look at these 2 lil angels


hi i’m in Love w hobi

BATIM Sketch Dump

Normally, I don’t post sketches or make sketch dumps, but I really wanted to practice more Bendy stuff, so here you go.

From left to right:

Top row:
1. Bendy swing dancing with my “purrsona,” Kitty Cat.
2. Phantom Bendy (Inspired by @arsonsara‘s upcoming “Phantoon of the Opera” audio cartoon.)

Middle row:
3. Sweater Bendy (From @doodledrawsthings‘s “Hell’s Studio” AU.)
4. Ink-Bendy (Drew this while listening to “Gasoline” by Halsey.)
5. Cheeky Lil’ Devil (…Just needed an excuse to draw him in this pose, lol.)

Bottom row:
6. Alice Angel (Drew her while listening to “Bring on the Men” from Jekyll and Hyde.)
7. Dr. Bendy Jekyll (Inspired by the musical Jekyll and Hyde.  Having a hard time deciding between the two looks.  What do you guys think?)

Feel free to reblog, if you can.  Every little bit counts.  Thanks!  ^^

Bendy and the Ink Machine © theMeatly
Artwork © JordantheCat11


Post 2! ( ̄▽ ̄;)

- the ministop clearfiles arrived. Look at this precious angel boy.
- I got these weird little fabric banners at MCM as blind boxes and I love them LMAO. I think I was pretty lucky to get Victor and Yuri, though I got Chris and Minami along the way
- Finally picked up the Yurio nitotan; I have a lil Yurio corner starting now ^_^
- OMANJUUUUUU I was so excited to get these after my original box got lost in the mail!! (yes I am watching dragon age origins in the background)
- a lil box of some rubber straps and my new fan merch board! Both full already -_-
- Keychains and pins! …Also both full. Help

Obviously I still have more things preordered so … I’m going to have to start rotating things I think… :S

anonymous asked:

what are the top 5 best hairstyles your ult bias had?

Oh! I have never given a whole lot of thought to this so I gotta research. AND I have 2 Ult biases (Its not exactly ultimate but humor me). 


1.)This one just gets to me the most. Lets just pray to god that this hairstyle makes a comeback.

2.) How can this not be in this list? This is his iconic hairstyle (Imo). (OMG fuckmylife… his arm. I need holy water rn..)

Its similar to the first one, but its a lil different. I love his hair colour in this one.

4.) If his forehead shows, it means I love it.

5.)And of course the blond hair. Like how can you not like this on him? He looks like an angel. 

Now for…


1.) This one is my absolute, 100% fav. He looks AMAZING in this hairstyle to me. 

2.) This hairstyle is DOPE. period. 

3.) I like to call this one the coconut hairstyle. He looks so so so adorable in this one. It just makes him look like a cute lil guy and I just want to pinch his cheeks.

4. Ok lets add this right next to #1 cuz DAMN my BOI is slaying. You go bae ❤️ (I wish he could have this hairstyle FOREVER)

5.) I LOVE this colour on him. Moral of the story I am forehead kinda gal. Someone tell his boy to stop being so beautiful. IT HURTS. 

Ok Imma stop because I could go on and on and on about these 2 and there would be no end to it 😂

kryptnian  asked:

hey 🤗

1. First impression: UGJD I HATE MYSELF I WAs such an ass i dontn wanna talk about it! 

2. Truth is: i love u so muchdjjd ur like my lil sister im so protective of u like u kno this !!! Imma b here bein ur #1 bodyguard forever u kno tha!

3. How old do you look: u look so youngn 😭 like 16/17! So ur age basiclaly snsj

4. Have you ever made me laugh: YESS ur so cute in a funny way

5. Have you ever made me mad: nope!! 

6. Best feature: ur smile is so pretty!!!

7. Have I ever had a crush on you: no ur like my lil angel sister baby

8. You’re my: lil sis :’)

9. Name in my phone: “Taylor 💖🤓"

10. Should you post this too? Idk what this means !

mutuals send me hey! 😏

heartjelly  asked:


1. First impression: wow this girl spills her feelings on her tumblr all the time. i love it
2. Truth is: you’re a delicate angel 2 soft for this world
3. How old do you look: 12
4. Have you ever made me laugh: yes
5. Have you ever made me mad:  YES WHEN U FUCKING DECIDE to play ur guitar halfway through a movie
6. Best feature: ur sense of humour imo
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: nope!
8. You’re my: mommy
9. Name in my phone: megan with a guitar emoji
10. Should you post this too? sure! i’d like it

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: but HONESTLY i feel for ashton and all with leaked music but… y'all announced ya album like 2 and a half months early?? someone’s bound to leak smth?? pull a beyoncé seriously tho i needa bless my ears with y'all’s angelic voices but yet you don’t release ep’s in america!! america?? land of the brave?? home of the free?? ring a bell?? i know y'all lil aussie bbys.. geography isn’t ya best subject but.. you can’t forget about a country ! look im broke af 24/7 im just a lil girl dependin on her parents and if i ask for one itunes card its world war 3… not everyone’s got a phat wallet like luke tho.,, ok i’m out i gotta listen to badlands now lmao

least to most likely to be immortal in seventeen

  • s.coups (is aging at the speed of light thanks 2 dad duties)
  • joshua (wrinkles when he laughs boy thats not good)
  • dino (looks his age so he’s growing at an ok rate)
  • vernon (looks like he’s only 17 and only has a few dollars but dont worry bud you’ll be 35 and broke in this economy)
  • jun (cool university student look so yeah i think he’s normal)
  • seungkwan (his perfect skin is perfect not because of magic but because he’s an angel so god blessed him) 
  • hoshi (looks a lil young a lil suspicious but u know,,,, maybe it’s because he’s healthy)
  • seokmin (could possibly just be 300 years old but not immortal) 
  • mingyu (2 tall 2 be so young) 
  • wonwoo (…..he’s quiet…….ly hiding his secret from us) 
  • the8 (honestly glowing, he’s not of this trash world, perhaps where he’s from people are all beautiful, kind, and live for a long long time) 
  • jeonghan (alright he better be around for the year 3000 people need to bask in this glory forever) 
  • woozi (will be alive forever probably gaining energy from the annoyance he feels about other people. may be a immortal wizard he just gives me the vibe. also 2 cute and fresh and pretty 2 be his age most twenty year olds are rotting but no he’s…………shining)