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Have you ever put any thought into the traitor/spy business that is developing my My Hero Academia?

OKAY ROOK-PAWN… first I’ll have everyone know that this topic is very important to me because I love theorycrafting and all that stuff. So this reply is gonna be LONG and full of manga spoilers.

You know, ever since the topic of having a traitor in their midst come up, I have the suspicion that it’s Kaminari Denki but I have little to back it up. It’s more of a gut feeling. For some reason I feel there’s just something off about him, even though I love him so much because he’s a lovable idiot.

And then I read this theory from reddit/4chan AND I AM GOING DOWN WITH THIS HEADCANON. UNTIL IT’S PROVEN OTHERWISE.

Here’s the gist:

The most important point that we have to remember for this theory is Kaminari’s Quirk, Electrification. Now, most Quirks have downsides, right? Kaminari’s Quirk, if he uses it too much, electrifies his brain and makes him stupid for a while.

See, that’s the thing. How can one tell that it REALLY makes him stupid? What if… what if he’s just pretending to be stupid all along? Make one huge Electricity Charge attack then pretend to be stupid, effectively hitting two things:

  1. you helped your classmates in a show of support
  2. you’re out of commission immediately afterwards, gives you an excuse to stop fighting, and let the rest of the villains do their thing.

During USJ Arc, they realized somebody was jamming the communications in the area. At the Mountain Zone Kyouka concluded it to be the villain with the Electricity Quirk too. But what if it was Kaminari all along? Out of all of them at the time, he was literally the only one with the means to communicate outside, Aizawa even ordered him to do it too (which he failed to do).

Another thing, Kyouka also commented that:

His Quirk is super strong. Electricity can do a lot of things, like say, a GPS.

Familiar, right?

Remember those times they always get attacked by the villains? Nobody knows their locations except for the teachers and the students themselves. Kaminari’s like a walking GPS!! He could always let the enemies know where they are as long as he has the equipment on him.

Another thing, during the Summer Camp arc, what if Kaminari purposely failed the exam to get stuck in remedials. At that time, here’s what the students know:

  1. Summer Camp will be done in the Forest Lodge
  2. Those who failed won’t get to go

Kaminari failed on purpose so he doesn’t have to go to the Forest Lodge, a location that the villains know and will attack (so he doesn’t get in the crossfire). But Aizawa took it back in the end anyway, they all got to go. I always thought Kaminari’s expression here looks rather different than others (but that’s just me):

However, at the last minute they changed the locations, but the enemies still know where the new place is, because Kaminari’s tagging along. But still, he was under supervision from the teachers, so he is in a safe area and also didn’t have to fight. It all worked out for the villains in the end.

Anyway, it’s already been established that his Quirk is super strong. It’s OP it’s kind of terrifying. By playing an idiot, whether with studies and exams and the “after effect” of his Quirk, it loses him credibility, gets him out of the spotlight and he can safely stay at the sidelines. He’s the kind of character that you know is there, not really a background character, still memorable, but doesn’t do anything amazing, right? IT’S THE PERFECT SPOT to be a spy.

Here are some other things:

1) Horikoshi made a sketch for episode 10 of the anime. Here’s how he drew Kaminari:

We don’t know if it’s Horikoshi dropping hints or whatever, but Kaminari’s face here looks like there are two sides of him. The good side and the evil side. Somebody made an edit of his face using the evil side:

2) Horikoshi’s old design for “Kaminari” is this:

What if he didn’t drop the “villain” part and just made Kaminari look friendlier?

3) Horikoshi has noted before that he thought of Kaminari’s character as the one person that brings the class together. And by being friendly to everyone, Kaminari loses all suspicion on him. It seems like Horikoshi had a plan for this guy, even though he’s effectively a side character.

4) Kaminari is an “idiot”. But he knows things like:

Based on his Dorm room too, he seems to be the “jock” and sporty type, so being well-versed in literature is out of character for him. His character is inconsistent, and Horikoshi does really well with characterization, right.

5) Kaminari thought Stain was cool.

IN THE END, this is still just a theory. At least I know what Kaminari’s villain weapon would be!!!

I got a part 2 here

Vulcans and Humans

I was thinking about the “Humans are the Doc Brown of Starfleet” thing today and then I remembered Star Trek: Enterprise. It might be the weakest link in the entire franchise, but I think it shows an excellent example of Logical!Vulcans versus Hold My Beer!Humans.

Through the early parts of the series, the Humans kept making grumbly complaints that the Vulcans were holding back necessary information on the warp tech and that they (humans) could have been at Warp XYZ if the Vulcans hadn’t been bogging them down. Every time a test didn’t go to plan, the Vulcans were all for putting the thing back to committee so they could review and debate and dissect the thing until they were 10000% sure where the problem was and this was known for stalling the project for sometimes up to a year. Meanwhile the Humans were like “Look my guy, we know where the problem is. Give us like two weeks to fix it and run some sims and then we’ll have it back in the field by the end of the month.” But the Vulcans were just like “You wanna do this, you do it our way. Safely.”

Now keep this in mind: First Contact came just ten years after the conclusion of World War 3 and Earth’s population was basically trashed. When the Vulcans showed up, they probably took a good long look at recent Human history and went “Oh my Vulcan god these idiots would have killed themselves before the rest of the galaxy ever got their hands on them. If we share our full  knowledge of warp tech with them, they’ll probably strap five warp cores together right away and a punch a hole through ten alternate dimensions just by turning them on. But if we give them just enough to get them started and let them figure out the rest for themselves, at least they’ll have to go at it slowly, right?”

I think it was a good plan, but it still only took about 100 years for Humans to reach Warp 5.

The Boy Next Door (2)

Summary: You didn’t used to hate the boy next door.

Word Count: 1417 

Warnings: Angst, swearing, i’m not a doctor and i’m not sure about 99% of the medical stuff i put in this (i’m not warning you of this every time)

A/N: i hope you’re happy @propertyofpoeandbucky​ and @sgtbxckybxrnes​ I wrote it

Part 1

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Prompts galore

1. B was a child born into a dysfunctional household with shouting parents and never ending pressure. It was less of a home and more of brick and cement keeping together a family that would otherwise have fallen apart. So B just made A their home instead.

2. Nothing special. Just the story of how two idiots take a painfully long amount of time to realise that what they’d been looking for had been by their sides this entire time.

3. Everything A and B do usually leads to sex.

4. There is a chaos in the way he moves.

5. A is a dancer. B has the biggest crush on A ever. C is B’s friend who also knows A. They’re having lunch altogether and B is trying to impress A with their - lack of - knowledge on dance.

“Ok, B so what’s a sauté?” C asks with a shit eating grin. A leans forward attentively.

“Um- isn’t that the thing you do with asparagus?”

6. Freedom, exhilaration, chaos. Every step she takes leaves a burning fire in its wake.
Circus Act

Fandom: IT
Character: Pennywise/it
Relationship: Pennywise/reader
Request: Have you seen the new IT??? I really need someone to write for the new pennywise because im strangely attracted to him.
Can you make the reader like a vampire who works in the circus and travels to cover up her murders. But pennywise wants her because shes like him and her stage costume is like a sexy clown (kinda like Harley quinn meets pennywise). Please please please????
Authors note: I love this fandom! Im reading IT at the moment and saw the new movie the midnight it came out.
You stood in the centre on the ring, the lights around you so bright you couldn’t see the darkness of the audience as you started your routine.
You were a dancer/contortionist for a small circus that was traveling through town after town. Not that you minded. You were getting to do the thing that you loved and you were being paid for it.
Tonight, you wore tights but each leg was a different pattern. Both black and white but your right leg had strips and the left was a diamond pattern. You found that the children loved it. You wore a frilly skirt with multiple layers of whites, reds and blacks with a large, red bow on the back. Your top was a similar style to a corset, but more flexible, allowing you to move around easier. It too was black and white. It had invisible straps over your shoulders to keep it up while you danced. Your stage makeup was extraordinary. Your entire face would be painted white, with a light blush on your cheeks so you didn’t look too washed out in the bright lights. You had a little heart shaped tattoo on the top of your cheek in black ink which you were carful not to cover. You wore bright colours around your eyes. Pinks and blue to make them dance in the light and your lips were painted a deep red.
Your hair was pulled back in high pigtails but curled down to just passed your elbows.
You loved your stage outfit.
As you smiled, you bent over backwards and placed your hands on the floor, preforming a backbend. You then pushed your legs up so you were standing on your hands but your feet only inches from the ground so you were in a backbend handstand. You turned on your hands, showing the whole audience your trick as the music came to an end.
“Give it up for our beautiful dancer, [y/n]!” A voice cried out to the audience and you stood up, curtsied and walked off stage.
The second the lights left you, your smile faded and you walked through the crowd of performers till you were outside the tent. The circus was on the outskirts of a forest that looked so beautiful in the moon light, you couldn’t resist but to walk into.
Your mind was bored. Bored in a way that only one thing could settle it. But you knew you couldn’t do anything till later and, even though it was dark, you still needed to wait.
You were thirsty, very thirsty. And you weren’t sure what was worse, the thirst or your boredom.
A short way into your walk and you were in a clearing, in the centre the stump of a tree that had been chopped down.
A small smile dawned your lips as you skipped towards it.
Placing your hands on it, you pushed yourself up into a handstand on the stump with minimal effort thanks to your trailing.
Pointing your toes, you started to make small circular motions with your feet before pulling your legs apart and doing the splits. You then bent your knees and pushed your legs back up. After a few seconds, you bent your knees slightly and pushed your lower body forward till your feet touched the centre of the large stump and you were, once again, in a backbend. Pushing yourself up, you allowed your eyes to close as you slowly raised your upper body up into a stance.
Standing on your left leg, you lifted your right leg out behind you. Leaning forward slightly, you raised your arms for balance but raised your leg higher and higher till you reached back and, giving a little kick, grabbed your ankle. After a few moments, you allowed your leg to snap back down and you stood on your two feet once again.
You heard a slow clap from behind you.
Glancing over your shoulder, you saw a pair of yellow eyes in the darkness. As they moved forward, a clown came into the view of the moonlight.
You slowly turned on the spot to face him as a devilish smile played on his lips. You weren’t scared. No, you were more curious.
He was unlike any clown at the circus you were at. His costume was a mish mash of different time periods but he was tall. At least 7 foot tall.
Even when you stood on the stump which was at least 2 foot tall, your small frame was nothing compared to his.
he wore a rather dated clown costume. It looked like it used to be white but it was faded with red pompoms on the front as if they were buttons. His forehead was slightly larger than normal, similar more to a child than to a grown man.
But as he continued to clap and draw closer, you smiled. Taking a handful of the ruffles on your skirt your curtsied, bowing your head to him slightly.
“Most have to pay to see one of my shows.” You joked, straightening up but tilting your head to the side.
“I bet millions must come to see you.” The clown smiled, his voice a little higher and lighter than you expected. His front two teeth were longer than the rest and, as he smiled at you, he pushed his tongue against the back of them.
“perhaps not that many.” You shrugged, noticing he had now stopped only 5 feet from where you were.
“You are spectacular.” The clown purred slightly, his eyes drifting down your body and back up. You discreetly sniffed the air.
He smelled nothing like normal humans did. His scent was different to anything you had ever smelt before. And you loved it.
You clenched your teeth slightly, not wanting to act on impulse too early. Besides, he was curing your boredom.
“So, do you have a name?” You asked, raising an eyebrow and noticing how this question seemed to make him happy.
“yes, yes, I have a name. I am Pennywise. Pennywise the dancing clown.” He let out a loud laugh, baring all his teeth. “Although I do not know if I could outdo you, [y/n].”
You almost froze as he spoke your name but then remembered your name was painted on banners outside the circus.
“Pennywise, huh? Never heard of a clown called that. Do you get called Penny for short?” You giggled, winking at him as he lowered his chin to his chest and chuckled.
“no, but you may, kitten.” He purred, his eyes dancing with danger and fire.
He wasn’t human. You knew that much.
“Ah, so the kitten is as smart as she is dangerous.” You heard him mutter, more to himself than to you.
But, before you could question him, a pair of footsteps drew your attention. All your senses were more tuned than a normal human so you instantly knew where the noise was coming from and whipped your head to look.
Pennywise had heard it too, looking in the same direction and voices filled the air.
“3 males. About 15 years old.” You mumbled to yourself.
“Good, kitten.” Pennywise grinned and chuckled but you weren’t paying attention to him. Your thirst was becoming strong.
just then, the three stumbled out into the moon light of the clearing. Their eyes instantly fell on you and Pennywise. Two were stunned, their fear only making their smell greater, while the other, either too stupid or too brave, started to laugh.
“Who the hell are you two? Circus is back that way.” The leader laughed, pointing in the direction of the circus.
You let out a low growl, sounding more from a tiger than from a human.
But Pennywise started to step forward.
“Why, I am pennywise the dancing clown. Would you like a balloon?” He pointed to your right and, sure enough, there was a bright red balloon. It was as if a invisible man held it there. Your gaze drifted back to Pennywise. You didn’t know who he was or what he was, but he was like you.
“You think I want your stupid fucking balloon.” The leader said and started to storm towards you, plunging his knife into his pocket and pulling out a blade.
You couldn’t help but let out a laugh at him, but this only made him worse.
“Stupid bitch.” He growled.
“Now now, the kittens got claws.” Pennywise giggled, his eyes darting to meet yours. “Or fangs.”
Instantly, you knew he knew. He knew what you were.
You were a vampire. A creature from nightmare and from myth.
And he wanted to make sure of it.
When the boy got close enough, you smiled, allowing your fangs to show now. It was something you could normal hide, but now you were thirsty. And he had pissed you off.
The boy froze in fear about 3 foot away from you, allowing you time to pounce.
You grabbed his wrists and pushed him to the ground, straddling him as you ducked down and bit his neck, hard.
He let out a screech of pain and started to writhe but you were stronger. You held him down as his blood passed your lips and down your throat as you sucked.
Pleasure ran through your body as you finally fed. It had been weeks since you had last been able to properly feed and you were locked in a feeding frenzy.
You heard screams from the other boys but didn’t care.
finally, you tasted his blood beginning to thin.
You forced yourself to pull back, gasping for air as you did.
You could feel a bead of blood run past your lips and down your chin as your world spun. Focusing, you saw Pennywise crouching about 3 feet away from you, his eyes wide with fascination and a large smile on his lips, his head croaked to one side. Looking past him, you saw the limp bodys of the two other boys, blood around them.
“Spectacular.” He chuckled, inching closer.
You pushed yourself off the body and stood up, noticing how closely he was watching you.
“How often do you have to feed?” He asked, his eyes dancing as they fell to the drop of blood on the side of your lips.
“If I don’t suck the idiot dry?” You kicked the body slightly, frustrated that you had allowed your thirst to take control. “One human can last me years. But they have to stay alive so their body can continue producing blood.” You explained, your eyes falling on the boys face. His eyes were still open in fear.
“Do you like children?” He asked, inching closer to you.
“Yes, but they are impractical for me.” You shrugged. “While they do taste slightly better, their small bodies cant keep up with what I need. Teenagers are okay, a blend between adults and kids.”
Pennywise let out a loud laugh, almost bouncing on the balls of his feet.
“Can you taste fear?” Pennywise asked more and more questions, making you confused as you bit down on your lower lip. You were a little unsure about him, but a part of you was drawn to him.
“I cant taste fear. But I feel it. Our senses are a lot more tuned than a humans. But, if they are scared, their blood runs faster.” You explained to him, seeing how excited he was getting. “Now, enough about me.”
You walked back to the stump and sat on the edge, watching him closer. But he didn’t speak. He simply smiled at you.
“ive heard about you, around the town. Children are under a curfew. They are scared of you. Every 27 years, isn’t it? 27 years that you need to feed.” You smirked as you saw his smile falter. He now knew and understood you were witty and intelligent.
“Yes, 27 years. How do you know that, my dear?” He asked as you shrugged.
“When you’ve been around as long as I have, the world really isn’t a big place. Rumours travel.” You smiled slightly, unable to hid the small sadness in your voice. You had been around longer than some family names. You had seen humans grow old in the blink of an eye, a tree go from a sapling to a full tree in the flutter of an eyelash. At some point, loneliness was bound to come back.
“You don’t fear anything. Why?” Pennywise suddenly asked, taking two steps towards you.
“Fear is natural in most animals, but not in me. You see, fears stem from ones ability to predict death. Someone who claims to be scared of heights isn’t, their afraid of falling. Those afraid of spiders is because spiders can be poisonous. Fear is a natural way of trying to warn you. But I am immortal. I cannot die. Therefore, I have nothing to fear.” You explained.
Pennywise let out a loud laugh before moving quickly forward and dropping to his knees in front of you. Due to his height, he became eye level with you.
“I feed on fear.” He whispers to you, as if it were a secret. “But, some children don’t fear me like they should. Some think because they hid in their silly little groups, they can escape me. But they cant.”
He became angry as he spoke, looking past you and frowning.
You didn’t know why you were drawn to him like you were. You didn’t know why you were attracted to him like you were.
“And you think I can help. How?” You tilted your head to the side, raising a singular eyebrow at him.
“You, my dear-“ He reached out and placed a finger under your chin. “You will make them fear. You are able to attack them, whether or not they think you are real.”
you couldn’t help but smirk, knowing it would be a fun plan, but you saw a fault.
“And what about when you disappear for 27 years? Will I just have to circle back?” You asked.
“no, no, no.” He shook his head, laughing. “You can stay. This town wont care. You could pick off anyone you like. And you wont have to worry about getting caught.”
It almost sounded too good to be true. But you knew he was right. The town was incredibly strange.
“So? Do we have a deal?” He reached out a hand to you, his eyes seeming to darken. But this didn’t seem to worry for 2 reasons.
The first, he couldn’t harm you.
The second, you were more than enough competition to him if he did. If he was having problems with kids, he wouldn’t stand much of a chance against you.
You reached out and shook his hand.
“Perfect.” He bounced up to his feet, chuckling with joy.
You too stood up, realising you came nowhere near his near 7 foot height.
“There is one thing missing.” He mussed, turning to look you over once again. “Oh! I know!”
He pulled two wrist ruffle cuffs off his wrists. They were white with red towards the tips and very pretty. They matched your outfit perfectly.
Pennywise held them out to you, that deranged smile playing on his lips as you took the items and slid them on.
“Better?” You asked, shaking your arms slightly before doing jazz hands.
“Perfect.” He moved forward, taking your chin between his thumb and pointing finger and raising your gaze to meet his. “We shall rule this town.” He growled, possessively and it set a shot of pleasure down your spin.
“On a throne of corpses.” You added, smirking.
Pennywise then did the most unexpected thing. He leaned down and dragged his tongue up your chin to your lip. As he pulled away, you saw he had licked off blood which had dripped down your lip. This seemed to send him into a frenzy.
He leaned down and pressed his lips firmly against yours.
You were surprised by the kiss, not thinking he wanted that from you. But now you knew, you weren’t going to complain. You kissed him back fiercely, wrapping your arms around his neck. He lifted you up, a growl emitting from his chest.
You knew he could taste the blood on your lips and he loved it.
You were the first to pull away and when you did, he moved you up to sit on his shoulder, wrapping his arm around your legs to keep you secure.
You didn’t know where this was going to take you or if you could really trust him. But by that kiss and his general aura, you like him. Plus, it might be a little fun. Like a circus act.

okay but here's the thing about TV!Rhaegar's annullment

1) it is literally pointless
2) i know the show didn’t bother with “the dragon has three heads” prophecy and rhaegar thinking that three heads = his three children, BUT ANYWAY he got the three children he wanted/needed why the fuck would it matter to rhaegar “screw the rules i have a prophecy” targaryen if the youngest was illegitimate????
3) and IF IT DID why would he not have just gone ahead and married lyanna and have had two wives a la Aegon I??? because as previously discussed he clearly did not give a fuck re: the rules???
4) like even if the argument is that he had some issue with elia, why would he screw over his other kids???
5) is this to make jon look better? cause it doesn’t make jon look better. oh look! your bio dad was a selfish, idiotic douchebag enjoy that legacy.
6) what the fuck???
7) “It makes Jon the true heir!1!”
8) I cannot see Dany giving one single shade of a fuck tbh.
9) rightful heirs suddenly matter now?? so why is ned stark’s supposed bastard the king in the north when there was one now THREE 100% legitimate starks standing right there? does legitimacy and actual rules of succession matter in universe or not? cause i feel like the narrative should have made its mind up at least a season ago?

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Okay but my favourite tags ever are your "I screamed with my Erik voice" and "I screamed with my Charles voice" ones. I just find them hilarious and they pretty much describe your entire blog. Yep. <3


Aww, thank you dear! <3 

I can’t help myself. Their screams are seared into my brain. 

Just look at them.

I love these two idiots.



Skynet!Atem’s swift descent to madness can only be matched by his meteoric ascent to take over the Cloud, Domino City, and the world.

The partner piece to Day 3′s Kaiba. Prideful idiots should do things together, after all.

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Essays in Existentialism: Skin

Soulmate au (clexa of course) where when you write something on your skin with pen/marker/whatever the hell you want, it will show up on your soul mates skin as well. Imagine having Clarke who’s a super artistic soulmate who draws designs and really beautiful patterns all over her arms and lexa just sits there and watches the little lines appear on their arms and she can’t stop smiling and it’s their favourite part of the day.

Sometimes it was doodles. Little cartoons or swirls or little faces on the tips of her fingers. At night, creatures and imaginary places occupied her ribs and her stomach, appearing like magic in their rightful spots, rarely the same thing twice.

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Friends to Lovers with Jaehyun
  • bro i’m so sleepy rn
  • why i’m always so sleepy it’s not normal anymore istg
  • but anyways, jaehyun uhm?
  • my first bias ever in nct <3
  • well, that was before i saw ten in nct life in bangkok and fell i love with him lol
  • actually i was watching it today because i missed hansol a lot and omg :’) i love ji hansol so much he’s such a king
  • why do i always end up talking about hansol, omg anyways, let’s just begin this
  • ok, let’s start saying that you weren’t feeling too well that day
  • actually, you were having a terrible day and you were a 100% ready to punch anyone in the face who would talk to you
  • you were getting late to your class that day and the bus you always take didn’t even show up
  • and you were basically running from an extreme of seoul to the other one
  • so when this stranger bumped into you and accidentally spilled all his hot coffee in your shirt u weren’t happy at all 
  • first of all, jesus christ that shit it was hot
  • “oh my god, i’m really sorry are you okay?”
  • you looked at him with nothing but pure anger and actually though about punching him in the face but you ended up being a nice person and just ignore him
  • “do you want me to walk you home so you can change? maybe i can give you my sweater”
  • “i’m fine, i’m getting late i can’t talk now”
  • and you were going back to the direction you were going to but guess what
  • this weird guy just followed you
  • “you’re going to catch a cold if you walk like this in such a cold day, do you seriously don’t want my sweater?”
  • “it’s just a cold”
  • you definitely had a strong personality and that really atracted him for some reason?? even if you were treating him like shit lmao
  • he followed you the whole way while talking about random stuff but you weren’t giving any attention at all
  • even when you entered to your university and then went back five mins later because you were too late he was still there
  • “you couldn’t do it? oh, then i guess there’s nothing we can do, well, maybe i can walk you home so you can change and then idk buy you a new t-shirt”
  • you were so tired of hearing his voice already but for once you agreed to him because 
  • “if i agree would you shut up a little?”
  • “…..maybe”
  • and he didn’t but you still couldn’t pay any attention to him either and he was getting tired of your shit i mEaN
  • “listEn,,,, i’m sorry okay? what do i have to do? i’ll buy you new clothes and a breakfast if you want to just give me a little attention here”
  • you looked at him and omg you finally realized how handsome he was??
  • like imagine walking by his side and just turn your head and have jung jaehyun looking at you in the most sincere way you can think of with the sun rise in the back
  • spoilers HE LOOKED E T H E R E A L I’M
  • “my name is y/n, normally i’m less moody but my day was just too fucking horrible today”
  • “i’m yoonoh and i already introduced myself like twenty times but you weren’t paying me attention”
  • and he made you laugh a little
  • in such a horrible day like, what?? i-i laughed¿???
  • y’all kept talking about the normal stuff
  • things related to your studies and to his job and blablable
  • boring things u know
  • after you went to your house and changed your outfit for one that was more bomb and cool he took you to a really nice cafe
  • y’all had breakfast together and paid for e v e r y t h i n g
  • you kept talking and getting to know each other and then you went shopping!!!
  • i’m so jealous
  • also, i feel like jaehyun would be really sincere while shopping?? like
  • “that color is ew with ur skin color but bby try this one, it would look bOOmb af believe me”
  • but omg he would compliment you non stop once you find idk a dress or something that’s actually good on you and omg
  • “told you, you look amazing, i don’t care if you don’t like it i’m buying it anyways”
  • “tHESE SHOES OMG, you don’t even need to wear them i know they’ll look amazing anyways i’ buying these too”
  • lmao but you would low-key blush the whole time like i just meet you?? you made my life a hell like an hour ago?? stop?¿? i have to be angry
  • but he’s such an idiot i mean how could you be angry at this puppy
  • you only had to buy a new t-shirt but you ended up with like two gigantic bags in your hands
  • but jae carried them for you so don’t worry <3 he’s such a genterman right
  • you started to be really close from that day and eventually feelings developed
  • ;)))))))))))))
  • and he didn’t doubt on telling you about this feelings but he did ask for some advices for part of the other members
  • even tho i think he would be kind of obvious with his actions??
  • like before confessing he would always idk play with your hair and hands and he always have his arm on your shoulders and things like that
  • so it wasn’t a surprise when he told you that he liked you
  • the surpise was that.. he kissed you before saying it
  • you were watching a movie in your house and out of the blue he would tap your shoulder and once you look at him he would just.. kiss you?
  • and you kissed him back and that’s what gave him confidence to confess his feelings orally, whispering everything he feels for you
  • and of course you confessed back
  • and forget about the movie after that because you spent the rest of the night talking about how y’all started to like each other and kissing and being all cute
  • jae would be the best boyfie ever in my opinion
  • like he would be low-key jealous but not to much to like start an argument or smth, he would always trust you and tell you everything
  • also, A+ cuddles, he would be really shy sometimes but that would make everything better because he is all fluffy and soft and blushy and awww
  • and i guess the end, but basically you would be blessed everyday with this cutie by ur side ok
  • <33 hope y’all like it a lot
  • also this is not important but i got inspired by mom as i wrote this lmao
  • like she made me angry and that’s why i decided to mistreat jaehyun in the beggining okay?? i actually love jae he’s my everything

anonymous asked:

Can I just say I feel like the only one disappointed with Cheritz's announcement? I'm not too into V, and I respect everyone that does, but it just doesn't seem fair. Saeran deserves a route as much as V, but he doesn't seem to get any attention for it. I don't know, maybe not everyone gets their happy endings. I just feel like as the fandom grows older the chances for his own route decrease. Maybe someone will make a fan-route just for him.

No trust me, there are others who are disappointed with Cheritz’s announcement. Just think of it this way, let’s say the love our of loves Saeran got the route instead of V. That means the die hard V lovers would be disappointed. There was no way for everyone to be happy.  I’m glad that you are respecting other peoples choices because I’m hearing that people are bashing Cheritz and that’s not right. 

You know I am in love with Saeran Choi. I really am and while it hurts that he doesn’t have a route, we just have to hold on to the shred of hope that Cheritz will deliever him for us. Perhaps his route will come next year… or it will never come to be quite frank. It does hurt but we just need to support the company and let them know nicely that we want Saeran. That for us, Saeran is our true ending, just like how V is for many others. 

It probably took Cheritz ages to write a route, do phones calls, and bad endings for his route. So perhaps next year for their second anniversary, we will get our Saeran. Now, I know the fandom “dies” after a while and perhaps Cheritz will bring it back alive with the announcement of his route to bring it back “alive” like they did with V. 

What I notice with other OTOME games. the last route has the most angst. Perhaps we are in for a fucking rollercoaster for Saeran and I know we will all be ready. 

Regarding the fan-route, I’m actually thinking of dropping my writing and create a fan route for him. I’m not promising anything, but I am actually thinking about. Like for some of the chapters I will include a poll where you guys decide how the scenario plays out. 

For example,

“Ha, you think you can actually save me? What do you think this is? A fucking fairy tale that mommy and daddy read to you when you were younger?” Saeran hissed as his fingernails digged into your cheeks. 

You refused to back down because you knew you were breaking down his walls. 

“No, I’m not some kind of idiot. I know you are fucked up and hurting. I want to be there for you. Trust me, I’m not going to hurt you…Saeran” you whispered out his name gently afraid of his reaction. 

Saeran’s eyes shot wide open and he backed away slowly. 

“How do you know my name?” his lips trembled while looking into your eyes.

* End of Chapter * 

Then a poll will be posted for two days, and you guys get to vote on what direction the story will take place.

1) Tell him the truth 

2) Say you overhead V and Rika talking 

3) Pretend you didn’t say his name 

So what do you guys think?

haha hey i’m drawing something other than pоrn

they’re at Shinya’s and they just woke up on a lazy Saturday
Shinya woke up first and he kind of stared at Guren for a while before noticing his messy hair
he started giggling and searching for his phone to take pics
but then Guren woke up and wouldn’t get it why his bf is giggling like an idiot

“Good morning, sunshine, your hair looks stupid<3″
“Shut up, your hair is just as stupid” 
“Is not!!”
“Is so! You look like a cow licked your head”
”Pfft, you look like two cows licked your head”


Survivor (Jason Todd x Reader) | Part Two

Not a Request.
Warnings: Angst? Mild anxiety. Comfort and reassurance. Some swearing.

You’re not sure what’s going on. You can’t tell what’s real and what’s not, because everything feels floaty and surreal- like you’re in a dream. A very strange dream, that makes you feel as though you’re under water. You can hardly pick up the sounds that are happening around you. They’re voices, you’re sure, but you can’t focus enough on them to find out what they’re saying. Not entirely, at least- only bits and pieces. Pieces such as: told you so, should have noticed, not your fault, and it’s going to be okay. You try your best to focus on the words in order to figure out what the conversation is about, but you’re so tired. You allow your mind to pull you into the abyss of unconsciousness instead.

You wake up to the sound of machines beeping, the tingly feeling of being numb, and… bats shrieking? That can’t be right. You open your eyes, planning on seeing what the hell was going on, only to find that everything was dark- you couldn’t see anything. Upon this newfound knowledge, you begin to panic, and the beeping fastens its pace.

Rushed footsteps make their way to you, and before you’re even able to process what’s happening, a blindfold that was apparently tied around your eyes is removed, and you’re met with the face of the man who saved you. He looks more concerned now than when he found you underneath the piece of stone, and that does very little to help you calm down.

“Beep,” is the only word you’re able to force out, shakily.

It takes a second, but realization dawns on him.

“It’s just the heart monitor!” He’s quick to assure, gesturing to your left where the machinery was. He takes your trembling hand in his, and forces his expression to soften. “You’re safe, Y/N.”

He repeats the words, each time full of gentle sincerity and reassurance, until you’re able to fully relax, and you lean your head back onto the medical bed you were lying on. He slowly removes his hand from yours, and glances over at the machinery you were hooked up to. The remaining concern he held was then completely let go at whatever was on the screens, and you felt yourself calm down even more.

The hero looks back at you with a gentle smile. “How are you feeling? You scared us pretty bad back there.” He continues when he sees the look of confusion on your face. “You blacked out a few times.”

“I am,” You begin, pausing to think. “I’m alive. Sorry to change the subject, but where am I?”

“Batcave. That’s kind of why you had to wear this,” The man raises the blindfold up to his masked eyes, before peeking just over the top of them as he continues. “Batman didn’t want you to see where we were headed if you became conscious on the way over.”

You blink a few times, before sitting up slowly. “Batcave?”

Red Hood only smirks, tosses the sight-obscuring piece of cloth onto a nearby table, and stands back up- which brings your attention to the few bandages on his right arm, and the large bruise that appeared to have swallowed the entire limb.

He offers his left hand, “Care for a tour?”

You stare at the hand for a few seconds before looking up to his face, and find yourself amazed at how you didn’t notice the medical cloth that was taped to his right ear. You accept his hand and he slowly helps you stand on your feet.

“You’re hurt,” you say, quietly.

“I’ve had worse,” is his simple response, in a tone entirely carefree, and he leads you out of the medical portion of the cave.

You’re sure your eyes had never been so wide before, you weren’t sure what you were expecting, but it certainly wasn’t this. A giant computer, an even bigger penny, and a freaking dinosaur? What kind of hideout was this? You startle out of your amazement by the sound of an angry voice.

“Red Hood,” Batman booms, his tone causing you to flinch. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Giving our guest the grand tour,” Your savior responds easily, not at all sounding perturbed.

“They should be resting.”

He hums as he looks at you, obviously considering if you were well enough to be up and about, before shaking his head, “Nah, I think they’re good, B.”

“Ja- Red Hood,” The Dark Knight pinches the bridge of his nose with an aggravated sigh. “We agreed-”

“We agreed that on patrol, I’d peacefully abide by your terms. Patrol’s over, Batman. Besides, I think you owe our friend here a little look around after keeping them blindfolded this whole time.”

The older man definitely looked ready to retort, but with a sharp exhale, he moves past the two of you, and towards the computer. “Fine. Don’t touch anything.”

“No promises,” Red Hood smirks, obviously enjoying his ‘victory’.

It takes a few minutes, but he actually does show you around the place. You didn’t see any entrances or exits, but you supposed that was probably intentional so you wouldn’t find out where this cave was located.

Biting your lip, you quietly speak, “Mister Red Hood?”

The man seems caught off guard by your voice, and he nearly trips over his own feet. He clears his throat multiple times with a small blush of embarrassment. “You- you don’t have to add a ‘Mister’, just Red Hood is fine.”

“Why am I here?”

“Well, you were hurt and-”

“Yes, exactly, so I don’t understand why I was taken here instead of a hospital.”

He seems to be contemplating what to say, before he shrugs. “I kind of demanded it?” Upon your look of shock he’s quick to add, “N-not for some weird, creepy reason or something, just because uh– we-we don’t have all the facts! We have very few facts and evidence on what happened, so I mean, I thought it’d be safer if you came here! Better to be safe than sorry, y’know?”

“Oh,” You say, a small smile and a raised brow adorning your features. “Thank you, that’s very considerate.”

He’s suddenly very awkward, and in an attempt to save himself, he leads you back to the medical bay, “You should probably get some more rest. Oh, and you’re probably hungry and thirsty, so I-I’ll go ahead and- uh, get some for you. Some food and water, I mean. While you– rest.”

“Okay,” You say, laying back down.

The man backs up as he repeats the word to you, and due to him not paying attention, he trips over his feet, slips out the word ‘shit’ as he hits the floor, and before you can ask if he’s okay, he quickly books it out of the room.

You blink in confusion when you hear a thump, and then another. Concerned, you get up and sneakily peek out, and see Red Hood hitting his forehead against a wall repeating the word “stupid” and the phrases “fucking idiot” and “smooth, jackass” over and over again. Feeling sympathetic, you head back to medical bed and decide you’ll pretend none of this ever happened.

SHERLOCK - :Heart Hands:
Wacom Intuos Pro in PS CS3 (new window for hi-res)

I’m only a month late *shrugs*. This was supposed to be done on Valentine’s Day. Whoops.

So I’ve been slowly trying to get back in to doing art again, still trying to find my groove and colouring style on my digital works. This one was done entirely with a marker brush set, which I actually really really like because it really emulates my traditional style.

I love these two idiots so much, but holy crap heart-hands are hard as hell to draw. I still don’t think they look good, but meh. And Sherlock is too short, but humour me anyway. 

Hope you guys like this. Con-crits are appreciated to help me learn digital better.


Tags below cut :)

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“Better Hands” - Part 3

“Better Hands” - Part 3

( Part 1 / Part 2 )

My Masterlist - Here

Leonard “Bones” McCoy x Reader

Word Count: 2473

Key: Y/N = Your Name, L/N = Your Last Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color

Warnings: Talk of Abuse, Mentions of Abusive Ex, Cursing, Talk of Injuries,

Summary: After being in an abusive relationship, you have been able to turn your life around thanks to the help of the team. But when you have to go back to your ex for some of your things, some shit goes down.

Originally posted by urban-trek-thru-middle-earth

Author’s Note: So this is my first Star Trek piece and I’m super fuckin nervous about it. I’m not a huge Trekkie, but I am a fan of the newer films. Those are what I base my fics off of unless stated otherwise. But yeah, I hope you enjoy!

Special shout outs to @goodnightwife and @the-witching-hours12-3 for beta reading and being helpful during my hiatus. <3 Please go check out their works!

If you would like to be tagged in any of my future pieces (All Works, Specific Fandoms, or Specific Multi-Parts), please let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!


- DreaSaurusREX

Tags: @goodnightwife @the-witching-hours12-3 @theeactress @feelmyroarrrr

Waking up in bed with Leonard always made you smile. You weren’t a morning person, but if you woke up to the love of your life every morning, you could start to really enjoy them. His warmth, his protective, comforting hold on you, even his voice before bed or when just waking up. You loved everything about it. But something was off this morning.

You were laying on your side and he was behind you with his hand gently on your hip instead of tightly wrapped around you. You realized that it was probably because he was worried about putting too much pressure on your wounds. Thank god he let you take some sort of sedative to help you sleep through the pain. There was no way you could have slept well without it last night; the pain from the bruises and cuts plus the new stitches made it difficult to get comfy.

Intertwining your fingers with his, he started to stir awake. You tried to turn around to face him, but instead flinched from a sharp pain in your shoulder. As soon as he heard you hiss in pain, Leonard was sitting up and worried. You tried to lay on your back, to just grab his hand, and tell him that you were fine.

“It’s okay. I’m okay. Just kind of forgot about everything. I wanted to see your face.” You managed to chuckle and smile through the pain. Leonard chuckled along with you before kissing you softly as if he was afraid of hurting you more. He pulls away, but you  pout playfully. Leonard gives you a confused look.

“What’s wrong, darlin’?”

“What the hell was that ?” He looks at you with a growing smile, he starts to lean down while you rest your hand at the base of his neck and run your fingers through his hair. The kiss becomes a bit more heated and you both forget about your injuries for a minute. It wasn’t until Leonard tried to snake his hand around your back that you were reminded . His hand had hit a  sensitive bruise on the back of your ribs, causing you to arch away from his touch and quickly pull away from his lips. Leonard started to apologize.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart! I guess I got lost in the moment. I–” You cut him off with another short kiss before pulling back and responding.

“It’s fine. I’m fine. I’ll survive.” You tried your best to smile. He looks at you like he didn’t believe you 100%.

“I know you will survive. You’re a fighter.” He kisses you one more time before getting up from the bed. “Now, you stay there. I’m gonna make us some breakfast and bring it back in here.” You start to shift yourself to an upright position when Leonard turns around in the doorway and points his finger “I mean it, (Y/N). Stay.”

But of course you don’t listen.

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Perfect Two || a.i

gotcha babes xx

I M A G I N E 

“Just follow my lead, okay?” You assured Ashton, having him shake his head in uncertainty. 

You were hanging out with the boys and a few of their friends before their tour begins. It always bothered you, seeing your best friends go away to far distances away from you. But you couldn’t be happier to see them live out their dreams and spread music to the world. You were always in a love-hate relationship with the boys and their success. 

The boys ordered pizza and bought loads of sweets beforehand, having everything ready when the guests (including yourself) came. Music was blaring out of the large stereo system the boys own in their large pad. But, a slow song had suddenly began to play and you wanted to dance. Ashton was the only one who reluctantly let you grab his hand and lead you to a clear space of the living room.

“I’m gonna feel like such an ass if I step on your feet with my bigfoot-sized ones,” Ashton muttered, having you giggle as you grabbed his large hands. 

“Don’t freak out, okay?” You asked, smiling up at a nervous Ashton Irwin. His hazel eyes quickly focused on yours, seeing some sort of fear in them. 

“What do you mean don’t–” you suddenly placed his calloused hands on the sides of your waist. Almost instantaneously, you saw Ashton’s face turn a hue of red. Laughter escaped your lips as you kept hold of Ashton’s hands on your waist. You knew he was gonna try to retreat them from your waist. 

“Relax, Jesus,” you say with a smile as Ashton pretends to hyperventilate. “It’s just me, after all. It should be easier to dance with me than any other girl you dance with in the future.”

“But that’s the thing,” Ashton breathed out. “It’s you, therefore my cool can’t be kept.” You blushed, unsure how to interpret that as you placed your hands on his shoulders. You watch as he takes a deep breath in and slowly lets it out. 

“Now just follow my feet, okay?” You say gently, having Ashton nod slowly. You couldn’t help but find it cute, the way his curls bounce from his mere  head movement. But you quickly re-focused yourself on your feet as you guided the both of you right, and then left. You showed him the mere tap movement, as he slowly, but surely, began to get it. 

“L-like this?” He pondered nervously, having you giggle. 

“You’re doing perfect,” you say, giving him a reassuring smile. But his eyes stayed on the ground, in fear of messing up. “Now just try looking at me. It’s awkward if you keep staring at our feet.”

“S-sorry,” Ashton obliges, looking up before locking eyes with you. You felt your heart stop for a moment as his hazel eyes focused on yours. The gaze was strong between you two, seeming impenetrable as the music slowly faded away from your hearing. Ashton’s lips parted a bit, as he felt stuck in the moment as well. 

It was quickly broken when he accidentally stepped on your left foot. 

“I spoke too soon, didn’t I?” You giggled nervously, having Ashton flush once more. 

“I’m so, so sorry, Y/N, I didn’t mean to–” you quickly placed your index finger on his lips. Giving him a gentle smile, you cup his cheek and give it a soft pat. 

“It’s okay, let’s just try again.” you said, having Ashton’s heart stop for a brief moment as well before going back to the stance you showed him. You then bit your bottom lip from thought, thinking about an idea that might work. It is risky, but it would help Ashton stay in sync without drowning in his nerves too much. “How about we try something a bit more… intimate?”

“U-um, sure,” Ashton choked a bit, having you blush as well before you wrapped your arms around his neck. You walk closer to him, feeling your body press against his slightly. He soon followed your gestures, wrapping his arms around your waist as he held you firmly. “I-is this okay?”

“Mhm, it’s just fine,” you mumbled, having the two of you dance again, but with much more intimacy. The awkwardness slowly seeped away as you and Ashton were perfectly in sync. Your feet danced together perfectly, never missing a bit as you two held each other. The both of you soon got very comfortable, having you rest your head against his shoulder as he rest his head on yours. The two of you remained quiet, as if you two were the only ones in the room with the music. 

The song finally came to an end, but the both of you didn’t want to detach. You felt so comfortable in Ashton’s hold, feeling like you two have fused too much to be apart. His pungent scent of him danced in your nose as you began tracing small circles at the nap of his neck. He did the same, tapping against your lower back as his chin rested on your head. 

“Can you guys just go out already?” Luke shouted, popping you two from distracting. You quickly detached yourself from Ashton, seeing him flush just as much as you did. Your eyes noticed Michael holding up his phone towards you guys, putting it down quickly before tapping away on it. 

“Mate, did you just record that?” Ashton began quietly, a more upbeat song coming from the stereo as Michael nodded happily. 

“You guys were so cute though!” Michael gushed, having him put away his phone. Soon after he did, a vibration was felt against your leg. You fish your phone from your pocket to blush from the notification you saw. Unlocking your phone, you check the post Michael tagged you in on twitter, which was the video of you and Ashton. 

’Who ships them just as much as I do?’” Ashton read the caption, seeing him blush harshly as well before placing his hand in front of his lips. You covered your face as well, feeling butterflies appear in your tummy as everybody else went ‘aww’ over you guys. 

“But you guys are adorable!” Calum cheered, having you drop your hands from your face before looking over at Ashton. His eyes were already set on your, having him smile happily at you. You returned the smile, having the two of you share the same feeling for one another. 

To think it took one slow dance, a video, and 3 Australian idiots to have you realize that your true love was the boy who stepped on your feet. 

RFA HEADCANONS: You Yell At Them In Swedish

@yjendrenal (Okay, I ended up having to delete your request, because it wouldn’t let me answer it? Like, it would just delete everything i wrote, and only showed one sentence. Soo, here is your request:
(You’re literally so sweet ;-; thank you so much! That really means a lot to me <3 Alrighty, I’ll see what I can do. Thank you for your request!)
(Basically, this is where you yell “You fucking idiot, what the hell?!” In Swedish 😁) ~~~

• The two of you decided to take a walk, hand in hand, down to the game shop. After a few minutes, he pulled his hand away, looking down to check his phone for a second.
• Well, he had accidentally walked in the road with out looking.
• A car started to zoom towards him, causing your feet to just move towards him without a second thought.
• “Din jävla idiot vad fan?!” You yelled, pushing Yoosung out of the way of the car.
• For a moment, he only stood there in shock, processing what all happened in his mind.
• Embarrassed, he decided not to dwell on the topic of him walking out in the middle of traffic, so, he muttered a quick sorry, before he began chuckling.
• “What did you even say?”
• You explained to him that in a rushed panic, you had yelled out “You fucking idiot, what the hell?” In Swedish.
• He was taken back by your harsh words, but soon pulled you into a tight hug.
• “Thank you for saving me, anyways.”

• Due to his wide range of work hours, he had completely forgotten about a date you two had tonight.
• So, when you came in, soaking wet from the rain outside, he was a little shocked.
• “(Y/N)? Crap! I’m so sorry! I swear, I’ll-”
• “Din jävla idiot vad fan?!”
• “Excuse me?”
• Considering he knew a good amount of languages, he knew exactly what you just said to him. He couldn’t help the smile that creeped up on his features, before he began to feign hurt.
• “I can’t believe you would say that to me, (Y/N). I’m pained. Ouch.”
•He kept his straight face on for a few moments, just staring into your narrowed eyes, before he began bursting out into a fit of laughter.
• He apologized in between his laughs, and promised to make it up to you somehow.

• Normally, Zen was pretty okay with getting hate messages. They never really got to him. But, he had received a ton of hate on his hair, with people telling him he should cut it.
• You loved his hair. I mean, sure, you’ve had little daydreams on what it would be like to just..snip it off..but, what could you say. It was fun to play with~
• So, when you found Zen in the bathroom, shakily holding a pair of scissors to his hair..you froze.
• “Din jävla idiot vad fan?!”
• He instantly dropped the scissors, startled, he moved his head to look over at you.
• “(Y/N)…?”
• Needless to say, he’s confused. He had absolutely no idea what you had just said to him.
• Your cheats heated up in slight embarrassment, before you stood up straight.
• You marched over to where he was, and took the scissors away.
• “No hair cutting!” You scolded.
• Later that night, he couldn’t help but ask seven what you had meant when you started yelling that sentence in Swedish.
• well, when seven explained..he wasn’t exactly happy with the answer..
• “…(Y/N)!!”

• You expected to find her in your arms when you woke up, as you normally did..but she wasn’t there
• She had overworked herself again. She didn’t even sleep that night.
• You quickly walked up behind her, slamming a hand on her desk.
• “Din jävla idiot vad fan?!” You growled, narrowing your eyes at her.
• Now, she knew a couple of languages..but Swedish wasn’t one of them..
• She gave you an innocent smile, looking up at you.
• “Good morning, my dear~ haha, sorry..I just..had a lot of cat businesses to take care of. Anyways..what is it you said just now?”
• You didn’t really answer her question, before you started calling up Jumin.
• You stormed out of the room the minute he picked up, and fought with him a good portion of the day.
• Thankfully, Jaehee didn’t push, nor remembered what you had yelled at her.

• You thought he got over him being so possessive, acting as if he was your parent, rather than your boyfriend.
•He was beginning to treat you as if you were a child, and you had enough.
• “Din jävla idiot vad fan?!” You yell, as he once again, gives you a ridiculous limit. He didn’t really know what you said, but he heard, and was taken back at the sound of you saying ‘idiot’
• “what was that?” Jumin asks.
• “You heard me! What the hell, Jumin. Get a grip, you can’t keep controlling me like this! If you can’t see me as an equal..then maybe you can’t see me as your girlfriend, either.”
• His eyes go wide in terror as he wraps you into a hug.
• He promises he’ll stop trying to control you, and that he’ll let you have your freedom.
• “thank you, Jumin..”

• “I don’t want the eye surgery, (Y/N).”
• This one little sentence pained you in so many ways. You loved V, but it was really upsetting you that he didn’t even seem to care about him self.
• “Din jävla idiot vad fan?!” You yelled, lightly pushing him back.
• his eyes widened, as he processed what you said.
• he knew a couple of languages, considering he enjoyed traveling for his photography, and Scottish happened to be one of them.
• “Pretty mouth, pretty words” he tried joking, biting his lip nervously.
• He tried to come over and give you a hug, but you only shoved him away.
• “(Y/N)..don’t be like this..”
• “I should say the same to you, V. Can’t you see that I care about you?! That I just want you to be happy, and healthy?”
• After a few moments of silence, V places his large hand on your shoulder.
• “I’ll go tell Jumin to contact the eye doctor.”

• His trust issues always seemed to prevent him from getting too close to you. He didn’t want you to leave him, because he loved you. However, he didn’t want to get more hurt than he needed to, if you ever did leave him.
• “Saerannn.”
• “Woman, what the hell do you want?” Saeran snapped.
• “I wanna talk to you?”
• “Well.”
• “Well? Is that it? Great talk.”
• “mhm.”
• “Din jävla idiot vad fan?!”
• “..what.”
• He was very confused, considering it was just a normal conversation.
• “Ah..sorry, it just kind of slipped out…”
• He tilted his head at you, before he stood up, making his way over to where you were sitting.
• He placed a finger under your chin, pulling your face up to look him in the eye.
• “what the hell did you just say to me?” He whispered.
• You awkwardly told him, giving him a quick ‘sorry’ at the end.
• He continued to stare at you for a few moments, before the corner of his lip curled up slightly.
• “That’s my girl~”

Stars in His Eyes- Auston Matthews (by Anon)

Originally posted by marntthews

Ok guys so this is another one by the same author who wrote “Our Story” (aka not me) and so she wrote this one and submitted it to me! So Enjoy guys!

Warning: none!


(Auston’s POV)

I entered the club with Willie, Brown, Martin and his girlfriend Sydney. Clubs weren’t really my thing, but I loved hanging out with guys and loosening up a little. 

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