look at them they are a family!!

Me:*reading all these savage thanksgiving clapback posts*

Also me:….if I use these I’ll probably die tomorrow,,,,,,but they are worth it,,,

It’s Thanksgiving

  • Katherine has been up all morning cleaning and trying to make stuffing. She and Jack are hosting but neither of them can cook
  • Jack has been attempting to roast a turkey but has no idea what he’s doing.
  • timidly asked to stay over the night before, is trying to help him
  • Their tag team is sweet, but unsuccessful, and so Smalls gives up and gets to work on a pecan pie
  • Southern Smalls knows how to make a mean pecan pie and y’all can FIGHT me on it
  • Thankfully, Medda arrives early enough to keep Jack from ruining the turkey
  • But not without a big hug and kiss for both Kath and Jack, and a hug for Smalls as well because it’s been so long since she’s seen the girl
  • Next comes the Jacobs family, and Esther immediately sets to helping Medda and Katherine while Davey and Les help Jack rearrange the furniture
  • Sarah and Smalls follow them around to set the table
  • Crutchie arrives with a massive tin of cranberry sauce. It probably weighs more than him, but he could singlehandedly eat the whole thing. He passes it to the girls in the kitchen and takes a seat beside Mayer to heckle the other boys.
  • Spot and Race arrive together (duh). Race has made SO MANY SIDES RACE GOOD LORD
  • Green beans and casseroles and macaroni and cheese and vegetable medley and…
  • Medda may have saved the turkey but Race resurrects it. Esther dresses it. They all roll their eyes at Jack good-naturedly
  • Spot stands guard over a container of Italian wedding cookies so Les can’t get to them until after dinner
  • Blink and Mush show up with chips and dip to snack on before dinner
  • The game is turned on and several people *ahem*sarahspotjackalbert* get a little too hype and the dip does not survive
  • Romeo and Specs bring six pies
  • You would think this would be too many pies. But there will be no leftovers.
  • Albert brings two Costco-sized bags of bread rolls because idk how it is in everyone else’s family, but in mine the Mess™ brings the bread
  • Bill and Darcy shyly arrive with two heaping pans of cornbread. They’re fairly reserved until Bill catches sight of the fourth quarter of the game and suddenly he’s yelling and Katherine is laughing at everyone shocked looks
  • Everyone else trickles in eventually, bringing small sides and deserts.
  • Mayer says a prayer and Jack makes a speech
  • Jack cries as he does bc “I’m just so thankful for all of you”
  • They’re all so thankful for each other and the friends they have and this family they’ve built
  • They share what they’re thankful for around the table
  • *whispers* race and Les have a small food fight before Spot gives them a Look™*
  • Elmer and Crutchie wrestle for the last roll
  • A pickup football game in the yard is the event of the year
  • Medda and Esther sit on the sidelines out back to laugh and take pictures, but other than that everyone plays
  • Everyone. No one but the moms is allowed to duck out.
  • It’s a mess
  • But it’s family
  • And that means it’s perfect


  • All leftovers and plenty of intentionally made extras are taken down to the children’s home. The newsies don’t forget their roots.

Okay, I don’t know if it’s just that people are ignorant or if they’re just deliberately trying to make my life a living hell. So I’m laying down some general rules for restaurants and closing time.

Do NOT ever in your LIFE come to a restaurant half an hour before closing. The latest you should really be coming is like 10:10 if we close at 11 and you should be out of there before 11.

Be a fucking adult, look up what time we close BEFORE coming in. Don’t just glance at the clock at fucking 10:37 and just assume everything is open and ready to serve you. Google is a wonderful thing. Because I’m sick of having to tell people that we’re closing soon and having them be all pissy at me like it’s not almost 11 at night at a family restaurant.

We literally have a lounge next door, 2 feet away. 2 feet. And they’re open for a good few hours. But you choose to come in here and make my life hell talking about “oh the lounge is too loud, oh we have our fucking 6 year old with us.” First of all, it is almost 11 on a Tuesday night, why is your 6 year old not in bed???

People who come in close to close are the most entitled assholes ever I mean seriously there are 24 hour restaurants in my city. Plus… McDonald’s? We also have a lounge that serves all the same food. Literally. Next. Door. 2 steps away.

Like seriously you’re going to force me to sit here for 30, 40 minutes just to serve YOU when I could be at home in my bed. Like where is your brain? Do you seriously think you’re that fucking special? And this shit happens all the time.

And I close every night at my job and this is the one thing that really fucking enrages me. Like it’s rare that a customer can actually enrage me because I’ve seen it all and also I’m usually a very calm person (as you can tell by this rant lmfao) but closing is the one thing that just gets me fired up. I can not describe the feeling when someone comes to the door at 11:01 and it’s locked and they’re just yanking on it. It’s like the sweetest revenge for them and all the shitty people like them who don’t care enough to check our hours, or the people who just don’t care and come in whenever.

mfw I have to present as my assigned gender bc my family doesn’t accept me but I end up looking fine af. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Good luck to my closeted or unaccepted fellow trans folk and gays. You’ll get through the day. I promise.



SasoSaku Month, day 22: Through a Child’s Eye

“How did you two even get the coat? And the knife? And the Netflix access to Grey’s Anatomy?!”

Thank you for the 1000+ notes on this omg….these kids are a mess but I’m glad so many people love them

Moral of the story please don’t copy everything your parents do!!!!!

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Hello! Can I request the 1p axis holding their newborn child for the first time? (In need of fluff bc things are not going well with family and I don’t have many friends left to where I can go over to their house so they can help me try to cheer up/vent with them. Btw the admins look hella nice and I hope both of you had a good time! The only thing that comes close to Coldstone in Texas is Braums. Lucky humans!)

Braums? Sounds cool! Also both Admins are such dorks we thought of Braum from League of Legends…. Also, if you ever need to vent, we are here for you! You can message our personal blogs and talk with us at anytime! And that goes for everyone here! -Admin Jay and Sarah

Germany: “I won’t break them, right?”
Ludwig would be more nervous that he may hurt the baby or drop it. Though once he calms down, he would sit down and just gently poke the chubby cheeks and tummy as he smiled softly and whispered to the baby in German. He would love to play with their fingers and see how tight their grip is though. 

Italy: “Oh look at your little fingers!”
Feli would be quiet for once as he just smiles brightly down at his baby and plays with their chubby cheeks and tiny fingers. He would be whispering to them softly in Italian as he nuzzles and kisses their cheeks before babbling back to them if they ever babbled at him. Though he would love to just sit there and hold them as he tells them what a lucky man he is to have such a wonderful bambino(a). 

Japan: “You are quite small…but cute…”
Kiku would just be stunned that he had a kid. He would just hold them carefully, but would be terrified he would drop them or scare them. Kiku would just need a gentle reminder that he can breathe while holding a baby and that the baby would be fine. He wouldn’t want to talk to loudly, but he would be whispering to the baby and squishing their little tummy. 

I am currently sitting in my oversized faux leather chair, in my bedroom, in the dark, with incense burning in its holder in my lap.

Today has been a good day, but I am spent. I’ve given my niece complete undivided attention for two solid days, including a bubble bath with a bath bomb and face mask. Hours of Xbox games, laughter, and energy spent. She’s been worth every single moment, but man, I am exhausted.

I love my family so much. When I look behind the minor things that frustrate me, days like today are capabale. I am grateful for them, for this day, and for this sense of drained energy.

They’re worth everything.

So at the table for dinner today, my brother-in-law was asking me about NY and the release party and meeting Taylor. And he asked me how many people were at the event, I said around 300 most likely. And he looks at me and says, “So, out of all the Taylor Swift fans, there were 300 there and you were one of them?” And before I could respond, my sister piped in and says, “Yeah. And Taylor specifically asked to meet her first.” So he turns to me and says, “Seriously? Did you ask her for a job?”

Lol that seems to be the question everyone is asking me what the heck lol! Let me eat my turkey and live dammit lol!

Shiro Week, Day 5: Isolation/Companion

“And who’s this?” she asked pointing to the other one, “a friend from school?”

“No, that’s my brother!” he said with a laugh, like that should be obvious.

She looked up at him suddenly, eyes filled with concern. “Your brother…? ”

“Yeah! We’re going to space! That’s our rocket. See?”

I was gonna draw something for today (that wasn’t stick figures), but this idea wouldn’t leave my head so I had to write it out. I really like the idea that Shiro was supposed to have a twin. And I heard somewhere that kids subconsciously know when they’re supposed to have a twin (or even a non-twin older sibling) and will include them in their family drawings. 

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Is there a backstory to why/how Ghighi/Droid is all... Scarred up and looking a bit ripped apart in places?

She was a child prodigy in biomechanics and had created a prosthetic for herself that she was able to fully control and experience senses with. She’d graduated college at nine and was on her way for a noble peace prize with her invention before she was kidnapped by terrorists that forced her to make bioweapons. She escaped by removing parts of herself over the course of five years and replacing them with weapons and prosthetics to kill her captors and escape. The world had mostly forgotten about her by then, thinking she’d been dead, as did her family who had a new child in her absence, so she went into hiding, taking down her captor’s entire group until she caught Vendetta’s attention and they got together!


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Okay I've been looking for this fic for forever and I cannot for the life of me remember who wrote it or where it went. Dan and Phil were both princes, dan was the prince of England and phil was the prince of Wales and their families hated each other, then they got together and kept sneaking around to see each other. Sorry I know it's vague but if you can help at all that would be incredible

They’ll Tear Us Apart If You Give Them The Chance

- Tori

Family reunions suck

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(Gif not mine)

A/N: Yay thanksgiving is here! Its time to eat til you are about to burst and be grateful for everything😊 But anyway im just going to leave this Fanfic here hope you enjoy it and your thanksgiving! 😀😊

Pairings: None maybe some Dean x reader

Warnings: Nothing really it just gets awkward and maybe some Fluff

Characters: Dean, Reader, Sam, Castiel

Summary: Being a hunter doesn’t really give you much liberty on doing anything especially having Special bonds or ties to non-hunter people especially knowing the Winchesters. When it came to family you didn’t want them in danger so you didn’t get with them a lot. But what will happen when you are forced to go.

Y/H/C = your home town or city (Didn’t want to just put a random state makes it more fun \__( ’-’)__/)

It was a casual day at the bunker and you were just looking for a case as usual when you received a call from your mom. You just stared at your phone as it rang and tried to remember what day it was, oh no no no nopety nope. You knew why she was calling you and the thought of it scared the hell out of you.

It was going to be thanksgiving soon and your parents always want you to come but you end up making up excuses to not go, they have always tried convincing you to go or for you to host it. But it wasn’t an ideal place for you to go everyone always asking about your job which of coarse you can’t tell them about or about you having a boyfriend it was just a lot of stresses.

Hosting Thanksgiving had its own set of stresses of course its the people asking about your job or if you have a boyfriend but you lived in a men of letters bunker not very ideal and besides how could you tell your parents and family that you live with three men and you aren’t dating anyone. As you were staring at the phone and decided to ignore it and got back to looking at cases Dean came into the library and said “you gonna answer it or” you looked up at him and said “like hell I would”.

He only rolled his eyes as he grabbed your phone to check who it was and finally sighed and looked up to you “ Its your mom shouldn’t you answer it” with your eyes still glued on the laptop screen you replied “Not today I’m not” Dean just put your phone down and sat right across from you to look for some more cases too.

After ten minutes of your phone ringing Dean had enough of it and said “you know you have to answer it sometime” you only shrugged with your eyes on the laptop. Dean stretched his arm across the table to grab you phone so you only said “what are you doing” “ well if your not going to answer the phone then I will” without hesitation he clicked answer and you only screamed a short “No!” Before she answered.

You shook your head at Dean as he said “Hello” as Dean looked at you you had a face of pure horror “No, yes you have the right number” now it was Deans turn to have a face of horror and utter panic. You only mouthed the words “You idiot” as he continued to talk “my name is Dean” he looked at you and mouthed “what the hell am I supposed to do” both of you still panicking he said “Oh okay” and hung up.

“Dean, what the hell!?” Were the only words that came put of your mouth, he had blown your cover all he said in a very panicking tone “She says she wants us at dinner for thanksgiving” “What no! Damn it” “W-w-what are we supposed to do she thinks we are dating” he stuttered “What have you done” was all you replied. Just then Sam came in and said “Hey I found a case in Y/H/C” Sam was surprised when you screamed out “No! Chuck what have I done to you to deserve this!” As you fell back to your chair with defeat.

Soon after that you were in the back seat of Baby next to Cas and looking at the rain pouring outside of you window. Your thoughts started racing you were going to stay at you parents house with Sam, Dean, and Cas. You started coming up with ideas of what to say over the phone you said “Can i stay at the house with three of my friends” didn’t say any specific details.

A voice forced you out of your thoughts “You need to stop overthinking this” cas said “You need to stop reading my mind” was all you said not even looking at the angel. “I would but your thoughts are so loud to me right now i can’t even ignore them anymore”. After that you didn’t say a word until you got to your parents house around midnight.

Dean parked Baby in the driveway and looked back at you “You ready” “Nope” you stared at the house and took a deep breath as you said “Okay fine” you got to the door step and hesitantly rung the doorbell with Sam, Dean and Cas behind you.

The door opened and without any warnings your siblings where all over you. “Huh I’ve missed you guys too” you said hugging them back as the guys stood behind you.

You took a step inside and motioned them to come inside as you dragged your siblings with you and your parents were making their way towards you “Im home!” you said as you hugged both of your parents “we started to think you weren’t going to come”

You laughed nervously “Yeah well i just really missed you” “Well enough about us who are these handsome three men?” your mom asked you “Oh this is Sam, Dean and Castiel” you said pointing at them. “Dean its nice to meet you” your mom said enthusiastically “Oh no mom we are not dating” you explained as Dean just whispered in your ear “You know we didn’t have to tell her that” with a wink.

They each took turns saying hello and your parents led you towards the rooms you were staying at. There were two large beds probably queens and there was a small sofa and a few paintings not much but it looked nicer than any hotel you guys spent at.

“I hope you all four of you wont mind sleeping in here the other room is for your grandma and grandpa” “No its okay we are a used to it”. It was going to be at least a week to get done with the case and finish with thanksgiving dinner so you prepared to leave as soon as you could.

After unpacking you spent the time with research in the room and talking with your family, your little sister that was a few years younger than you said “Are you sure you aren’t dating anyone because the guy in the leather jacket Dean was it? Is just staring at you and i would like to show him to my room if you know what i mean” you didn’t know what was up with people telling you thins but at this point you didn’t care and said “Yeah sure go for it” you had to admit it hurt you a little but it was your sister you didn’t want to get in the way of anything.

After a few hours of talking you decided to go to sleep Sam got his own bed, you asked Cas would sleep on the couch and Dean would probably sleep with you. You didn’t think much of it you would always switch positions with the three of them so it was pretty normal “Alright guys im gonna go to sleep”.

As soon as your head hit the pillow you were pretty much dead asleep. You woke up to a heavy sensation on your chest, you slowly opened your eyes and adjusted them to the darkness and saw Dean holing on to your waist with half of his body on you. Looking over to Cas you found him unexpectedly passed out with his tie loose and Sam was dead asleep. You couldn’t do much so you decided to go back to sleep.

The next day you went to check out the body with Cas and concluded it was a werewolf while Sam and Dean talked to the locals. You were driving back and met the guys back at the house. “Where were you this morning?” your mom asked as she walked in the room your eyes still glued to the laptop you just said “I went to show the guys around the city” right now they were making a beer run and trying to track down the werewolf. It was a long day but night finally came and all of you went to sleep.

For the next few days you woke up in the middle of the night with the older Winchester clinged on to you and one day whispering something you couldn’t make out. You always tried to get out of his grasp but always failed.

On the night before Thanksgiving Cas woke you up “Y/N we found the werewolf today is the last night they are going to turn” you just sighed as you got up. The boys were already ready so you just changed and got your gun with silver bullets.

It was a cold night as you walked through the woods with your gun held closely to your chest. Crunch! You spun around to face the once human wolf staring at you with drool dripping down his neck, he pounced on you digging his claws into your arms and holding you down as he tried taking a bite out of your chest with you struggling.

Fortunately Dean saw you and shot the werewolf before someone died. “Y/N are you okay?” he said rushing towards you “Yeah im fine just a few scratches” you looked at your arms and there was blood running down both of them. With the gunshot Sam and Cas came running and all of you went home.

You slowly opened the door and started making your way towards the room. As soon as you got in the room you got dressed and tried to clean up the claw marks.

After 5-6 hours of sleep you were woken up by the sound of giggling and once again the large weight on your chest and stomach. Goddammit my cousins are here you thought to yourself as you opened your eyes to see Cas and Sam still sleeping. Your cousins were always very girly and would be the type to giggle at you and one of your male friends sleeping in one bed. Your eyes shifted towards the clock as it read 9:00 am ‘everyone is probably here’ you also thought to yourself trying to get out of Deans grasp.

You only managed to get a groan as he Hugged you tighter. It took you a while but you finally got out of bed and Dean just rolled around. You got dressed and prepared yourself for all of the judging while checking your bandages. “Hey cas wake up” you said to the angel and almost immediately he woke up “Hey wake up we gotta get you ready” by ‘get ready’ you just meant fix your hair and your tie then proceeded to wake up Sam and then Dean.

It had to be at least 40 minutes before you came out of the room. As you walked into your kitchen you could see your grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews etc. “Looks like you have a big family” sam said jokingly. You greeted everyone and they all asked about your job and if your dating etc but soon it was time for dinner. As all of you sat around the dinner table it was time to give thanks.

All of your family took a turn then it was your turn at first their was a long pause then you finally spoke up “Well, im thankful for my friends and family and the fact im still alive” after you your family insisted that your friends went. Sam said he was thankful for his friends and family as well and that he has a home and food, Cas so went and he was thankful for a place to call home and family and finally it was Deans turn at first he didn’t want to say but he ended up saying Family and that he was fortunate enough to meet you and Cas.

After that you got through the dinner without any problems, you were staying over night and would leave early tomorrow. Everyone got settled and the four of you went to your room the boys fell asleep before you and you just stayed up and decided to go to your roof. It had been a really long time since you had been up there but it didn’t discourage you.

The stars always seemed so beautiful to you they were the light to guide people in the dark. You were up there for about thirty minutes before you felt someone come up there with you. Surprisingly it was Dean “looks like you have quite a place up here” he said sitting down next to you still staring at the sky you said “Yeah” with a chuckle.

You spent some time up there with Dean until you fell asleep. You woke up to the sun rising and both you and Dean close together you couldn’t imagine a better way to wake up.

Ps: sorry this one was incredibly long but have a great day anyways :)

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That cousin next to Freddie is a Clark? Looks alike with zero similar dna. Yeah - That makes sense.

yeah, i think so (sure looks like a clark) and lol ik bye

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I don't even ship Superman/Wonder Woman but the idea of immortals Clark, Diana and tiny Damian posing as family, traipsing around and going on intergalactic cruises in space age is so cute. They don't even look that unlike eachother. They'd probably find some other worlds that need heroes on the way and unpack the old costumes to inspire them for the old times sake before moving on eventually.

They wouldn’t even be in love, they’d be platonic parents, but really great at faking being in love. (And Damian loves walking between them and holding their hands shhhhhh) 

The only problem is Clark accidentally calls Damian Jon sometimes, and in turn Damian calls Clark Father, and Diana Mother, which they all swore he shouldn’t and didn’t have to do. Those days hurt. 

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How does Saint feel about having a sibling? (whether or not he thinks of them as just "The Bearer" or as an older sibling) And, if it were up to him, what would his relationship with them look like? (he wants to get close/nothing to do with them/jealousy/intimidation, etc)

You’ve been Saint’s only real hope of family since he was born; he lost his mother and got stuck with only Zeus as a parental figure, and we all know Zeus isn’t exactly the kindest corporeal being in the Universe.

Essentially, he’s always hopes that you’d be the one person in the world who he could one day call family.


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You didn’t even have time to feel sadness and grief over the death of your family – instead, you began to boil over with anger. You wanted to kill all those who were involved in the murder of your family, yet you were not allowed to leave the Jedi temple. Yoda had called you in to talk to you privately, as he could sense your overpowering anger.

“Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate… leads to suffering.” Yoda said, and you scoffed, looking away. “Go down this path, come back, you will not.” 

“When are you going to realize I don’t care?” you suddenly yelled. “They slaughtered my family. I will get revenge for them.”


Jarrah squeezes Harley’s hand, then stands to go and wash up his plate. He hears Harley’s phone start to ring behind him and chuckles in amusement. It looks like Harley’s family were waiting until a reasonable hour before the excited phone calls would begin.

The wedding ceremony was only a few hours away now, so it’s probably time for them to start getting ready! The venue is all set, the guests are getting ready, so I guess it’s time to go!

I’m feeling good lads!! This year is coming to a close and looking back on it all I’m happy!! I’m in love!!! I’m loved!!! I’m safe!! The people I love are safe and protected!! So many new, blessed moments happened this year!! Especially these past six months!! Thank you, Universe!!

I’m thankful for all of you, for my family and wife, for being alive today to spend this time with them!! Once upon a time I thought I wouldn’t make it to 18, but here I am!!! And I’m thriving and grateful!! I’m in love and I’m going to marry @dirk-strider-bootyqueen!!

I have people to live for, passions to pursue, I’m here!! I did it!! And I’m gonna keep on keepin’ on!!!! I have hope!!! Go me!!!!!!!!!!