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How does Lance, Hunk, Keith & Shiro reacts to shy s/o holding their pinky with their own?

This ask is too pure for this world I am obliterated

-Admin Robin


  • Although Space Dad™  is a very affectionate partner, he would totally respect his s/o’s shyness and take things at their pace
  • He think’s it’s too fucking adorable like he will get this stupidass goofy smile and just chuckle at them
  • If they initiate it first he totally is like “wow yes okay interaction is good so good i wanna hold u”
  • But if he initiates it first he is super hesitant and his s/o will have to meet him halfway because he doesn’t wanna freak them out and scare them off
  • He doesn’t care, he’ll walk around the entire freaking castle like that
  • Linked Pinkies = cute
  • He thinks a shy s/o is so amazing and is constantly giving them soft smiles
  • Is 10000000% gentle with them
  • Cherish him


  • “hOly shit you’re hecking touching me”
  • With ur lil pinkes aw”
  • He thinks it’s so pure and if his s/o initiates it he will actually cover his eyes and steam will come out of his ears
  • He blush
  • “What in tarnation you’re so cute”
  • He is such a dork and is constantly asking his s/o “Is this okay?” or “Am I being too touchy-feely?” because the last thing he wants them to feel is uncomfortable
  • It’s so weird like he’s such a freaking cabbage-head idk he will walk into whatever room his s/o is in and go to where they are and just
  • Touch their pinky
  • He kinda is shy too because he doesn’t have much experience with relationships but he knows they’re more important to him than his sword and the Red Lion combined so he just rolls with it


  • This soft lil guy is so moved and like he actually raises a hand to his heart because “wow, you’re unbelievably adorable and I want to cook things for you”
  • He will totally be bashful and smile while looking away from them and just hold their pinky with his gently
  • Will walk around like this, he wants to show everyone how cute theyare
  • Is a very encouraging lover and will not push them at all in any way, shape, or form
  • He thinks linked pinkies is better than holding hands anyways
  • Does cute shit (i.e.: holds their pinky while he’s piloting)
  • “Hunk, th-this isn’t safe” “Shh- babe, just lemme hold you,”
  • Cooks for them and then as they’re snarfing down the food he’ll just lean across the kitchen island and reach for that pinky
  • One of his favorite things about his s/o is their hands so linked pinkies is neato for him!


  • If they initiate it he’ll look down at their hands and be all smug
  • “You just can’t seem to keep your hands off me, can’t you?” or “Babe, have some self-control, we’re in public”
  • But is actually really happy that they’re courageous enough to touch him, and grins until his face hurts
  • Once it happens once, he will hold their pinky any chance he gets, and although he respects their need to take things slow, he will eventually show them that actually holding hands is not so bad either
  • He squeals the first time it happens tho
  • Lance is the exact opposite of shy, so I can imagine that Lance having a shy partner would be a good thing; they would balance each other out nicely!
  • Takes them in Blue for a spin and is flying with one hand just so he can link pinkies with the other
  • Will link pinkies with you in the heat of battle and not even care tbh
  • Kisses their pinky aw aww
  • Loves them so damn much it hurts

I love this so much

Warnings: None

Female pronouns used

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“Dwah! Gabe and Y/N sittin in a tree. F-U-C-K-I-N-G”

“Sombra I will kill you if you don’t shut up”

“But I cant heeeelp it. Big ol reaper dating a tiny lil flower. Its adorable”

“Sombra! Don’t you have work do!”

“I can work and make fun of you at the same time. Right Widow!?”

She lets out an audible grunt and rolls her eyes

“Sombra jutst shut up and hack” He growls as you walk in

“Ah! there you are Gabriel!” You say running up and hugging him tightly “I was looking for you babe”

He instantly snaps around to you lifting you up a little bit “Hm? I wasn’t anywhere special. Where were you looking?”  he asks as you take his mask off to kiss him

Sombra literally turned off her computer to watch the scene unfold “See widow. If you had feeling wouldn’t this be adorable”

She scoffs again and looks away as you nuzzle Gabe’s cheek

“I wanted you to get some sleep I know you have been so busy”

“Ill come to bed when Sombra decides to not be useless”   He says kissing your cheek

“Okay sweetie. You better” You smile running out

“Reaper and Y/N sittin in a tree-”



YAY REQUESTS! Could you write a spence x reader where the reader is a badass, and introduces spencer to her friends which makes him really nervous about their relationship since he’s such an adorable lil geek? THANK YOU ILY  -Anon

Pairing: Reid x Reader

Word Count: 1929

Warnings: none really

A/N: I kept most of the requests from the old blog and will be doing them here. I have been working on this one for a while and since school is over, now i have some time to myself to write. I hope you guys like this, and share it with your friends :)

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Dating Eggsy Unwin would include...
  • Him being very protective of you from the start.
  • You both met through Kingsman.
  • His little sister absolutely adores you, as does his Mum.
  • Eggsy is a cheeky lil shit - as per.
    • “Woah, Babe, have to say - your arse looks amazing in that skirt…”
    • “If I save the world (again) will you give me a kiss?”
  • He gets irritated when other people flirt with you, but doesn’t blow a fuse unless they go too far - it’s usually just the silent treatment with a pout.
  • JB loves you and sticks to you like glue whenever you’re around.
  • SEX
  • He constantly teases you, whether it’s his hand practically glued to your arse, or the occasional brush of his fingers across your inner thigh.
  • But when the tables are turned, he will literally take you anywhere.
    • His room 
    • The living room, or even the kitchen when no-ones home.
    • He’s even tried to convince you to have sex with him on one of the jets.
  • Wearing his shirt the morning after.
    • “You look even more fit in my clothes…”
  • His little sister innocently asking,” Eggsy, when will you and (Y/N) have a baby?” 
    • Eggsy just looks to you, as if it were your decision entirely.
  • His Mum teases him all the time, saying you both should just tie the knot already.
  • Helping him when he has nightmares - from his step-dad or missions he’s been on.
    • Holding him close, his face buried in the crook of your neck.
    • He doesn’t really like to vent, but he usually does in his own time.
  • Eggsy loves when you play with his hair.
  • Cuddling while watching movies.
    • He likes having you close to him, it makes him feel content in knowing you’re safe in his arms.
    • Halfway through, JB jumps onto the bed and snuggles you - he feels left out.
    • “Hey! Quit stealing my girl, bruv.”

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oh I was browsing your art and noticed that your sweet lil thief hangs out with a lady in some pictures, are they pals in crime? (also I've rewatched your film at least 10 times and shown it to all my friends, your team did AMAZING on the music and I adore your style!!!)

AhAAA thank you so much!! *__* ur probably talking about this babe vvv
She was the original design of the signer in the film but i redesigned the character to make her look closer to the actual singer of my film!
I still really like drawing her tho and wished she had an appearance of the film tho

Ice Cream / Conor Maynard

A/N: This is a lil something that I wrote for another lil something and I liked it a lot so here you go, hope you like it.

You got up from the sofa, closing your laptop since you had gotten bored of watching youtube videos on it. You walked toward the bedroom, with the goal to ask Conor to go buy ice cream with you, only to be found with your boyfriend focused on his computer, an adorable look of concentration on his face. You walked towards him, the noise of your feet hitting the wooden floor way too loud for the quiet room.

“Babe?” You asked, placing your hands on his shoulders from behind, making him jump slightly.

“You made me jump.” He chuckled, looking up at you. “C'mere.” You smiled and sat on his lap, his arms wrapping around your waist.

“What were you doing? Are you too busy?” You asked looking towards his computer and then at him.

“Just editing, why?”

“Can we go buy ice cream, then?” He frowned.

“There was a bit on the freezer earlier.” He looked at his laptop for a few seconds. “Besides, it’s almost half past ten!”

“But I ate it all.” You smiled innocently, making him chuckle. “And some places are open until eleven. Pretty, please!” You pouted and he nodded.

In less than five minutes you were driving to the grocery store, you talking about what flavour you should get as Conor drove, sneaking quick smiles at how cute you were being.

Once you got there you grabbed his hand and quickly jogged towards the ice creams section.

“What flavour, Con?” You asked, looking up at him.

“Dunno, whichever you want.” He looked at his phone and rushed you by saying “Come on! It’s closing in like ten minutes.”

Once you picked up your ice cream flavour, which took you five more minutes, you both rushed to pay for it, running hand in hand through the isles and laughing at yourselves.

When you got back home, both of you changed back onto comfier clothes and as you went to the kitchen to grab a spoon, Conor sat back down to continue editing his video. Sitting back on his lap, making sure he was comfortable enough to keep on working, you started eating the ice cream, occasionally giving some to Conor, who just opened his mouth when he wanted some.

“Thank you, babe.” He smiled.

“Thank you, too.” You smiled and pecked his lips.

You continued eating it the same way as before and once there was nothing left of it, you put it to the side and stayed on Conor’s lap until he finished editing, which was almost an hour later.

SHINee Kibum(Key) x GF one shot:“Insta Itches” ~Pure Fluff~
Kibum and you are currently
cuddling in your shared bed during his insta live. Suddenly your kitten like boyfriend flinches a bit when a major itch crawls all across his back.

His expression switches from a smile to an adorable rising panic expression on his face which you notice and then ask in front of the shawols/lil freaks watching, “aww babe are you itchy? You only make that face when you are REALLY itchy.” Kibum looks and sighs quietly to himself and says with a slight urge in his voice, “yes honey my back is REALLY REALLY REALLY itchy all over. Can you PLEASE scratch it baby please???”

you giggle quietly then you reach under his pajama shirt and scratch really good. You can tell it feels amazing because he has a super happy smile while closing his eyes due to your touch.

Then as you continue to scratch he starts talking to his fans again. Each time you get a really hard to reach spot Kibum melts like putty then says “just so you know honey after this insta live and once my back will stop being so itchy-”

you smile and scratch another spot that makes him look like a little kitty “I will give you the best back scratch and cuddle ever.”

You chuckle softly and kiss the back of his neck as he ends the insta live. “Thank you for taking care of me babe.” He smiles and turns to face you indicating his itch is gone.

“Wanna cuddle while I return the favor?” He speaks softly with a smile. “I would love that Bummie.”

Kibum wraps his right arm around you gently pulling you closer to him as he pulls your pajama shirt up almost all the way and gives you a loving back scratch. You flutter your eyes closed and say, “this is how you felt honey?”

He simply nods and kisses you on the top of your head. The night continues with more cuddles until you both fall sound asleep together.

@key-smut And I were talking about Bummie and cuddles with back scratches and I just couldn’t help myself❤️❤️❤️pls enjoy!!!

A -late- birthday gift for the amazing and adorable amigo @feederly ^u^
Hope you had a fab day hun! And have fun with that new tablet of yours ;3 I’m looking forward to seeing all the amazing art you’re gonna make with that alongside your traditional art too <3 Like i said to you before, thanks for being there and sticking with me since the start c’: I adore the little friendship bond you, me and @sleepygingerbreadlatte have, so glad it’s continuing to this day <3
This drawing isn’t the best xP I kinda messed up Nem Nem’s hair big time … But it’s Nem Nem :’DDD Couldn’t resist drawing the little cutie-patootie for you again, i adore him so much! Love you Lea! ^u^ <333

Nemmy Navarro © @feederly
Backgrounds © Owners
Art © Me

Dating Hoshi

~ Loves to see his oversized t-shirts on you

~ Walks in the park and stopping to get ice cream

~ Warm cuddles in fluffy blankets

~ He would poke your cheeks or nose at random times to see you smile

~ There would be a ton of off guard pictures of you on his phone

~ Always buying you something when he goes to the store because you’re always on his mind

~ He would be super clingy and want tons of hugs which is adorable


~ Constantly playing with your hair

~ Messaging each other in the morning on what you should wear that day

   “No no, wear the blue sweater today. It looks super cute on you. That and the out fit you were wearing before made your butt look weird.”

~ Tries to cook you a surprise dinner but would be halfway into making it when you get there

~ Just Dance parties when it’s raining outside

~ You would sit down to watch a movie and he would constantly look at you because you look adorable when concentrated

~ Would fall asleep first when watching a movie

~ Constantly teases you on everything you do

~ Twirls you around in public just because he feels like it

~ Gives you updates on new choreograph he makes

  “Hey babe, check this out. Does this look good?”

~ LAughs at you dancing because you can’t dance to save your life but then tries to teach you

~ Just the cute moments with him and his giggling

~ Maybe a cute lil’ squish but lovesssss to tease you and make your heart race

~ Puts his hands in your hoodie pocket before pulling you in for a kiss

~ Does the small things like leaving a letter and flowers on the table for you before you head off to work

~ He’s a complete goof ball that leaves you in a fit of giggles

~ I just feel like the whole relationship will feel like a dream and every moment with him will be warm and full of joy

Azriel: What We Know by the End


-he still isn’t sure where he fits in even though he’s deeply loved

-wins the wing span contest

-hears and speaks to shadows (shadowsinger)

-is the one with most control over his emotions, making him the only one that doesn’t show if he’s bothered by torturing (and therefore even more mysterious than he tries to appear)

-totally in love with Mor (platonic or not)

-and Cassian (duh)

-quiet but observant which helps him be there for his Court and his friends (honestly the most he speaks in this book is to Feyre after she asks him to fly her through the wall)

-is overall freaking adorable I mean just look at that quiet lil bat babe

-should have been Elain’s mate but sure ok I guess Lucien makes sense instead for a dramatic plot and character development point, sure, I’m ok, no really, I’m fine, Mor just needs to get to loving him plz so Morziel can happen

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Can I get some HCs for Highschool AU Wilford? If ya want to that is. I'm trying to make a thing ^_^

~He’s my little homeless baby
~He really, really likes clothes and fashion but can’t afford anything for himself that looks decent at all and he’s very insecure about it
~my trauma boy
~that lil lisp my babe has is adorable
~He squashes down every hint that he might be attracted to men as well as woman
~Should wear glasses but cant
~LOVES music. almost every kind ever made
~my boy is hypersexual as hell and has no idea whats wrong with him as he’s never ever talked about it
~Absolutely adores history class like you wouldn’t believe
~he dreams about a bedroom painted baby blue and he can’t figure out why, or why it makes him so happy to think about

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💕💖 @yikesbuckster because she needs some love right now @whotheefisbucky her writing is so so good i adore it @poe-also-bucky, @winterboobbear @sebbys (:P)

u got it bby!! (also pls i’m lov u 😩😩💖)

for u: uM HOW TO HECK WAS I NOT FOLLOWING U BEFORE?? ur blog is so good!!! 👌😩 ur url is!! so adorable!! (where do i sign up to get a bucky to cuddle?? this is important info 👀 @marvel where he at) ur icon???? lov it!! lov that meme man!! ur content??? GOOD STUFF!! i mean??? i’ve been missing out on such greatness but i’m mighty glad that we’re mutuals now!!! 💖💖 looking forward to seeing u on my dash babe!! keep doin’ u ok!! much much lov!! 💖💖😘

@yikesbuckster: i’m p sure i complimented this wonderful lil angel BUT IMMA DO IT AGAIN BC I LOV THEM & THEIR BLOG OK 💖💖 they have the cutest theme ever??? their lil background is so hypnotizing & gorgeous i lov it!!! they have the best icon & url, & honestly they r such a beacon of light!!!! i rly hope they’re having a lovely day today (& every day!!) bc wowza do they deserve great things!!!!  💖💖💖💖

@whotheefisbucky: aH i couldn’t find her blog!! i’m so sorry!! D: it seems like she deleted! (maybe she’s at another url???)

@poe-also-bucky: somehow wasn’t following this iconic blog before but u can bet ur booty that i am now!!!! her url is honestly so iconic & such a mood??? her desktop theme is EVERY 👏 THING 👏, i’m so in lov w the colors & the layout!!!! her mobile theme is so stunning & sparkly & i lov her icon!!! (hello oscar isaac!!!!!) overall she has such a quality blog & seems like such a sunshine, i’m so glad to have found her blog!!! 🙌🙌

@winterboobbear: ANOTHER GREAT BLOG W AN INCREDIBLY ICONIC URL THAT I SOMEHOW WASN’T FOLLOWING BEFORE?? (ALSO WHERE R Y’ALL GETTING THESE URLS?? WHO R Y’ALL KILLING/PAYING I NEED TO KNO??) i lov their blog!!! they have such great content & an amazing icon!! (been staring @ it for 20 minutes now WOOPS) i also lov their mobile theme omg (their header?? mighty relatable) & wow i’m so glad to have found them as well!!! 💖💖

@sebbys: idk her but i heard she yells a lot 🤷

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okay okAY OKAY. imagine being internet friends with michael. you started talking when michael came across your account from one of your posts that someone reblogged onto his dash so he was stalking your account for a good 20 minutes before he decided to message you. the both of you got along sO well and had a lot of things in commen. you’d send each other ugly snapchats and would skype for hours everyday. you’d send each other cute good morning and good night messages like ‘good night babe I hope you sleep well, one more day closer until the day we can meet!! ily y/n and you make me v happy and I hope we do get to meet one day. I hope you had a good sleep doll :D’. you both had a great interest in all time low and would fangirl and fanboy over skype about how they were coming to your city and michael was super happy for you cause you were finally getting to see your loves. but you being a sneaky little shit got two tickets AND a plane ticket for michael so he could come with you. you would tell him over skype and he would literally start sobbing and screaming and fanboy and it would be the most adorable thing ever. you’d both countdown the days until all time low but also the days until you get to meet and would message each other everyday like 'hey weirdo it’s 74 days until I get to see my 5 favourite guys!!’. the day would finally come and you would be so excited and would be pacing up and down your room waiting for the text to go and pick michael up from the airport and when you finally got that text you would start crying at the fact you were minutes away from meeting your best friend. you’d get to the airport and you would see him straight away due to his brightly coloured hair, you’d run over to him and jump onto his back and cover his eyes and whisper 'guess who?’ and he’d like freeze and be like 'oh my god’ and you’d get off his back and he’d turn around to face you and you’d both just start crying before michael pulls you into a tight hug. at the all time low concert he would let you sit on his shoulders so you were able to see and you’d both be rocking out to your favourite band having the time of your lives. when you both got back to your house you were both extremely tired so you went to get changed into your pyjamas but michael stopped you and insisted that you wore one of his shirts as he said that 'you’ll look cute in my shirts. I mean, not that you don’t look cute already you do, just a lil more cute’. so you’d change into his shirt and he’d think you look so damn adorable and he’d literally grab you by the waist and pull you down onto the bed and cuddle you and he would whisper 'I’m so glad we finally got to meet doll. sleep well babe.’ and you’d slowly fall asleep in your best friends arms. I’M SUCH A MESS WHAT DID I JUST DO