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Girl couples, Colour schemes and Smiles 🎶

Ok so yesterday I wore this shirt right. It says in rainbow writing “Girls Love Girls and Boys”, but I tied it up to where the only words visible were “Girls Love Girls”. Not really a big deal I thought. It was cute and I felt confident in it.

Well the county Ilive in is pretty open and full of some really nice accepting people (most of them are republicans but the cool republicans that aren’t like OMG HOW DARE YOU ISNCUIDBEBW HXUCBBEJSUDBD AAAAAAAAAAAH)). However yesterday I spent the day with my cousin.

The county she lives in is full of rednecks and isn’t the most inclusive county in Georgia. But hey I didn’t really think anything of it and it honestly didnt cross my mind.

She and I had to go run some errands for her mother in law and went grocery shopping and stuff. Well first we went to food depot. Quite literally the moment I stepped in almost everyone, employee and customer alike, stopped what they were doing and stared at us walking in. I thought “hey, maybe I look that cute today that I’m turning heads,” until my cousin pointed out what my shirt said and reminded me what county we were in. I just waved it off and dismissed the idea witha laugh.

After that we left and ran a few more errands. Well turned out we forgot some stuff at food depot so we went back, only for work to halt once more. We ignored it and continued to walk around until one of the employees walked up to us and started talking to us. The conversation went a bit like this.

Him: “Hey you two are back!”

My cousin: “yeah we forgot a few things so we came back.”

Him: “yeah I recognized the…. Uh… Black shirt.” Proceeds to realize we are both wearing black shirts. “I mean the…. Uh…. The uh…. Gay shirt.”

I have never…. NEVER wanted to break down laughing so hard in my life. Instead I let out a small giggle and replied with a yeah I figured I would show some pride today.

Well after food depot we ran into family dollar (not without me almost killing my cousin with my jokes about ruining family values single handedly with my shirt). As we’re walking in two older women are walking out and, me being the person I am, went to hold the door for her. On of the women smiled at me and thanked me but then prpceeded to stop in the doorway, read me shirt, look at me and with a huge smile say “what a sweet lesbian.”
Y'all…. I had to hold my laughter until we got in the store and dear god…. I could not breathe y'all. My cousin and I were actually dying from lack of oxygen from laughter.

Needless to say I am going to wear this shirt whenever I come to visit her for the soul purpose of causing more mayhem and funny comments.

I want to make it clear that the only hateful/disrespectful things that happened in this shirt were grown ass men looking at me like a piece of meat which resulted in my cousin almost commuting murder, but I didn’t get any disrespect for showing pride. Everyone else was very kind. There were just some really funny reactions that I felt like sharing.


big mood: when i tell people i like one direction and they say i only like them because they’re beautiful so i can look them in the eyes and say “i’m a huge lesbian”

My trans-masculine  fears:

1. Being alone forever. 

2. Never pleasing my partner(s) sexually. 

3. Never getting a beard. 

4. Shaving what factual hair I have and it not growing back ( can’t happen ).

5. Other trans people thinking I’m not trans enough.

6. Cis people not thinking of me as a real man. 

7. Not having a family.

8. A injection gone wrong. 

9. Being forced off of T. 

10. Being harmed because I’m trans. 

11. Being outed. 

12. Never getting a job because I seam to queer. 

13. Always looking like a androgynous girl / butch lesbian stereotype.

14. Always having huge birthing hips and a big but.

15. Public washrooms.

16. Shaving my head and it looking wearied / not liking it.

17. Trying/doing something that’s so “girly “ others get uncomfortable and make me feel uncomfortable about it. 

18. letting any of my fears get in my way of trying things / doing things I love.

Whats you biggest transition fear ? 

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we need a list of individual hottest players then we can sort them by team category

LOOK im a huge lesbian but this my draft list of objectively, the hottest men in the NHL, excluding teams i don’t care about because i know i just said this was objective but i also don’t care what i said

  • avs - gabe landeskog 
  • caps - braden holtby (with beard), tom wilson 
  • devils - adam henrique, miles wood
  • habs - alex galchenyud, carey price
  • islanders - john tavares
  • oilers - leon draisaitl, darnell nurse
  • rangers - brady skjei but he’s on thin fucking ice 
  • red wings - trevor daley, darren helm
  • vegas - malcum subban 
  • wild - eric staal, matt dumba, marcus foligno

this list is final i won’t take any revisions please and thank you

ok so I’m only at episode 10 of idol master but like I love how people are all over nozomi from love live because of how “she’s such a huge lesbian omg kawaii yuri look at her sexually harassing her friends” and how love live is the best idol anime bc there are no men

and then idol master has CANON QUEER GIRLS??? literally girls falling in love with other girls and literally it’s not even vague at some point a girl literally says “I wanted to ask her out on a date I know she’s a girl but I like her” like HOLY SHIT

idol master has 0% the amount of sexual harassment that love live has but 100% the gay girls and I highly recommend it if you wanna see girls fall in love with other girls without it being sexualized