look at these angles tho and her face in the first one

BTS - Wings Inspired Jackets

Jeon Junkook - Begin

“You Make Me Begin”
If you look close the word “hyung” is written in one of the 6 tears. A tear for each of his brothers. The small sprout is meant as his young days as a rookie and then growing up, growing wings that are strong despite the scratches and struggles.
Model: https://www.instagram.com/camiinwonderland1/ (AKA ME ) 

Park Jimin - Lie

“Caught In A Lie”
I always pictured it as you know crossing your fingers behind your back and then being tied as you were “caught” in the lie …a snake and a appel going back to the trailer that was posted.
Model: https://www.instagram.com/pookaprincess/

Kim Taehyung - Stigma

”Are You Calling Me A Sinner?” 
I had honestly a hard time with this one … while trying to “picture it ” I must have drawn 10 different designs that changed…having my sister listen to my rambles sure helped. I wanted to somehow also get the the whole wingless angle part in it. 
Model: https://www.instagram.com/amaris_cosplay/

Min Yoongi - First Love 

“So Don’t Let Go of My Hand”
Legit this song makes me wanna cry…having had to read the lyric and hear it so many times has made it to one of my favorite in the album (EVEN THO ALL ARE GOOD OK 
Model: https://www.instagram.com/rottenjayj/ (AKA BEST SISTER AND HELPER LEGIT COULD NOT HAVE DONE THIS WITHOUT HER….she’s my rock (no joke ) 

Kim Namjoon - Reflection 

“I Wish I Could Love Myself” 
This was yet another song that was hard to picture and too a lot of going back and forth…until i woke up in a cold sweat with the idea. I wanted all the jackets to have some kind of “call back” to the BS&T MV or the small trailers they did for each of their songs. 
Model: https://www.instagram.com/sable_eye/

Jung Hoseok - Mama
“I Learned Passion And Sincerity”

This song despite its fast beat is super deep… and in a lot of ways it’s easy to understand what he means. Most of us want to be able to give back to those who believed and supported us when nobody else did. We’re all dreamers right?
Model:  https://www.instagram.com/amaris_cosplay/

Kim Seokjin - Awake 

“I Want To Run, Just A Bit More” 
THOSE VOCAL OK MORE OF JIN AND RESPECT HIM MORE OK PLZ. So yeah  I kind of had to somehow try to get his face on this jacket..idk why …I dont always qustion my brain when it get’s indeas. (SO GOOD ) 
Model: MY ROCK https://www.instagram.com/rottenjayj/ 

PHOTO/EDIT: https://www.instagram.com/aagaard_svendsen/
DESIGN/MADE: https://www.instagram.com/camiinwonderland1/

My main inspiration in fashion is music….and since I’ve loved BTS for so long and the “WINGS” album got released I got this idea. “Why not make a jacket for each song? All of them black and white but with different cuts and one different paint color that stands out ?” So that’s EXACTLY what I did ..I can’t say it was easy each jacket took me about a month (outside school and work ) to design, sew and paint (YES THEY ARE ALL HAND PAINTED WITH FABRIC PAINT)

Honestly doing something like this is scary as AF…cause we all understand and Imagine the lyric differently and this is only my take on it ..it might be totally wrong…BUT I thought that since the boys are in USA now I would show my support as well as how they really do inspire others! (WELP IM OFF FOR A ALL NIGHTER FOR SCHOOL WORK WISH ME LUCK RIP SEE YA )

Seven Minutes In Heaven (Jeremy Heere x Reader)

I wrote this originally for a request but i strayed from the prompt so far that it literally doesn’t fit it at all so,,,,I’m just positing it on it’s own and i’ll write the requested one later this week or something

Warnings: swearing, underage drinking, like,,, making out (it’s not nsfw tho it’s pretty tame)

Word Count: 1597

Requests: Open :-)

To say your friends were drunk would be an understatement. The eight of you were coming down from the emotional high of your senior homecoming, but from the looks of it Chloe had yet to come down from the four shots of peppermint vodka she downed ‘as a pregame’ before leaving from the dance.

Of course, you weren’t exactly one to talk, having drank about as much as the rest of them, indulging in some teenage irresponsibility as a way of celebrating your last homecoming. As Rich emerged from Jake’s kitchen with yet another handle of vodka, you couldn’t help but feel like the night would either be one lost as a result of all of you blacking out, or one that would live in infamy.

You were pouring about a shot and a half into a half empty sprite when Jenna emerged from the bathroom, holding her clutch up like a trophy.

“Let’s play seven minutes in heaven!” She said, a wicked smile on her face as she looked at me. My heart sped up a bit, knowing that she would find a way to get me into a closet with Jeremy.

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I just love you that much // Alex Ernst Smut

Pairing: Alex Ernst x Reader

Requested: yes “ Hello! Could you do an Alex Ernst imagine? Where the reader is really famous and Alex and her are dating. The reader is doing a show at the Staples center and Alex and the entire squad go watch because they love seeing her perform and all the girls are like talking about how good the reader is doing and stuff like that! Also could you add some major Alex fluff??💗 “ -unknown

Plot: You’re a famous singer, you’re dating Alex. You have everything you’ve ever wanted in you life. As you’re about to go and do your show in Staples center something happens …

Warning: swearing, fluff, kissing, sexy talk etc.

Word count: 1 918 (shorter than I expected)

Age: +15

A/N: I’m back again and posting as often as I can. I’m planning on doing a Q&A day every Thursday, posting at least one story every week and just being more active in here as my blog is literally growing everyday and I want to keep it that way. So follow me for more smuts, imagine oneshots etc Enjoy! xox

I do not own that picture! Also I just made up those song lyrics so there’s that.. :D xx

Sometimes I think, why me? What did I do to deserve this? All my success, all my friends, my family, my fans and of course me loving boyfriend. He’s really and angel. He’s always so supportive, protective, loving, sweet, sexy and so much more. I really love him.

We’ve been together for a year now and it has been nothing, but amazing. We met, when Liza started dating and my music career basically exploded. I’ve been friends with Liza since like we were maybe 10 or so. I moved here, to LA and I had no friends, but her so she introduced me to her friends and that’s how I met Alex.

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Boyfriend/Girlfriend Tag

Originally posted by martziplier98

Request: Your writing is AMAZING❤ Could I request an Ethan x reader? Where the reader is a youtuber and they doing the girlfriend/boyfriend challenge?

Summary: Fem!Reader and boyfriend Ethan do the boyfriend/girlfriend tag for reader’s youtube channel! Lots of fluff ensues.

A/N: Hey there kiddos, I would like to apologize for taking so long with this request. I had class today, not to mention an essay due just a couple hours ago so I mostly tried staying away from my phone. That being said I loved this request so much because there were so many possibilities for fluffy stories ahhh. I mean as it stands, it’s 1am as I’m typing this right now and I have no regrets. I’m kinda proud of this one tbh. Sorry, no self deprecating humor in this author’s note. Anyway, thanks for the request so much, it was so fun to write this! Enjoy!

Wordcount: 1131 srry I got carried away whoops

Warnings: s o m u c h f l u f f. Physically repulsive to read so much cute thing. Continue at your own risk. Also i said ‘ass’ a couple times I think.

Please request some more! My inbox is empty! Pleaseeee!

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anonymous asked:

so you obviously ship katsuyu and I didn't even know there was such a ship (please forgive ignorance of kacchako shipper ^^") so I've got a question - what made you ship them? any specific moments in manga? cause your art kinda made me like them as pair so I want to know more about katsuyu :>

Hello! thank you very much for you kind words! ^-^)/

POST EDITED 10/05/2017 – 
POST EDITED  05/07/2017 –
POST EDITED 17/07/2017  –
POST EDITED 13/08/2017  –  
POST EDITED 22/08/2017     ch. 71 information added

edit 01: “Keep Reading” since the post is starting to be very long.
edit 02:  New hints. New wording.
edit 03:  High Katsuyu content, as much as spoilers if you are not updated.
edit 04:  Excuse my grammar, I’m trying to improve it
edit 05:  Anon, I’m truly sorry for turning your question into a Manifesto post TT

here we go then: 

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anonymous asked:

In the show Dany says that Drogo raped her. But I was wondering, do you think that is something that GRRM will have her say also? Tho he did rape her, I believed she genuinely grew to care for him but I just can't decide if her speech in s7 is one GRRM will come up with or if he will keep her seeing as someone she cared for? i was just wondering what your opinion was?

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So….it was my friend’s 21st birthday party last night…

- I got there and Raychel was immediately like “Molly are you planning on drinking?” and I was like “Yes duh” and she, deep-voiced, goes “Good. You deserve it. You deserve the world and I deserve to see you get it”

- I forgot that I hate chocolate vodka and got a spiked milkshake at the restaurant

- People were just. screaming about anime. Everyone else in the place must have hated us

- “the asshole is my enemy and needs to be punished.”

- “So…my girlfriend like, bought chloroform?” “Have fun with that.”

- I literally forgot to get her a present whoops

- birthday girl, on her third drink: “Listen I know we’re going  back to my house to drink after this but don’t worry!!! I’m not gonna get that drunk tonight, it won’t be bad”

- l m a o

- we get to her house, immediately start doing shots. I hadn’t touched anything yet bc there was a bottle of electric blue shit and I knew damn well that was going into my body but I was told to wait until people got back with sodas for mixers

- but this guy Patrick who I went all thru grade school with goes “Molly, you’re a real man”, hands me a bottle of whiskey and was like “I feel like my entire childhood was leading up to drinking whiskey with you” and honestly I couldn’t argue??? I felt that way too

- a wholesome experience I’m sure all of our old teachers would be so proud to see us finally bonding and getting along lmao

- Jacqui wanted some whiskey and we’re like “you had two margarita’s at the restaurant maybe not” but she didn’t listen and after she took a shot I had to hide the bottle from her to stop her from having any more lol

- Jacqui, drunk “Mollllly you’re my wiiiiife!”

- Raychel (bd girl) also drunk, across the room “But she’s my alpha husband what the fuck!!!!”

- I was not fucking looking when Raychel’s drink was mixed but it was like. Emerald fucking green. I know it had the sour apple shit vodka in it but idk what else. And then they added food dye and cake glitter so it turned into a galaxy drink holy shit

- Jacqui mixed the blue stuff with sprite and I took a sip and it tasted amazing??? So then I poured my own and I don’t know if I used too much alcohol or too much soda but it tasted like draino I literally had a brief Heather Chandler moment

- Kept drinking it but that’s besides the point

- Now, we need to talk about my alcohol tolerance. It’s high. It’s strong.

- So almost everyone else was drunk out of their asses and I’m sitting there like???? What the fuck???? I want to be intoxicated???? This is hell???? Like at this point I had to have had??? A total six or so shots of vodka and the whiskey and I was FINE and mad about that lmao

- That’s my thing it takes me forever to get drunk and then I get really drunk and blessedly never have hangovers so I can’t really complain I guess?

- But when this happens the logical next step is to drink more lmao Raychel started insisting I share her ridiculous drink with her

- That thing….tasted like everything Jesus died to save us from.

- Also I think I ended up drinking more of it than she did lmao

- Pocket full of sunshine started playing and half the room got turnt while the other half watched in confusion

- I kept trying to take selfies with Raychel and in ever one??? She looks inhumanely gorgeous???? And I look like a goblin???? What the fuck

- At this point I was finally getting drunk so Raychel gave me her phone going “you have my favorite face in the world take so many selfies for me!!!” and….bitch I did. I had that phone for about three hours, barely put it down, loved every single one of my angles for the first time in my life, and I honestly do not know how many selfies of me she’s going to find later lmao

- “I once made an art piece out of my pubic hair but like I lost it in someone’s apartment”

- Garrett, who’s apparently never drank before, whisper-yelling in horror “I took a lot of shots….On purpose!!!! ….I’m sorry,”

- He got very wasted very fast and then went upstairs to sleep lmao

- Raychel started crying telling me I was pretty and I was like “Thanks but you do this when you’re sober so I don’t believe you??” and then her friend who barely talks to me comes over and is like “Honey listen I’m the least drunk person her and you’re gorgeous” and it eventually spiraled into “Molly, CHRISTINA AGUILERA thinks she’s ugly. Lady GaGa- BRITTNEY SPEARS CLEARLY HAS SELF ESTEEM ISSUES EVEN THO SHES A FUCKING SEX ICON. So you’re- OH my God!!! Adam Lambert probably thinks he’s the ugliest fucker in the world!!!!! So you’re beautiful!!!!” and like honestly? Feeling good rn

- To counter this I spent like half the night telling Patrick’s shy and quiet girlfriend Maura that she was the prettiest person I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t leave this poor girl alone she was adorable omfg

- Raychel, the one who ‘wasn’t going to get that drunk’: *spinning wildly, holding 13 conversations at once, constantly yelling about the pubic bone and the vulva, crying about plastic babies in a glitter tube*

- UPDATE AS IM TYPING THIS: Raychel has announced that she found a total of 438 pictures and videos on her phone OH MY GOD @PAST ME

- And that’s only on her phone I got a lot on my phone too and other people had cameras out lord knows how many were taken

- So when I’m drunk I feel a little lightheaded but ultimately fine until I like move a limb and it’s like ‘holy shit my head isn’t connect to my body’ like. so fucking dizzy. At one point I stood and was like ‘who wants to bet I can’t walk to the bathroom’ and someone decided to walk me there lmao

- Someone made glitter bombs out of eggs and we threw them in the street while angrily screaming things like “I LOVE MY FAMILY!” and “WHY DOES EVERY ACTUALLY NICE GUY I MEET HAVE A SMALL DICK!”

- Raychel gave me a tiny ball of clay and I really treasured it but then it broke apart I was so sad

- “Burt Macklin is a fucking bitch!” “Don’t talk to the kitten that way he’s the prettiest cat I’ve ever seen!”

- Jacqui got a slice of cake and then remembered she cannot eat when she’s drunk so I ended up eating. just a lot of cake

- My Little Pony songs were playing on the tv???? I’m still not sure how that got started

- Screaming about Alaska Thunderfuck

- I bet Patrick he’d be the first to puke but he left and I think I threw up in the bathroom???? I’m not 100% positive I did but the fact that I have doubt means he wins unfortunately

- There was one guy there I don’t think I actually got his name but he gave me a great hug when he was leaving. You know when like a bird lands on you and you feel like you’re special and have been chosen???? That’s what the hug felt like lmao

- Someone pulled buffalo chicken dip out of thin air which is my weakness and she told me to have some but like. I put one dipped chip in my mouth and knew it was a mistake. I felt it in my stomach. I hadn’t even fucking swallowed yet it was literally just in my mouth and my body was like ‘bitch can you take a break and let me live!’ omfg

- Since Raychel finally dumped her boyfriend I had no qualms about telling her I didn’t like him and she asked why and I was like “he tried to mansplain Greek mythology to me and he wasn’t even right!!!” and for some reason that made at least five people loose it.

- At the stroke of midnight, Raychel, pointing to the crucifix in the living room. “JESUS….HE’S HERE. HE’S ALIVE.”

- At some point I apparently started drunk texting a few of my friend’s that weren’t there w h o o p s

- Me, trying to explain myself to them this morning “You know, that Easter wine just really gets to me”

- I was stuck in the ‘coming down’ stage for like a million years. Like, still clearly drunk but Not As Bad

- And I was trying to get better before I texted my mother for a ride so like. I spent so long chugging water. I literally don’t think I’ve ever had that much water in my entire life. Raychel’s father and sister kept getting it for me as I continuously told them they were life savers. But it barely helped omfg

- Was definitely still a little wobbly when I woke up for water at like 6:30 but all good now and the hangover skipped over my soul @my genetic makeup bless you

- Fun night though!!! But now I’m off to an Easter family party so…we’ll see how that goes lol

answering asks!

been a while since i answered some QUESTIONS so here we go

remember to check my faq before asking! thanks!

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kuerow  asked:

Grear!! Can i request rfa + saeran having accidents, they are fine but they forget MC- they forget their feelings for her too??? I hope for happy endings ^^. OvO Can you write this?? Please do it O-O Please OvO

N/A: Sure thing but sadly I can’t make this really angst except V’s, especially when all my ideas consist of memes, trolling, and other happy-related stories for Mysme. 


  • Say hello to friend zone, MC!
  • Still hangs out with MC sometimes, out of obligation. Ouch.
  • Being with amnesiac Zen isn’t that bad, but MC still feels the ache.
  • One day, he wakes up really early and hears a strangely familiar and beautiful voice coming from the kitchen.
  • At the time, MC dramatically reads a major role from one of his old scripts and apparently that role despite not being his own, he is secretly really fond of the character.
  • And dayum, MC does it so professionally to a certain point that the handsome actor starts sobbing to himself.
  • Only wants to practice with MC outside his acting practices since then. Will use his charms to make MC give in.
  • Eagerly wants to hang out with MC on his weekends and free time.
  • Zen on-guard duty is back. Will glare at any potential man coming near MC. MC Protection Squad where you at?
  • After sometime, he confesses to her and finds the shocking news of them already dating. Still happy as hell tho.


  • You know what you’d expect if Yoosung forgets MC. MC is Rika!
  • Has really high expectations of MC as RFA’s coordinator and hides his disappointment if MC doesn’t do it like Rika.
  • Tired MC is trying so hard! Poor MC, she’s going through the same phase again.
  • The whole RFA (including Saeran) is tired of this phase as well.
  • Thankfully, realization slaps Yoosung in the face when he starts seeing the differences between them.
  • He apologizes by asking the others about her favorite dishes and makes them. Surprisingly, he knows how to make them well.
  • Starts spoiling her with food and gets her into gaming. Wait, how did MC beat him in her first time?!
  • Yoosung becomes really affectionately clingy. Will use his begging puppy eyes to get her to pay more attention to him.
  • Thinks he’s still in university until MC shows him to his workplace as a veterinarian.
  • Guessing that they were/are currently dating, and MC gives him the face.


  • There must be a misunderstanding; Jaehee clearly remembers not having a roommate.
  • Wait, when did she start wearing contacts and her hair being long?! Mr. Han will be pissed!
  • Damn it, Jumin is this close to having Ms. Kang back as his assistant! Still suffering from his new annoying assistant. RIP Mr.Trustfundkid.
  • Mostly ignores MC unless it was a necessity to give her short formal conversations.
  • MC helps Jaehee with maintaining cleanliness in her/their apartment and Jaehee is impressed.
  • Turns out MC is her employee and she clearly loves MC brewing good coffee for her.
  • First sees MC as a friend whom she can freely talk and ask advice to.
  • Finally someone whom she can watch movies (of Zen) with!
  • She gets this feeling that were once a couple (still is) based on recurring yet quick flashbacks and tries to rebuild their relationship.
  • MC is happy to help her but takes it slow.


  • Wait, there’s a new maid? Why is he not notified of this?
  • Consists of a full thorough investigation and a confused MC thinking of Jumin who’s better off as a investigator.
  • How come this maid knows where he likes to keep things and take good care of Elizabeth the 3rd?
  • OMG, is she a permanent maid now? Kinky MC does not mind (but still wants to rebuild their relationship.)
  • Best friend Jaehee is so ready to burst through his penthouse like a boss and explain the whole truth but the whole RFA is holding her back.
  • Pretty much ignores MC after getting used to her presence, hang in there MC.
  • One day after looking through his things, Jumin finds hidden photos & letters of him and MC, and a suspicious-looking ring. Confused Jumin needs to know the truth. NOW.
  • Gets into a frighteningly serious discussion, but not an argument because MC has the patience of a goddess and Jumin is trying to be rational.
  • After their discussion, he realizes what this weird feelings were (developing lately) and pretty much apologizes to her while bowing down on his knees for a thousand of times during the whole week.  
  • Will make a fool out of himself and have his dignity destroyed as MC is his first priority. Imagine this dude putting up embarrassing-looking posters.


  • Let’s go back to when Seven was pushing MC away without the whole there’s-a-bomb-in-Rika’s-apartment ordeal. He’s dangerous, that’s why!
  • Pfft, as if the Great 606 will be defeated. Prepare to have your walls broken down, Defender of Justice!
  • Clearly surprised that MC not only cleans his usually pigsty place but places them where he want it to be. Be free of your burden, Vanderwood!
  • Knows how to evade his antics, but MC does it with swag.  
  • Tsundere Seven is struggling with his clashing emotions and persistent MC is getting better at handling him.
  • Rarely gets missions that has to do with infiltrating and installing CCTV in a big-shot opposing company.
  • MC tags along to his annoyance but is secretly awed that he managed to pass through, all thanks to her being a distraction.
  • The effect didn’t last for long and they were being chased down. But for some reason, this very moment is so déjà vu…
  • During their escape, he did not once let go and is stuck to her like a leech.
  • After the mission, MC is greeted by Seven wearing a maid outfit in a sexy weird pose. Capture a perfect angle of him, MC!


  • Has forgotten that he no longer has feelings for Rika.
  • Imagine V pining for Rika who’s currently being treated and MC pining for a confused V.
  • Treats MC politely yet distantly and MC is struggling between her emotions and rationality.
  • Jumin comes to the rescue and brings down his hammer of realization onto V. His savege-ness has no boundaries and V is stunned.
  • V makes an effort to know MC once more.  
  • The rising feeling of nervousness, excitement, and longing is starting to unsettle him whenever he’s around MC.
  • MC, the master of comfort and reassurance is back.
  • Dude is feeling torn between MC and Rika.
  • Recovering Rika spits out some harsh truths to him that makes him realize of what he really wants.
  • Jihyun Kim is MC’s significant other™. Prepare to get melted, MC.


  • Let’s welcome back angsty kid, Saeran!
  • This girl with no eyes (her bangs are just covering it!) is suspicious to him!
  • MC knows how to deal with his outbursts and tantrums like it’s no big deal.
  • Unsure of how to interact with her so he straight up ignores her, but MC know how to twist this back into her favor.
  • He secretly appreciates how she’s not treating him as if he’s made of porcelain like everyone else. He’s amnesiac not broken for goodness sake.
  • Also thankful that she’s not Rika and helps him whenever he seeks for it.
  • Falls in love all over again as they get closer.
  • Unlike Tsundere Seven, he’s unsure what to do with his feelings so he dwells into the virtual world of romance because this noob lover-boy needs to learn.
  • Seriously takes notes as if he’s studying for finals and applies it to his life but fails because MC can come up with a better pickup line. Come on MC, give this pitiful trying-so-hard-to-impress-you kid a chance!
  • Despite his inexperience in dating, these two make fast progress in their relationship.


  • This girl is obviously a spy.
  • MC ain’t a clingy girlfriend nor a coward.
  • Is stunned at the fact he found a person who doesn’t irritate him.
  • Will defend the poor guy from Seven’s antics.
  • What Vanderwood wants he gets, despite being reluctant about it.
  • Finds comfort in MC as he full-blown rants about Seven and his bizarre cough adventures.
  • MC knows how to deal with his criticism and be better at what she’s terrible at through practice.
  • One time when they were surrounded by enemies, Badass MC beats them up with a Gucci purse. Vanderwood is impressed.
  • Sometime later, he finds out about their relationship from his confidential files and still pretends he doesn’t remember.
  • He still won’t admit he loves her but him being overprotective is getting out of hand. No one can touch his woman.
Sleepy Speedy

Pietro Maximoff x Avenger!Reader

Summary: 5 times Pietro sleeps against you and 1 time you sleep against him. (Based off this post from @scribblecrumbs)
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearings
2,459 words

Notes: FINALLY HERE!!! My first Pietro one-shot! It took me ages with my writer’s block and it’s not my best but I was dying to post something so…here it goes! I apologize if Speedy sounds a bit ooc, tho. :( The end is shitty and all mistakes are mine since I didn’t proof read it. Warn me if you find anything! I’ll re-open the requests soon, prOMISE. MEANWHILE…ENJOY IT! <3

The first time it happens, you’re all on the way back home after a impromptu mission in the Asia. 

The quinjet is lit by only a few dim lights as the silence filled the space, the whole team way too tired to think about keeping small talk. 

Nobody thought that the mission would have that much of action when Maria called out, warning for an unknown imminent threat in a small town somewhere in Asia. 

But arriving there, you got welcomed by an army of local rebels adding up a few drug dealers. 

So yeah, you can’t blame the team for their beat up looks right now. Not when you’re feeling beaten up yourself. 

Steve, Bucky and Natasha are sitting  side by side, the two super soldiers looking remotely okay as they whisper to each other occasionally with Nat’s legs loosely thrown over their thighs, her split lip swollen and slightly covered in dried blood. 

Vision, the only only who isn’t affected at all, is sitting a little more ahead and next to Sam, who’s piloting the quinjet after Natasha scolded him saying he'd have to be a real pilot at least once. 

Wanda is right beside you, her head resting against the jet’s wall as she let out short sighs, probably resting her tired mind from her powers. 

And then there’s Pietro. 

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A/N: This is for the anon who requested for model!dino ^^ I would also like to address one thing when you’re requesting and it’s being polite when you do it.. I’m honestly super happy when someone requests me to write something but asking nicely actually makes authors feel more appreciated and motivated. I hope I don’t sound rude bc I do feel that respect and being polite is super important :) Thank you for the request, tho! I’m glad you requested for Chan bc my boy needs more loving. As usual, I hope you all enjoy~

Originally posted by pledisseventeen

  • So you’re a young aspiring photographer
  • You haven’t really made a big name for yourself, but you’re really going up the ranks for your unique take on photography
  • One day, you finally landed yourself a big gig
  • One of your designer friends called you up about her new clothing line and she wanted you to be their very first photographer!!!
  • So of course you said yes because this! is! finally! it!
  • Your big break!!!
  • But then your friend’s like “Oh yeah, a little detail: Lee Chan is going to be our model ;)”
  • And you’re like ‘w hat
  • Bc your friend knows you’re kind of a fan? An admirer of some sort? Of Lee Chan, a rising young model
  • Like, sometimes you both would go through magazines together and every time there’s Chan on a spread, you would often rave on how cool he looked in them
  • And when you walk on the streets, you would sometimes see him in advertisements with his broody and smouldering look
  • And sometimes it would fluster you bc ‘how could someone so young looks so mature at the same time?’
  • Science side of Tumblr, pls explain
  • So it made sense that you’re really excited about this photoshoot
  • So when the day of the photoshoot came, you made sure to dress especially nice since you’ve been really looking forward to this day!
  • When you reached the studio, there were a lot of people on the set but the one who caught your eyes was him
  • Lee Chan
  • You could feel your heart race a little faster at the sight of him bc wow, you’re actually going to work with this guy?
  • He looks so much more handsome in person tbh
  • “Hi, I’m Y/N and I’ll be your photographer of the day,” you smiled
  • “Hey, I’m Chan. I’m actually a big fan of your work!”
  • What? Him? A fan??? Aaaa
  • You, of course, were freaking out in the inside and you felt as if your life had led up to this moment
  • But Chan wasn’t kidding when he said that he liked your work
  • While your works are still few and far in between, given that you’re still making a name for yourself in the industry, your degree or artistry was undeniable
  • And when he heard that he was going to work with you, he didn’t know what to expect??
  • He didn’t expect you to be this young and this cute
  • ‘Act professional, Y/N. Act professional’ you chanted.
  • So you pretended as if you didn’t just have a fangirl moment and you’re like “Ah yes, yes, thank you! I love your works, too!” and you both proceeded with the photo shoot
  • Watching Chan work was like magic
  • He was such a great model and he made your life 101% easier bc clearly, he knows how to look good in front of the camera?
  • Like, sometimes the model could be super awkward and doesn’t know how to pose in front of a camera and you’d have to jump in to rescue them
  • And while it was no problem with you, sometimes the pictures wouldn’t come out as good as it could’ve been if the model had known what to do
  • And honestly the models really makes a difference
  • But Chan was a natural
  • You didn’t need to guide him much and it was as if he owned the floor
  • You finally called for a break and went out to check for the results
  • But when you did, you found the pictures came out quite unsatisfying? You felt as though there’s something missing…
  • The photoshoot was meant for a local clothing line catering to young-adults and was supposed to appeal to the youngin’s y’know
  • But in the picture, Dino looks kinda stiff?
  • He looked too broody and was kinda missing that zest lol
  • And Chan noticed the frown on your face and he’s like ‘Oh no, did I do something wrong :(“
  • You’re like “No! No! It’s just that…maybe you can smile?”
  • Chan was a little confused bc smile? Why would he smile?
  • No photographer has ever asked him to smile in a photoshoot before so why now?
  • But you’re like “Just do it!!”
  • So he smiled
  • And by God, if it’s not the most beautiful thing you’ve seen all week? Or maybe your entire life?
  • His smile was so bright, so boyish and he looked his age
  • His demeanor completely changed and you can finally confirm that he’s just a boy deep inside
  • The duality of a man tbh
  • You kinda felt your heart skip a beat and you’re like
  • “Yeah! That’s it! That’s what I’m talking about!”
  • And as Chan started to go through pose by pose, you couldn’t help but find him more and more attractive???
  • And you might not know it but he’s actually having fun!
  • He’d never thought he’d have this much fun modeling for a photo shoot
  • Usually he saw it as strictly business but with you? It’s different
  • His smile was completely genuine, partly bc it’s really amusing to watch you try to get good angles of him while throwing out commentaries like there’s no tomorrow
  • “Yeess, work it, Chan.”
  • “You’re doing great, sweetie.”
  • “Vogue.”
  • “yAAsSS.”
  • Watching you concentrate and work to get the best angles out of him was really something else and he could clearly see your passion and determination you put into your work
  • It definitely made you even cuter in his eyes but you didn’t hear that from him
  • Unfortunately, time flies when you’re having fun and before you know it, the photoshoot was coming to an end
  • You were pretty bummed about but also excited because the pictures came out aMAzing
  • You went to show him the pictures and he’s like
  • “Heh, I like it.”
  • ‘And you.’ but he didn’t actually say that
  • And you’re beaming bc he! likes it!
  • “You’re really handsome when you smile,” you blurted.
  • It was too late when you realized what you might’ve implied and he’s blushing bc
  • ‘Did they just call me..cute???’
  • So you’re like “Not that you’re not handsome when you’re not smiling!!! It’s just that–your smile! It’s–ugh.”
  • What a mess.
  • But also you have the right to be a mess bc I can confirm you that Chan’s smile irl really was a sight for sore eyes
  • It was kinda awkward for a second and Chan was shyly scratching the back of his neck as he looked at you through his eyelashes and said
  • “You look pretty when you smile, too.”
  • And you couldn’t help hiding your smile as the sudden heat crept onto your neck
  • Chan had enough of the awkwardness and kinda went
  • “So.. are you free after this? Do you wanna get some coffee? I mean, if you want to. And doesn’t have to be coffee. You can pick-”
  • And the poor guy started rambling and it’s kinda cute but also, he needs to stop so you cut him off
  • “Yes, I would like to get some coffee. I’m free after this so maybe we can go have dinner?”
  • And inside, he was a little stunned bc he didn’t really expect you to say yes so easily? He thought you were cool and here you were, accepting his offer to take you out
  • He felt like the luckiest guy and he couldn’t help the grin that stretched onto his face
  • And you almost wanted to hit him bc there it is again!!! That grin!!!
  • If anything, the butterflies in your stomach got a little bit crazier
  • And he’s like “Yes, yes, let’s go eat some dinner! I’ll pay!”
  • What a gentleman
  • And that’s how you end up going out with Chan and your designer friend totally did not set you up on purpose, definitely not.

At this point everything with a cop character makes me think of Javert, so here it goes: Les Misérables in a Stranger Things AU

  • Valjean is a mayor of a small town with an adopted daughter acquired in mysterious circumstances, because nobody can stop me from messing up the timeline
  • Actually please let me call it Hawkins-sur-Mer, I don’t care if it doesn’t make sense, let me have it
  • Cosette is friends with Marius and some other kids, aka the entirety of les amis
  • Until one day Cosette disappears
  • Javert eagerly takes the case because it’s a nice opportunity to find out something about the mayor that suspiciously reminds him of a certain convict
  • Les amis decide to look for Cosette on her own but instead find another, quite confused girl in the woods
  • On her arm there is a tattoo saying EP09, so they make it into E-P-O-nine
  • ”We call her Epo-9” “Isn’t it pronounced Éponine?” “…wait, this name actually exists?”
  • Éponine turning out to have telekinesis and all that fun stuff
  • Marius is very set on the idea that she can help him find his BFF Cosette
  • Want to make it more fun? Cosette has a similar tattoo: C07 on her arm. She was nicknamed Cosette from Valjean’s first language, Italian, where 7 is sette, though her real name is Euphrasie (I’m not desperate to make it work at all, shh) (EDIT: APPARENTLY IT WORKS WITH THE FRENCH PRONUNCIATION OF 7 AS WELL, THANKS @24601error-prisonernotfound) 
  • I’m torn between making Mabeuf the person who finds EP09 first and then gets killed and making him the amis’ teacher (…alternatively the amis having a teacher named Lamarque)
  • In general, amis being way more numerous than the Stranger Things kids, Javert having a way lower empathy level than Hopper and Valjean having way more money to buy Christmas lights and hang them all around his house (and being way more willing to personally fight whatever monsters are there)
  • …okay I just don’t have set designs for les amis and didn’t feel like making them now

anonymous asked:

Hey! :) If you feel like it, do you think you could write something angsty about Scully accidentally becoming pregnant pre-IWTB? Thank you and have a lovely day!

Thank you so much for the prompt, anon! This turned pretty angsty pretty quick. Please take heed of the tags. It’s also written for @leiascully‘s xf writing challenge prompts “Resentment” and “Forgiveness”. 

Five months after they settle into their rural Virginia home, Mulder walks into a Walmart pharmacy and buys a pregnancy test.

Later that evening, as though it were now the only object separating herself from her future, Scully stares intermittently between the small box resting on the white sheets and Mulder’s equally ashen face. Silence reigns king, making even their breathing seem hollow. 

Finally, she removes the slender device from its packaging and smooths out the folded instructions against the night table. She glances over them before inhaling stiffly and stuffing the paper back into the box. She takes the test and its packaging and retreats alone to the bathroom, angles the door so that from where he is standing, Mulder can’t see what she is doing.

Silence extends its icy fingers across every cornice, long and hollow yet thick like the air before an August thunderstorm. Minutes pass before he hears her rinse off her hands. He looks up to see her standing in front of the mirror, still as a stone. 

Her face is utterly ruined.

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Among a Crowd of Faces

[Read at FF.net]

[Read at AO3.]

Summary: she glanced at the monster before her; his eyes pierced knives into her soul, made her terrified and lost in that sea of endless red and brutality, his wounds all but invisible– yet she had never seen a being so beautiful, so inviting. It didn’t take much more for her to fall, too.

Rating: T because it’s Bakugou and BNHA. Non AU. 

Word count: *drum roll* 21,181 words. Sweet kacchako hell, everyone goodbye. Don’t feel intimidated though, it’s easy to read (I think)

Author’s note: LOOK AT THIS MESS GUYS IT’S KINDA decent? Like for it being my first try it’s pretty damn decent. I’m a usual fanfic writer but this people’s dynamic is so unique and working with Bakugou is so delightful! I’ll definitely write more about him because he’s an awesome character and making him develop is all kinds of fun. Forgive me if there are any mistakes tho, I’m new here so I’m not used to his character.

Credit to @kacchanswife because this baby deserves love and kindness and a starshower? @liltootbrush is also so beautiful and adorkableAlso the countless dorks who commented on my tag dumpster because this fandom is so cute, supportive and awesome and I love it. I’LL GIVE MORE CREDIT LATER, I’m sunburnt but I’m crying and feeling all the butterfly shit in my stomach. I fear this may not live to the hype and the support GUYS FORGIVE M EEEE

Warnings: I could’ve gone with a single fic because this could be focused so much more but in the end I did the whole thing. And my ability to write fighting scenes is cringy as fuck, cope if you can cope. All advice is welcome! And please do realize that I’ll write a shit ton more of these. So, uh, beware. My writing’s not the best but I did my best and my first <3

I just hope Mic. Word hasn’t munched nothing of this fic or left words out.

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Lai Guanlin Medical Au

Back and late as always~

> • You hadn’t expected to spend your Saturday night in the hospital,
 >• But then who ever does except for doctors?
 >• It’s been a while since you last saw the bright lights and overworked doctors and nurses,
> • I mean it’s been a year,
> • But as someone infamous for being incredibly clumsy, a year was a break,

> • It had started at the age of 6, breaking your arm, and then it’d just tumbled,
> • From broken noses to crushed feet and bruised ribs, you’re sure that you’re at least 40% metal at this point,
> • You’d be an awful superhero but you’re half way there,
>• So you should be pretty used to pain by now,
>• Hahahaha nope,
> • Propped in a wheelchair in a busy part of the waiting room, you’re pretty happy to whine to your best friend,
> • Who sits next to you, a veteran at accompanying you to the sterilised building after your accidents,
> • But she was part of your reason for ending up there in the first place,
> • It’d started a completely innocent day, hanging with your best friend, dancing goofily to songs on the radio and chatting endlessly,

> • But of course there’s always an element of boredom, which only means one thing for the two of you,
> • Couples yoga,
> • It’d always been a tradition for the two of you to try the weirdest couple yoga positions after you’d quit gymnastics together when you were 15,
> • You’d actually become quite good tho???
> • Throw any weird position together and you’d find a way,
> • It’s not yet known if you just liked throwing your best friend around or if you actually enjoyed the activity,
> • During the warm up, a double plank,
> • A move that you’d previously perfected despite the fact you now sat in a bustling hospital,
> • You’d made a quick comment which had your friend bursting into a laughing fit, collapsing down onto your legs,
> • Because you were always the bottom in yoga, stronger than your friend,
> • Which made your pose break and your knee slammed in the ground,
> • Okay maybe yoga isn’t the place for puns,
> • (Isn’t everywhere the place for puns?),
> • Or clumsy people,
> • But now your knee looks a little off angle, and maybe a little swollen and yeah, maybe a little blue,
> • Which really isn’t reassuring,
> • And it’s screaming at you like a child having a tantrum in a toy store,
> • Smh children are a lot of work,
> • So your best friend listens to your complaining as you watch the waiting time leap from 4 hours to 5,
> • That means you’ve got to sit in that all too familiar room for 3 more excruciatingly long hours,
> • And one of the girls from the couple across from you has a bandage wrapped around her head and you feel bad for giggling at how cartoon-like it looks,
> • But her girlfriend can’t seem to stop laughing at her, unable to fully meet her eyes without bursting into a new fit,
> • Couple goals,
> • I mean if you can’t laugh at each other what can you do?
> • But while you have to wait a short lifetime, you also feel bad for all the nurses and doctors, rushed off their feet, as always,
> • You pass your time by buying sweets from the vending machine and trying to throw them into your friends mouth, unable to move yourself,
> • Which nearly ends in another broken bone,
> • But tbh what a good place to break another bone,
> • Then you’d be matching,
> • And you make up people’s life stories as they walk/limp/roll past,
> • Your friend naps on your shoulder and you wish your knee wasn’t keeping you awake,
> • You’re pretty sure you can see the light when a nurse finally, finally, calls your name and you wheel the hell out of there,
>  • One of the kids across from you had just started crying and it broke your heart, you just wanted to wrap him in blankets,
> • You rolled to a stop and one of the doctors/ nurses (you were way too tired to try to be able to tell them apart) dropped into the seat opposite,
> • He looked about as tired as you felt and you nearly sent him to go for a nap,
> • But despite the tired eyes he still smiles at you and it’s 10/10,
> • Like damn,
> • A warm ass smile as well, not one of the mandatory ones,
> • It warms your heart and you grin goofily back despite your knee, who does not like the notion of movement and protests heavily,
> • He takes one look at your knee and is like whelp it’s screwed,
> • Like yeah bruh, that’s why I’m here,
> • So then you have to wait another half hour to get an x-ray, which is honestly awful,
> • Not only are you getting radiation blasted at you, they have to move you,
> • While you understand that they have to find out what’s actually wrong with your cursed knee,
> • You don’t want to understand because it’s easier to complain when you’re ignorant,
> • (Whoop too real here sorry)
> • You eventually end up back on a bed with doctor Lai again, full circle,
> • He cracks another heart warming, full gummy smile when you tell him how you’ve broken your kneecap, to which your friend hangs her head in fake shame and you grin,
> • Cus his smile is damn intoxicating,
> • That smile makes your head tingle; heart flutter,
>  • So you’re infinitely glad you’re not hooked to one of those heart rate monitors,
> • So after Doctor Lai confirms you’ve broken your kneecap, which is really a surprise to no one,
> • He confirms you don’t need surgery and you thank the universe for being less mean than it could have been,
> • You know what pain is coming when he says he’s going to cast it,
> • His hands look delicate though so you comfort yourself with the knowledge you haven’t got a rough ass nurse casting your leg,
> • But then you also have an extremely handsome doctor/nurse seeing you at your, admittedly not lowest, point (but still pretty low),
> • Getting ready to cry because you can’t actually bend your leg,
> • But when he passes you that gas,
> • Oh boi it’s like a whole different you,
> • It still burns like hell and you wanna scream but your mind just takes a laid back view on life,
> • “You must be tired but you’re still beautiful like wow what’s your skin care?”
> • You giggle from the laughing gas, not comprehending at all,
> • Your friend has to leave the room from their overflowing giggles, second hand embarrassment and their imagination at your future horror at what just spilled out of your uncontrolled mouth,
> • Lai’s cheeks redden
> • You make sure to tell him it’s adorable,
> • And he chuckles with a shake of his head,
> • And then pain shoots up your leg and you cry out again, tears trailing down your face as you breath into the gas,

>  • But apparently you’re brain is still having a chill time,
> • Your head is completely confused because this shit hurts, you’re crying, but yOU GOTTA LAUGH,
> • “I don’t think you need my skin care routine to be honest, you look pretty cute already,”
> • His words muffle your pain further and you giggle
> • From the gas or from the compliment, a literal doctor cannot tell,
> • “Well thank you, that’s a compliment and a half seeing as it’s coming from you,”
> • Lai smiles shyly as he finishes setting your cast, eyes jumping to you as the gas wears off,
> • And then it hits you,
> • Oh man it hits you like a damn truck, full on and straight to the chest,
> • I mean you already knew laughing gas had a stronger reaction on you than most, but you did not expect this,
> • You wanna apologize to the doctor but you actually can’t make eye contact,
> • You go through the usual, Lai giving you the rundown on what to do next and where to get your meds,
> • He wraps his arm around your shoulders to help you shuffle off the bed and makes sure you’re steady enough on your crutches before shaking your hand,
> • You finally manage to meet his eyes and practically melt,
> • His eyes are tired, yes, but still warm and welcoming and his smile numbs your burning pain and it’s your time to blush before shuffling out of there,
> • Your friend greets you buckets of laughter and it’s really what you need,
> • That is until you see some pen scrawled onto your cast, something black and shiny standing against the cast,
> • You plop down onto a chair,
> • Even though you don’t know if you’ll be able to get back up again,
> • And your best friend reads you a series of numbers scrawled quickly into the casts white surface,
> • Above the number,
> • “I’ll share my skincare secrets over a coffee”
> • And really nothing has ever been more tempting,
> • Guanlin has a busy ass schedule being a doctor, but he always finds time for you,
> • Which really amazes you tbh,
> • Your little dates are always laid back, because being a doctor is tiring AF,
> • And it really suits you because what’s better than just lying around together chatting, or catching a coffee with cake(!!),
> • Or playing truth or dare,
> • Which is, not gunna lie, kinda dangerous but you gotta live life on edge™
> • And then when Guanlin has a weekend off and he has more energy, it makes the days where you go to theme parks or actually go outside even more special,
> • And you’re on a chilled back date when Guanlin doodles over your admittedly bare cast,
> • And it’s actually really cute and creative and you’re glad you had previously gone for a minimalistic theme,
> • And when you heal you teach Guanlin your couples yoga poses,
> • As your bestie had insisted it was a cute couple idea,
> • And the fact that yoga had actually bought you together,
> • And he gets the hang of it quickly and it’s really good for the two of you because Guanlin has a high stress job so the yoga relaxes the both of you,
> • You become one of those couples you see on Instagram with all the crazy poses, looking cute af,
> • lmao ‘goals’
> • But yanno, Guanlin really does teach you his skincare secrets and you don’t know if you’ve ever looked healthier,
> • But you also don’t know if that’s the routine of the fact you’ve never been happier,

adorablyfullmetal  asked:

Ryan and Trevor are brothers in the GTA universe. That’s my proudest HC. Prompts... Geoff and Jeremy in the ot6 sugar baby escapade on an expensive and romantic vacay???

that half brother thing tho…. that is right up my alley. one day i’ll return to that two parter i wrote and actually beef it up a bit, but honestly, that au is one of my favs. but now since people are comparing trevor and alfredo, i’m thinking of this in other angles. what if there’s a THIRD brother.

and here you go! some sugar baby nonsense

It’s midterm season and reading week all rolled into one, where the promise of a week off and potentially sleeping in is overridden by the stress of the last few weeks before the end of term.

Jeremy spends it mostly laying around the penthouse because 1) no one will judge him if he doesn’t change out of his sweats, 2) he gets free food here, and 3) the people here will placate him when he groans about final papers. 

He’s got his Renaissance text laid out in front of him and his laptop open to a few well known Renaissance painters. He’s contemplating in writing on Artemisia Gentileschi and focusing her use and depiction of blood in her violent works. The images he has of her artwork aren’t the greatest quality, but he’ll make it work. It’s only a 1500 word essay. He’s sure he’ll get something out of it.

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if you see my reflection in the snow covered hills

Summary: It’s simple and easy and oddly comforting, to be able to catch him before he falls and let him press his mouth against hers, over-warm and insisting that she is something beautiful and soft (not cold and ruthless and displaced), deserving of the unfiltered, lopsided adoration that even when completely drunk, Peter offers her in spades.

important things 2 note: i have no idea how to write drunk ppl // i wrote this bc i was having an anxiety day yesterday and i needed something soft and warm to read so i literally forced myself to create the content i wanted to see in the world // plot is a social construct // that being said this is set roughly two (2) years after vol.2. title’s from fleetwood mac’s landslide, which i rly thought set the Mood. shoutout to @taxicabsandcupcakes for encouraging me shamelessly and @parlegee for supporting me & proofreading this mess of dashes and semi-colons even tho she technically doesnt even go here. yall are amazing & u inspire me

Gamora has never been one to cling to routine. She is designed, crafted bone and sinew to be able to think and act in the moment, after all, rapid-fire reflexes that have alternately saved lives and taken them. Of course, tactically, she is extremely proficient; cool, logical, forward-thinking. But being able to function second-to-second in any given situation is a refined skill, and was – is – very necessary in her line of work.

So she’s never been one to cling to routine.

But there is something to be said about the amorphous tug in her chest at the thought that they might have finally, finally, achieved some semblance of normality in their lives.


His face is radiating a kind of lopsided, heedless joy that would have tipped her off even had he not been utterly reeking of alcohol. It’s a sweet, clingy kind of smell – different from the chemical-y tang of the engine fuel that Rocket favors – the sort of cloying scent that she’s come to learn means expensive. Dey had really meant it when he’d said my treat, then, Gamora thinks; they’re not broke, exactly, and they have just finished a job, but somehow having to collectively confront their own mortality upwards of two times has made them more fiscally responsible, as opposed to less. An odd turn of events, given Peter’s insistence that they ought to be living more in the moment, but Gamora’s come to realize that a large part of this sentiment hangs empty, as though Peter’s misplaced the meaning and is only repeating it because it’s a familiar statement that he feels the need to cling to.

He’s really trying, she knows.

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for all the honest world to feel (trixya) (3/8) - dare

Adore popped the last bit of her french toast into her mouth. “You wanna get high and talk it out?” she said.

Brian stared at her.

She swallowed and shrugged. “I dunno. It works for me.”

(AN: sorry for the late update, i’ve been on vacation! However, this came out about twice as long as i meant for it to be, so hopefully that makes up for it? also i realized i haven’t said it before now but the title comes from “pancho and lefty” by townes van zandt, which was covered by trixie here. as usual, I (mainly) use “he” for brian&katya and “she” for adore. also, i’ve messed with a few timelines here and there because i’m lazy, and i’m not gonna apologize for that.

this week on “honest world”: more sadness. more bad jokes. stuff is stressful; brian and adore get high. brian and katya put some feelings on the table.) 

ch. 1 | ch. 2 |


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