look at these sparkly beautiful people

Aaahhhh this Melbourne Supanova roundup post is SO LATE, but I’m finally back home after an epic two weeks of conventions ((lies down forever)), and look at this beautiful haul of art and shinies! LOOK AT IIIITTTT

(thank you to @katieelle for the Mad Max prints, @jacobin for the Kylo charm, @robotverve for the sparkly TFA bookmark, @picturesquegoddess for the TFA badges, @sebbdraws for the Rey+Kylo print, @yluminary for the Ladybug print, @theartofjessiec for the Princess Tutu print, and @orenjimaru for the beautiful BVS prints, I love them so much!!)

Artist Alley was seriously next level this year, and I’m so happy to have met so many lovely+mad talented artists and lovely people and cosplayers all weekend!! I’M SO OVERWHELMED, everything is beautiful _(:з」∠)_