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LimitxBreaks’ First 100 Follow Forever

I made it to 100 followers! and I wanted to thank my followers so much for following me for my interests and had to deal with my weirdness. I was shocked that I hit 100 follows, you guys are amazing! I never thought I would find others who liked kh and ff,but then I did with tumblr! there are so many cool people here! I also didn’t think I would get 100 followers on here so thank you so much for following! you are awesome! Below are one of my favorite blogs and mutuals, bolded are mutuals!

# - C

@3wayfinders @aerialslam @akusais @biananas @blackpaopu @cactuarqueen @caerberus @cleyra @counterxattack

D - F

@datamarluxia @destiny-islanders  @disneysora @fission-firaga

G - H

@gainsbruh @galleryavocado @gladiolvs @gongagavillages @gummiblock

I - K

@izunia-ardyn @k0ushis @kair-i @kairisheart @key-baes @keyblade-senpai @keybladrs @khcomplete @khsora @kingdomheartsnyctophiliac @kingdomxkey

L - N

@lightaga @limitstorms @lovelysora @lurumi @masteraqua @mickeyblades @missavira @mysteriousxfigure @naminegg @neoshadow @nijuukoo @nokutou

O - S

@ohnamine @paopufruiit @pastelsora @phoenixdowns @phoenyxdown @preciouskairi @princessofheart @radiantgarden @rainfell @refleras @roxas-uke @roxasthatisastick @rrrrroxas @savaage-nymph @seasaltywayfinder @shoujo-moogle @sleepysylveon @sleepyxion @soraboots @sorasbootay @sorasprincess @ssasakii @star-shapedfruit @swordingering

T - W
@t-subakii @terrasnort @thefantasyhasnolimits @thefuturedoesntscareme @thekingdomheartsprincess @thelightawakens @there-is-a-sora @thewanderinghero @tidu5 @tiduspoo @twilight-trio @twilightown @ultimaweapon @vani-e @vee-ko @ventus-went-us @wayfindercharms @wayfinderventus

X - Z

@xianta @xradiosity @yourhandiheld @yunalesca @zacksoldiers @zelos-wilders @zerograviga @zexicon @zyrogeppeli