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Okay so I’m the pickiest person ever I went through like 3 or 4 different pairs and didn’t like any of them so I gave up. Here, have a throwback of when I discovered that my hair looks somewhat fluffy with this filter.

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15 minutes warm up sketch on the old phone tablet thing (because Hana was playing word games on my computer). Things I miss: drawing directly on where I’m looking. Things I don’t miss: no pressure sensitivity. Things I miss terribly: This blue bastard on TV. 

Season 3 of Rebels won’t be airing for another year over here, probably, so I am left with scrapings on Youtube:(

This was actually an experiment with facial features, to see how would those Disney animated ones look like on a real person. I’m taking votes on who should play Thrawn if we ever get him on theatre screen. 

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Just woke up and am wishing I could be having this coffee intravenously. Here are some things:

1. Look at this hideous table cloth and low-quality photo
2. I am moving into my new house this weekend!
3. I have a (kind of?) date tonight. Going to see a show down town. I am nervous and terrible at socializing.
4. If you have a spouse, parent, anyone who is in the medical field, wear their scrubs as pajamas.
5. Going to the mountains next week for hiking, paddle boarding, shopping, kayaking for the last hoorah of summer before fall courses start.
6. I get my physiology grade back tomorrow ¡¡¡oajsbsjaoajsbsjwk!!!

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