look at this adorable little cute smile for blaine

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In honor of my own phone's recent death (RIP dear friend), I'd like to request the "i’ve been breaking my phone on purpose just because you work at the help desk" AU prompt for Klaine.

RIP to your phone
Klaine Bingo : Slow Build

The first time it happens, it really is an accident.

Or, as Kurt likes to put it, his phone decided to take a dive in the toilets because of the caller.

All heads turn to Rachel every time he says it, and at least it makes him laugh.

So yeah, the first time Kurt ends up at the Apple Store’s help desk, looking for either a new phone or a way to restore his soaked one back to health, it’s completely accidental.

But Genius Blaine, with his little blue polo and his cute bow tie and his adorable smile and his tight pants–so tight–only had to smile at him and carefully take his phone from his hands to look at it more closely to make Kurt wish for an eternity of technical issues.

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