’t fair.” Shawn sighs, giving you his pouty flushed lips, “I have two beautiful women in my life, I got so lucky… You are both so gorgeous, she is flawless, truly. You did an amazing job.” He smiles over at you with glistening coffee-colored eyes,

“I couldn’t have done it without you. You helped create her," 

"Yeah, but you did the hard work, you carried her for nine months, I don’t know if I told you, but you are so damn amazing, I am so thankful that you helped give me such a perfect little girl," 

"Well, you helped a lot,” you assure him, “We created a perfect little girl, one that has your eyes and your long ass legs, God how those long legs were painful,” you chuckle, gesturing towards her sleeping body, “Have you noticed how she sleeps like you?” You question, curious as to whether Shawn has noticed how she prefers to sleep the exact same way he does, on his tummy with his legs spread apart. 

Shawn chuckles, “I did notice that, have you noticed how she has one lazy eye? She got that one from me.” … 

“Yeah, it is so cute… She is very picky, like you. Which reminds me, she won’t eat that baby food you got the other day,” you familiarise Shawn, 

“Ha, funny thing.. I tried to feed it to her yesterday and she spat it out, so I tasted it…. It was gross." 

"Shawn,” you sigh, “Stop giving our child bad habits." 

"I can’t help it, she has picky tastes.” Shawn shrugs, defending himself as he carefully lifts himself off the bed, “I’m going to put her down, want me to make breakfast?” Shawn proposes with a smirk, “I know you love my waffles, with some strawberries.” Shawn beams over at you, stepping outside the bedroom, 

“Mhmm, sounds great.” You smile over at him before he disappears from your view.

NCT 127 + Ten reaction to their s/o being a huge fan of the Vroom Vroom Talk Show

Ok ngl i’m weak as hell for Doyoung and the vroom vroom talk show has given me many precious moments of him so i will forever be grateful 🙏🏼🙏🏼 


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(I love this gif so much lmao)

Taeil would just be super happy and soft when he sees you laughing and genuinely having a good time. He’d put his hand on your leg or around your shoulder and rub it gently bc he’s so whipped for you and when he sees you smiling his whole world lights up and he’s just in a very happy place. He’d try to join in on the fun by yelling random things (like he usually does), and when he sees you laughing at those he’s just be a shy happy bean.


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Y’all know how in NCT life Taeyong tried to take over the Vroom Vroom talk show and Doyoung gave him the eye-roll of the century™, and then Johnny completely ignored him and started talking to Ten?? Yes well I see Taeyong as being kinda whiny like “Babe I’m so much better”, and he would be lowkey jealous that you laughed so much at Doyoung’s jokes. I see him being super clingy and I see him trying to one up Doyoung and trying to get you to laugh at him. If you do laugh at his jokes, you can be sure to see him go and do that thing where he dances and makes weird noises to tease Doyoung like “did ya see that they laughed at my jokes I’m better than you suck on that”.


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Johnny would just be happy that you’re happy and he’s just gonna enjoy watching you laugh and enjoy yourself. Bc he’s an actual meme he’ll be like “we all know my fashion evaluation is much better right Y/N?” for jokes, but he’s just glad to see you smile this softie. He’d also lowkey have a full on conversation w/ Ten and would just ignore Doyoung (which makes DY hella salty).


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Yuta this lil shit is the person who hates on the show the most. He loves getting a reaction out of Doyoung so he keeps interrupting him and teasing him and when he sees Doyoung getting irritated it’s like his life’s goal has been achieved. 

When he sees that you’re really enjoying Doyoung’s show, this teasing only intensifies bc he’s highkey jealous that Doyoung is making you laugh like “nah fam my s/o can only laugh at my jokes”. He tries to make you laugh by teasing Doyoung basically, and when you laugh he does that thing where he smiles like an angel (basically just him smiling normally but it still does things to my smol heart) and he’s just happy that you’re happy and you’re having a good time. 


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DOYOUNG this boy makes me weak I can feel my bias list crashing down as I look at this gif 

Doyoung is highkey salty bc everyone is ganging up on him and not letting him do what he wants and his show is failing bc no one is cooperating and he’s just salty af.

When he sees that you’re really enjoying it though, this lil bunny’s confidence gets boosted x100000 and he just gets really smiley and bashful bc you’re so cute !!!! and you’re laughing at his jokes !!!!! and he’s just super happy that he can make you laugh so much and he just wants you to keep laughing so he tries a little harder and it’s just rlly cute and my heart cannot take kim doyoung someone save me pls


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I think Ten would just be happy to see you having a good time and seeing you laughing would make him giggle too bc you’re so cute and he loves you. He’d lowkey be talking to Johnny the whole time though and the two of them would be in their own little world (just like in the NCT life episode lmao).


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(This boy will be the death of me)

Jaehyun seemed like he wasn’t the biggest fan of the vroom vroom talk show - not that he had anything against it, he just kinda went along with it to entertain Doyoung. I feel like Jaehyun would just kinda be sat there with you, occasionally laughing at somethings, but not really laughing super hard or anything. You, on the other hand, were laughing super hard, and you kept folding yourself into a ball into Jaehyun’s side as your eyes crinkled as you gasped for air between your giggles, and I think jaehyun would just love to see you like that. He would look at you with the most adoring look and he would just want to squish your cheeks and hug you because he thought you were super cute. 


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(Look at this lil squish what a cutie)

Ok so with WinWin, his Korean is still a little lacking so I don’t think he’d be very engaged in what was going on in the talk show. BUT, seeing you laugh and genuinely enjoy yourself would make his lil heart flip in his chest and he’d just wrap his arms around you and smile at you and just be really cute because he’s just happy that you’re happy and can you tell that this boy makes me fckn soft


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THIS BOI ok I don’t think Mark would really care whether you liked the talk show or not tbh he’d be too busy losing his marbles from laughing too much. Mark has the cutest giggle (don’t fight me on this we all know it’s true) and he would just be dying at the whole situation of how everyone is ganging up on Doyoung and how Doyoung is highkey salty. I think he’d be super happy though, because the two of you could sit together and be in a fit of giggles and just be happy and cute and aw


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(omg i love this gif so much look at my baby how cute i love this outfit he looks so soft and squishy i just want to hug him)

Ok so we all know Donghyuck is the king of sass and he’s a funny lil squish. I think he’d find it cute that you found Doyoung’s show so funny, but he’d be lowkey jealous and would constantly spout sassy comments about everything. Ofc his comments are hilarious so you burst out laughing at them, and when he sees that you’re laughing more at his jokes than Doyoung’s, this lil bean will just swell with pride and confidence like “hell yeah my s/o thinks i’m funny what a great thing” and he’d just be a happy lil bby.