look at these two idiots and their new haircuts

Okay guys, but think of this AU.

Techie!Steve and Actor!Bucky

Bucky loves the feeling of being on stage. He loves the process of being in a show in general. First getting a script, learning and understanding a character, getting to work with people. It’s always so exciting, it gives him a rush. It’s such a satisfying feeling during curtain call. 

Bucky pretty much talks to everyone in the theatre company, but there’s this cutest little blond guy that he’s had a crush on ever since freshman years first drama club. He’s never gotten the nerve to actually talk to him though because Steve (he learned his name when he force- well begged Nat to tell him his name cause he was in her bio class) always seems busy with tech work so he doesn’t wanna be a bother. 

“Oh my God, Nat, look at him! He’s wearing those cute headsets again.”

Steve likes working in the background. It’s his way of “painting a picture” on stage. He feels a sense of an accomplishment after a production is done. After weeks and countless hours staying after school, preparing lighting plots, rearranging the lights, putting gels or gobos in, cueing them and etc, when it’s actually show nights, it feels really good. 

Most of the time, when Steve has headsets on he mostly talks about how attractive Bucky is because he’s best friend Peggy stage manages most shows.

“But Pegs, his new haircut looks so good though!”

Peggy and Nat just sigh as they watch those two idiots gawk at each other. It gives them something to talk about in world history though.