look at them they are a family!!

the coolest thing about green day’s discography is the fact that you can literally grow up with them by listening to their albums in order.

a 17 year old singing about crushes and being scared about their future. a 23 year old singing about anxiety and starting a family. a 32 year old singing about their anger and dissatisfaction with the government and world events. a 45 year old singing about overcoming addiction and reflecting on past experiences.

and all this just makes me feel so much….relief. because all my current struggle are only temporary and even though i feel consumed by them right now, one day i’ll grow up and be so happy and look back at all this and realize that it’s all in the past.

Random oc art challenges???

> What would their room look like? Try to draw a part of the room
> Draw them in their favorite outfit
> If they had instagram, what would they post? Draw something of that
> How to they sleep? Draw them in their fav sleeping position
> Draw an emotional scene
> Your oc as a kid?
> Do they have a lover/best friend/family? Draw them together

The Crackiest of Theories: Planted Spy

This is a crack theory. This is perhaps the crackiest of crack - the mother of all crack. However, this idea hasn’t left me alone since it first came to me last night, so I have to write it. Please enjoy.

While in Germany, we see that Sascha and Rudgar are looking at Ciel’s family tree.

It’s a bit odd when you think about it that they’re just carrying around this diagram with them. It would appear that they are watching and observing this family.

With that in mind, think back to Madam Red and Grell. According to Madam Red’s memories, Grell showed up after she killed someone, and Grell said she had been watching Madam Red.

Grell went on to say how the women Madam Red had killed had kept her busy. This makes sense to a degree, but assume for a moment that Grell was lying.

What if Grell had been sent to ‘befriend’ Madam Red to purposely gain knowledge and information about Ciel?

Hear me out on this. We know the shinigami are watching and observing. They carry around this family tree after all. They would have also known about our!Ciel surviving, and they could also know about real!Ciel. They need to keep watching and gathering information.

Sebastian would have made this more difficult, so the shinigami decided to send in a spy. with Grell acting as a butler to one of Ciel’s few living relatives, she could gain access to the manor without raising much suspicion.

Of course, Grell got a little too into the role as no one would have wanted her to actually commit murder alongside Madam Red.

This theory, however, would actually explain a few things. For example, Grell played butler for 3 years, but her list of ‘crimes’ doesn’t include desertion.

Grell was in trouble for killing people not on the list and modify her scythe - but not for playing butler for 3 years.

Plus, William didn’t show up until after Grell’s true identity had been revealed and Madam Red was dead. She was no longer an effective spy for shinigami at this point.

So, that’s my crack theory in all its glory. Grell had been sent to ‘befriend’ Madam Red to learn more about the Phantomhives but became entangled in Madam Red’s personal schemes.

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Imagine Lance having such a big family they need to use more than one van.

Bro bro bro, that good and all dandy, but like, consider:

Over ten people in the same fucking van.

Like, sure, okay, we can talk about safety and like transit/traffic violation, but like, I HAVE DONE IT, MY FAMILY HAVE, MY FRIENDS HAVE, so like, imagine:

Mama and Papa McClain (yes, that’s for me, feel free to acknowledge them as you prefer) in the pilot and co-pilot seat; comfy, happy and at ease.


*Clears throat* 

Ladies and Gentleman, if we look at the back seat in the middle, we can observe how a young wild Lance McClain is basically hanging upside down in the middle of the seat row because her sister is pushing him further and further away from her seat space, but what is this! His other younger brother is not letting himself be pushed and he’s pushing back, feet on the door as he uses his back to push back at Lance’s weight and throw him towards their sister.

But that is not all, my dear audience! If we look closely, we can see two of the oldest siblings just sighing in exasperation while their third oldest is recording the entire event with a wicked smirk, all three of them in the very far end back seat row. 

But let’s not forget!!! The cousins are in town!!! So we can see Cousin 1 literally sitting on the oldest sibling with a nonchalantly shurgs bc it’s common occurance now sitting on your family member’s lap while being cramped inside a ban. Cousin 2 is literally almost perched up in the window, face squezing his cheeks against the glass. 

At somepoint, Cousin 3 abandon his place from the floor and just takes a seat on Lance’s back, bc the brunet somehow ended up laying weirdly on the middle row seats. 

Meanwhile, baby McClain 1 is being held by Mama McClain in the co-pilot seat, secure and everything, while baby McClain 2 is giggling and clapping, cheering on the main event in the middle of the van.


The best part is that no one in the family knew she was there in the first place.



I have fun with these, lmao. 

@kenbutnobarbie I couldn’t agree more. We’re talking about rich young white men from the world’s biggest boyband. They’re all considered good looking in our society and come from loving families. They’re all privileged as hell and should recognise the privilege. All of them have done things as solo artists many talented hard working artists can only dream about.

Not saying they’re not working hard for what they have or should apologise for what they’ve achieved. But they don’t need any pity nor are they EVER underdogs when it comes to their careers.

Okay but I want to see more bestfriends!mila and georgi. I want to see them causing mischief around the rink and making yakov want to pull what’s left of his hair out. I want to see them pulling pranks on victor and yuuri, and teasing yuri about otabek. I want to see them going out clubbing together during the off season and being wingmen for each other or looking after each other when they get too drunk. I want to see them helping each other out at practise and cheering each other on a competitions. I want to see them bicker, laugh and gossip together. I just want to see more of this big gay russian skating family being all supportive and dysfunctional.

Berserk Chapter 22, a fairy tail fanfic | FanFiction
Berserk. Out of control with anger. This is what Natsu was born to be. A warrior soaked in blood. A murderer. This is what Pergrande turned him into. Taken at a young age by the King, Natsu is a soldier of the Royal Army, a creature of rage and violence—a weapon. Lucy is a thief from Fiore with a price on her head. Natsu is sent to kill her. When they meet it isn't pretty at all.

They haven’t said more than two words to each other since the fight happened, and that was nearly two days earlier. They’re nearly to Bosco by now, only about three more days of walking until they reach the border. After that, it should only be another week for them to reach Fiore. Her hometown of Magnolia is close the border with Bosco, only a day or two of walking at most, less if they hurry.

Homesickness gnaws at Lucy’s heart, chest squeezing painfully when she thinks about her family. They must be getting worried. She should have already been back by now, weeks ago, even. She’ll miss Romeo’s birthday at this rate, something that disappoints her greatly. She promised them she’d be home for it, she and Laxus were going to surprise him with a trip to the capital, but now it doesn’t look likely.

Lucy can only hope he’ll forgive her for being late. She knows he will, Romeo is one of the most understanding people in her life, but she also knows he’ll be disappointed she wasn’t there. Romeo is a good kid, an even better younger brother. She only wishes she could be a better sister to him, instead of being off thieving and nearly getting herself killed.

She thought she was being brave by coming back for the necklace, but it was a stupid thing to do, she’s coming to realize. A family heirloom isn’t worth her life, no matter how hard she tried to convince herself it was. She’s glad to have it again, the jewel gives her a strange sense of comfort when she holds it in her hands, tracing the edges of the cut gem with her thumb. Regardless, nothing good has come from this trip. Not when both she and Natsu have been battered around and nearly broken.

Glancing sideways at Natsu, Lucy stares at the bruises on his jaw, his eyes, everywhere. His nose is puffy, a nasty split in the top, crusted with blood. There wasn’t anything she could do but clean it, doing her best to prevent an infection, knowing it’s the last thing they need at the moment. His eye is still bruised, though not as severely as she assumed earlier. The swelling has gone down, though the dark spot around his eye is still dark, only barely beginning to yellow around the edges, slowly but surely. His stitches have held, the wound in his shoulder slowly beginning to close. It’ll leave a nasty scar, she knows, but it’s better than him bleeding out in the snow.

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Hello! I tried to look up a fanfiction that involved one of them being a foreign exchange student. The only one that involved a foreign exchange student was Closed Eye but it wasn't the type of fanfic I was looking for, do you know any that have Dan or Phil as a foreign exchange student?

Exchanging Feelings (wattpad) - (tw) Phil is an exchange student and Dan happens to be his host brother.

Exchange Love (ao3) -  Au where Dan is an exchange student from England who comes to live with Phil in America for a year.

Exchange Trouble (ao3) -  Dan and Phil gets and addition to the family, an exchange student!

So Far Away (wattpad) - Dan is just a boy from Germany, who’s dream was to visit Australia. After being given the opportunity to do so on an exchange program, he meets Phil, a shy, insecure boy who doesn’t have any strong relationships with anyone else. Dan and his new Australian friend become extremely close, as Phil shares his country with Dan. But what will happen when Dan is forced to return to Germany, and leave Phil?

- Eliza

Married to the enemy pt. 4

Part One

Part Two

Part Three


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You heard the engine of the car stop completely and your nerves flew up to the roof, the tiara began to pinch your forehead in addition to the sweat that dewed your temples.
You saw your parents climb down the car, your dad offered his hand to begin your walking down the aisle. As soon as you landed a foot, people began to whisper and ‘aww’ at you. Behind the veil you could see many  known faces, all of them your friends and family, the thrill of the moment was nearly unbearable. Your father steadied your hand when he perceived you were shaking.

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Ok, so I love the movie Titanic. I’ll start there. I was in the 4th grade when it came out and I was OBSESSED. I thought it was so romantic… and sad… and That Music… MAN. But now, as an adult, I’m skeptical about some things.

So I’ve always interpreted the last scene of the movie as Rose dying and going to heaven or “home” with Jack on the Titanic (all the other passengers that are standing there clapping are ones who died during the tragedy). So there Rose is, finally reunited with Jack. But the kicker is, she knew Jack for like 2 days before he died. He was instrumental in her changing her life for the better and all, but it was two (2) days.

Rose eventually met someone, settled down with them and started a family. However, when she dies, she goes to “heaven” with JACK?

Like is her late-husband up there on the clouds looking down like “What about me, Bitch?”.

She looks like a bowtruckle

I seem to have a thing with dad newt at the moment, just family fluff and cuteness

Newt x gender neutral reader

Master list

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“There’s a good lad’ Newt murmured softly as he ever so gently passed his son the leaf like creature, crouching down so he could keep an eye on the pair,  ‘there you go, keep your hands flat now, you alright there?’ Newt asked, trying to keep his voice calm, despite the pride that was threatening to burst through his chest, at his sons interest in his creatures.

“hello Mary’ the boy cooed as the bowtruckle nuzzled into his chubby thumb, Newt couldn’t stop the grin from spreading across his cheeks, as he watched.

 “you’re so pretty, like Fiona’ he continued to mumble to the tiny beast, Newt’s curiosity peaked, as did his eyebrows, ‘who’s Fiona?’ he asked, curiosity getting the better of him.

“she looks like a bowtruckle’ the boy exclaimed excitedly, ‘that’s not a very nice thing to say’ newt scolded lightly, though he couldn’t hold back his chuckle, ‘but I like bowtruckles’ his son murmured, his freckled cheeks flushing slightly, ‘really? More than Jacobs little Dougal’s?’ newt asked a smile beginning to play at his full lips, as his son nodded. “well why don’t you invite Fiona around for tea, and you can show her Mary?’ Newt suggested as the Childs face lit up.

“I think you’ll like her, Mary, she saved a spider from being stepped on once.’


Have a great day and be safe


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No one thinks it's strange that the game is over Charles's new tomb, is it a tip that Cece was never really Charles and lied to protect the AD because the liars were close to discovering everything? Maybe Cece and AD were a couple, We have the flowers that I read that means love, a fans asked if cece and bethany were the same person and marlene responded chuck and blair forever who are a couple of gossip gril, concluding cece was bethany and charles is avenging his death , And true family alison

Blegh, I mean, look, I know it’s a fairly popular theory that Charlotte was never Charles but I just can’t even stomach THINKING about them lying about something like that. I just really, really can’t, so I’m hoping that even if the reveals suck, that Charles is and always was Charlotte, not someone else. I just refuse. I’m not here for them introducing a trans character, demonizing them to hell and back for a season and a half, and then saying hahahaha FOOLED U SHES NOT TRANS.

Like that is the most harmful thing I could think of them ever doing with one episode left

TalesFromYourServer: Diary of a Petty Server: The Frozen Mug Meltdown

Friday night, dinner rush.

I’m having the textbook perfect shift. Dip checks out the ass, nary a complicated ticket to be found, and my tables seem to be making a concentrated effort to pay my rent in one fell swoop. Calm seas, smooth sailing…if only I’d known to batten the goddamn hatches when I had the chance.

All my tables are settled and happy when the host pops in and announces I have a table. Perfect timing, citizens! I head out to my section, walking on sunshine.

Looks like a nice enough family. Mom, Dad, two girls, all dressed nicely. I step up to the table, already scripting in my head.

“Hello! I’m DabblesWithDireswolves, and I’ll be your server this evening!” the four turn to me in unison, and my cheery server grin melts faster than ice cream in hell.

All four of them are glowering at me as though I’d personally shat in their breakfast of choice. I’d skipped straight out of the sunshine and into the Lands of Always Fucking Winter.

When it became apparent that neither my name nor my key role in their dinner experience warranted comment (fair enough), I asked if I could get them started with some drinks while they look over the menu. The mom cuts me off. “No, we’ll order now. In case you get busy and forget about us. Water with lemon, unsweetened tea with lemon, two lemonades for the kids.”

Okay, I can work with this, who needs friendliness when you have efficiency? I get the orders in and get to work on the drinks. I gather up the lemonades, one in our standard frozen mug for the older girl, and a plastic kid cup for the toddler. I return to the table and parcel out the drinks…and so it begins.

“WAIT!” says Ice Queen, reaching across the table and grabbing the kid cup. “What’s this?”

“Oh, uhm….lemonade?”

At this point the kid dissolves in a tiny tantrum: slapping her hands on the table and proclaiming far and wide that she was a big girl. Mom gives me a withering glare as her kid sobs and says, “She wants to be a big girl like Sissy! She needs a big girl lemonade!”

“Oh…I see. Well, those mugs are solid glass and pretty heavy, and…”

“I KNOW my child, and my child KNOWS how to hold a glass!” Hopefully better than she knows how to hold crayons and crackers, judging by the litter around her booster seat. I bow out gracefully and bring out a mug (after which I bow out less gracefully to totally replace the whole fucking lemonade, as the original was “much too hot.”) I turn to check on the neighboring table, but my inquiry is lost in the sudden thud and shrieks behind us.

I turn to catch Mom flying up out of her seat, now remarkably lemony-fresh! She plucks at her drenched silk shirt and shouts about how its ruined, and that her daughter’s glass was much too heavy for a toddler.

Wait…I’ve heard this before.

I immediately quit the scene to bring out towels. Mom is busy shooing her children out of the chairs and sharing helpful tidbits such as “Make sure you clean it with hot water or it will STICK!” and “You should never give a baby a glass that heavy!” Great ideas ma'am, I’ll write corporate.

I finally get them settled back in, assure her that “No ma'am, I will not forget to bring out your food,” and head back to the kitchen. I decide against telling them that I would have sold my organs to gypsies for the honor of forgetting about them.

Food comes out, everybody’s…not happy, maybe placated? Mom moves to sit beside the toddler and give her sips out of her own water…while holding the goddamned glass, might I add. Alright, now we’ve got some semblance of normality…Mom seems almost content as she finishes eating, and thanks me for the first time all meal as I pick up their plates. I drop the dishes off in the kitchen, then come back for another round of the section.

Baby’s still a big girl, Mom’s glass is on its side, a fine finger of water is tracking determinedly across the table and down to the husband’s lap. Good thing it wasn’t sticky, cause I doubt he’d take kindly to her hot water suggestion. I go again to offer towels, but they beat feet for the door before I have the chance. I clean the water up anyway, gingerly peeling the drenched ones off the table. 3 dollars and some change (none of it silver) on a $40 bill.

I try not to judge my guests on tips, truly I do, but Sweet Lemony Jesus lady, your baby’s wearing goddamned Gucci.

By: DabblesInDirewolves

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So I guess on twitter, Ahgases are talking about JB's dad and how he is abusive and that's why JB is like what he is (JB talked about it on the Vlive GOT Jackson Show). JB said (in a joking way it appears) his dad called him a bastard because he wore ripped jeans. What's your opinion on this situation?

Just read into it! It seems that JB’s dad is conservative, I don’t want to use the word abusive. We also have to remember that his family is religious so that plays into it. We don’t know the man and seeing people call him an asshole kinda bugs me too :/ With the whole ripped jeans things, my family members say the exact same thing lol “You look poor why did you buy jeans with holes in them?!” His dad did take it to an extreme tho by ripping it. Jaebum’s family doesn’t come from wealth so I guess his dad doesn’t want to look poor even though it’s just a trend he doesn’t know about. Also most asian parents are like this and wearing ripped jeans could mean that you were up to no good and that you were hanging with the wrong people. It just gives them bad vibes 🤷

His upbringing definitely does play a factor into it but it isn’t an excuse for the actions he makes. I’m pretty sure he has a good relationship with his dad now so that’s all that really matters. Also I haven’t watched the episode yet but if he used the word “ 새끼” then people need to chill a lil bit. The word bastard in Korean can also mean punk and the person who translated it just decided to use the term bastard. It’s not as harsh as it seems.

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If both Ciels started to dress exactly the same and wear eyepatches, normal people would certainly have trouble telling them apart. So, is Soma going to submit to negative emotions like depression, despair, and rage, like Ciel seems to have a long time ago? It's gotten dark and grim in BB, this magna seems to count as a supernatural horror genre.

Yep, apparently even some members of their own family weren’t able to tell them apart. They are identical twins so aside from the eye that in our Ciel’s case has the mark of the contract they basically look alike.

About Soma, right now it seems like he wishes to take revenge. 

I mean, I can understand that he feels that way now. But I hope he won’t follow the same path as Ciel since it obviously doesn’t bring happiness. :/ At the moment he can’t think clearly, he’s overtaken by grief and anger. So he might see things differently later, maybe. Agni wouldn’t want him to submit to revenge. So I hope he’ll reconsider.

And yeah, things have gotten a lot darker again in Kuro. And even though our characters have to go through a difficult time and the next chapters will probably be quite distressing for some of them (especially our Ciel) I’m more excited for new chapters than I’ve been for a long time. So I’m looking forward to how things will develop now. I like it when Kuro turns dark. ;^^

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I'm at my family's beach house and have very poor wifi, but I spent the whole day reading your short stories and AU and just love them all so much! <3 Thanks you so much for writing them!

Originally posted by zarb

I just got to the family beach house today myself and was pleasantly surprised to find decent wifi. I feel extremely honored that you spent your beach time reading my stories! I’m so glad you enjoyed them, and I look forward to writing more for awesome people like you! <3<3<3

I kinda like how the Murphy’s show that, hey, you can have a seemingly perfect family, parents still together, thriving child, financially stable, and still have a bad relationship with your family. Like, anyone looking at the Murphy’s would think Connor was insane and fucked up because the Murphy’s seemed so perfect, while he was a black sheep. But upon looking further you see, his family was kinda shitty to him too. Like, yes, Connor treated them like shit and was mentally ill and not a good person for them to be around, but it really shows that ‘privileged’ kids can hate their lives or have bad relationships with their parents without them having to physically abuse him, abandon him, etc.

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1/2 This is related to the theory where Madam saw through Ciel's lie. In volume 2, she asks him if he returned because he wanted to avenge Rachel and Vincent, but not the twin. She also says that she, his parents and Lizzie wouldn't want him to avenge them. Ciel responds with "I have never thought to avenge my parents or ANYTHING OF THAT SORT". Was Madam implying the twin's relationship was a little shaky, and was Ciel countering that with his response?

2/2 And he could’ve been lying with his response (maybe he was lying to himself too—that if he DID mean to avenge someone, he would’ve chosen to avenge his whole family, not only his parents). Also, he kind of looks like Real!Ciel in one panel (same facial expression at least). I think he was disproving her point by trying to look like his twin. In another panel, he says he chose this path to give the perpetrators a taste of the pain HE suffered. Is it both the physical pain and the guilt?             

Thanks for writing, Anon. After reading this, I went to look up the part you were referring to.

I have no idea how accurate this translation is honestly as we’ve seen a lot of issues. However, in this translation, Madam Red asks more about revenge for her sister than anyone else.

And then proceeds to tell our!Ciel how Rachel wouldn’t have wanted that. Of course, our!Ciel denies that his goal is simply revenge. He says that he did it for himself.

This could have a multitude of meanings, especially with the latest reveal.

My first thought always was that Ciel doesn’t want revenge for the sake of his murdered family. This isn’t all about avenging their deaths. Instead, he wants to cause pain and suffering to those that has caused his pain.

This line about doing it for himself could also have another meaning. Perhaps our!Ciel wanted to prove to himself and others that he could be the Watchdog and do an effective job. He had always been considered ‘fragile’ in the past due to his health, but he was going to show that he was strong as well as ruthless.

Going back to the theory that Madam Red knew the truth all along, I can actually read this as further proof of the theory. I think that Rachel had loved both her children, but she was probably more protective over our!Ciel. She wouldn’t have wanted him to walk down this path - especially because he didn’t have to. He could have came back as himself and faced none of the hardships of being Watchdog. Perhaps Ann would have adopted him even - putting an end to her crimes as she tried to protect the nephew she loved. We’ll never know for certain.

It’s doubtful anyone knew precisely what type of relationship the twins had, but I think everyone probably would have seen it as loving. That might be why so many are hesitate to even bring it up. Besides, everyone knows what happened to Rachel and Vincent in that they were killed and then burned. When it was assumed that real!Ciel was dead, no one had any idea of his fate. He could have faced a death worse than anything imaginable, and maybe that’s no one brought it up.

There’s still more questions than answers at this point.

Thanks so much for writing, Anon. Have a lovely day!