look at these curly haired detectives

Body Positivity Headcanons

-Betas with large noses being considered very attractive because it shows off their superior sense of smell

-Omegas with large scars being admired because they must be really tough and that’s an attractive quality to an Alpha because they think it’ll help them be a good mother for their future children

-Alphas with large ears being highly sought after by Omegas because it’s said that Alphas with large ears have better hearing and will be able to detect trouble sooner and protect their family better

-An Alpha with incredibly curly hair being self conscious of it until they hear a cluster of Omegas talking about how lovely it was and how the Alpha’s future children will surely be very beautiful if they inherit those curls

-Chubby Omegas being very desirable because they look strong and healthy and well suited for carrying strong and healthy pups

-Skinny Alphas being loved by Omegas who have had problems with very muscular and imposing Alphas in the past, because the skinny Alphas are still very dominant and Alpha-like but much less intimidating to the often anxious Omegas

-Alphas absolutely adoring the stretch marks on their mate’s tummy after having a baby, loving how each mark was a product of their strong Omega nurturing and growing their child for nine long months

-Some Alphas loving tall Omegas more than petite ones because they think their children will be more likely to turn out as Alphas if they have such a strong looking Omega parent

-Betas with large teeth being seen as attractive because their teeth would help keep their loved one’s safe if they had to fight

-Short Alphas being adores by Omegas who are bitter about their own height, they love having an Alpha that is closer to their own height

the beginning of TLD where they show shots of john in bed next to someone with curly hair, then someone wrapping an arm around John (wearing a suit like Sherlock’s) and then it shows someone in the background cleaning up or grabbing something (still looks like Sherlock)

but then its ghost Mary
in a suit…. Dressed like John.
The casual button down but blazer and trousers.

I think those scenes purposely didn’t show Marys face just because they wanted you to think it was Sherlock.

Bad Hair Day

Summary: You are having the worse hair day, but at least your boyfriend is there for you.
Member: Namjoon x Reader
Type: Angst/Fluff
Length: 1,090 Words

I really hate bad hair days, and trust me, my hair gets horrible. I have super thick and curly hair. LOL. Anyways, I hope you guys like this scenario <3

-Admin Kat

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Namjoon woke up to the sound of you groaning from the bathroom. He also groaned, turning towards the side and looking at your empty spot on the bed. His eyes were half open as he tried adjust his sleepy eyes to the bright morning sunlight that was coming in through his open window. “(Y/N)?” He called out as he looked for you. You groaned again from the other room. He slowly pulled himself out of the bed and walked towards the bathroom door; trying to detect from the sound of your groan whether or not you were okay or if you were in pain. As he reached the door, he concluded that you were just in a grumpy mood.

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