look at these two they have no idea

the stars, they cry for us

↠ pairing: jungkook x reader

↠ genre: bestfriend!au, angst

↠ word count: 1308

↠ summary: Under the dark clouds of the city that brought you two together, he says the three words that would have made you stay.

Please, don’t go.”

Clenching your fists, you turn around to face the source of all your pain. A subtle sting that burns at the very core of your heart, that slowly grows until the beating flesh feels like it’s being split into two.  He looks back at you with hollow eyes that resemble yours, full of a pain and agony that is close to incurable. You’re broken at the sight of him so helpless with no idea on how to convince you to stay; to stop you from leaving him.

It’s like every cell in his body is succumbing to the fate that destiny has set for you both. He knows there is no way he can change your mind now, not when it’s too late, but there’s still a part of him hoping that the girl he’s known and loved for the past fifteen years is still somewhere in there despite everything that’s happened to bring you both to where you are now.

His eyes say everything his mouth does not. He’s begging you to stay with him, not to leave him in a world where you will never be together— where he will never be yours. The look on his face almost has you running back to him to apologize for all the things you’ve said and done, to make right of all your wrongs, but you keep yourself glued to your spot, fighting every urge to go back to a life full lies. A life where you wake up and end off saying the same words over and over in your head until you believe it even if it’s all for just a second, “This is enough.”

It hurts to see him in so much pain, but you’ve been through so much more; the pain he feels at this very moment would never compare to yours. You’ve been through so many nights spent alone with tears; so many moments where he chose her over you; so many hours you spent waiting for him at restaurants or arcades or even in the comfort of your home, only to find out he couldn’t make it because of her; so many excuses that left your heart in pain; so many years of torture all because you were in love with your best friend, but your best friend was in love with someone else.

A shaky breath is all you can manage to keep yourself from breaking down in front of him. You force a smile on your face, but you know he can easily see through it— he can easily see through you.

“I have to,” you whisper, afraid that if you speak any louder he would hear the strain in your voice and say all the right things to convince you to stay. He takes a step closer and you fight the urge to take a one back. Before he can say anything you continue, “I’m going to miss my flight, Guk. I need to go.”

He doesn’t seem to care at the least, reaching out and taking a hold of your hand. Under the cool droplets of rain that soaks your clothes until it sticks to your skin like glue, his touch seems to be the only thing that brings you warmth, still.

“No, no you don’t,” he says for what you believe is the nth time this night. His voice is pleading you to listen. “Stay. I’m begging you, Y/N, please. You’re my best friend. I can’t live without my best friend.”

There they are again; the two words that you’ve come to hate. Best friend. A reminder of why you had to leave this cruel place behind— a city that only brought you pain and sorrow for far too long. Though your heart’s not willing to leave him yet, you’ve already lost him. You’ve lost him to the girl you wish to be— the girl he truly can’t live without.

“I’m sorry,” you say with a shake of your head and he really feels as if he’s lost you now.

You take a step forward, and another after that, and another until you’ve closed the tortuous space between both your bodies and wrap your arms around his neck, pulling him into a warm hug that sends shivers down your back and breaks your heart simultaneously.

Jeongguk wraps his arms around your waist, realizing it is hopeless to persuade you to stay; you’ve made your mind to leave the city you both grew up in— the city that shares all your precious memories from kindergarten ‘til now— and it breaks his heart. He tightens his hold on you, afraid of what will happen once you finally let go. You stay like that for minutes, both of you refusing to let go of another as the tears slip past your waterlines, dampening Jeongguk’s already soaking shirt.

You try to take in everything you can of Jeongguk and tuck it into your heart to remember forever, however long your forever may be.

He’s warm as he always has been, the familiar smell of rain and his signature musky cologne you’ve come to love, polluting your lungs. His touch is as delicate as a butterfly, but he hugs you like your the air he breathes. Jeongguk is breaking inside with every passing second because he knows this is the last memory you both will share and if you say otherwise, you’re lying. He basks in your warmth as you bask in his, both of you aware that this moment is the memory you’ll keep in your hearts forever.

Not the fights or the strain you have placed on your friendship, but the moments that make your farewell harder than it should be.

You’re the one to pull back first, missing the delicate kiss Jeongguk places on your neck before he follows your motion. He’s reluctant at first, but his arms slowly fall back to his sides. His eyes are bloated and red and you realize he’s been crying onto your shoulder like you’ve been crying onto his.

All you wish to do is tell him everything will be alright, but you that’s a lie. All you want is to leave him before the pain becomes unbearable— more than it is now. But, all you can do is place a tender kiss on his damp cheek— whether it is from the rain or his tears you aren’t sure— before you pull back, far enough it makes your body ache.

“Goodbye, Jeongguk,” you say with a smile that leaves his heart in a million pieces. You don’t stay to listen to his response, the tears already cascading down your cheeks as you hold back your heart-wrenching sobs.

Jeongguk watches as your shaking body enters the vehicle, his very own screaming at him to do something to make you stay. His body craves your touch for one more second; his cheeks burning where your lips met his skin; his heart crying because he’ll never get the chance to say the words that are lodged in his throat. He’s scared that the silver lining there is in this mess will be destroyed the second he pours his feelings to you.

Instead, he watches as the car drives down the street until it’s— you’re out of his sight. And that’s when he really starts to cry. The sound of a heartbreak one could never recover from echoing down the pouring streets earning the sympathy of stars above. As if the world understands the pain he’s in, the rain pours harder and harder onto his body, crying along with a soft melody of droplets touching the ground.

Under the dark clouds of the city that brought you two together— the city where two star-crossed lovers fell in love— he says the three words that would have made you stay.

“I love you.”

copyright © 2017 by ggukbby. all rights reserved.

Contradictory Thoughts

There is an unfortunate problem in paganism today. Not the glaring problems we are used to but a deep down simmering problem. Most of us are westerners having grown up steeped within western culture. One of the core tennants of western culture is “logic”, it has been with us since the days of the Greeks. Basically we abhor contradiction, we cannot have contradiction because it grates on our logical minds.

Yet this avoidance of contradiction is not something you found in ancient pagan societies. If you look eastward this prediliction against contradiction is not found in Asian societies. Buddhism, for instance, actively embraces contradiction quite often. It is annerving from a logical western perspective to read too deeply into Hindu, Buddhist, or even Chinese philosophies because they each embrace contradictory ideas. When we come across these ideas we think “hypocritical!” Yet we shouldn’t because those societies actively embrace the concept that two contradictory thoughts can be equally true and valid.

The Germanic socieies were not always so rigidly logical, there was a time that acceptance of contradictory thoughts would have been quite ordiary. Logic and hate of contradiction had to spread to Germanic societies with Christianity. It was introduced with Aristotle and other acceptable philosophers. Iroically those seeds of logic sown all the way back then would rise again in the Renaissance.

Yet this was not a part of our ancestor’s heathen world view and it is becoming incresingly difficult to maintain belief of any kind in an incresingly logcal world. Logic pains us because our rational minds have a very difficult time wrestling the complexities of belief in the divine and in the mystical while understanding science. They are seemingly impossible to balance without losing something.

Either we lose out on belief or we lose out on rationality and logic. But is it truly either or? It wasn’t always this way and even today isn’t this way in eastern philosophies.

In today’s world we have to be of two contradictory mindsets at all times. The thing we have to realize as westerners is that the rules against contradictions were invented by the Greeks and really cannot truly be applied to our religion. It is time to embrace contradictions for our own sake.

The logical mind wrestles the mystical mind in western philosophy. So can a person believe in magic and science? Yes.

If we accept contradictory ideas we can hold them equally valid and true.

The gods can be mere cosmic forces AND be living breathing gods.

The universe can have come into existence in a big bang AND have been crafted by gods from the corpse of a primordial giant.

People can have evolved from other apes AND have been created from fallen trees.

The earth can be a lonely blue speck in space AND be a mystical realm among a host of others.

Magic can be superstitious mumbo jumbo AND be completely true.

Contradictions are not world shattering in ancient heathen philosophy. They can be figurative AND literal because there is the world we see with our eyes and the world we see in our sleep. The Buddhists believe the world is an illusion but hold the illusion true for them in the moment. Both are true and contradictory and that is fine.

To see as one or the other would rob us of the missing one. We cannot live solely in the literal nor in the figurative, we must have both for us to be functional and productive members of modern society and for ourselves in pagan belief.

Basically there is no reason that we should deny the mystical or the scientific; when the world requires science then apply the science, when the world requires the mystical or metaphysical then apply that.

I live a contradiction because it is what must be for my mind to function, contradictions are acceptable and necessary and this is alright.

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1. Niall wasn’t trying to be ‘revolutionary’ with his LGBTQ response. He’s just a decent person, saying that as a decent person, he thinks that everyone deserves equality. It still shows support. 2. It’s definitely possible that Niall doesn’t know about Johnny Depp’s past. But also I don’t necessarily think his ‘always nice’ about Depp was about HIM, but more about his looks bc b4 that he said that he was handsome? But either way it doesn’t make him a bad person. Uneducated, maybe. But not bad.

So I’ve mostly responded to these points - but I am going to respodn to two things.

The first is my pet hate of this use of the term ‘uneducated’.  People choose to have different beliefs and stand in different places. The idea that any difference of opinion can be put down to education ignores both ideology and power.  Men who ignore other men’s violence against women aren’t doing it because they are uneducated - they’re doing it because they value their relationships with men more than they do women’s lives.  

People can and do change their minds - but it’s very rarely through the passive reception that is suggested by the phrase ‘uneducated’.  People change because the environment around them changes or because of the relationships they have or because of their experiences.  The use of ‘uneducated’ suggests a completely ineffecitve model of organising where the provision of information is supposed to be enough and it never will be.

The other point is that I never said that Niall was a bad person - I made a specific criticism of a specific thing he said.  I think it’s really important to note that doing the latter does not imply the former.

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“Please refrain from shooting her, we need her for later.” - Chiyo

“Please don’t shoot her, we need her for later. We haven’t finished interrogating her yet!” Chiyo whispers, eyeing the gun that Germanotta had taken apart to clean.

Germanotta snorts. Eyes on her work as she replies. “I’m not going to shoot her.”

Chiyo sighs with relief. “Then… why do you have the gun? Whose gun is it, anyway? Is it really a good idea to have your hands all over that?”

Germanotta chuckles. “Calm down. It’s Hilda’s. I was only borrowing it for… intimidation purposes.”

Chiyo leans away, frowning. “Hilda? Again. You two seem awfully chummy lately.”

Germanotta turns to look at her. “You know she’s my friend. I like her. Nothing else.”

Chiyo pouts. “I’ve missed you, though! And now I hear you’ve been with Hilda? It’s enough to make a lady jealous!”

Germanotta shakes her head. “You have nothing to worry about. You know you’re the only lady I favor.”

“Aww,” Chiyo coos, leaning in to kiss Germanotta on the cheek.

Germanotta flushes. “This is a hostage situation. Not in front of the hostage!”

They both peek at said hostage.

A duskwight female who claimed her name was Ramora, but Germanotta didn’t trust that was her real name.

Ramora smiles at them. Perfectly at ease in her place tied to a chair as Haurchefant made a slow circle around her. “Don’t mind me,” She smirks, winking cheekily. “If you two want to get your smooch on, you just go right ahead!”

Chiyo perks up. “See! She doesn’t mind!”

Germanotta groans. “Are you done with your circling yet? She’s not intimidated by you.”

Haurchefant sighs, stopping mid-circle. “It’s true. I’m simply too disarming and effortlessly charming. It’s a curse, really.”

Ramora nods along. “You are quite handsome. To be honest I was staring at your backside in those fitted slacks before I got distracted by those two cuties smooching over there.” She winks.

Haurchefant laughs, dragging up a chair. He twirls it around, hooking his legs over the seat and crossing his arms over the back of the chair. “You seem like an intelligent lady. Beauty and brains. Yet you will not tell us of your employer?”

Ramora hums, lips puckering as she seems to give it some thought. “Well, you three have me at a bit of a disadvantage. You see, usually I don’t let anyone tie me up until I’ve at least had dinner with them.” She shrugs the best she can with her arms behind her back and being fully roped to a chair.

She blows at her bangs, smiling flirtatiously. “As for my employer? I’m afraid that’s confidential. I signed a contract, you see.”

Germanotta rises from her seat at Haurchefant’s desk, looking particularly irritated. Only faltering in her upset as Chiyo grabs at her sleeve. Bending down for Chiyo to whisper in her ear as the lalafell beckons with a crook of her finger.

Germanotta makes a face. “Really?”

Chiyo nods, giving her a look.

Germanotta sighs. “As you wish.”

Ramora and Haurchefant watch in bemusement as the midlander drags a table over to stand next to the tied up duskwight. Watching as she gathers Chiyo’s tea set. Setting the table and then plucking the lalafell from her spot sitting on Haurchefant’s desk and depositing her on the table next to their captive.

Chiyo smiles, pouring a cup of tea and offering it to the tied up duskwight.

“Tea?” She asks, fluttering her lashes.

Ramora blinks. “How generous. I’m afraid I’ve no hands available.”

Chiyo shuffles forward, cup raised up to Ramora’s lips.

The duskwight laughs, dipping her head to sip the tea.

“We would be more than happy to let you leave. All we ask is that you tell us what you know of Mr. Galvus.” Germanotta says, lingering behind Ramora’s chair.

Ramora leans her head back, smacking her lips like the tea had been the tastiest she’d ever had. “Mm. Again, I can tell you nothing of the sort. Lovely tea, though. You must tell me - what brand is that?”

Chiyo ducks her head, twirling her hair. “I mixed it myself!”

Ramora smiles. “Delightful.”

Haurchefant coughs politely. “Indeed. Now, miss Ramora, was it?”

Ramora nods. “Yes, handsome kidnapper?”

Haurchefant smiles. “We know you’re working for Mr. Galvus. Won’t you give us something? What he looks like, perhaps? Surely you could give us that?”

Ramora sighs. “Look, Handsome. I’d love to help you out. You all seem like lovely people aside from the whole kidnapping thing, buuuut..-” Ramora shrugs. “Here’s the deal: If I tell you, I’ll be taken care of. Get that? Wiped away like I never existed. Poof.”

Haurchefant frowns, pillowing his head on his arms. “So it was for naught. You’ll tell us nothing of him at all?”

Ramora cocks her head. “Well. I’ll tell you one thing.” She leans in. Like it’s a juicy secret.

Haurchefant perks up.

“He’s really handsome, too.” Ramora winks.

Haurchefant sighs. “Is that all?”

There’s a sudden crash that makes them all jump. Thud, thud, thudding. The sound of splintering wood. Muffled shouting.

An unnamed elezen bursting into the room, panic in his eyes. “Forgive me, my lord!” He begs, sweating heavily. A bloom of red on his shirt as he falls to his knees.“We… couldn’t stop him…!” He hits the floor, losing consciousness.

Ramora laughs. “I knew it! Here’s clue number two: He always loves a reason for war.”

Germanotta clamps her hands on Ramora’s chair. “Where is he?”

The door creaks open. The sound of footsteps loud on the wooden flooring.

A hand clad in black leather swiping aside the drapery that hid them from view.

They all stare with wide eyes.

Seeing their enemy for the first time. The flowing gold of his hair. His eyes, a piercing blue - and that of a monster. That blood thirsty smile. He was beautiful and terrifying all at once.

“I believe,” Zenos drawls, a hand resting on one of the swords at his belt, jutting out from his cloak-like suit jacket. “-you have something that belongs to me.”

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its so funny to watch the pops scene in 1x01 because obviously Archie is fascinated by Ronnie and she stares too, bu like, they had no ideia they were going ti fall this hard for each other you know?


You watch Archie being flabbergasted and you’re just like, “you two idiots have no idea yet.” Lol 

the script literally described it as romeo + juliet fish tank scene <3 and I get that vibe more so from Archie since he was the one who was … stunned, meanwhile Veronica just looked confident. (but I do get the same vibe when she pulled down her hood). And it’s cute and adorable, and you’re just like you two have NO IDEA how whipped you both are gonna be .


save him

also my commissions are open, if you’d for whatever reason be interested :’)

things writers can (probably) relate to

-making the facial expression your character’s making and trying to describe it

-writing entire scenes in your head as you shower and not remembering most of it by the time you get to your computer

-deciding you can’t do something you’ve been looking forward to until you write what you told yourself you were going to write, resulting in you laying in your bed doing nothing

-having two completely different ideas for your story to go in and both seem equally good but you can’t do both and you also can’t choose

-having docs with stories you know you’ll never finish but not deleting them anyway, even if they’re only a couple sentences long

-getting random bursts of productivity that could go towards homework or cleaning your room or writing and you know you’ll only be able to do one

-getting inspiration from the most random things

-writing at inopportune times because a perfect line or dialogue just popped into your head and you have to get it down before you forget it

-“what are you writing?” “……..a story”

- “what do you want to do when you grow up?” “uunnghnnggguughhhhh”

-reveling in the embarrassment you put your characters through

if youre ever feeling like youre in a haze and you feel like youve lost your individuality, just remember, everyone is different; no two people imagine bowser’s dick the same way

some people like basketball, some like soccer, some think bowser’s dick has spikes on it while others imagine it more human.

everyone has off days, and its nothing to be ashamed of. no one has a perfect track record just like no one knows if bowser’s dick is cut or uncut.

so never forget, you are who you are. you have a bright mind, a unique personality, and your own ideas as to what king koops looks like down there.


i’ve been thinking about shou and mob a lot lately and naturally i had to make an au to satisfy my needs

AU where shou is an important person with an office with a view and shigeo is his receptionist. but really it’s just them stumbling over how it is to be in a relationship like new born fawns

a big thank you to @coffeelions for getting excited with me about this!! i really needed an outlet in those trying times hahaha so thank youuuu!!

The Minyard-Josten Pros’ Coming Out

Or, That Time Andrew Got Pissed And Posted The Video That Broke The Internet

  • Years down the line, our boys are both pros and Neil is getting annoyed at all the press conferences that get derailed by either the Josten-Minyard rivalry or whether he is or isn’t in a committed relationship as some gossip magazines have been implying
  • he’s not allowed to deal with it, though
    • he’s actually not allowed to say anything to the press that his coach and PR team haven’t approved of
    • he calls it bullshit
    • he only ever antagonized a dangerous yakuza criminal once
    • people really can’t let anything go, in this sport

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uh was it just me or was Dean like turned on when Cas said 'I'm your Huckleberry' and ISN'T THAT SLANG FOR 'I'M THE MAN YOU'RE LOOKING FOR'????


Firstly (everyone’s screamed about this already; I’m still DYING fyi), Dean and Cas watch movies together (or Dean makes Cas watch his favourite Westerns like a cool, cultured hubbie should do). 

God, just look at Dean’s lowkey scandalized face saying “Babe! How dare you suddenly forget the MOVIE Tombstone!”

(Meanwhile I’m laughing at Cas’ casual, vague summary of it because you have no idea how many times my mom talks like this when my dad would ask her if she remembered a certain action movie [he’s an action movie buff]. To my mom, the action genre consists of two things: guns and blown-up cars. That’s it. They’ve been married for 25 years.)

Secondly (of course), Cas watches these movies because Dean wants him to despite not having a fetish/obsession with Westerns and cowboy paraphernalia like Dean does. Happy Dean = Content Cas. 


Yep–popularized by Tombstone, the phrase is 19th century slang for ‘I’m the man you’re looking for’ according to Urban Dictionary (or ‘the man for the job’).

Dean: *fondly confused/flustered* *swallows* *licks lips*

Here, Dean’s voice catches on a gasped inhale as he shakes his head (both in disbelief and amusement) at Cas’ endearing antics.

UGH. Textbook married.

Maybe once I gather my wits I can write proper meta alongside flailing but we’ll see–like I said, there’s barely any sub left in that text, if you ask me  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  1. Dean had a good snore-ful sleep after sleepless grieving nights post-Cas return.
  2. Cas knows Dean sleeps like “an angry bear”. AN “ANGRY SLEEPER…LIKE A BEAR”.
  3. Cas (who “doesn’t sleep”) makes Dean coffee in the mornings.

*What Cas is actually thinking* “Nice job, Jack. Now I must make your father coffee again. I didn’t resurrect myself for this.” 




Platonic. My. Ass.      [Clarke version]

Past and present generations.