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The Prince Thief (Part 3)

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After Patton dragged Virgil out of Romans room and to his own castle it was time to start the lessons.

“What do you know how to properly  do?” Patton inquired looking Virgil’s odd clothing up and down.

“Nothing that I know of.”

“Well I guess we should start by getting you a new outfit.”

“It better not have to be light colored like yours or Roman’s.”

Patton dragged Virgil to the large walk in closet. “Choose as much as you want. I don’t tend to wear any of the darker colors and we look to be the same size.”

Virgil looked around the closet and grabbed 8 of the black outfits .

“Now try one on. ”

Virgil sighed regret fully going into the bathroom next to the walk in closet. He took the topmost black outfit and traded he old black outfit for the new one. He then walked out to Patton.

“How do I look?”

Patton walked into the bathroom, grabbed  a comb and fixed Virgil mess of hair. “You look like a prince now. Now on to proper etiquette, its almost dinner time anyway so maybe we start with food etiquette.”

Patton dragged Virgil to an extremely long  dinning room.

“What do you know about formal dining?” Patton asked gesturing for Virgil to sit.

“Nothing, why are there so many forks and spoons.”

“Each is for a different course You start from the outside and as each new course come out you change to the next one in. ”

Virgil seemed to be getting stressed by the whole idea of proper utensils.

“But, most people won’t notice if you use the wrong utensil and if they do it is proper etiquette not to point out if someone is doing something wrong.”

Virgil seemed to relax a bit.

“Make sure when you eat you do not gesture with utensils or tall with food in your mouth. You must also put down utensils to take a drink.” Patton continued. “Okay?”

Virgil nodded, slightly overwhelmed by the new information.

“Let’s put your knowledge to the test.” Patton stated as the servers brought out the first course.

Dinner went on with only minimal corrections to Virgil’s eating habits. Once dinner was over, Patton led Virgil to a bedroom to sleep telling him that he needs to sleep they have a busy day tomorrow.


The next morning Patton woke up Virgil. “Get up, we have a lot to go over today.”

Virgil groaned and sat up in bed.

“I’m gonna be downstairs please be down in ten minutes.”

Virgil sighed and got up quickly dressing himself in one of his princely outfits and combed his hair. Patton stood at the bottom of the stairs when Virgil came down looking at a stopwatch.

“Your two minutes early. ” Patton stated, “ That's  good, better early than late. Now we need to talk about greeting etiquette, what do you know?”

“I bow to you.” Virgil stated.

“Not anymore ”“ Patton stated with a sigh.


“Roman  is making it that you are a prince. You being a prince now, even if it’s not true, makes you my equal and means when you greet me you shake my hand and only need to bow to a king or queen.” Patton took Virgil’s hand and shook it. “Well, at least we don’t need to work on your handshake.”

Virgil breathed a sigh of relief. “What’s next?”

“You already know how to properly address royalty. Correct?”

“Yes, everyone does.”

“Good. I suposed all that is left to go over is dancing.

The two spent the rest of the day teaching Virgil how do dance. For the next week they worked on the skills while Patton’s servants planed the ball. Unknown to everyone but Patton and the servants the ball was a masquerade made to test if the prince accually knew who Virgil was and loves him.

when she was sorted into gryffindor, she was excited and nervous, because she was a muggleborn and wasn’t quite sure what that meant. but everyone was smiling and clapping, and she grinned at the sea of smiling faces dressed in red.

she was given a place in the boys dorm, and that seemed right to her at the time. but in her fourth year, she began to wonder if the out-of-place feeling she had wasn’t just her anxiety and awkwardness, but something else. when she realised she was a girl, it felt like she had blossomed into the world, to face it as a finished person. she told people that summer - texts to her muggle friends, owls to the wizards, and everyone was happy for her. for days she couldn’t do anything without the beep of her phone, or the peck of an owl at the window.

when she came back to hogwarts, and went to her dorm, she turned the other way. towards the girls dorm, where she had a place ready for her, picked out by her friends. she felt that same tight nervousness she felt when she was sorted, the pounding in her chest, the shaky hands. but she told herself to be calm. she was going to do this.

she put her foot on the bottom step. and then the next. and then the next.

the voice inside her head that had been telling her that hogwarts wouldn’t realise who she was shut up. she whispered a thank you to the steps, a small word that only the castle heard. then she ran up the rest of the stairs, a grin emblazoned on her face, new robes swirling behind her, ready to start the next year at school.


he was fifteen when it happened. he had been questioning for a while, but he wasn’t sure. he didn’t want to call himself a boy, not yet. a part of him was urging himself to just go for it, because he knew who he was, if he really thought about it. but he was hesitant, and didn’t define himself.

then it happened. one night, when he was alone, he was going back upstairs, when he slipped. his hand steadied himself on the rough stone wall, and he looked down to see what had happened. one of the steps was slanted, just enough to make him trip. it wiggled a bit, then made itself into a step, as if nothing had happened. he frowned at it at the time, and went up to bed, but the memory of the incident lingered days after. and weeks.

he remembered it later, when he sat up all night thinking of how he didn’t belong here, in the girls dorms. he didn’t want to label himself, but he’d been more and more out of place, and he knew who he was, really. when he stopped telling himself that he wasn’t.

it wasn’t too long before he told everyone. he felt like shouting it from the rooftops, flying over the castle with his new name on a banner. he didn’t, though. he just settled for casual chats with the people he knew and an awkward owl to his professors.

and one night, after he’d settled in to the boys dorms, he put a foot on the bottom step of the girls staircase. instantly, the bricks flattened themselves into a slide. he grinned, and carried on up to his new room in the boys dorms.


they always knew they didn’t quite fit into any of the genders they knew. they weren’t quite a boy, weren’t quite a girl, but they didn’t have the words to express what they felt. it was only after a few years at hogwarts (and a lengthy google search one night at home) that they learned the word ‘nonbinary’, and realised that there was a word for it, after all.

they decided to be casual about it at school. the people that they trusted knew, and some of the teachers. but it wasn’t as though they had a separate dorm just for them, so 


one day, when they were heading up to sleep, they saw a door. it was on the stairs to the dorms - girls went one way, boys went the other, with a blank wall in the middle. except it wasn’t blank, not then. there was a door. they asked their friends about it, but just got strange looks in return. but every time they climbed those stairs, the third door was there.

the next year brought a new wave of first-years, and they joined a group helping the kids out with navigating hogwarts. they were showing a group the way to the dungeons when one asked them what the third door was for. you know, the one between the girls and boys dorms. they froze, and looked down at a nervous first-year who was, even then, getting odd looks from their classmates.

they opened it together, the first-year and them. turned out it was another dorm. the beds were made, light shone through the windows, and the whole room seemed to beckon, invitingly. the first-year was ecstatic, and they found themself smiling too. the pair of them moved in the next day, and began to set up their own little space.

after they moved in, everyone could see the door. and slowly, the dorm began to fill up. kids from all years claimed beds there, older kids who had been too nervous to try the door, younger kids who were thrilled that it existed. they were the first, so they were looked up to, and they were happy they had.


help will always be given by hogwarts, you see. even for those who don’t know they need it.

Lio: *sees a malamute across the street*

Lio: *rushes to closest tree, pees while staring at malamute, kicks up grass, barks*

Malamute: *glances briefly at Lio, continues walking*

Me: *lectures Lio about toxic masculinity*


I love how matt was running about that building with jess’ scarf wrapped around his head jumping over obstacles and running past the staff and up the stairs looking suspicious af and meanwhile jessica just took the goddamn elevator like a normal person would

did this??? yesterday??? (haha) i lost the ask but someone told @pitviperofdoom they thought this kind of image would be cool so heres rei whispering into midos ear wicked style

So here’s a little detail I noticed while watching MatPat’s playthrough of BatiM Chapter 3, and I’m curious if this is something else other people have been able to catch during their playthrough of the game.

During MatPat’s playthrough, the room/framerate starts to go all funky while he’s taking the staircase, letting him know that Bendy is close by. When he tries to go down one of the staircases, Bendy is right there, but he’s crouched down on the stairs. I thought maybe Bendy was crawling on the stairs, but  after going through that part frame by frame, Bendy goes from standing up, to crouching down as MatPat got closer. And even as MatPat realized it was Bendy, Bendy stayed crouched on the stairs for like a good second or two. In fact, Bendy didn’t start giving chase until MatPat was away from the staircase.

Was…Bendy just hiding on the staircase hoping MatPat would run into him? Granted, with the room looking like how it does, it does make him a little harder to spot, but still.

I don’t know if this is a glitch or not, but if this little animation was done on purpose, then this just feeds into my already growing suspicion that Bendy is having way too much fun messing with you if he knows where you are.

I Heard That

Imagine: You are always quiet in math, a class you happen to share with Peter Parker. Once you finally muster the courage to speak up, Peter finds a type of excuse so he can spend more time with you.

Word Count: 1100??? maybe

A/N: This is shitty and rushed but I have an assignment due on Monday that I haven’t really started sooO soz

Your fingers cramped as you attempted to write the answer before the timer at the front of the class went off. Several groans could be heard around the room as the renown alarm bounced off the walls of the quiet room. You rubbed your tired eyes beneath your glasses in hope that it would somehow get rid of the slight sleepiness that began to claw at them. Nevertheless, you began gliding your pen over your answers with concentration in attempt to find any mistakes.

“Alright then,” Coach Johnson, your Maths teacher spoke enthusiastically, bouncing on the balls of his feet. “Who’s up first?”

The room remained silent as heads lowered to look down towards their work. Coach’s voice was louder this time, sounding slightly more impatient, “Any volunteers? No? Alright then. You’re up, Parker.”

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After we out the last few stairs to a guard tower, around sixty guards gathered below us to try and get up the stairs.

I cast prestidigitation to make it look like there was an extra stair

I yelled “Come and get me!” and rolled a nat 20 on Persuasion.

All sixty guards fell for it and died by falling down the tower.


never thought id be this obsessed with disney characters. theyve been upping the gay.

anonymous asked:

Who is Jefferson??

Lemme tell you about the Kinky Daddy of Seb’s characters. 

In the show Once Upon a Time, Sebastian plays a character named Jefferson aka The Mad Hatter. (The same one from alice in wonderland hehe)

Here he is being a brooding lil shit. But a handsome brooding lil shit nonetheless. 

Look at that lil smirk! *dies* 

This is him before going mad. (I’m getting major scarf kink vibes) He looks so cuddly and sexy here, please send help! *falls down stairs*

Here’s him going full sexy mode on some dude (I think its the one that cut his head off.) (Yes, in the show he got his head cut off lol) 

Look at them thighssssss (again, before he went mad af) Imagine riding those things. *dead*

Here he is with the hat on ;)

But most importantly, he really is a dad! :’)

Hes the definition of Daddy Material and he’s my favorite character besides Bucky. <3


color doodles from a while ago. 
*coughs* that i almost forgot about