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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild launches IN FIVE DAYS!!!

The history of the royal family of Hyrule is also the history of the Calamity Ganon, a primal evil that has endured over the ages.

Open Your Eyes

just out of curiosity, what is YOUR list of planes that you want to see??

mine is

  • regatha, but only if i’m the overlord of world building
  • egypt plane. haha
  • atlantis plane. haHA!!! this is all working out so well for me
  • mad max plane. look, we’ve got the vehicles, all we need is the desert
  • celtic/pagan themed plane
  • ravnica. i love ravnica?
  • ok ngl i want a viking/frozen plane; not like the movie frozen, a plane that is like, literally covered in snow, bonus points if poor chandra has to go there, and the whole gatewatch gets new cozy outfits!!! look guys just think about jace and chandra in big fluffy coats. liliana would look like a fashion designer. not sure about nissa? gideon would probably have a sleeveless sweater, defeating the purpose. ajani offers snuggles. the potential for new outfits is very important

Confession:  I have to say I’m kinda disappointed about Cora being a biotic (even though it was expected). I feel like bioware’s go to when designing a female party member (particularly for humans - Ashley is the only one who isn’t) is to make her a biotic. Also (although I’m probably going to get hate for this) I’m not thrilled with her design, she looks way too young for her position, yet somehow has the hair of a wine mom. I’m excited for just about every other character. Carry my through my sweets.

imma just post this now bc tbh i’ve been gushing over it ever since i took the screenshots

narry go on a date to the heart lakes

i designed them myself, the hearts look like ass but idc they look better from eye level

and harry… well… i’ll let the pictures speak for themselves

so, narry are engaged now.

the real question is who’s going to be the best man tbh


@toystoran this is for you

“Grown-Up Steven and Connie”

I just couldn’t get the idea of Steven with dreads out of my head.
I tried something a little different with this one. I did the basic sketch in SAI with some posing help from DesignDoll, then laid some tracing paper over my screen and traced, transferred onto paper, inked and colored it. After scanning back to the computer, I did the shading digitally. I probably should have faded the sand and sky as they went out to make it look more interesting and draw the eye toward the middle. I’ll just have to remember for next time.
I wish SU fan art was easier to search for. I came across some really good stuff while looking for designs and I would have liked to follow the artists, but image searches only gave me Instagram reposts.

[ really trying to get my tablet to work on my laptop so I can start doodling stuff, ‘cause I have such a Mighty Need for calaveras de azúcar!Papa II & III.

I think they’d look amazing with the traditional intricate designs adorning their masks / faces. ]

From beginning to end, Lillie was an amazing character in Pokemon Sun & Moon!!! Thank you Pokemon for such a wonderful companion!!! ❤️

quick draw of a fluffy russian ice pal