look at them tho sigh sigh sigh

DAY-2~ Dance 

I watched The Eve performance and got instantly inspired for this ^^ welp, i know what i drew is kinda different from anything you see in the choreography, but it’s for another time to rethink different ideas xD

right now let’s enjoy a startled kyungsoo suddenly getting pulled down by jongin~

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I miss this summer with you.

aaww the deleted scene from exo showtime episode 7 is so precious. they ate fortune cookies after the hotpot and luhan’s fortune cookie says something about him winning awards  and celebrating it with people he’s close with and everyone was like ‘hell yeah exo is gonna win award and we’re gonna celebrate!’ and then the next line was something abt luhan’s existence itself is the biggest award and chanyeol was like 'we are always awarded by luhan’s existence’ or something like that and everyone started cheering and clapping for luhan i honestly started tearing by then. It’s honestly the cutest thing because they are just so carefree and having fun by themselves, acknowledging each other’s strengths and strong points, cheering and laughing happily. where did all these go?  

wait here are a few memorable things for me tonight tho:

-taegi moment where yoongi wiped his eye and smeared his eyeliner under his eye/near his nose and tae had to wipe it off for him with his hands a few times
-jihope, minjoon, yoonmin, 2seok, rapper line literally everyone
-me crying whenever taekook stood next to each other
-taehyung doing this thing where he clutched the water bottle with his feet and jumped to throw the water bottle up in the air to catch with his hands
-jungkook’s eyebrows
-jungkook’s forehead
-jungkook’s smile
-jungkook eye contact
-taehyung messing up the choreo at the end of i like you and being really cute about it
-me crying after jimin made eye contact with me (prob everyone in the crowd tho tbh he wAS JUST)
-namjoon in tHE ZONE
-taehyung’s tongue just ???? doesn’t know when to stop
-yoongi’s aegyo with jin’s rose from just one day
-everyone’s english
-hobi’s rapping
-namjoon telling everyone not to push and stay safe and have fun
-miss right performance (too cute tbh)
-fans singing along ;;;;;;;
-taehyung + snapback
-taehyung’s forehead
-taehyung’s eyebrows
-taehyung’s hands
-choreo is so on point
-their live singing is incredible!!!!!
-vmin’s winks + hearts
-taekook harmonizing
-jikook high notes
-hobi’s smile
-jin is literally so handsome, pictures do not capture his handsomeness
-the boys, together, on stage, performing, doing what they love