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Mo Leannan

Chibs x Reader where Chibs stands the reader up on their one year anniversary.

A/N - Mo leannan means my love/my sweetheart in Scottish Gaelic x

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You curse under your breath, promising to what ever God is out there, that if the moron outside doesn’t stop pissing you off, you’re not going to be responsible for your actions.

A further two minutes, and the banging continues. Slamming your book shut, you make a loud noise of agitation, stomping your way over to your bedroom window and throwing it open. “Stop throwing rocks at my house, you twat!”

“I will once you let me explain!” Chibs retorts, a small stone being tossed from one hand to the other. His ass is plonked comfortably on his Harley, his sunglasses over his eyes as he looks up at you, a slight smirk on his lips at your rage.

“Come back when Hell freezes over!” you shout, slamming your window shut forcefully, the vibration rumbling through your house. You close your eyes, breathing deeply as you try to calm yourself, your body shaking with anger.

“Fucking Scottish prick.” you mumble, another small boulder bouncing on the brickwork of your place. You knew he wouldn’t give up, that you’d eventually have to go down and talk to him before he started howling Gaelic love songs, but you’d be dammed if you didn’t leave him stewing for as long as you could manage.

You see, last night was yours and Chibs’ one year anniversary of being together. You hadn’t wanted to make a big deal, knowing that things with the club were hectic. However, your idiotic yet totally romantic boyfriend had told you he was taking you to your favourite restaurant in town, so who were you to deny him?

Wanting to look and feel your absolute best, you’d spent most of the day yesterday prepping and getting ready. Your hair was perfectly curled and your makeup as flawless as could be, the red lace dress you’d brought especially for the occasion adorning your figure. If only it hadn’t gone to waste.

You’d sat in your house, waiting ever so patiently, from seven pm to eleven pm, just waiting. Nothing. No phone call, no text. Nada.

By the time you’d took all your makeup off - well, mainly cried it off - it was around one in the morning, your phone bleeping loudly just as you’d curled up into your sheets.

Only, it wasn’t your apologetic boyfriend on the phone. No, no, no. It was your highly intoxicated boyfriend, who’d rang you to tell you he was going to stop at the clubhouse, the celebrations from locking down a difficult deal interfering with his inability to drive.

After you cussed him out and told him what a complete asshole he was, you’d ended the call and somehow fell asleep, waking up this morning to thirty seven missed calls, twenty eight messages and a heavy banging on your front door.

Pulling yourself back to the present, you decide to try and distract yourself, grabbing the basket of dirty clothes from your room and trudging down the stairs.

You almost jump out of your skin when you see Chibs leaning up against your washing machine. “How many times have I told you to lock the back door, love? You never know who might get in.”

“Thanks for the lecture. Now if you don’t mind, piss off.” You move around the kitchen, completely ignoring his presence, which is easier said than done when you can feel his eyes watching your every move.

“How many times do I have to say I’m sorry?” Chibs says softly, like he knows how easily you break when he sounds so down. “I’m an idiot, I know I am-”

“You can cut the whole ‘feeling sorry for yourself’ thing, because it’s not gonna work.” He sighs deeply from behind you as you aggressively scrub your cutlery clean, your eyes threatening to cloud over out of anger and frustration.

You throw the scrubbing brush into the bowl of soapy water, turning to face the man you wish you could dislike, your fingers gripping the wooden edge of the counter. “I sat here for hours, Filip. I was so excited to spend some proper time with you, and I just waited and waited-”

You place your head in your hands as your eyelashes dampen with tears, heavy breaths leaving your mouth as you try to control your emotions. A shuffle of feet sounds in the room before you feel calloused hands on your elbows, gripping gently, attempting to move your hands away from your face.

“M'so sorry, mo leannan.“ he whispers, his expression full of guilt as you let him pull your arms down, silent teardrops slipping down your cheeks. He wipes them away carefully, his hands cradling your face. “I fucked up, but I promise I’ll spend eternity making it up to you.“

You sniffle, looking down at the floor and refusing to meet his eyes. “It feels like I never see you anymore. I don’t want to lose you.”

He shushes you quietly, as his arms wrap around you and pull you into his warmth, you letting him as you rest your head on his shoulder. “You’re not gonna lose me, lass, I’ll never let you go.”

You don’t respond, instead choosing to snuggle in further to his chest as he rocks you slightly, eventually calming you down. “How about you go run a bath? I’ll be up with a cuppa in a few.”

“Get me something stronger, please.” you ask, pulling back and resting your hands on your boyfriends chest. You smile shyly, placing a soft kiss upon Chibs’ lips. “You gonna join me? The bath is big enough for two.”

“Aye, princess. Bit of wine and a cuddle sounds perfect to me.”

A/N - Hey guys! Hope you liked this, I wrote about half of it a while back and finished it a day or so ago :) not sure whether I’m going to post a dean winchester imagine or a happy lowman one next, I’ll see how it goes :) thanks for your support!!! Xxx

David Schmitt Appreciation Post <3

Name: David Schmitt 
Status: Musician 
Band: Breathe Carolina 
Rating: 10/10

Right so this is my first time doing one of these, the first of many hopefully, and I will be talking about the beautifulness of this specific band member. 

So let’s start with the music videos: 

(Album: It’s Classy, Not Classic, Track: Diamonds)

First music video, water and paint wars, it’s interesting.

(Album: Hello Fascination, Track: Hello Fascination
God he looks so adorable and fetus in this video, it’s so cute. Plus I’m 50% sure everyone was high during the making of this. 

(Album: Hello Fascination, Track: I.D.G.A.F.)

He looks so awkward when he has his middle fingers out but it’s adorable regardless, so are the shots of him in the rave glasses like God I can’t get over how cute he was as a fetus.  
(Album: Hell Is What You Make It, Track: Blackout)
I’m just going to point out whatever weird shit Kyle is doing in the corner. And the poor babes gets kicked in the nose in it haha. 
(Album: Hell Is What You Make It: Reloaded, Track: Hit and Run)

God those suspenders kill me, he just looks so flawless in this video that I need to post another gif of him in his little suit while he pretending to be a cop: 

(Couldn’t find a gif without the words sorry)

(Album: Savages, Track: Sellouts)

Four gifs in one because David isn’t being cute in this video, more of a ‘ha fuck you’ vibe coming from him. Also I don’t understand why he likes carrying flags. 
His Smile: 

I don’t think it’s possible to be sad when David smiles, I mean do you see this:


Look at this adorable idiot:

Plus at his show, at least when I went, he was doing the last song and he said: 'I want everyone in here to leave with a smile on their face’. And then he did an adorable cheesy smile and kept playing and just continued on being all sweet like, 'Come on let me see those smiles’. I just adore him. 
David and Kyle:

So if you did or didn’t know, the other official member of BC, Kyle Even, left the band :’(. But let’s take a look at some of the duo’s pictures: 

I honestly don’t know what to say about most of these… And just to be clear this section is not about their ship. 
With other celebrities:

I think we need to appreciate when David hangs out with other band members, it’s so awesome when music groups support each other. 

Amazing when our favorite bands come together. 

They’re more important than you think: 

Nice Iphone bro
Being a goofball:

Because he’s an cute little idiot, for example: 

 I don’t know this section was a fail. 
His little dances! 

This is like one of my favorite things about him, he is the cutest dancer ever: 


I couldn’t find a lot of gifs but he does a lot of cute dances. 
On stage: 

Just a section for cool pictures from some of the shows: 


I don’t understand it, but yeah, David and his flags: 

Yep, flags.

So that’s about it, I hope you can appreciate David a bit more now. So yesterday one track from Breathe Carolina’s new Album, Savages, was posted on the Fearless Records Youtube page so please check it out if you haven’t already. And if you have already heard it, listen again because it’s awesome. Also if you’re going to Vans Warped Tour 2014, Breathe Carolina is going to be playing so you better go watch them if you’re attending. So I’ll post the link underneath, bye whoever is actually reading this. 


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Could you describe the SHINee members each? I'm not asking for a long answer so it's okay if it's just one word. I'm a new shawol, btw. ^^,

anon let met please educate you and give you a mini grand tour of fandom. 

Let’s start with Lee Jinki, Shinee’s golden leader AKA ONEW. 
Onew is a golden ray of sunshine that will bring light into your life. He’s literally the rays of sunshine that pour into a dark room and brighten it and give it life. He makes you feel warmth and comfort. If you’re ever feeling down, just look at a picture of him smiling and i guarantee you’ll feel at least 52.6% better. He’s kind of the the rock of support in Shinee (as you’d expect a leader to be) and he’s always ready to give comfort when it’s needed. p.s when Jinki cries, you will definitely shed at least 3 tears. there are no exceptions. p.p.s he’s recently realised how sexy he is and mvps are in big trouble. p.p.p.s thigh game is strong. p.p.p.p.s Jinki’s smile is known to cure cancer.

Now moving on to Kim Jonghyun AKA the guy who’s probs gonna ruin ur bias list when you see how cute he looks in an oversized scarf.

there. see. if that doesn’t make your insides turn to goo then pls contact me and teach me how to repress Kim Jonghyun feelings.
Jonghyun is the shortest in Shinee and it really shows whenever he stands next to Minho. Jjong’s a really sweet guy who says stupid things sometimes that no one understands, but other times he says really deep things that make you know he’s actually rly intelligent and cares a lot about what is happening around him. Probs most famous quote to date from KJH “Different doesn’t mean wrong”. Aside from his beautiful soul that you will feel things for, he has a voice that’s gonna melt you and make your insides feel like honey. He probs gonna ruin ur bias list. p.s Jonghyun writes songs (listen to symptoms if you haven’t bc duUUUDE) p.p.s Jonghyun likes to bite people p.p.p.s silverjjong will ruin your life

eyyy TIME FOR KIM KIBUM. MY LITTLE PORCELAIN DOLL. Kibum, AKA Key, is a flawless human with killer fashion sense and the cutest dimple smile you will ever have the honor of seeing. He’s a massive tease and sometimes likes to wear rly short shorts. Bless. He can speak English. His sneezes are one of the most adorable things ever as well as everything else about him. He raps and sings and this one time he shaved half of his hair off for the Lucifer comeback. He has srs eye brow game and his faCE IS FLAWLESS JUST LOOK HERE. 

he’s literally the most adorable creature to walk the planet. look at those cute lips asdfasdfhg. p.s kibum has a mouth on him and he’ll defs tell you you’re an idiot if you’re being an idiot. p.p.s he has a scar on his eye brow and it’s really adorable p.p.p.s he has a wardrobe of his own p.p.p.p.s he’s my bias

dIBIDIBIS DIS MY NAME IS MINHO. Choi Minho. Mr. Choi. Hyungwhore. w/e you wanna call this boy. He’s a really lovely person and cares a tone about the other members in Shinee!! He’s nice guy Minho. On Shinee’s Surprise Vacation he was like this lil angel always looking out for the filming crew and he even bought them all food >////< he also has serious thigh game and VERY ATHLETIC. Minho has a lot of hyungs and he loves them a lot o.o hence this lil nick name’s he’s picked up along the way ‘Hyungwhore’. Minho’s eyes are a whole new level of handsome. p.s he loves photography. p.p.s Minho acts in dramas p.p.p.s i wasn’t kidding about the thigh game 

Dream Girl era was a very spiritual time for min!thighs

Time for the lil maknae of the group, Lee Taemin~~~ 
Taemin IS a dancing machine with moves that’ll probs seduce u a lil and he also has a killer voice nowadays too. He’s basically proof that if you try hard enough, you will succeed. Taemin’s really pretty but also hella handsome. He makes everyone smile because he’s just such a lovely flower that’s blossomed so beautifully. Despite being a man now, he’s still definitely a kid at heart and all his hyungs still wanna look after him. 
see, rly pretty



My treasure: March 9, 1993, 21 years ago (22 in Korea), was borning the person who I consider the most perfect of all so far (i look like a owl mother ok). Even with all the flaws that every human being has, to me he still remains the most perfect and flawless human being of all galaxies. Being like this, he makes me wanna put him on the most highest pedestal and love him so much that sometimes I think my heart is going to explode.

Intelligent, beautiful, kind, cute, life ruiner, funny, idiot, talented, all this is not enough to describe Min Yoongi. I do not remember how I felt when I learned of his existence, 9 months ago, but now I just need to look at a picture of him that I feel the happiest person in the world, seriously. He has a strong jaw and a beautiful mouth that seems to have been designed with attention on the smallest details. I guess I’m just in love with everything in this guy, tongue-tied, the squinty little eyes, the folds of the eyelids, his ridiculous dances that cause me shame others and especially the way he smiles with he cute teeths.

When the thing with B-Free came, Yoongi acted with so maturely and this was totally awesome, less the part that he says that he passed hungry; it’s horrible have to imagine a person that you love with needs. Also have the appendicitis things that have happened with Yoongi. While he has not recovered from since I almost died with worry and distress, because he lives in the other side of the world (not the other side of the world London, the other side of the world South Korea). I could barely sleep and eat because it was very nervous thinking about how Yoongi was feeling, if he was sleeping well, eating well, and feeling pain or not. And I cried and cried and cried and I’m not even ashamed to speak. Because besides being my idol, above all, he is a person I love very much and I captive like I do with all the members of BTS and persons that I care.

Yoongi is totally enchanting; I wish that I could protect him of all the bad things of this world. He took over my life in some inexplicable way, and I do not regret about loving and support him every day. Sometimes I think “oh, I’ll go to BTS’s twitter, Yoongi should posted a selca” and kind, he posted 15 minutes ago. Sometimes I wake up in the morning, out of nowhere to check BTS’s twitter and again, he just posted a selca.

This telepathy (kekekeke) scares me. So, he is my precious baby. This is the first anniversary of him that I’m “celebrating” and I’m very happy, heeeelp. I wish I could hug him tight and personally say how grateful I am because he was born (ignore this). I want him to enjoy the day of today because you know, it’s her day. Happy Birthday Lapper Man, you ruined my life but you know I like that. Be very happy and live over 80 years so I can make fun of your face hehe. Happy birthday baby, I love you.

✨ Squad Goals Season 2 Episode 11 pt. 1 Fight Night ✨


“What the fuck!” I can’t help the pissed off yell that escapes my throat when a sludge of strawberry daiquiri is spilled down the front of my dress.

I look up into the smirking face of Cameron Dallas who holds his now empty glass. Kylie screams and a few people look over with shocked faces. I’m so glad that Justin decided to take a smoke break out back with Zayn, Khalil, and Za because I really didn’t want a repeat of Season One’s Finale.

“What’s your fucking problem Dallas? Do we have to get your ass kicked again?” Kylie asks before pushing me aside and getting into Cameron’s face. He licks his lips and then bites the bottom one in what I think is supposed to be an attractive maneuver but he looks utterly stupid.

“Nice bumping into you St. John” he says ignoring a fuming Kylie. I look up from my now ruined dress and scowl at him through the false lashes my stylist applied before we made it to Drake’s house party.

“How did you even get in here?” I ask snidely motioning for one of the many wandering tech assistants to come over because my microphone had taken a pretty good intake of the sticky sweet liquid.

“Word got around that I used to fuck around in the studio with you and well, a friend of a friend invited Nash and I” Nash stands quietly behind Cameron every once in awhile glancing at Kylie.

“You want a napkin or something babe?” Cameron asks sleazily setting his glass down on the bar and looping a finger onto the V of my dress I push him away and he stumbles into Nash.

“Don’t fucking touch me” I warn but he goes for it again, this time gripping the front of my dress so hard that he actually tears the stitching.

“You asshole!” Kylie shrieks and now we’ve garnered even more attention. My face flames red because everyone knew that Drake’s parties were lowkey as fuck.

“The fuck is going on here?” I turn to see Justin who walks in already looking heated at the sight of Cameron.

“Bieber! You get the papers from my lawyers yet? Your boy is going to get hit with some major assault charges St. John!” Justin picks up the pace and is about to start swinging when one of our security guards comes between our little gathering. Cameron eggs Justin on by spewing lies and asinine phrases about my so called ‘infidelity’ while Justin struggles against the firm grip of the guard.

“The fuck you say?” Justin yells and Cameron, who is now being held back by a bouncer smiles the biggest grin ever,

“Almost fucked her!” Cameron yells cockily and my cheeks and chest flame red with embarrassment and anger. This sets Justin off an he manages to clock Cameron in the eye.

“I’ll beat the fuck out of you! Say it again you little bitch!” Cameron, egged on by Justin’s angry energy attempts to repeat himself but before he can the bouncer restraining him puts a large hand over his mouth.

“About fucking time someone shut his ass up” Kylie sneers and the bouncer drags Cameron away and Nash follows behind with an embarrassed look.

“You can let him go now. Thank you guys I appreciate it” I tell our two guards Tony and Nathan Justin nods as if to tell them he’s cooled down as well and with a little bit of hesitation they release him.

“You okay baby?” All the commotion had distracted me from my stained and ripped dress and once Justin pulls me in for a hug I start crying like a little bitch.

“King, I’m going to take her out to the car tell the techs that I don’t want any cameras around aight?” Kylie nods and takes Justin’s microphone when he starts to pull it from his jacket. He leads me out to the parking lot and I start crying harder when a few hopeful paparazzi start shouting from beyond the gates of Drake’s estate. Justin opens up the back door to my G-Wagon and a few papa who can see through the gates start to whistle and call out less expressions.

“Quit crying baby girl” Justin soothes after shutting the door behind him and locking it as an extra safety measure. I lean against him and then remember his white jacket ensemble and the red stain that could transfer to it. He senses my hesitation and pulls me flush against him.

“Are you upset about your dress? Don’t even front about it because you know I can buy you a thousand more” this is his attempt at cheering me up and it works a little bit,

“I’’m just so embarrassed”

“the only person who should be embarrassed is that fucking Z lister. I heard some dudes talking apparently Tyga invited him after all that shit after last year they became buddies.” I sigh and lift my legs so that they sit in his lap and Justin begins to unlace the gladiator heels that coil around my calves.

“What did he mean about the whole thing with lawyers?” It might have been a lie knowing Cameron, but if there was a chance that it involved Justin I needed to be fully informed. Justin sighs and runs a hand through his hair before leaning his head back against the seat rest.

“The little bitch sued me”

“Justin!” He winces as I slap him on the chest.

“I didn’t tell you because he made the claim right after it happened, but my team will handle it. After tonight he might press harder though…”

“Shit this is all my fault isn’t it?”

“Babe. It’s your fault that this guy is a douche? That this guy wants to spill shit all over you, probably on purpose, and rip your clothes?” I think about his explanation and begin to agree with him. How the fuck was I at fault here?

“Thank you for being my knight in shining…” I look over his outfit and roll my eyes before saying,

“denim.” He laughs and pulls me in for a solid, sweet kiss. We had been making out for a few minutes when Cara presses her face against the car window. Kendall mimics her on the other side and soon we’ve got a squad of idiots ruining the flawless glass of my car with lip and fingerprints. Justin begrudgingly unlocks the doors and Cara is the first to swing one open.

“What do you guys want?” Justin asks in mild annoyance as I climb off of his lap. They hop in one by one.

“That party is dead, Drake even left. Said he was jetting toga strip club in New York”

“Lucky bloke” Harry murmurs before he’s smacked by Cara and Kendall simultaneously.

“Well what do we do now?” I ask glancing at my phone, it’s only 10:30 PM.The night hadn’t even started yet.

“Taylor is having a party…” Gigi says quietly twirling a strand of her long ponytail.

“Taylor Swift?”

“Nah Taylor Lautner. Yes Kylie, Taylor Swift.”

“Does she have alchohol?” I ask bluntly and this gets a laugh from Justin. Gigi bids enthusiastically and I’m starting to think her plan all along was to get us to Taylor’s place.

“Does she have Selena?” Kendall asks with pursed lips and I look at Gigi who gives a hesitant answer.

“ Yes, but… She’ll be good I promise. She’s bringing Nick”


“Nope. Nolte. Yes Jonas you idiot. They hit it off at the Grammy’s” I let out a long sigh and lean against Justin who looks unaffected and a little bored.

“Okay let’s go I have to change first though”

“Oh, we all have too” Gigi says with pent up excitement,


“Because it’s a pajama party… Yay?” The eye roll Kylie gives nearly makes them get stuck in her head.

“Is this bitch five years old?“  Gigi smiles and Khalil starts the car.

"It’ll be fun you guys I promise" 

"Is everyone forgetting that she’s my ex girlfriend? And you want me to sleep at her house?” Harry calls from the back and Zayn bursts into laughter.

“I’ve waited for this my whole life” Zayn says between snorts and Cara and Kendall join in.

“Fine lets go to her little slumber party” Justin relents and Gigi bounces around with a satisfied wiggle. I sigh again for what seems like the thousandth time tonight and wonder how exactly things would go down at Taylor’s.

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Daryls favourite! How can she replace Carol and what she had done for Daryl in just a few days? My heart twists just thinking about it! And what was that kitchen scene? Does Daryl really have feelings for Beth now? If she reunites with them all is Daryl really going to be with Beth? I cant even imagine that one

The short answer to each question: She can’t. It was hogwash. Not romantically. Double no.

The Achilles Heel of that ship doesn’t necessarily lay in the age difference (though it does not help the situation for me) but rather in the clunky and infeasibly accelerated pace of it all. Like you said, it’s only been a few days, compared to a year and a half of Caryl development. That’s 18 months for the characters; that’s nearly four years for the fans, including multiple hiatuses each over a month long.

Caryl has had time to simmer, has endured through kidnappings, familial deaths, murder, fight and flight, attacks by humans and walkers, and uncountable silences just sitting each other’s comfortable presence. That kind of relationship cannot be undone, reversed, or replaced by a matter of days or even weeks.

You can’t play baseball for three years and then make a flawless transition to tennis. It’s gonna fuck with your swing and make you look like an uncoordinated idiot.

The kitchen scene, along with all of their scenes in “Alone,” highlighted that. D comforting B at the nameless grave felt clunky and random. Carrying her (piggyback and bridal style) felt like bad fanfiction come to life. The candlelit piano serenade felt forced and inorganic. The kitchen scene was along the same vein. It was maddeningly and purposefully ambiguous, both with his silent response and her wooden reaction. I interpreted that scene more as D being unable to verbally articulate why he believed in good people because all of the good people that he knew besides B were dead, and to think about that was torture. B immediately understood that, empathized with that, and hence her awkward “Oh.” As in, “oh, yeah, duh. That was a stupid question.”

D has “feelings” for B to the extent that she is a friend, an ally, a comrade, a fellow survivor, and a human being. She is all that he has left to remind him of what used to be. That’s more than enough emotional dependency to put on a person without shoehorning unnecessary romance in there.

D doesn’t have a ‘favorite’ because B and C are not flavors of ice cream. They’re people. They’re also women. Those two terms are not mutually exclusive, contrary to TWD’s track record. Neither are the facts that D misses C and that D is protective of B.

If/when the group reunites, B is first and foremost going to jump all over her sister, forgetting D entirely. Likewise, D will lay eyes on C, and then all ambiguity is going to be shot to Hell, because the “You’re alive?! Thank God I found you. Never leave me again” will be written on his face in permanent feels.