look at these huge lesbians


Girl couples, Colour schemes and Smiles 🎶


Hello! My name is Dexter
I am a level (age) 23

I am a lesbian
Huge gamer
Looking for a GF

Kik: dexterDD
Snap: zombiedexter

URL: @gamernerd68 (not sure I did that right)

Don’t be shy come get to know me and please be 21 or older thanks :)

My trans-masculine  fears:

1. Being alone forever. 

2. Never pleasing my partner(s) sexually. 

3. Never getting a beard. 

4. Shaving what factual hair I have and it not growing back ( can’t happen ).

5. Other trans people thinking I’m not trans enough.

6. Cis people not thinking of me as a real man. 

7. Not having a family.

8. A injection gone wrong. 

9. Being forced off of T. 

10. Being harmed because I’m trans. 

11. Being outed. 

12. Never getting a job because I seam to queer. 

13. Always looking like a androgynous girl / butch lesbian stereotype.

14. Always having huge birthing hips and a big but.

15. Public washrooms.

16. Shaving my head and it looking wearied / not liking it.

17. Trying/doing something that’s so “girly “ others get uncomfortable and make me feel uncomfortable about it. 

18. letting any of my fears get in my way of trying things / doing things I love.

Whats you biggest transition fear ? 

ok so I’m only at episode 10 of idol master but like I love how people are all over nozomi from love live because of how “she’s such a huge lesbian omg kawaii yuri look at her sexually harassing her friends” and how love live is the best idol anime bc there are no men

and then idol master has CANON QUEER GIRLS??? literally girls falling in love with other girls and literally it’s not even vague at some point a girl literally says “I wanted to ask her out on a date I know she’s a girl but I like her” like HOLY SHIT

idol master has 0% the amount of sexual harassment that love live has but 100% the gay girls and I highly recommend it if you wanna see girls fall in love with other girls without it being sexualized