look at them they are a family!!

“It’s time to reclaim your stolen century.”

can I just say how freaking proud i am of griffin?? honestly what a good episode? i cannot wait to see what’s next for them i love them all so much.

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Then other people need to get a grip cause that's disgusting

What’s disgusting about looking for representation and believing in a love story you wish could be true? You know I’m gonna talk about personal experience here - when I was 14 and I started realizing that I liked girls I felt completely alone. Nobody at my school was out, there was absolutely no LGBTQ representation on tv (especially in France) and even though I have a lovely family, I never completely felt like I could be myself around them. You know what saved me? What made me feel that I could actually meet someone and fall in love and have a normal life? Tumblr. The day I discovered tumblr, everything changed for me. When I realized that other people felt the exact same way as me and loved the same movies and tv shows and that we were actually millions looking for that representation and just the feeling to belong somewhere. I’ve shipped a lot of pairings over the years, some fictional, some non-fictional and you wanna know what they all have in common? They bring people together, they make us talk, share, make connections and most importantly they make us feel less alone. So when with a simple tweet, simple words, that I’m sure Lauren never meant as bad ones, she reduces this experience, those connections, those hopes and the representation we created, into something that it’s not, it hurts. So for someone who’s fragile, who’s feeling alone and scared of being who they are, to be suddenly feeling like they’ve done something wrong, something that hurt people like Lauren and Camila whom they love and admire, yeah it can break them, cause guilt is a powerful thing, especially if you’re already in a difficult place in your life.


This is really random and short but I still think it is really cute. Even though, it is awfully writen. I wrote this in a hurry but I am relieved that I got this storyline out of my head and onto something, ya know. Hope you like it xx

Joe sipped on his drink as he leaned onto the window frame, smiling at the sight in front of him. His longtime girlfriend was playing around in the garden with one of their friend’s toddler at their shared house. His brother-in-law, Alfie, stood there with her, chasing them with the black pug following behind them. Joe felt his heartbeat increase as he heard her laugh. This was the dream for him. He had a loving family with a loving girlfriend and they all got along so well. It warmed his heart. He jumped out from his thoughts as his sister had now joined him, giving her own lover a quick smile before looking up to Joe. 

“We’re lucky, aren’t we?” Joe spoke up as his eyes were drawled back to her. “I mean, I’m not but you really are.” Zoe teased and the siblings exchanged a look before Zoe nudged her shoulder with his. A comfortable silence fell over them as the laughter of their other halfs echoed in their ears. And this time when Zoe looked up to her younger brother, she could see the glow in his eyes and it was what made her came to a conclusion. “You really love her, don’t you?” Zoe asked but it sounded more like an affirmation. Joe felt a slight blush on his cheeks but did not look away from her. “Of course, I do.” Joe replied before they noticed everyone coming towards them. “She’s the one.” Joe whispered to his sister, sending her a wink as Y/N wrapped an arm around him. Joe put her closer to his body, dropping a kiss to the top of her head as Zoe sent him a questioning look but quickly waved off her brother’s words.

Later on the night, the group of friends was settled up on the couch, playing some random games. Y/N had her legs above Joe’s as they were playing a random card game that Zoe has insisted for them to play. It was now Y/N’s turn. She took a card from the pile and watched her lover, the question directed at him. “What would ask for, if you knew the answer was Yes?” Y/N asked and Joe couldn’t help it, he was mesmerized as he watched her mouth move. He had been with her for almost 3 years and yet, he still wasn’t over the fact that she was with him. Joe took a few minutes to think but in fact, he knew exactly what to ask, he simply didn’t know how. Everyone was looking at him, waiting impatiently for his answer. 

Will you marry me?” Joe blurred out, his blue eyes locking with Y/N’s. The words flew right out of his mouth and everyone gasped as Y/N’s jaw dropped. “Are you serious?” Y/N questioned, she was completely shook. Joe reached out for her shaky hand, only paying attention to her. He hadn’t planned on asking her at this exact moment but it was spontaneous. The question was the perfect occasion for him and gave him the guts to do it. A sudden wave of nerves flashed through his body.  “Yeah.” He simply admitted, sending her an earnest look. Y/N felt the tears form in her eyes as a smile was forming on her lips. 

“I answered your question, love. It’s your turn to answer mine.” Joe teased and within a second, Y/N had her arms wrapped around his neck as she kissed him passionately. Everyone was clapping and cheering but they didn’t pay attention to it. “I guess that’s a yes.” Joe mumbled against her lips, earning a small chuckle from her as she simply nodded.

People hating Mon-el is like people hating Draco Malfoy

They don’t look beyond the upbringing. Both boys were brought up as spoilt brats (possibly abused) and grew up to want to change and be different.(which they succeed at)

But all haters see is what their families are like or what kind of effect the upbringing had on them.

It’s sad.

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cold, ocean, phonebook

post Drive

What she needed was a local dive, some seedy diner with busted red vinyl booths and laminated menus featuring blue plate specials and eggs any way you would like them. As dusk settled over the Californian sea beyond her, she flipped through a phonebook, thought of keywords for what she wanted: milkshakes, family-owned, titled as Chuck’s Place or Beverly’s Diner or even The Greasy Spoon. Biting her lip in concentration, she counted the waves beyond her little payphone, measured time with them as she looked over all of the listed restaurants from here to San Francisco. Loleta was an odd combination of seaside and rustic, rich and unpopulated; if she wanted a diner, she would have to drive, and after that day, she didn’t want to be stuck behind a wheel any longer than was absolutely necessary.

And Kersh had been called, and their asses were on the line, and their return flight to D.C. would be filled with her last moments of reprieve before an inevitable hailstorm of paperwork, liability, and unfortunately both metaphorical and literal manure rained down upon her desk, but somehow, she had the inkling that a good plate of corned beef hash at a checkered palace where neon lights claimed open twenty-four hours and where blonde waitresses scooted around on roller-skates would at least take Mulder’s mind off of exploding eardrums and the fragility of human life. Of course, the inkling was hardly backed up by solid scientific fact, and just last week, she’d told him that he needed to better his diet for the sake of his heart’s health, but nonetheless, she needed to find him respite, a place where he felt most in his element. First, a diner came to mind even though Loleta seemed void of any diners.

Back in her second year working with him, they’d been stranded in a snowstorm in Burlington, the roads closed and all of the native Vermonters snuggled beneath flannel sheets while she’d phoned her mother to say why she couldn’t make mass on Sunday. That night, they’d holed up in one of the few bed-and-breakfasts that had power, the lake effect wind rustling the shutters on her window, the television’s rabbit ears barely picking up a signal, and at two in the morning, when she’d somehow still been awake, he’d knocked heavily at her door, shouted to her, “I’m starving. Want to get dinner?”

And then, they were in a Ford Taurus - rented, of course - barreling over snowdrifts while plows on all kinds of cars - most commonly trucks but also Jeeps and Yukons and even the occasional S.U.V. - cleared what they could, silent and fat flakes of snow still falling well into the night. From the reckless turns Mulder made, and from the crunchy way the brake pedal on that car had felt even before the snowstorm, she clenched her fists on her lap for the whole ride, her mind repeating I cannot die in a snowstorm with this man, for that’ll be the most tragic way for me to go. While Mulder sought out a diner, they both realized that, apparently, there was a culture surrounding the idea of a diner and that so-called diner culture didn’t exist in Vermont, where shops closed at five in the afternoon and dared not reopen until morning. Stomachs empty, they made it back to the motel, where they managed two candy bars out of a vending machine and where they sat together on his bed, her boots left at the door while his were kicked off haphazardly in the middle of the room, and watched local programming on the fuzzy television. Unsurprisingly, Vermont news was tame to the point of hilarity; over processed chocolates, they laughed at how Mrs. Roberts’ grandson’s visit was the breaking story of the night, and when Scully fell asleep alongside Mulder, he was polite enough not to wake her until morning.

And now, she once again found that, when they needed a diner most, one would never appear.

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“And with your hand in my hand I am closer now to finding Neverland.”

Callie leans against the door frame of their living room, bag left in the hallway as she’d let herself in from work and gone off in search of her family. It had been a long, long day of surgery when she hadn’t even been on call and all she wanted was some snuggles with her favourite people.

Finding them, she soon snorts with laughter, putting her hand to her mouth so not to disturb the scene in front of her

Silently, she eyes Sofia as she leaps from the sofa, screaming about fairy dust and triumphantly shouting that she believes. She’s wearing an old sheet fashioned into Wendy’s nighty that looks suspiciously like it’s from one of Callie’s best bed sets. Arizona is dressed in green leggings, an old baggy green top she had clearly let Sofia cut and something Callie assumes is meant to be a hat. She’s spinning their 3 year old daughter around and around above her head, fairy wings, a tinker bell dress and the delighted squeals make the blonde haired, blue eyed girl look angelic.

In his bouncy chair, chewing his hand and looking like he has not a care in the world, Callie spies her four month old son, dressed in a red and white jump suit and something she’s pretty sure is supposed to be a parrot on his shoulder.

It’s all kinds of ridiculous.

“I cannot believe you made our four month old son Captain Hook.”

Arizona spins around, grinning widely, “well Mark was called in so we had to make do with Zachy, right Sof’?”

Sofia high fives her in response, nodding, “Right mommy!”

“You’re a bunch of goofs.” Callie grins at her wife, scooping Maddie from her arms, and holding her in the air in front of her, “hello tinks.” She spins her around and warmth fills her heart at the laughs she receives before placing her down again.

On the floor, tinkerbell and Wendy keep Captain Hook occupied with a rattle and a dummy and so Peter Pan takes the opportunity to woo her wife, wrapping her arms around the taller woman’s neck, “hello pretty lady. Would you like to take a trip to Neverland with me?”

Callie grins, leaning in closer and kissing soft, pink lips, “baby, with you I’m always in Neverland.”

  • Jughead: Please, don't let them destroy the drive-in.
  • Mayor: Why should I do as you say?
  • Jughead: It's an important place for me. My family and I used to go there all the time and... It's... It's my safe place.
  • Mayor: I'm sorry, Mr. Jones. There's nothing I can do.
  • Riverdale fans: * burst in*
  • Mayor: What is the meaning of-
  • River dale fans: You can't let them destroy the Drive-in!!
  • Mayor: Oh, And why is that?
  • River dale fans: Because Jughead said so! Look at him! He's a precious child that needs to be protected!
  • Jughead: Hey, guys... I'm still here-
  • Riverdale fans: Shhhh... We got this.
EXCLUSIVE: 'DWTS' Partners Sharna Burgess and Bonner Bolton Reveal Whether They Are Still Single
Team DenimNDiamonds can't deny their chemistry.

I’m gonna start doing these list of things also because there’s just so many things to mention lol. Yes I’m annoying, so don’t read if you don’t want to :)

1. Adorable at the start when he says they have a lot in common and their personalities are very similar, and of course them just smiling and looking at each other :’)

2. When he says it can kind of make it challenging and he thinks he gets on her nerves and she just giggles.

3. They’ve only known each other for 3 weeks (yet LOOK AT THEM)

4. In the MEANTIME they are just having fun getting to know each other ;)

5. Sharna’s face and little laugh at the end when he says he’s full on available and single.

6. Sharna IS SINGLE and NOT dating Pierson, they are JUST VERY GOOD FRIENDS. Pretty sure she loves him like family like she does with A LOT of her guy friends. Why is that still so hard for people to believe? 

7. Finally, Bonner’s face when talking about Pierson, hahahahaha dead.

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do you know any good angsty fics that just hit you right in the feels?

try these tags Angst, Sad, Make Your Heart Hurt Fics   this posthis post and this post


Gimme Shelter by spoffyumi

Bucky loves his job at the animal shelter, but he’s not so good with people. His boss Nick wants him fired, he’s barely scraping by on his salary, and don’t even ask about his family. Steve wants to adopt a dog for company. Will either of them find what they’re looking for?

Stucky, angst and puppies.

Into That Good Night by Nonymos

Steve Rogers has lived for entirely too long—long enough to see the world’s end. The heroes are gone, and the Earth is pushing what’s left of mankind towards the exit.

But when a makeshift team rises from the ashes, when a mysterious presence all but drags Steve there, he begins to think there may be hope yet. As they shoot for the stars one last time, Steve will get proof yet again that the future is nothing if not an echo of the past.

Not Easily Conquered-series by dropdeaddream, WhatAreFears

In 1945, Steve Rogers jumps from a nosediving plane and swims through miles of Arctic Ocean to a frozen shore.
In 1947, Steve Rogers marries Peggy Carter.
In 1966, the New York Times finds the lost letters of Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes.

Not satire! We just have the stupidest fucking administration ever led by comrade trumpelkov. “Look good from US side”?! Is this a joke?? Disgusting waste of money just like the need for extra millions to protect his shitty family. Fuck all of them.

It’s really sad how none of the Mikaelson can just give Marcel a proper apology. Instead they insist on saying killing Davina was simply necessary. They could at least own up and feel guilty or responsible. There total villains if you look at it from Marcel’s point of view. He was born a slave to a father who hated him because of what he was. The Mikaelsons are the closest thing he’s ever known to a real family regardless if he has thier last name or not. They raised him then pretty much abandoned him. Left New Orleans without even looking back. Treat him like shit and only consider him “family” when he’s useful to them. They don’t even have the curtesy to tell this man their sorry and admit they were wrong. It’s really sad and borderline racist honestly. How can you take in a child, raise them into a man then not accept them as if they were your blood. Shit like this makes the Mikaelson’s unforgivable. There the real antagonist. Freya ain’t shit talking bout some just snap Josh’s neck. Elijah been a bitch, Kol cool but clearly the most sociopathic and Rebekah & Klaus will do anything to anyone to protect their always and forever. Everything Marcel says about them is true, the writing is on point. It may be the Mikaelson’s story but always and forever can not justify their actions. 1000 years and they still haven’t learn this. There’s a reason they still have enemies even after Mikael, Esther and Dahlia died. Same way their parents fucked them up they damn near ruined everyone else’s lives. This show should end with them all dying, forever.

Saw this photo floating around Facebook so I thought I’d share some thoughts.

I can’t help but feel like this photo is trying to enable people to disrespect fat people. I’d never support doing something that is unhealthy. But you can’t disrespect them either.

Like you wouldn’t tell a person with anorexia or bulimia that her body is gross and disgusting, right? That would hurt the situation, not help it. And if you’re not their family or close friends then you don’t really have a right to talk to them about their weight. It’s none of your business.

And you wouldn’t disrespect someone who smokes or uses tanning beds or drinks a bit too much because of their choices. Everyone does something unhealthy sometimes. You can’t disrespect people because of that.

Plus you cannot tell by looking at someone if they’re healthy. Maybe they have a condition and are otherwise healthy or maybe they’re just healthy but the second you see fat you assume unhealthy.

Bottom line is nobody deserves to be disrespected because they are unhealthy. And it isn’t really your business. So leave fat people alone and quit disrespecting them!

      //Hey reminder that the fma rp community is actually pretty small and that once someone goes there’s not going to be anyone to replace them. So u h shout out to my winrys on my dash looking at you @automakes and @sunsmither and the shit eatters @purpura-viri @thecrimsonmonster and also @crimsxnfxther and my lusts @ashed-queen @licentiiious yall are so important to the community thank you!!!! and also @prometheansins with a SSOM Atlas like yall all the real mvps. Also don’t forget alphonse!! Don’t forget him!!! @armorian !!! ALSO FMA 03 BLOGERS ARE SO IMPORTANT!!! WE WOULD BE LOST WITHOUT THEM @withindreams


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Hello you amazing people! Thank you for this blog! I'm looking for a fics similar to Unbreakable and the one where Ron is abusing Hermione, Draco helped her and they end up having triplets. I love how protective Draco is of Hermione and how there's no angst and a lot of drama between them. I like Ginny/Ron and Harry bashing also and I wouldn't mind pro Lucius/Narcissa. Thanks!

Title: Paper Faces on Parade
Author: Em North
Rating: MA/NC-17
Genre(s): Romance
Chapters: 11
Word Count: 26,042
Summary: Sometimes the best way to find happiness is *not* to be yourself.

Title: Scarlett Dragon
Author: cleotheo
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Family
Chapters: 20
Word Count: 57,329
Summary: As a single teenage mother, Hermione chooses to begin a new life in France, little realising the move will eventually bring her the happiness she longs for. However, the past can’t be ignored forever and one day the past is going to catch up with both Hermione and her daughter.

Title: Is This All There Is?
Author: Divess
Rating: M
Genre(s): Drama, Hurt/Comfort
Chapters: 50
Word Count: 275,060
Summary: It seems not everyone has learned a lesson from the War. Instead of taking time to relax, look around and enjoy being young, Harry, Hermione, Ron and Draco rushed to marry and settle down. Some of these marriages will last, but some won’t. This is drama and this is Dramione. Novel length.

- Lisa

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The way that Yuuri and Viktor look at Hinata in your last art is so cute aah, makes me think that they would try to adopt him haha S2 They would be the cutest n most competitive family ever S2

aaaaHHHHHHH thank you!! i kinda wanted to go for that child telling their parents about their day at school vibe :D i want them to adopt him!!

Advice To The Groom

1) It is imperative that you interact with your wife in a manner which is kind and thoughtful since married life cannot continue without these two qualities. True marital bliss and the tremendous benefits of a blessed marriage cannot be established without kindness and thoughtfulness.

2) It is important that you are friendly and amicable and appear with a smiling face and a pleasant demeanour whenever you enter your home. You should extend the greetings of peace (salaam) to your family because this specific action helps to cultivate love and happiness in them just as it can be a reason for entering Paradise.

3) It is very important that you house your family in an appropriate home according to your ability. It should be furnished in a manner which is in accordance to the level of your income without unnecessary lavishness or extravagance.

4) It is extremely important that you continually look after your wife and children, offering them advice and guidance and admonition according to that which is good. You should encourage acts of worship; especially the performance of prayer in its time.

5) You should exert every effort to remain consistent in your efforts to provide their sustenance according to your means. This consistency is important because any unnecessary increase in the sustenance may force you into debt. And whenever a man becomes preoccupied with the settlement of his debts, it is common for his family to suffer financially and socially, which could lead to altercations and cultivate enmity and ultimately bring about the deterioration of the marriage and separation of the spouses.

6) Avoid spending a lot of time away from home so that you can be just in your distribution of time. You should be particularly careful not to spend a lot of time out late without a legitimate excuse or reason. This is because spending too much time away from home will allow your family to become bored and weary.

7) It is very important that you recognise and acknowledge everything that your wife does for you, your children, your parents and relatives. You should show her appreciation by showing her kindness and tenderness. You should make sure that she hears you praise her and thank her and you should nt forget to supplicate for her.

  • Dr. ‘Aasim Ibn ‘Abdullaah Al-Qaryuti (p. 87-88)

Thiese are brothers from Tasuke clan and… Tonakai(11)(red hoodie) has a perfect relationship with his family… don’t think bad he’s just a bit childish and he doesn’t want to become a leader of his clan so he always runs away or doesn’t come to important clan meetings(he needs to as the older son) and his younger brother (Makkichi, 9)despite his age is just perfect for becoming the clan’s leader and he’s more mature than his brother, but tradition stuff doesn’t allow. Also Tona just doesn’t know how to start their conversations or what is his family even thinking about him.

About Tasuke clan:
It’s known as helping or finding clan. They have an ability to feel different people’s chakra and find them even under the water(if they are alive of course). Also their clan members have different abilities related to their chakra. Also they can easier become healers.

Also at the second picture is shown their clan’s symbol. It looks a bit like a wing and if you put this symbol in a circle it will look like yin yang.

“I can’t see how any of the Swedish royals are ‘amazing’, except for Victoria and Daniel. Umm, they have not done anything significant for Sweden, my home country. Instead, I look up to Alicia Vikander and Zara Larsson, who are making Sweden a more 'recognized’ country. My royals are practically unknown to the rest of the world, so I don’t see any point in them representing our country.” - Submitted by Anonymous

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Hello, I'm probably going to ask a stupid question but is Kawarama the one with the brownish hair and Itame the black and white one? I've searched for them but there are images of both of them at both try. 😅 I'm so sorry it is surely something easy to know but after the search I feel more confused than before.

I got you, friend, no worries!

So Kawarama Senju looks like this, pretty much. He is the youngest of four.

His older brother Itame is the one with the crazy hair that can’t make up its mind. (Because that’s normal.) Itame is the third son of the four Senju boys.

Here’s another happy family picture from when they have to bury Kawarama because daddy thought it would be a good idea to send out a 7 year old into battle. (I shit you not, friend, that the cannon literally states that “Although being merely seven years old, Kawarama managed to become a shinobi with outstanding prowess on the battlefield.” WTF?! HAVE YOU EVER MET A SEVEN YEAR OLD? That’s a second grader. Most of them can just barely read.