look at them twinning

i just want to make it clear that, from the lich twins’ point of view, taako looked them dead in the eye & shouted, “I GOT A FUCKIN’ IDEA FOR YA,” and then immediately his eyes rolled back and he fell to the floor, comatose. i mean we got to see his dramatic ethereal rescue mission but to everyone else he just threw down that dramatic-as-fuck action hero line and promptly fainted

“It’s time to reclaim your stolen century.”

can I just say how freaking proud i am of griffin?? honestly what a good episode? i cannot wait to see what’s next for them i love them all so much.

Can’t say I’m happy with this design but iwaoi lovechildren twins 


Lucas: You look great!

Claus: Heh. So do you.

Lucas: Thanks for the new getup! You know my taste really well!

Claus: And you know mine. Thanks, Lu.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

Luke and Leia getting to have an actual sibling relationship is so important.

and i wish there was more stuff about that relationship.

I’d love to see Luke throwing bits of paper at Leia until she snaps and turns on him. I’d love to see Leia annoy the hell out of her brother by making fun of his jedi training stories.

I want to see Luke using the force link (which everyone seems to forget they have) in the middle of the night to wake up Leia and ask “You awake”


“Please don’t kill me.”

I want to see the twins learn what it is to have a sibling. i want to see them help each other work through being related to Darth Vader and what that means.

I want to see them realize that their twin is one of the most comfortable people in the world to be around. i want to see them argue, bc a sibling can annoy in ways nobody else can.

I want to see Leia and Luke steal some speeders to go racing. I want to see Luke roll his eyes when Han kisses Leia.

I want to see the Twins helping each other with their nightmares and being overprotective of this sibling they hadn’t known they had.

I want to see Leia and Luke trying to make each other laugh in the middle of meetings via force link.

I want to see Leia still talking to her brother, after ben goes dark and luke runs away. I want to see Leia curse Luke out for leaving, and then tell him about her day, bc he’s still her brother.

I want to see the Skywalker twins prank each other, prank everyone. I want to see Leia talk about politics til Luke is bored to tears. I want to see Luke trying to get his sister to meditate, and her just flipping him off and walking away. I want to see force tickle fights.

I want to see the siblings finishing each others sentences, and glaring at idiots in sync.

i want to see more of this beautiful platonic relationship. Because it could be so beautiful, but most of the fandom is too caught up shipping to pay much attention. (which is fine. i love shipping, but sometimes it feels like brotps are treated as lesser relationships.)

damn it, I’ll just have to do it myself.


drawing human pokemon is actually ?? very entertaining 10/10 would recommend

Everyone take some time to look at this scene, please. 

Look at Stan. He is so sad that the kids are gone, and Ford sensing his sadness, wraps his arm around him sympathetically and gives him a look that says “Don’t worry, bro. You still have me.” And Stan, getting the message, smiles back. 

This was one of my fav moments from the finale. It brought a tear to my eye. I SO happy my two lovely grunkles are finally bonding and getting along nicely with each other again :*)