look at these little babies awwwww

Laven and touch

Ok., o.k we all know that Lavi loves touching Allen right? Especially hugs and all, which we got some in series… But but, did you ever realize how often he does this?! Like really really, he is just like glue when you will look at official arts. :D Please look:

Lavi just loves putting his arm on Allen’s shoulder…

he REALLY does

And look how happy face Allen have when Lavi is near and so touchy:D

Such angelic

smile. :D awwwww :D And Lavi really never stops. :D Hhaha such possessive cutie boyfriend ;)

Look even on this kid au art Lavi does this, almost hugging Allen, and they are so happy :D 

And you see… when Lavi can’t be more touchy he tries at least to touch Allen even a little, to makes him feel his loooooove and support. :D 

Just look at his happy face when doing this. :D Awwwww :D 

Ane he even pats baby Allen

And Allen is so happy… :D (crying, how precious they are aw ////////) 

And really look Lavi body is like magnesium to Allen’s… Like he doesn’t even stop just at putting arm on allen’s shoulder, just he can casually resting on his back… :D (they are so close i’m just crying here o.k //// hahah ;))

And aw this one, look how these two are near two each other comparing to Kanda. :) (Kanda is probably very happy with this haha, Kanda you are such saint to dealing with these two touchy love birds all time around hahah :)) Like two glued angels. :D How happy they are. and haha look at Lavi’s hand. ;) Hahah i wonder what it is touching. ;) 

See? Lavi just can’t stop to be glued to his cute little boyfriend and they are so happy together. :D Awwwwww :D Just slay me. :D Too perfect babies. 

the most beautiful part of Two Weeks first episode is when Tae San “JOON GI” goes to the hospital to do the blood test !! 

you think?!!!!! AND YOU weren’t when you asked her to get rid of your baby and disappeared ?

there she goes shutting him up again !! THIS GIRL IS TOUGH and I’m in love with her ALREADY

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PSA: Good things to remember for Rumbelle fans this week

+ It is unlikely they’ll have less screentime upcoming episode than they did last night’s ep

+ A lot of love will be sent amongst Rumbelle fans who participate in Rumbelle Secret Santa

+ Images of the Dark One’s crotch in those tight leather pants can still be found all over the internet. Yum. 

+ While you’re moping about the abundance of screentime for other characters than Belle and Rumple, remember that these other amazing characters have had less screentime than them: Red, Archie, Jefferson… also Pongo.

+ Robert Carlyle is still the best actor on the show! 

+ AO3 offers a never-ending supply of smut and fluff for Rumbelle. 

+ Emilie is baking a little baby in her oven! (’d Awwww!!!!)

+ Many writers are working hard on Rumbelle fanfiction during Nanowrimo and soon it will all be yours to read!!

+ You can always go have another look at the art of @delintthedarkone and go all AWWWWW about it. 

+ Even the haters of our favorite ship probably have bad hairdays and bump their toes into the corner of their beds sometimes. Who knows, soon it might start to freeze where they live and they might slip on a patch of ice. Schadenfreude is A-okay!

+ Karma exists. And it’s a bitch! 

+ Rumple pulled the freaking sword from the stone and is now technically a hero!

+ Belle told Rumple that IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO START AGAIN!

+ Our babies still have the most awesome accents in the world, even if we hardly heard them this week. 

+ 2 episodes next week means that we’ll have twice the chance of seeing our favorites in action! Now let’s hope @onceabc does not screw up on that!