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She’s My Sister// Brother!Sherlock

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I really need to get on my game with these… Being stuck in your house literally 24/7 is seriously not a good thing. 

Requested by Anon: Being the baby sister to Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes is already exhausting enough, but the fact that you are nothing like them only makes it more difficult. When your mother sends you away to Sherlock, you must learn to adapt to his life style.. It’s really not as easy as it sounds. But you manage, and you learn the heart of the man who really is your big brother. 

Set during Season 3; I made the reader a little bit older then 17/18 because I assume Sherlock is somewhere in his thirties, so we’re gonna go with 21 or 22.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

  “Mum, are you seriously sending me to Sherlocks flat in the heart of London? Of all people… He can’t even take care of a goldfish!” 

Your mother cast you an indignant look as the taxi cab pulled up to the road just down the driveway from your house. “I think you need a change of scenery. Get all that rebelliousness out of your lungs.” 

  “Sherlock and Mycroft are both rebellious. You think I’m going to learn any better from them?” You replied, sliding into the back seat as she set your luggage in the trunk and slammed it shut. Her gaze softened as you unzipped your leather jacket and pulled out your headphone and IPhone. “You’d have better luck getting Sherlock to go on a date.” 

  “Just give him a chance, please? You never know y/n, he may surprise you.” 

If there was one thing Sherlock never did, it was surprise you. Due to the fact that you were literally nothing like your brothers, it had made it incredibly difficult for the two of you to get along. You were the bookworm, the one who buried herself in her violin because it reminded her of something good and beautiful; the one who went on dates and to the opera and graduated high school. The one who lived. 

Just as you had suspected, Sherlock couldn’t have cared less you were now living in his flat. The only thing that made it remotely bearable was John Watson and his fiance Mary, who consciously made an effort to make you feel wanted every time she came around. She even went to the trouble of putting you in her wedding. 

But it didn’t mean you and Sherlock didn’t bicker like five year olds. 

  “Y/n, it’s quite clear that lavender is not your color.” 

You turned away from where you stood playing the harmonic duet to Sherlock’s wedding song for the Watsons, wrinkling your nose as your brother looked at you with the most pompous expression you’d seen in the month you’d been on Baker Street. “You want to know what’s not your color, Detective Sunshine? Anything. You don’t wear any colors except black which I assume is about equivalent to the darkness of your soul.” 

John dropped his phone at your comment, running his hands over his face to keep himself from laughing hysterically. “Oh, I can see it now.” Mary replied, continuing to rummage through the RSVPS in her hands. “You two totally are related. The sarcastic comments say it all.” 

But no matter what you did, you just didn’t own up to what Sherlock referred to as ‘’the family name.’’ You were just you. Why was that not enough for him? 

  “I’ve made few friends since I’ve moved here y/f/n.” You murmured, leaning up against the wall in your bedroom with your phone pressed against your ear. “Mary and John are so sweet that it literally makes me want to throw up. Lestrade is one seriously good gin rummy player, and Molly is good for girl talk. I just..” 

  “You just want to impress your brother, don’t you?” Y/f/n replied softly. “I know you y/n and I know how you work. You love him because he’s your brother, and he’s also super protective of your heart. He doesn’t want to hurt you. I just think he does it unintentionally.” 

Sherlock had just returned from the rehearsal dinner, confused to why you had called in sick at the last minute. It wasn’t until he was right outside your door that he finally realized why you had been so bitter and hostile since arriving at his flat. He rested his head against the wall outside your bedroom and exhaled deeply through his nose. 

  “Sherlock! Can I play pirates with you? Don’t tell me that you’re too old for it.” Y/n called out, running into the graveyard where he had been scrawling down notes in what he called his pirate journal. There was a fairly large age gap between the two of you and he was aching to play pirates again even if it was one last time. Mycroft was much too old for his imagination and it was rare for the two of you to get along.

  “Only if you wear the hat!” He cried, pulling off his pirates hat and laying it against your hair. You grinned widely as it tipped to the side seeing as it was already too big for your head. “Help me find the treasure!” 

Your mother told that story for years because when she came home from work, she found you asleep in Sherlocks arms on the sofa, his fingers still wrapped around his sword and his hat still on your head. 

  “I may not be the greatest at deduction, but my intelligence matches theirs to a certain degree.” You wiped away the tears rolling down your face, quickly hanging up the call as Sherlock came into the room. “Oh good lord, are you coming in here to make fun of me again? I don’t need it right now.” 

Much to your surprise, he extended his arm and motioned for you to stand to your feet. Your heart sped up as you did, and he enveloped you in a hug so tight you could feel his heartbeat beneath your fingers. The tension in your body seeped out of your muscles as you buried your face in his neck, clutching onto his Belstaff for dear life. 

  “Why do you think I don’t love you?” He said softly, running his fingers through your hair. “Granted, you’re a pain because you’re so much younger then me but everything about you is Holmes. I’m sorry for being so arrogant. It’s a habit I’m trying rather hard to break.” His gaze softened as you gently kissed his cheek. “I love you but you’re an idiot.”

You exhaled through your nose and smiled softly, spinning away from your brother to grab at your violin on the other side of your bed. “Well, it’s nice to see you’re at least trying. Just do me a favor and try not to make me kill you every time we speak to one another.” You motioned with your bow to follow into the living room where you’d left your sheet music for John and Mary’s duet. “I wrote this a few weeks ago. It’s a harmonic part to your violin piece.” 

  “You compose?” 

  “Considering I’m between college and living at home still, yes. I compose all the time.” He picked up his violin and stood parallel to you with both of your music stands facing the other person. “I want to watch cheap telly after this so you can teach me to do deductions. Sound good?” 

He smiled over where his bow was poised. “I can’t think of anything else I’d like more. But you have to sweet talk Greg into giving me a murder.”


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They say having a child is a huge responsibly. So imagine if you have four, how difficult it can be. Sure, having kids brings happiness in a home. A home feels home because of there giggles and laughter. But when those four kids become teenagers, hell breaks loose.

MUMMA, TELL ALEC TO GET OUT OF MY BATHROOM NOW!” Zara yells from her room. You are in the middle of enjoying a tea but apparently it’s too much to ask.

YOU USE TOO MUCH OF MAKE UP ANYWAY! WILL IS USING OURS SO DON”T GET YOUR PANTIES IN A TWIST!” He yells back. The loud noise causes Mila your youngest to tear up. You close your eyes and let out a sigh.

Stop bickering like two little five year old! Zara, you can use our bathroom, and please tell papa to come downstairs for breakfast.” You exclaim as you try to sooth Mila.

No need to send anyone, my love. Papa is right here.” Harry coos at you and Mila as he extends his hand forward to take your little baby girl from you. You pass her to him and walk away to get him his tea.

You look tense, baby. You okay?” he asks as he passes you a concerned look. You stare back at him with an exhausted expression.

I have been thinking about something for the past few days. I think we should discuss it together.” You tell him as you pass him his tea. He walks up to you and cradle your face with one hand.

What is it?” He asks.

“Honey, I think you should get a vasectomy done.” You tell him. he drops his hand from your face and takes a step back.

Why..Why would you want that?” he asks incredulously.

Well…” You rub your forehead, “Don’t you think we have enough kids? Like.. we don’t plan on having anymore, right? so it’s a safe option.” You try to explain it to him. He shakes his head.

I don’t want to get a vasectomy, YN. I don’t think I’m ready for that yet.” he tells you as he puts Mila back on the floor so she can go and play with he blocks before coming back towards you.

“But Harry, it’s the safest option! Kids are such a huge responsibility. We can’t afford an accident pregnancy!” You exclaim.

Why are you so adamant on this?! Even if we do get pregnant again, would it be that bad? Kids are always a blessing!” He says in a grumpy tone.

You don’t have to carry a baby in your stomach for nine months, H! I’m not as young as I used to be. We have four kids together. I think it’s time to stop!” you don’t know why you are reacting this way. Maybe it was the work load on your shoulders and the yelling of two teen kids wasn’t helping this case.

Baby, listen to me-

You’re getting a vasectomy. That’s final.” You snap at him. He looks at you with wide eyes, having never seen such behaviour from you.

It’s my body, I’ll do what I please with it.” he replies right back at you.

Harry-” you start but he cuts you off.

Well have this discussion later once you’ve calmed down, babe.” he kisses your forehead just when the kids walk into the kitchen.


Characters: Gabriel x Daughter, Gabriel x reader

Word Count: 600

A/N: This is for @ravengirl94​ 1.5k Challenge. Congratulations on the milestone!  

Prompt: I want a lion.

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“Daddy! Daddy!” Your daughter came running into the house. Bookbag, dirty shoes, and mess school outfit she jumped into her father’s lap, “Daddy, guess what we did at school today,” she said seriously.

Gabriel smiled down at his adopted daughter, “Oh? What was that pumpkin?”

Peyton shook her head at him, “No, you gotta guess daddy.”

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hello! I love ur fics! do you think you can write a buckynat brotp drabble where she tells him she wants to name her and Steve's baby after him?

The scene finally came to me to write this, so sorry for the wait!

It’s a little bit of overkill. Not that he’d expect any different from Steve.

And in the guy’s defense, Wanda was the only one he actually asked to spend the night with Natasha while he and Clint were in Berlin on an assignment. But it’s pretty much a given that Bucky goes wherever Wanda does, and of course the girl had invited Sharon, too, which meant that Sam had been right on her heels when they’d shown up barely fifteen minutes after he and Wanda had. He knows Natasha hates having to be looked after, and the first time Steve asked one of them to do it, she’d been pissed and sure as hell wasn’t afraid to let him know as soon as he got home. Steve fought back a grin the whole time, too, the little punk. Bucky knows that the guy really is just worried all the time, about everything, but he wouldn’t put it past Steve to have done it partly to mess with Natasha, too.

They’re ridiculous like that.

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#4 Thunder

“No, mommy! I can sleep on my own.” Little Darcy screamed to her mother who stood right across from her, their stature resembling - hands on hips and eyes narrowed - as they bickered over the issue.

“Darcy, there’s lightening going on outside, there might be a power cut; you wouldn’t be able to sleep alone.” Y/N argued back, looking over to her husband for help when Darcy still did not leave the stubborn demand.

“Mummy, I am five years old, five years.” Darcy exaggerated with wide eyes and stuck out five fingers right onto her mum’s face.“ I am not scared of the dark, and neither the lightening.”

“Thas ma girl.” Harry rasped out from the corner, passing a wink to his daughter. Darcy gave a toothed smile.

Y/N palmed her forehead.“ Do whatever you father-daughter wanna do. I am going to sleep!” She exclaimed out loud, picking up a plate to drop in the sink.

Y/N walked out of the dining room, and Harry gestured for Darcy to come close. He picked her up and made her sit on his knee, kissing her cheeks gently and he brushed her hair with his fingers.

“Darc, the thing is that it will be very scary to sleep alone in this weather, baby. It’ll be so dark, you won’t be able to see a thing and -”

“Daddy! Please, I wanna sleep alone. I am a big girl - don’t you say that I am a big girl?” Darcy whined, getting off her father’s lap and standing stiffly with crossed arms before him.

Harry sighed out loudly, joining hands in front of her. “Alright my big girl, you sleep alone, but then if there is some scary lightening or thunder going on, you do not come running to mummy-daddy’s room, okay?”

Darcy gave an unsure look for a moment, then biting her lip she stuck out her pinky finger in front of Harry. “Promise, I won’t get scared.”

Harry smiled and shook his pinky with her but inside all he could say to himself was - she is just as stubborn as her mother, dear lord.

Y/N walked back to the dining room, wiping her hand on the towel she held.

“I’ll tuck Darc in her bed now.” Harry announced and stood up from his chair, holding her hand in his.

“Goodnight, mummy. I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” Darcy said proudly, smiling at her mum innocently.

Y/N sighed but walked to her daughter, kissing and wishing her goodnight with a soft, warming smile.“ I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” She almost laughed.

Harry walked to Darcy’s room on the first floor, picking her up in his arms on the way as he made airplane noises and flew her into her room, Darcy giggles heard all along the way.

Y/N walked over to their own room in the ground floor, taking off the satin gown she wore to reveal a short night dress. She pushed the curtains of the windows aside, looking out to see the rain getting heavier with every minute and the sky illuminating with purplish lights.

Harry walked in after a few minutes while Y/N had settled on the bed, the covers pulled up to her chest. Harry too pepped out of the window and made wide eyes at her, quickly shutting the curtains and pretending to be all scared.

“Goodness, Y/N. Hold me in your arms; I’m scared!” He jumped into the bed and got under the covers, plopping his head in her lap.

“You are such a baby.“ She chuckled, kneading her fingers in his hair.

“Ohh, I am a baby. C'mon then, feed me. I’m hungry!” Harry giggled childlike, dropping the sleeve of Y/N’s gown abruptly.

Y/N’s eyes widened and she slapped Harry’s hand away, pushing him off of her lap as he burst into fits of laugh.

“Harry!” She chuckled loudly, setting back the sleeve in place.

“But honestly, I do think that this weather is quite romantic; what are your thoughts, Mrs. Styles?” Harry mused as he scoot closer, wrapping his arms romantically around his wife’s waist and bringing their faces so close; it’s almost irresistible to not kiss those pink lips of his when they are so near.

A loud thunder cackles behind causing Y/N to jump in his hold, the action making them end all the space between each other’s chest and their lips almost in contact.

“See?” Harry grinned even broad, his eyes wide in lust. “When was the last time you jumped like this in my arms, honey?”

Y/N bit the inside of her cheeks to keep herself from grinning back and in a way approve his fact. Instead, she brought her hands behind his neck and tugged at the roots of his hair in the end, watching as he closed his eyes and let out a delicious moan.

“Don’t make me wait then.” She replied and advanced to seal her lips over his, when suddenly the door opened with the most quietest creaking sound followed by a throat clearing that made the couple jump away from each other.

“Darcy?” Y/N, who faced the door, questioned the little figure standing by the bed post now.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Harry’s voice came up next as he turned his body to face her.

Darcy stood in silence for a moment, fiddling her fingers with the hem of her top and intently keeping her eyes fixed to the floor. Finally, she looked up, an unsure look coming out of her face on gazing at her parent’s confused face. Clearing her throat, she spoke.

“You know, I, um, was wondering if that sound coming from the outside had scared you; that th-thunder thing..?”

“Darcy, everything okay? Come here.” Harry pushed his legs off of the bed and gestured with open arms for Darcy to come close.

“Ofcourse, daddy! Everything’s okay, yeah, yes, it’s good.” Darcy recited the rest of her act of confidence laughing, as she with quick steps entered her father’s embrace. “I was just thinking if momma would be scared of that thunder gone by a few minutes ago. You were scared, mumma?”

Darcy looked over Harry’s shoulder to meet her mother’s face. Y/N understanding everything from her demeanor, kept on smiling and shook her head. “Nope, I’m all fine. Who’s scared?”

Darcy snorted at her mother in annoyance. She looked at her father for help. “Daddy, I know you didn’t like the thunder, right?” With big, pleading eyes Darcy looked at him and as she wrapped her arms around his neck, Harry couldn’t help but melt all inside.

“Yes, my girl, I am so, so scared right now; and you know what I want? I want that you sleep here with me and hug me tight so that I just don’t be scared anymore.” He kissed her both cheeks and smiled. Darcy’s eyes lighted up.

“Really? See, I could tell you weren’t able to sleep just as I walked in!” The smile on her face was unstoppable. She looked behind at her mother with puffed nose and narrowed eyes. “Some people just try to act like they’re brave.”

“Look who’s talking.” Y/N chuckled, rolling her eyes, as Harry brought Darcy between him and Y/N on the bed and pulled up the comforter to their chests.

“Good night, sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite!” Darcy’s giggles wouldn’t stop as she looked between her mum and dad in amusement, her little hands trying to hold both of them.

Y/N and Harry laughed along and together bent down to kiss her temple.

“Love you.” They said aloud in unison.

“Ah, I love you too.” Darcy sighed in satisfaction and closed her eyes, snuggling into her mother’s side, while keeping her legs towards her dad’s, making sure to be in contact with both as she fell asleep not a minute later.

Harry turned over to switch off the lights, but before he could do that, Y/N pulled him close and pressed her lips to his in a short kiss and then pulled away to just slump on the pillow with a smile.

Harry blushed and touched his lips, before he too after switching off the lights, feel asleep with a prominent smile on his face.



If a Pogrebin is allowed to tail a human for many hours, a sense of great futility will overcome its prey, who will eventually fall into a state of lethargy and despair. – Newt Scamander

Word Count: 1.9k

A/n: hope you guys enjoy this next chapter! If you’d like to be tagged in upcoming chapters please let me know x

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They All Like You:

You walked through the airport as your heart sped up beating. You’d missed your boys over the last few months, your own apartment feeling too quiet without their presence at weekends. Your case trailed behind you as you turned the corner and saw them waiting for you with banners and balloons. You rolled your eyes at them, you’d joked you wanted the banners and the full works for your arrival. You broke into a half run as you neared them, diving into their open arms for a group hug.

“God, I’ve missed you lot,” you sighed as you kissed all of their cheeks in turn.

“We missed you too,” Ashton mumbled into your hair as you hugged him closely.

You were pulled away into Calum’s arms then passed around to Mikey and Luke.

“I need to breathe,” you said with a laugh as Mikey squeezed you.

His face rested in your neck, his breath catching on your skin as he spoke. “I’m so happy you’re here.”

“I won’t be much longer if you keep crushing my lungs,” you complained jokingly.

Mikey mumbled an apology and let you pull away from him.

“So where’s the bus?” you asked and the boys scrambled to carry your things as they all tried to talk over one another.

With your clothes split up between all of their spaces, you rested your back against the wardrobe door and sighed. “So where am I sleeping?”

Luke looked sheepish as he pointed to his own bunk.

“You could have mine,” he offered.

You patted his cheek softly like you had done when you were younger and smiled.

“You need your beauty sleep, Luke,” you said.

“I really don’t mind,” he said again with a blush. “We could share if that makes you happier?”

You raised your eyebrows at his suggestion. “Two people won’t fit in there. I’ll be okay on the sofa if that’s alright with everybody?”

Luke shrugged lightly. “I guess so. I’d rather you have my bed though.”

You shook your head and headed towards the lounge area.

“I’m sleeping on the sofa,” you announced to the other three who were arguing over something in hushed voices. “Is everybody cool with that?”

“You can have my bunk,” Ashton said as he stood up and walked over to you.

“No, you can have mine,” Calum countered. “I can handle the sofa a couple of nights before we hit the hotels.”

Mikey was already speaking before you had a chance to refuse all of their offers. You’d never seen them fight like this over anything never mind a bed for the sake of two nights.

“I can take the sofa,” he stated as he patted the arm. “You can have my bunk.”

“Guys, seriously, I can handle a sofa for two nights. Let it go,” you tried to joke.

They all mumbled and sank back into the chairs but Ashton stood by your side.

“So are you ready for your drum lesson?” he asked with a smile.

You smiled back and poked his chest.

“If you have the patience,” you said.

Ash nodded and picked up some drum sticks as you headed for the bus door.

“What? Where are you going? I thought we could go and grab something to eat,” Luke interrupted once he realised what was happening.

You frowned and looked at your phone. “Luke, it’s only eleven. We can all go get something to eat later if you want.”

“But I wanted to talk to you,” he admitted without looking directly at you.

“I wanted to show you this new song I’ve been working on,” Calum chipped in. “I need your advice on the chorus.”

“She can do that later,” Mikey throw out. “She owes me a rematch on FIFA first.”

You rubbed your forehead as they all began to bicker about who was taking you where. You listened as they all staked claims on your time.

“You know I’m here for a week, right?” you said as you tried to cut over the noise.

“I wanted to tell you something,” Ash muttered into your ear.

“You can,” you sighed. “But can you tell this lot to shut up?”

Ashton nodded and shouted over the rest of them. “Guys! She wants to say something!”

They all turned to look at you blankly.

“What the hell is happening?” you asked with an annoyed edge in your voice. “You’re arguing like five-year-olds.”

“We just want to spend time with you,” Mikey said quietly.

“That’s why I’m here,” you pointed out obviously. “But why are you all adamant on claiming first dibs on my afternoon?”

They all looked at one another then Calum sighed and held his hand up to you. “If nobody else is going to say it, then I will.”

You creased your forehead curiously as you waited for Calum to continue speaking.

“Basically, we all like in a ‘more than friends’ way you and we all wanted to spend the afternoon with you to find out who you liked back.”

Your mouth fell open at his confession. You glanced around their guilty expressions and threw your head back with a groan.

“Are you being serious?” you asked, thinking it was an elaborate joke. “You’re not just having me on, are you?”

They all shook their heads and your smile fell from your face.

“I came here to spend time with my boys not be fought over like the last piece of meat,” you scolded them.

You headed for the door and opened it, patting your pockets to ensure you had your phone and purse.

“Where are you going? We’ll come with you,” Luke offered as they all gathered around the door.

You jumped out into the car park and turned to shake your head. “I’m going to go have an afternoon alone because I didn’t come here to pick one of you, okay? I came here to see my best friends so the sooner you pull yourselves together the better because I’m not wasting my holiday listening to you all get at each other’s throats.”

You pulled your sunglasses onto your face from the top of your head and began to walk away from them, realising you would have an entire week of this.

Real talk, there’s no way in hell Solangelo would become a couple right away.

It’d take them months or even years because they’re too busy being stubborn and bickering like five year olds. While Nico’s in the infirmary they’d probably argue over everything.

“Excuse you, who said you could get up?”

“You said three days, it’s been three days. I’m leaving.”

“You still look like death.”

“I always look like death. I am death.”

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are your tags abt joe's new vid written by me bc this is me. i adore conor,but i wanted just joe/jack sitting together and filming ALONE so bad. did you notice how they were looking at each other when joe tried to hint that he hasn't broken a bone???

ok omg lets just talk about this video for a sec and by ‘video’ i mean joeck. 

like. a big part of joeck is the fact that jack seems to look up to joe a loT and is v keen to impress him/make him laugh/have his attention etc. basically, jack has a big crush on joe but in this vid joe was the one giving all the heart eyes?? look:

(im pretty sure joe is looking at jacks lips here dont sue me)

also idk whats going on in this gif but just look at joe ok his movements/mannerisms are v flirty and also he checks jack out ok just lOok

alsO theres the bit when they bicker like a cute ol married couple/five year old kids abt whether or not pluto is a planet and jack pATS JOES LEG except its out of the shot so u cant rlly see it but it HAPPENED

and then theres the part u were talking about. called: lowkey sexual tension ft conors cute concentrating face. (also pls look at jacks lil smile at the end. someone hit me with a shovel). 

PJO&Co at Hogwarts According to me

Third Year

  • Hazel and Nico come to the train together, now both under custody of their father
  • Percy is wearing all blue, running full speed towards the first friend he sees
  • It’s Annabeth, also completely decked out in blue
  • When they get to their normal car, Hazel, Nico, and Frank are already there
  • Hazel has a cat
  • The cat is sitting on Frank’s lap
  • Leo is late to the train, and he accidentally runs into the wrong car
  • “Who are you guys? Why is there so many people in this car?”
  • “We can fit more, if you’re looking for a place to sit…”
  • “Hazel, the seat is for Will.”
  • “Frank, I’m pretty sure we can make space.”
  • “Uh, thanks guys but I think i just ran into the wrong compartment.. Sorry…”
  • Then Jason appears in the doorway “Hey, our compartment is taken over by first years, we gotta find a new place to sit.”
  • The five already in the compartment start bickering until Annabeth finally decides for them.
  • “We can fit a few more in here if you want to sit.”
  • “It’s okay, we’ve got another girl coming anyway.”
  • “She can sit here too”
  • So eventually nine thirteen year old witches are crammed into a train car.
  • Percy, Jason, and Frank are sharing floor space. Piper, Leo, and Hazel are on one bench, Annabeth, Nico, and Will on the other.
  • It’s like a clown car when they all start emerging from the car, the surrounding kids are confused and astounded that they all managed to fit
  • They all have to separate to ride the carriages, but they drift back together once they get out
  • Grover trips on the way to Percy and Annabeth, sprawling out in a manner so ungraceful that Percy was crying with laughter by the time Grover got up.
  • There’s a round of introductions, and then they’re running to their seats for the sorting because suddenly the doors were flying open and oh dear those are the first years
  • No one dared to boo any sortings that year. Mostly because Percy had a lazy attention over the whole proceeding, his wand casually in sight for everyone who would dare to be rude to a younger student.
  • Grover and Will kept making ridiculous bets on who would be the first student to dare try and cross Percy
  • Annabeth could tell from across the room, and sighed because the real reason no one was booing was because the entire Slytherin population had a wand ready
  • Nico slept through the whole sorting, and Annabeth basically carried him to the common room.
  • Piper made the quidditch team as a chaser
  • Jason did not make the team, but he was really close, according to Leo, who was watching his tryout
  • Leo did not actually watch the full tryout, as he got distracted halfway through with a sudden epiphany about his inventions
  • Hazel and Nico are studying in the library, and Hazel realizes her notes are with Piper, who she had studied with earlier. Nico offers to retrieve them and somehow gets to Ravenclaw tower, finds the notes, and brings them back within three minutes
  • and then Leo spreads a rumour that Nico can go anywhere, and deliver any message at any time, and the rumour develops into a reputation and it’s a truth that if you talk to that one group of third years you can get whatever you need
  • Jason and Piper train together as often as they can
  • this means that Piper is constantly studying
  • so is Jason
  • Jason you bit a quill and didn’t notice, go to bed already
  • Leo started going to the quidditch games with the other eight, but somehow still knows almost nothing about quidditch
  • Nico realizes Hazel has a crush on Frank
  • “You barely talk to the guy!”
  • “shut up, I know you have a crush on Percy”
  • neither of them tell anyone why Nico violently tripped down a moving staircase
  • Rachel and Reyna start hanging out and are seen sitting together during quidditch matches
  • “are they a thing?”
  • Jason has no clue, much to the irritation of of Percy
  • Percy and Annabeth and Grover study potions next to the lake. Annabeth chats with the mermaids, Percy has some strange form of communication with the giant squid, and Grover chats with the other water sprites that rarely venture out of the water
  • “Is Percy sharing a sandwich with the giant squid?”
  • “He always does that now, Pipes. It’s not as strange as Will throwing rocks at the sun when he fails a test.”
  • Frank brings percy to meet the house elves. Percy shares a different sandwich with the giant squid every day for a month straight until Jason points out that the quid would probably like something fishy and they settle on tuna
  • Frank learns sign language from Annabeth when he realizes she’s actually communicating with the mermaids because how cool is that!!!
  • Leo charms Will to have to sing for a week, and half the school is out for blood over that one
  • Grover is the only one that managed to successfully corner and hex Leo, but it was enough to make Leo promise to never do that again ever
  • Annabeth and Leo form a very hesitant friendship, sharing a blueprint every once in awhile and pointing out all the errors in the plans
  • Frank tutors Hazel in Care of Magical Creatures because Hazel is Not Good at taking care of living things ever
  • Neither is Nico, and after two weeks of trickle down tutoring, Hazel asks Frank if she can study in the Hufflepuff common room
  • Frank tutors Nico in Care of Magical Creatures because Nico is Not Good at taking care of living things ever
  • The end of the year comes, and (surprisingly) everyone passes all of their classes
  • They all cram into a train car again, but Percy and Jason somehow forced their way onto a bench with Hazel, and Frank got stuck with the floor (again) with Leo and Annabeth
  • The amount of letters flowing in and out of everyone’s houses are the worst part of the summer. Five owls on the fire escape at Percy’s apartment,  Annabeth’s siblings want to help the owls preen, Leo struggles not to light them on fire, Frank’s grandma sets up an outpost in the backyard so that owls will stop scratching at the closed windows.
  • All the families are very ready for school to start again, if only so that they’ll stop getting six owls a day for one person 

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Temporary Affairs II

Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

Chapter o5.  The Caretaker

After some vocal persuasion, some aegyo, and a few kisses, Jongin finally surrendered and let you babysit Youngwoo.  You swung your legs inside the car excitedly.  It had been a whole week since you last played with the handsome little boy.  

“What if you end up poisoning him?” he laughed, more of as a joke but you felt your heart drop. 

“Oppa, am I really that useless and unreliable.  Do we need to hire a permanent doula after I give birth?” you questioned with a frown. 

He did a double take examining your expression.  With one hand still on the wheel, he stretched his other hand out to squeeze yours. 

“Jagiya, I was just kidding.  Don’t take it too seriously,” he tried to retract his previous statement. 

But every joke held a bit of truth.  And there was so much truth in the fact that you were still so young, so childish, so naïve, and not ready to be a mother.  You had just been pushing that thought on the far, far end of your mind because you thought with time, you’d mature.  But you were already over half way through your pregnancy and you thought…or as your husband thought you were still the same immature girl that bickered with him 24/7.     

Jongin abruptly parked the car.  You looked around, thinking you were in front of Sehun’s house.  But as you looked up to the mirror, you finally realized you had been silently crying.  Quickly, you wiped away your tears, hoping your husband didn’t see. 

“Jagiya…I was really just kidding,” he coaxed. 

“Oh, I’m fine.  I’m fine.  There was just dust in my eyes,” you brushed it off but your husband looked at you with skepticism.  As much as you hated your husband always treating you like a five-year-old, you hated it even more when he could tell that you were hurt…because it scared you that your sensitivity would drive him away one day. 

“Babe…look at me,” he tugged your hand and you obediently turned around so he continued, “You’re going to be a great mother”.  Will I be?


But you forced on a smile and nodded so he would drop the subject.  Sighing in relief, Jongin drove off again.

At Sehun’s house, you discovered pictures and pictures of his wife.  She was so, so graceful and womanly, alluding the perfect motherly figure.  As Sehun gave you a brief tour around his house before he left for work, you realized that everything from the laced curtains to the Victorian wallpaper, to the layout of the baby’s room was artistically flawless.

“By…any chance is your wife an artist?” you asked.

The young father turned around surprised by your accurate deduction and replied, “Yeah, she is an interior designer”.

“Ah…that makes sense,” you nodded, your hands grazing along the silk curtains. 

After Sehun left for work, you walked over to the crib, picked Youngwoo up, and then rocked him on the rocking chair.  He stared blankly at you, cooing and moving his little arms around.  You brought your face against his and pulled your phone to take a selfie. 

“Childish,” you imagined Jongin say.  Frowning, you withdrew the phone and put it back into your pocket. 

Setting the baby on your lap, you stared at him with a pout and asked, “Youngwoo-yah, do you think I’ll be a good mother?”

The little boy babbled and thrashed his chubby legs around in affirmation.

“But Oppa doesn’t think so.  Do you think Oppa regrets marrying me?”

Youngwoo flailed his little feet again. 

“I think so too,” you bit your lip. 

Suddenly, loud wails escaped from Youngwoo’s tiny lips, startling you.  Bouncing the baby on your lap, you tried to analyze what had made him lose his temper.  You placed your palm on his bum but it wasn’t warm so likely not a diaper issue.  Sehun said he had fed Youngwoo right before you arrived so likely not hungry either. 

“What’s wrong, Honey?” you asked, flustered when his cries only escalated. 

Taking a rattle from the toy box, you shook it a few times, hoping to calm Youngwoo down but he continued to cry.  So you brought him to your chest to pat him on your back but it didn’t help.  Out of ideas, you helplessly took a pacifier for him to suck.  The sobs quieted down and you sighed in relief, slumping back on the rocking chair exhausted.  But the tranquility was short lived.  A “ting” noise sounded.  You looked around to see the pacifier discarded on the floor.  Moments later, Youngwoo began to sob again.  Out of fear, you grabbed your phone to text Jongin for help but your finger lingered on the send button before retreating.  If I call for help now, that proves his idea that I am too childish for this role.  Throwing the device back into your pocket, you picked the baby up again.  As you rocked him back and forth, you stared into the eyes of the little boy, deep in thought.  Maybe…you really weren’t ready to be a mother. 


“You miss your Omma, don’t you?” you heard your voice whisper. 

The baby responded with softer cries.

“Do you even remember her?” your voice cracked.  Will my baby remember me if I left?  Will Oppa long for me as much as Sehun longed for his wife? 


The weeps lessened. 

“What is her name?  How did her voice sound like?  Which parts of you mirror her?  How about her scent, do you remember that?” you asked, your voice empty of emotions.

Silence answered you.  

It took another round of cradling, and tickling, and humming to get the little prince to fall asleep.  As you gazed at the sleeping angel, you felt like a mother for the first time.  Yes, morning sickness, occasional kicks, and a growing balloon stomach should have woken you up from your cute illusion of motherhood but right there in front of you was reality.  That as much as being pregnant and giving birth was a big milestone, taking care of a child for the next twenty-one or more years was the real deal.  You sighed, gently lifting Youngwoo up to tuck him back into his crib. 

In the next few hours, you fed the hungry baby twice, cleaned his nappy four times, and lulled him to sleep sixth consecutive times.  Your hair was a mess, your shirt half clung onto your exposed shoulder, and your legs cramped from standing and running around so much. 

When you finally got some quiet time to yourself to think and rest your throbbing back against the sofa, the front door opened and in came Sehun and Jongin.  Immediately, you straightened up, fixed your hair, and feigned a smile. 

“Jagiya, did you have fun?” your husband asked, kissing you on top of your head. 

No, not really.  I don’t think I’m ready to be the mother of your baby.


“Yeah, very,” you heard your trained voice automatically respond. 

“See, _______ssi, I told you you’d be a good mother in the future,” Sehun spoke, hovering over the crib to check on his son. 

You nervously laughed. 

In the car ride home, you looked out the window, staring at the still half-lit sky.  Silently, you prayed for God or the stars or any holy spirit to answer your questions.  As you painted invisible images in the sky with your fingers, Jongin slipped his hand through yours. 

“You’re awfully quiet today.  Are you still angry at what I said earlier?” he asked, stroking the back of your hand with his thumb. 

Immediately, you turned around and shook your head, “No, of course I’m not angry”.  Because it’s the truth. 


“So tell me about your adventure with Youngwoo,” Jongin suggested.  Oh, it was an adventure all right.


“I wonder what it felt like for Sehun’s wife to leave,” you said instead.

“Well, you left me once.  How did that feel?” he quipped. 

“Not good,” you admitted, “but that’s different because I knew I was coming back”.

“Weren’t you the one who firmly told Sehun that his wife would return too?” he questioned, bringing your hand up to his lip. 

He nibbled the back of your hand like a little squirrel eating corn and then he sealed it with a kiss before letting go to park the car in the garage.

At night, in bed, despite the fact that Jongin’s nightmares were occurring less frequently, you discovered yourself clinging tightly against him.  Just in case…just in case I don’t get to in a few months.  Just in case he decides I’m not good enough to be his child’s mother.


Just in case…      


a/n: And the angst slowly begins… ^(#`∀´)_Ψ Now do you guys understand why I had to make the girl a little obnoxious in the first few chapters? Hehe.  I still love her either way and I hope you guys do too :3

So glad you guys enjoy the guest starring of Sehun/Youngwoo!!  (▰˘◡˘▰) Hehe they’re so loved!  I think The Lucky One characters show up again three more times in this series :D #crossingstorieslikeapro

Off topic question but does anyone know what breed Candy, Tao’s little puppy, is?  I really want to know!!   

can we talk more about people thinking randl are a couple like how when they go to diners and sit on the same side of the booth and share fries and sometimes a milkshake and their long legs are touching under the table, the red lipsticked waitress that serves them thinks they’re engaged if not just boyfriends and when they’re walking around town with their matching shoes and stupid smiles all the teenage girls who swoon over them are quick to be told by their more perceptive friends that they’re a couple and too old for them anyway and when they carpool to work and stop at the light, people in the car next to them catch them bickering and think they’ve been married for at least five years and all these other people are mistaken about their relationship because they fit so well and look so good together and clearly adore each other when they give each other those big, sparkling puppy love eyes and grin with chubby cheeks at each other’s mistakes and touch each other whenever they can and sometimes blush when the other shows some skin and all that dumb gay shit and in this day and age people really don’t mind the two tall handsome guys flirting on the metro because anyone can love anyone and it’s all fine

and now i'm overcome (by the light of day) - bellamy/clarke - oneshot

a few months ago, girlbehindthescrawledletters and i tossed around the idea of the 100 exploring the remnants of an urban sprawl. i knew right away that i wanted to write that story, and that i wanted to combine it with this prompt sent in via anonymous: “chromesthesia and tropes where one person breaks up with the other, so that they don’t hold their lover back.” however, i couldn’t think of a plot until the events of 2x06… so, emma and anon, here it finally is! i hope i don’t disappoint :)

chromesthesia: a type of synesthesia in which an auditory stimulus causes the individual to perceive color 

and now i’m overcome (by the light of day)

“Bellamy,” Clarke says, her voice still ragged from their heated argument with the council. “They want to execute Finn. We have to go.”

He doesn’t say anything. The war has wrung the sleep out of his eyes, has sapped the strength from his bones.

There’s a dim, brief rustle of movement, and then her face is mere inches away, like in his vague dreams of starlight and longing, her hands braced on his upper arms, gripping the sleeves of his jacket almost compulsively. “There are lands across the sea,” she tells him, low and earnest and holding on tight. “Lexa might grant us safe passage to the waterline as long as Finn never sets foot on her territory again. This way, we can save him and put a stop to the war. Bellamy.” This time her throat catches at his name. “We have to go.”

The wreckage of a girl peers out at him beneath the dirt and the bloodstains. She looks so young, so stubborn and so determined, that he can’t help the sad, rueful smile that curves along his lips. “So let’s go,” he croaks.

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Olicity: I Had The Best Day With You

Anonymous said: I see a lot of fics where Olicity’s kid is a total “daddy’s girl/boy” which, don’t get me wrong, is adorable, but I was wondering if you could do something where their child (you choose which) is a complete “mommy’s girl/boy” and it surprises Felicity, along with the fact that she takes so well to motherhood, since Oliver was more excited about children in general and Felicity was initially more nervous. (Oliver can still be stay at home superdad, but mommy is clearly the “favorite”.)

Anonymous said: Idk of you are taking prompts.. But I wanted to throw one at you.. Since I see so much Daddy Oliver.. I want Mommy Felicity!! a Mommy and Ava Day!! With spa day movies popcorn and all the good mommy daughter moments

“I think you’re very good at this.”

The words surprise her from their silence, and Felicity looks up across the coffee table where her five-year-old is sitting.

“Good at what? Coloring?”

“At being a Mom.”

Felicity smiles, propping her head up on her elbow as she shifts her leg, letting it knock against Ava’s knee. These moments are frequent now - and maybe it’s taken them five years to get into a real parenting routine that doesn’t end with the two of them playfully bickering over who gets to spend more time with this beautiful little girl they’ve created, but who cares - and today Oliver’s out on a please-get-me-out-of-the-house run while mother and daughter have settled in for the afternoon with a brand new pack of colouring pens.

“Thanks, hon,” she smiled, turning her attention back to the tiger she was turning blue.

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It’s 3am and everyone has migrated to their rooms. The band and DJ have called it a night and they bare a farewell to their final guest.
Kate finds a chair to sit down on amd castle joins her.

“You tired?” He asks.
“Just a little,it’s been a long day,” She rests her head against the back of the chair and strokes the side of his arm. “I’m usually tucked up by now.”

“I somehow don’t want it to end..” he squeezes the top of her knee.

“Me neither babe.” She flashes a smile and traces circles around his chin with her thumb.

“So, you know i only got to have one dance with you all night? I was wondering if you’d like one more to conclude tonight.” He wiggles his eye brows at her.

She furrowed hers and said,
“But there’s no music castle?”

“So, we’ll make our own.” He rises from his chair and holds out his hand.

She takes it and they trail to the deserted dance floor and their only source of light is from the candle lit lanterns hanging from the canopy above them.
He hooks his arm around her waist and hold her agaisnt his chest.

“I dont have the best voice Mrs Castle, but allow me my five minutes of fame..”

She huffs a laugh into the crook of his neck because she knows in 50 years when they’re old and grey, they’ll be bickering about something stupid and she’ll look back to this very moment as they slowly sway on the varnished dancefloor just her and him under the stars and she’ll be reminded it was one of the happiest moments of her life with the man she can now call her husband.

And so he began..

Oh you dream maker, you heart breaker, where ever you’re going, im going your way

Two drifters off to see the world, there’s such a lot of world to see. Oh we’re after the same rainbows end. Waiting ‘round the bend, my huckleberry friend. Moon river and me…

Hmmm hmmm hm hm .. “

“You make it so easy to love you.” She whispers. “There is no where on earth i’d rather be right now, "she lifts her head from his chest and gazes into his blue eyes. "Other than your arms.”

They both smile in sync.

“We’ve got the stars above us, and the world at our feet.” He bows his head down and nudges his nose with hers.

“Yes we do Mr castle.” She plants a tiny kiss on the tip of his nose and returns to her resting spot against his chest.

This time he holds her a little tighter. He never wants to let her go.