look at these two gorgeous assholes

peachymuke asked:

Idk if ur still doing ships but here's a star for that thing ★ and I ship u with Michael bc uGh he's looks like an asshole but he's super dorky and you're cute and a lil dorky and I just see u two walking around holding hands and trying to look super intimidating but if Yall saw a puppy or something being walked you both stop to pet it and fawn over I and UGhHwjdksixks



blog rate: 1000/10

nooo moree pls


adsumcirrat replied to your photo “Because I feel like you guys need to see how adorable my cat is when…”

Hey, we have very similar eye color! Also, your cat is indeed very adorable in this pic!

He’s really a gorgeous animal. It’s too bad he doesn’t act as lovely as he looks! *glares at the string-eating asshole, then melts because he’s sleeping again*

sonickitty replied to your photo “Because I feel like you guys need to see how adorable my cat is when…”

Awwwww! Two adorable life forms. :3

Keep it up with the flattery and I will inflict more selfies upon you, and nobody wants that. (Everyone wants more selfies of you. Obviously.) ;-)

tqstrange replied to your photo “Because I feel like you guys need to see how adorable my cat is when…”

So pretty :) My cat is doing pretty much the same thing, but he’s on me.

Cats and sleep. :-) Mine is like 75% sleep, 15% whining for food, and 10% puking on my carpet.

ksagedog7680 asked:

ok, one: HOT DAMN you are so gorgeous, two: you are so sincere and great at giving advice and helping people which is super awesome, three: you aren't an asshole and don't flaunt your attractiveness as most guys do when they look like you, which is super refreshing and awesome! I seriously could go on forever but will stop there! Keep doing what you are doing, and this whole idea of complementing each other is so great that I will probably start thinking about it more! ok! bye!

Well you could have kept going cause honestly I love compliments and you were giving some really good ones! 😁 Thank you very much for taking the time to type all of that! ☺️

do you ever see an attractive person and like damn they are so gorgeous and you will love them to the ends of the earth and back, but like fuck being that good looking should be illegal so you just end up saying shit like “i fucking hate you, you goddamn beautiful motherfucker” ?