look at them talking about having children and getting married

Children Headcanons

-A little Alpha insisting that their Omega friend wears their jacket all the time and the Omega going along with it but when they ask why the Alpha always wants them to wear it the Alpha just shrugs and responds like, “Dunno, dad always loves it when mom wears his jacket cuz it smells like him, so since I’m gonna marry you, you should wear my jacket and smell like me!” and then being confused why the little Omega is blushing like they hadn’t just declared that they want to get married

-A little Omega being picked up from school by their Alpha parent and their Alpha friend boldly introduces themselves as the Omega’s mate. The Alpha parent plays it cool but later that night they are ranting to their own Omega mate about that “arrogant little punk” and their mate is just like, “He’s seven years old, I don’t think we have much to worry about dear.”

-Shy little Omegas clinging to other little Omegas for comfort in schools and playgroups, always nervously holding hands or gripping each other’s sweater sleeves

-An Alpha and Omega having a play date and getting into a very loud argument so the Omega’s mother comes in to check on them and the little Omega tearfully explains that the Alpha won’t agree to any of the names they chose for their baby. And the mom is trying to understand like, “Baby? Are you guys playing house?” and both the children look at her like she’s an idiot or something before the Alpha very seriously answers like, “No, we’re talking about the baby we’re gonna have when we get married in a couple years…and Sparkles is a stupid name.” thus begins more crying/arguing from the Omega while the mother is just very confused because these children are literally only five years old

-Little Alpha, Beta, and Omega that are all best friends and one day the Omega is asked by another student if they would rather marry the Alpha or the Beta and the Omega replies, “I’m gonna marry them both of course, my mom is married to two Alpha’s so I can marry two people too.” and the Alpha and Beta just nod along like it should’ve been an obvious answer to the question

-A smaller than average Alpha child being very weak and always getting sick, being teased by bigger Alphas at school but their Beta and Omega friends always try to protect them and take care of them

-A little group of friends deciding that they are going to be a pack and all live together someday…the idea falls apart about 15 minutes later though when all the Alpha children start fighting about who would get to be the head Alpha

-A little Alpha wanting to show off how strong they are so they try to pick up their Omega friend…only to be horribly mortified when they stumble and drop their friend on the hard ground. The small Omega being in tears while also desperately trying to comfort the Alpha and assure them they really aren’t hurt at all

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Many people said that Touken having sex was rushed... what is your opinion?

I think that was the whole point of the scene? Seriously… sometimes i feel like people have no idea how sex works in real life. 

Of course it was rushed, but that was the point, I don’t think Ishida wanted to make it perfect, because your first time and sex in general is not always perfect. Do people actually thought that they would first talk about their feelings very openly, then say to each other “omg! i can’t believe you feel the same way!! oh, i love you so much, KISS ME!!!1″ and then kiss and start making out on a couch while the camera focuses the fireplace with the flames symbolizing their love and then the scene ends and they wake up the next day curled up on the couch with all their problems solved, all their conversations done, they just have to go for a ring, get married AND THEN have children (because they used protection the first time, they have everything prepared and it’s a crime to get pregnant before getting married and solving all your issues)


They were both about to die, and minutes ago they talked about how both were scared of one of them dying… this sex scene symbolizes many things, one of them the fact that they’re afraid of losing each other, Touka looked quite desperate while jumping onto him. Ghouls don’t have time, they die very young, for them it’s now or never, even more with Kaneki who’s the most wanted ghoul in Tokyo. I think people need to take into consideration the context of the scene, it reminds me a lot of Jon and Ygritte’s first time on Game of Thrones, Jon was with the wildlings to betray them at the end and he had to stay focused, yet he slept with Ygritte in a cave even when they were in danger and both could die. These things happen, you’ll never find the “perfect moment” to have sex, especially in a story like TG with the constant drama surrounding the characters. Of course Kaneki and Touka need to talk about a few things, but they can’t do it everything in one chapter, it’s a progress. And human beings, in general, are rushed, because we never know when is the perfect moment or not, and for a ghoul it’s not like they have a choice to plan a perfect life for the future, they can’t even take pictures of themselves bc it’s extremely dangerous if the CCG uses that to find them (touka and yoriko’s picture for example).

I just wish people could understand that these things happen and this scene was rushed because it was meant to be rushed, raw, realistic. Sorry, but I don’t want a Kirito/Asuna 2.0. 

Thoughts of the Future (Don’t Scare Me at All) // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: FLOOF

Words: 1.8k

Relationship status: together

Warnings: none

Summary: Dan and Phil babysit Miles one night during Playlist Live. Inevitably, the two have a conversation regarding the future, including building their own family.

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Wedding- part II

After the problematic ceremony, which turned to be beautiful, from Hinata smiling the largest smile humanly possible, to the group gasp when they saw her walking down and finally to Sasuke crying at the end.

Now that finally that was over with they could go to the ‘real party’ as Naruto called it. On the way to the limo a lot of people found it necessary to stop them and congratulate them despite the fact that in 10 minutes they’ll meet again in a ball room full of drinks and food.

They were holding hands and walking slow to the limo, once they got inside and left everyone followed them in their own car which had attached ribbons and balloons and whatever. They got honked at a lot, a strange custom for congratulating the ‘newly-wed’ couple.

Hinata’s head was on his shoulder and their fingers were intertwined. He leaned a little harder on the back of the car seat and sighed in relief. He couldn’t wait to be alone with Hinata.

“I can’t believe you cried. When your eyes starting getting glossy I thought I’d lose it too and than your voice cracked…”

“Mhm. But you can’t blame me. I’m tied for life to you. Of course I’d cry”

She rose a little pouting and mockingly hit his arm.


There was more she wanted to say but Sasuke kissed her. After the kiss he caressed her cheek and kissed her nose and temples. It was her that was getting emotional now.

“I never said they were bad tears, I was just so happy. I’ve never felt so content in my life Hinata.”

She nodded and looked at the car ceiling in an attempt to stop crying.

“I found it hard to believe my parents and Itachi didn’t attack us as soon as they had the chance.”

“I still can’t believe you didn’t make Itachi your best man. Do you think he minded?”

It’s not that Sasuke didn’t ask his brother to be his best man, but rather Itachi pointed out it would be better if Naruto was. Itachi probably had his reasons, but he was a strange man with strange ways of doing things.

“Talking about family. Did Sakura talk to yours? When will they arrive?”

Hinata looked at him and shook her head. She didn’t want to talk about it. That was fine, it was her wedding she could do whatever she wanted. Still it irritated Sasuke how her father dared to upset her on her wedding day.  

Finally reaching the destination Sasuke helped Hinata out of the limo and into the room. Sakura, Kakashi and a few others were already there. Kakashi nodded at them when they arrived. To say the least sasuke was surprised when he saw his older friend this morning, it was such a strange thing for Kakashi to show his full face especially with so many people around, that only showed how important that day was.

Sakura was walking all over the place talking to waiters and bartenders about what to do, when to do it and how to do it. Sasuke felt genuinely bad for them. Hinata tightened her hold on his arm and Sasuke turned to look at what she was looking and surely her father was standing there.

Once Hanabi, Neji and Ko noticed her they started walking towards them. Hanabi was rampaging on and on about how sorry she was and about how beautiful she looked. Neji and Ko each kissed her on the cheek and congratulated them. Neji patted Sasuke on the back and the 3 of them walked away to mingle with the other guests that were now arriving.

“My brother”

Itachi was the one that talked to them next. He made a few jokes about Sasuke crying but that didn’t bother him, they laughed and talked for a few more minutes before Itachi hugged Sasuke and kissed Hinata’s hand.

Those were just 4 out of 400 guests and he was already tired. He didn’t even want to think about the nosy aunts, drunken uncles, the grandparents with inappropriate jokes and other random acquaintances.

The next to approach them were both Mikoto and Fugaku and Hiashi. Hinata and Sasuke looked at each other and sighed. Sasuke’s mother hugged bothe of them and kissed their cheeks.

“My baby is married.” She started sobbing “I can’t wait for the 2 of you to have children, seeing you today made me realize that I’m getting old.” She sighed “I’m so proud and happy for both of you”

When his mother mentioned children Sasuke peeked at Hinata but she was unfazed.

“You can call me mother Hinata dear, forget all about the ‘in law’ part. I feel like that is there just to remind you that it’s just a piece of paper that ties you two. But it’s so much more than that”

“Very well…mother” Hinata said with a smile.

Fugaku and Hiashi were talking in low voices but they seemed to argue. Mikoto touched her husband’s arm and the conversation stopped. Fugaku patted Sasuke on the back as Hiashi hugged Hinata in a quite awkward manner. Both fathers congratulated them.

Before leaving Hiashi whispered something to Hinata and the 3 parents were on their way. They didn’t get along very well, at least that’s what they wanted other people to see but Sasuke thought they seemed to like each other more than they liked anyone else in that room.

“He said sorry for being late.” She looked at her dad. “That he’s happy for me and that he will also apologize to you for treating you so harsh.”

Sasuke nodded. At least things were fine with both families. That was a good start. Hinata started walking to their table and he cringed a bit when he saw his aunt sitting at the bar with a few already empty glasses. He made a mental note o avoid her the rest of the evening.

The first dance was between Hinata and Hiashi, Mikoto and Sasuke. As soon as the music changed to another song Hinata and Sasuke were the only one dancing. For the second time that day Sasuke looked at her and pulled her closer, whispering in her hair how much he loved her and allowing a few tears to fall.

Part I

always remember, never forget (a)

genre: angst

words: 1,638

you don’t remember the day you met min yoongi.  was it a warm day during summer break before your first year of college? or was it a cold, snowing day before christmas?  although you don’t remember how you first met, you’ll always remember the first date; a feast of greasy fast food in his car, overlooking the river.  you’ll always remember the first kiss, initiated by him, outside of your freshman dorm.  his breath was warm, his lips were a tad cracked, and he tasted like the cherry slushy you both had shared a few hours before.  you don’t remember the second, or the third, or majority of the kisses after, but you’ll always remember that cherry embrace.  you remember calling him after getting hired at the elementary school downtown; the tears streaming down your face as you finally had a grasp on your dream.  you remember him gasping in excitement, “that’s so amazing jigaya!  i’m so proud of you!”  you’ll always remember the morning he asked you to move in with him; after a night of mini-golf, and four bowls of ramen, the raven-haired boy had convinced you to stay the night.  waking up bare, wrapped in white sheets and his strong embrace, you’ll never forget him telling you he wished he always could wake up like this, soon after asking you formally if you would take a key.  you’ll never forget your first big fight; a drunk yoongi arriving home at 3am, knocking over a plotted plant, awaking you from your distressing slumber. you don’t remember the words said, or how long you spent crying, but you remember him sleeping on the couch, while you wrapped yourself in the cotton sheets and laid awake.  You don’t remember the first “i love you”; did you or he say it first?   you might not remember the first time, but you’ll always remember how he whispered those three words in your ear before kissing your hand and getting down on one knee. yoongi never liked too much attention, choosing to propose in the confines of your own shared home, on the night of your 24th birthday, tears streaming down your cheeks as you nodded frantically, the small ring sliding onto your finger as the familiar chapped lips met your conditioned ones. you’ll never forget your trip to thailand, riding elephants, and talking strolls in the old buildings.  you’ll never forget swinging your hands, turning your head and asking, “what if we just got married now?”  neither of you minded the sudden action, you still believe it made it even more memorable. you remember returning home and telling all your students the great news, each child squealing and running to their tables to make you congratulation cards (even though majority of them couldn’t even spell “congratulations”).  you’ll always remember watching a sit com one night with your husband, your thoughts jumbled as you thought about your future.  “yoongi?” you asked softly, “yes my love?”  he asked, keeping his attention on the television.  “do you want children?”  you don’t remember if you’d had that talk before, you might have long before you got married, but seeing your students get older and continue in their next grades, your love for children grew.  yoongi looked at you, “is that why you’ve been so tense love?  i’d love to have children with you, i just, y’know, never knew how to bring it up…” he mumbled and flushed.  you smiled, getting up and taking his hand, “then let’s make one,” you smiled.  sudden decisions were always made between the two of you, not that neither of you minded. you’ll never forget calling yoongi during a spring afternoon, tears of joy streaming down your cheeks as you held your cellphone in one hand, and a positive pregnancy test in the other.  yoongi’s sniffles the only thing you could hear as you told him the good news.  months later, holding your baby girl in your arms, pointing out that she has her father’s eyelashes and nose.  you don’t remember the day she took her first steps, or where the first word she said was appa or omma, but you can remember the happiness, radiating for both you and your husband.  you’ll never forget the day after your daughters second birthday, waking up in a cold bed, finding yoongi ejecting the contents of his stomach into the toilet. you’ll never forget the week he spent out of work, practically living in the bathroom, unable to keep down something as simple a water.  you’ll never forget the countless tests, needles stuck in yoongi’s arm, the many pills swallowed by your partner.  you’ll never forget the day you both received a diagnosis, it was a warm spring day, the sun shining brightly through the window of the hospital room, illumination the face you had fallen in love with years ago.  tears streaming down your cheeks, your husband holding his throat as the doctor explained the situation.  3 months, maximum, if you both decided to go through with chemotherapy. you had shot up, “of course!” you had choked out, your toddler looking up at you from the arm of the man who was being ripped away from you.  yoongi hadn’t said a word until the doctor had left, his pale hand lading on your thigh softly, “i regret none of it you know, getting married unexpectedly, receiving this wonderful gift from you-“ yoongi had cracked, petting his confused daughters head as quiet sobs escaped his mouth.  “i don’t want to leave you, who’s going to remember to turn the stove off?” he whispered, attempting to lighten the mood.  You sobbed loudly, laying your head in your husband’s lap as your hand stroked your daughters small leg.  you’ll never forget one month later, a weak yoongi holding your hand and whispering in your ear, “what i would do to make love to you again.”  he was dying, but his pervy humor still remained, he was still the man you married those short years ago.  You’ll never forget the feeling of him inside of you, his cracked lips against yours as you rocked on his lap.  It was so wrong, it was so dirty, but neither of you minded.  the third month had come too fast, his beautiful raven hair had slowly thinned out, his eyes had sunken deeper in his pale face, but his lips remained as pure and cracked as they had been on the night of your first kiss.  you remember the wednesday, coming up to his room with a bouquet of blue and pink flowers; entering his room and discovering yoongi keeled over, painfully coughing.  you dropped the bouquet on the end of his bed and lifted him up, “y-yoongi what’s wrong?” you whimpered, taking the man’s hand, “soon jigaya, I have to say goodbye soon.” he croaks and you shake your head, “that’s not an option min yoongi, y’know why?”  he looks up and you place his frail hand on your stomach, “we’re having a baby jagi, you have to get batter so we can raise them.” you whimper as the tears spill from your eyes.  you’ll never forget the last night, your daughter snuggled into your lap as you stroke yoongi’s face; his once full cheeks chiseled out, his under eyes dark,  and his once pink lips now as pale as his skin.  his eyes flutter open and he smiles weakly, you both know that this is the last night you’ll ever spend with each other.  neither of you say a word until he quietly coughs and places a hand on your stomach, then your daughters head, “i’m going to go up there and give the big man a piece of my mind for taking me away from the three loves of my life.” he laughs weakly, resulting in your wet eyes rolling one last time, “such a dork min yoongi.”  you place your soft lips on his cheek and he smiles softly, closing his eyes and intertwining his fingers with yours, “i love you min yoongi,” you whisper and close your eyes.  you’ll never forget the next morning, the bright sun seeping through the windows, your eyes fluttering open.  your small daughter lays asleep in your arms, and you turn to yoongi, his chest is no longer riding and falling erratically, his eyes no longer flutter like they did when he would dream, his warm breath no long escaped from his cracked lips.  a sob escaped from your body as you got up, your daughter stirring in your arms, and yoongi’s cold hand falling out of yours. you’ll always remember the oddly warm autumn day, your slight baby bump clad in black, your daughter silently sitting on your hip as you listen to the silent sobs and blowing of noses around you. as you throw the last flower on his casket, you remember; the library of your university was separated into three floors, the top floor, being the quietest, was the place you always found yourself studying in.  your friends had told you that you were crazy, “an elementary school teacher?  can you imagine the number of boogers on everything?” a long forgotten friend had said.  you had shrugged it off, more interested in your dream.  one evening, you were engrossed in an exam packet, the silence suddenly interrupted by the loud crash of a library cart.  as you looked up, most likely to silently curse at the cause, your eyes met a pair of deep chocolate ones.  the boy flushed, silently apologizing to those he interrupted, and proceeded to clean up his mess.  you had shaken your head and continued reading through the prompts, when a chair next to you had been sat in; your shoulder was tapped, and a white piece of notebook paper was passed to you, “my name is min yoongi, yours?”

Baby Steps [Chanyeol]

ADMIN NOTE: “Baby Steps” is a series of one shots that were created by admin L and I on our previous tumblr account. We’re just reposting them on here because we’re getting rid of our old account lol

cred. to admin k

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genre: protective fluffy daddy chanyeol aw

word count: 2433

pairing: chanyeol & reader

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How to survive HighSchool Dean Winchester style.

This oneshot was another request and even though it´s full of cliches, I kinda enjoyed writing it, because let´s face it, I could have used a Dean Winchester in High School. :D

Request:  Hey can you do a teen dean and reader where dean sticks up for the reader at school when she’s being bullied and they end up dating?

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: fluff, cliche, Teen!Dean, HighSchool!AU

Length: 1813 Words

Originally posted by deanyw


Things took interesting turns sometimes.
So did your life in January of you Junior year.
And all because you accidentally tripped in the hallway this morning and spilled the whole content of your backpack onto the floor.
And of course no one had something better to do than laughing about your clumsiness, and picking up random belongings of you to make fun about them.
“Look at this awful piece of fabric”, a girl named Meg shouted and held your favorite scarf in her hand, “tell me (Y/N), can I get it at the same trash can where you got your shirt?”
Usually you were used to those kind of statements, but today you somehow felt more vulnerable than ever and to your utter horror, tears started to form into your eyes.
If they saw you cry, you were going to die.
Hastily you grabbed the rest of your things, thinking about just leaving the scarf behind and hurrying away, but suddenly you heard another voice that was speaking over the uproar:
“For God´s sake Meg, how old are you, seven? Just give her back her scarf and stop being a bitch.”
You were sure you had heard that voice before, you just weren´t sure where.
When you got up from the floor, you bit on your cheeks to keep yourself from crying and distracted by the curiosity about whoever had just stood up for you, it actually worked.
Turning around, you faced Dean Winchester, a senior and football player, with awfully familiar green eyes, handing you your scarf: “Here you go”, he said and smiled.
You nodded and took it from him: “Thanks”, you managed to say.
He winked at you and then walked away.
With a glance at the hallway, you noticed that the crowd had dissolved as fast as it had come, leaving you enough space to walk to class, feeling like the green eyes you had just looked into, meant something special.

The day continued to be rather crappy.
You had to talk in front of the advanced biology class in third period and even though you managed comparatively well, it gave you anxiety and you really wanted to go home.
When lunch came around, you only had two hours to go and since nothing had happened in math class, you started to think that maybe you had the chance of your day ending quietly.
As always, you picked a table at the far end of the cafeteria, enjoying the time alone and the peace it gave you to know you could eat without being looked at.
Your only two good friends, Charlie and Jody, had different lunch hours and so you were always forced to sit alone.
That was the reason you got a real shock when you felt someone sitting down beside you as you were rummaging through your backpack and you shot up, hitting your head on the edge of the table.
“Ouch”, you made and rubbed your head, already feeling your cheeks heating up again, you really were a mess.
“Hey, I´m sorry I startled you. I just saw that you sat alone and wondered if you wanted to come sit with us.”
When you first looked into his eyes, your heart almost skipped a beat: It was Dean Winchester again. And he was actually offering you a seat at the senior table with the other footballers.
This was too good to be true.
And then you realized, this really was too good to be true:
“Listen, Dean, that´s your name, right? I highly appreciate that you helped me this morning, but if you want me to come over there only so everyone can make fun of me, I´ll pass.
I´ve get enough of this as it is.”
He frowned: “What? You really think that´s why I´m asking you?”
You nodded, realizing that it sounded a bit rude, but you were so done with being made fun of.
He shook his head and at first you thought that he would just leave and tell this story to his teammates, but then he grinned:
“Well, I guess I can´t blame you. My friends haven´t been exactly nice to you. But believe me, if you´re with me, you´re save.”
Being with him actually sounded nice and before you could stop yourself you were nodding:
“Alright, I´ll come sit with you then.”
Maybe that was the worst or the best idea you had in your life, but you would never know if you stayed here all by yourself now.

As it turned out, it was a really good idea. Three months later, you had become a whole other person.
Since Dean made it very clear to everyone that he wouldn´t tolerate it for them to bully you again, they backed down.
Charlie and Jody benefited from this whole thing too, because suddenly you became kinda popular, which made them get respected more too.
At lunch you always sat beside Dean and you got to know the other footballers better, mostly realizing that they hadn´t been the ones bullying you, that you just had assumed they would jump on the train too.
For example Dean´s brother Sam would stare at anyone who dared as much as looking at you wrong and another friend of them, Bobby something, actually punched a guy in the face once because he called you slut in the parking lot.
The people who had really been giving you a hard time, Meg and her gang mostly, were more jealous than ever and you saw them giving you the death glare every time you passed them in the hallway.
But no matter how wonderful this whole thing seemed to be, you never really understood why this happened all of the sudden.
Dean had been in your lunch period for the whole year and had never so much as said hello to you.
Now he talked to you on a daily basis, made jokes with you and invited you to parties at his house.
The further this went on, the more suspicious you got.
Why did he do it?
And so did it happen, that one day in late May, it was about a week before summer, you waited for him by your car and he waved and smiled at you before he hurried over to you:
“Hey (Y/N), how´s it going? Excited for PE?”
That was another weird thing, he actually had managed to memorize your whole schedule.
“Yeah of course, as you all know it´s my favorite period”, you said ironically and he laughed and made an attempt to walk towards the building but you grabbed his arm and stopped him:
“Dean, can I ask you something?”
He stopped and looked at you: “Sure, shoot!”
You gulped, afraid that what you were about to say would ruin everything:
“Why are you nice to me?”
He frowned and smiled, obviously confused: “What are you talking about (Y/N)? We´re friends.”
You nodded: “Yeah, I know. We are now. But why did you come to me that day in the cafeteria?”
And then you saw it in his eyes, the fact that there was more to this story than he had given away until now.
He sighed and you prepared for the worst, but still you were taken aback by what followed:
“Because that morning, when I told Meg to give you back your scarf and then looked you into the eyes.
I realized that I knew you.”
Now it was your turn to be confused: “Yeah, ´course you knew me, I was in your lunch period all year.”
Dean shook his head: “That wasn´t it. You used to live on Bakerstreet when you were around seven years old, right?”
You nodded slowly, not sure how he could possibly know this, and even less sure where he was going with that.
He looked to the ground: “Well, do you remember the neighbor´s kid? The weird kid with that would always use to kick balls in your backyard to have a reason to go over there and get them back?`”
And then it hit you like a train: “Dean Winchester. You´re the guy next door. We spent the whole summer together, laying in the grass by the river and talking about how we were going to get married one day and what we´d name our dog and our children. You moved away after that and then we moved away too.”
He nodded: “Yeah, and I guess we both changed a lot in the last ten years. Maybe that´s why we never recognized each other from afar. But when I looked into your eyes that day, I suddenly knew. I knew you were the girl I had a crush on since second grade.”
To process what he had just said, you almost needed to lean against your car: “Had as in…”, you let your voice trail off, and suddenly his grin was back:
“Had as in it never went away, even though I didn´t see you for ten years and now we´re friends again and I still wanna kiss you like crazy.”
And that was exactly what he did. He leaned down, holding himself up with one hand against your car, kissing you soft and sweet, making your first kiss the best one ever.
“Well guess that school year turned out okay after all, didn´t it?”, he asked and you smiled and you nodded but then a sad thought hit you: “But now you´ll be gone next year and I´m stuck here all alone for another horrible year”, you said and looked down, but he made you look at him again with a finger under your chin:
“Hey, you´ll never be alone. First of all we´re going to have an incredible summer, you´re so going on a roadtrip with me and Sam by the way. And then you´re going to rock senior year and Sam will be there with you, making sure my legacy continues.
And then we´ll go to homecoming together, the second time by the way, because I´m officially asking you to come with me to my ball next week, and you´re going to show those bitches who the real homecoming queen is.
And if you want, you can come to my College after that, so we can be together there all the time.”
A big fat smile appeared on your cheeks and you nodded: “Yes, I´ll go to the roadtrip with you. And Yes, I´ll go to homecoming with you.
I´ll even follow you to college.”
He smiled and took your hand and led you up the path to the school.
“Oh, and by the way. It´s still Pebbles”, you said and he looked at you: “What?”
You grinned: “Our dog´s name is going to be Pebbles, not Hunter.”
He laughed and then you laughed, marking the beginning of a new life you had never imagined to get.

shout out to brown girls who feel like a burden in their 20s to their parents for not being married yet. shout out to brown girls who feel pressured into getting married because its all everyone talks about with them. Shout out to brown girls who’s achievements are belittled by their brothers and fathers. Shout out to brown girls who’s reputations were ruined by a small mistake, while they watch boys get away with the same mistakes and more. Shout out to the the brown girls who are only valued if they are married and have children, and are looked down upon if they choose a career or education. shout out to you because you’re not alone.

I keep seeing this gif of lacigreen

and I just want to punch her in the face so fucking bad. Not because of “internalized misogyny” or because she calls herself a feminist. Let me explain.

My father broke up two separate marriages with his infidelity and I was one of the children in both of those families. I’m willing to bet Laci wasn’t a child of divorce (let alone two divorces) and didn’t experience the emotional pain of home-wrecking from a child’s perspective. I bet she never had to wait up at night when she was sick to see if her father was coming home from work to take care of her, or if he was staying out with some random floozie. I bet she was never physically threatened, as a 14-year old girl, by her father’s side bitch for being concerned about the well-being of her family. “Wrecking homes” actually wrecks families and is hell for everyone involved, except, of course, the home-wrecker.

What really worries me the most is how many young girls look up to these “feminists” who have no respect for the people around them. Laci Green is showing those young girls, through talking so smugly about destroying three families, that it’s empowering to ruin what someone else has for your own selfish sexual desires.

To me, Laci is no better than the whores women who have been sleeping with my dad through his marriages, knowing he’s a married man with children. I have zero fucking respect for this cunt.

I know she won’t respond to this, even if this does manage to make its way to her dash (I’m not getting my hopes up), but I feel like this is something to spread around a bit. Home-wrecking ruins lives, this is absolutely not something she should be glorifying.

Big announcement

So, as you all know, @heavenfell-au and I are a couple. Yeah? 
So we kinda talked about couple things ya know, like if we should get married and having kids and all that stuff…. 

So we both agreed that we didn’t want children, BUT…

If we ever get one, we would adopt them. 



We adopted. 

Not one.

Not two…

But SIX.

Beautiful little souls.

Their names are : Jean-Marc, Cécile, David, Enoch, Baltazar, and Medor.

One of them is always crying, and one of them has a little problem of… gravity. But it’s okay I guess.

We love them.

In mama’s hands.
So happy.

anonymous asked:

can you please write a 2seok where hoseok wants a baby and keeps dropping obvious hints to jin?

“Class, say hello to Mr. Jung.”

The pre-schoolers follow their teacher’s directions and give a very loud, very unison greeting to Hoseok, who coos over how cute they are. Seokjin, the teacher, laughs at his husband’s reaction to the warm welcome, which isn’t new for the younger but is still just as endearing.

“He’ll be my assistant today, so if you have any questions, feel free to go to him if you see that I am busy, okay?” Seokjin says, and the class gives their sound of agreement.

The children go back to working on their assignment, and Hoseok can’t help but smile at the way so many of them so innocently color way out of the line.

He then watches Seokjin help a student sharpen her crayon and feels his heart swell up at the sight. Seokjin’s always been good with kids, and Hoseok is more than convinced that his husband would be an amazing father.

When Seokjin finishes helping the student, he walks over to where Hoseok is standing by the chalkboard and greets him.

“You’ve been visiting a lot lately,” Seokjin points out, and Hoseok nods. “Why?”

“I don’t know, I guess I just really love children,” Hoseok replies, putting extra emphasis on the last three words. “Don’t you?”

“Yeah,” Seokjin slowly responds, his eyebrows scrunching in slight confusion, “that’s kind of why I decided to be a teacher.”

“That’s good to hear,” Hoseok smiles before adding, “because you’re really good at treating the students as if they were your own children.”

“My own children, huh?” Seokjin repeats, but before the conversation can go any further, a student calls Seokjin over.

When Seokjin walks away, Hoseok moves over to sit on the only other big chair in the classroom and continues to wistfully watch his husband carry out his job.

At least until a child goes up to him, near to tears, and Hoseok realizes that the poor kid peed his pants.

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He's getting married but not to you part 3

Part 1

Part 2

 Luke’s pov. 

 2 months, that’s all it took. I was breaking down without her. I’d definitely made the wrong decision. And now I was stuck with it. It was my own fault.There was nothing i could do now, if the truth about how I really felt about y/n came out- everything would be ruined. I would have nothing, I’d lose Katey and I’d already lost y/n.

 But then again, the idea of losing Katey was nice, she wasn’t what I thought she was and my life was not going to plan. I can’t help but think that maybe we rushed into this whole marriage thing.

 My mother had told me not to mess anybody about, and I told her I wouldn’t. Yet here I am at y/n’s door, waiting for her to open it. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting. I was hoping that we could forget everything that happened and still be best friends- but I knew there was no way that was going to happen. It was laughable at how stupid I could be sometimes. 

 The door opened and I was met with a wide eyed y/n. 

Shock was written on her face, etched upon the confusion in her eyes as she took in my appearance.

 "Luke?“ She asked quietly, her eyes sparkling slightly and her body standing up a little straighter. 

 I probably wasn’t the nicest sight to look at. I hadn’t slept last night, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. Truthfully I hadn’t stopped thinking about her for a while now. In fact she was always the one on my mind. On nights where I couldn’t sleep, laying in bed staring at the ceiling counting sheep, she always managed to creep into my head. 

 "Y/n, please just hear me out- I need your help.” I said quickly just in case she thought about shutting the door on me- I wouldn’t blame her if she did though.

 "Help?“ She chuckled sadly, shaking her head. “Of course you’d only be here if you wanted something” She mumbled, probably hoping I wouldn’t hear her.

 "No, it’s not like that, I just need to talk to you, promise that you’ll just listen to what I have to say, please, I know I don’t deserve it, but please”

 "Fine" she huffed, reluctantly letting me in. I went to the kitchen, sitting up on one of the stools as she flicked the kettle switch.

 "So what do you want?“ She asked bluntly, it was unlike her to ever be cold to anyone even if she didn’t like them.

 "How have you been?” I asked generally curious.

 "Fine.“ She said bluntly, again. I didn’t like it. It wasn’t her.

 "Are you sure?” I asked

 "Yes, I’ve had people help me get over you" she said, not looking at me.

 "Oh, well… I-I guess that’s good" I said, trying to process the fact that she was over me. Part of me didn’t believe her, could you really get over someone you’ve loved for 2 years within two months?

 "How’s married life?“ She asked bitterly.

 "It’s- well- it’s not what it’s all cut out to be, I thought it would be easy- but fuck, it’s so hard” I stressed.

 "Oh" she said quietly. “Do you regret it?” She asked timidly her mean act dropping as she returned to her normal caring self. I understood her previous bluntness, she was only trying to protect herself. She didn’t want to give me the chance to hurt her again.

 "N-no" I lied, I couldn’t let anyone know this was one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made.

 "Right, okay" she said turning away from be so she couldn’t see my face.

 "It’s just- I don’t know what to do-“ I sighed “she’s talking about wanting children” I watched as y/n turned around to look at me now. She was surprised to say the least. 

 "C-Children?“ “Yeah, but I don’t want children. Not now, not while I’ll be on tour for most of its childhood. I can’t do that to a kid” I said 

 "Oh. Isn’t the whole point of getting married to have kids?“ She asked quietly.

 "I don’t know. But I can’t.”

 "Have you told her this? That you don’t want kids” she asked looking at me in sympathy.

 "No. She thinks I want them”

 "You might want to tell her that then, or maybe you should have said this before you got married, I mean you did kinda jump right into this… Thing" she said not being sarcastic in any way. She actually listened without judging, she was too nice to ever judge. She was such a good friend and this is why I couldn’t lose her.

 "M-my mum told me something that I shouldn’t do but I’ve basically already done it so I might as well carry on" I said, I had to tell her, she needed to know. 

 "What did she tell you?“

 "Not to mess you around, but you need to know how I really feel” I said.

  "Luke, please don’t, please leave it you’re married end of conversation okay, just enjoy the life you Have. Jesus Christ Luke. She wants to have children with you, this is serious!“ She said, her voice raising.

 "But I don’t want children! Not now. I’m way too young” I said.

  "Luke I can’t help you, I don’t know what you want me to say or do!“ She sighed.

 The doorbell rang and the tension in the room rose. I looked at her in question to ask whether she was expecting anyone. She shrugged before walking to the door. I stayed where I was trying to listen to the visitors voice.

 "What? is he here? Like right now?” I heard someone say.

 "Yes, so be quiet" y/n whispered but I could still hear. 

 "Well? What does he want?“ The voice asked. I couldn’t make out if it was familiar or not. 

 "I don’t know” she said back in a rush. 

 "Should I come back later?“ He asked.

 "Please” she said back and it went quiet for a moment. 

 "You need to tell him at some point okay?“ I heard him say.

 "Calum wait…” She said


 "Actually don’t worry, I’ll tell you later, see you in a bit” I heard the front door shut and not even a few seconds later she was back in the kitchen standing a few meters away from me.

 "Calum?“ I asked after a while of silence. 

 "Yeah, he… Um he’s just helping me with a few things at the moment.” She said.

 "Oh… Is there… Something you need to tell me?“ I asked cautiously. I’d rather know if she’s with Calum before telling her how I feel.


 "What?“ I asked worried if she had hurt herself or something.

 "You heard us didn’t you?”

 "Yeah…“ I said, scratching the back of my neck. When did things become so awkward between us.

 "Well, I decided that I’m going to go to university now” she said, a small shy smile adorning her face.

 "Well that’s great!“ I said encouragingly, I knew she wanted to go at some point to study psychology . “Which university? The one down the road?” I asked. 

 "Yeah… No, about that, it’s kind of in America” she said.

 America. The other side of the fucking world.

 "Oh.. Um wow… America… Jeez that’s far away…“ I said quietly.

 "Yeah… But the university looks amazing!” She said excitedly.

 "Wow well, I hope you get in…“ I said feeling bad for wishing she doesn’t. 

God, I’m her best friend, I should be supportive of her choices but I don’t want her to go, it would leave me with my mess of a life without her guidance.

  "I already got in! I’m leaving next week so I can settle in!” She said happily. 

“Wow… How long have you known?” I asked, she had a guilt look on her face.

 "A while" she mumbled, “ I was going to tell you, but things happened…" 

 "Oh. Well… I’m happy for you, you’ll do great. How long is the course?”

 "2 years" she said “I’m so excited, I love America, I’ve only ever been once and that wasn’t hardly enough time to explore”

 "2 years?“ I said my eyes wide. 2 years. “Will you come visit us here?” I asked “and your family of course”

 "Maybe, but mum and dad said they might come visit me and make a holiday out of it so I wouldn’t have to come back here”

 "Oh…“ I said while she started rambling about how nice the university is and the grounds.

 "I’ll miss you” I cut her off. She looked surprised, before her face crumpled a bit and she pouted. 

 "I’ll miss you too" she whispered “it’ll all work out though, I’ll call and text you, FaceTime, Skype like every night”.

  I knew that wouldn’t happen. It might for the first week but then the facetimes will turn to phone calls which will eventually turn to texts every so often, which will then become nothing, leaving emptiness and suddenly memories will start to fade. Faces will become a blur, it will be hard to remember the small things, hair colour, eye colour… Then one day a few years maybe- we’ll remember and wonder why we ever stopped talking. What went wrong. But if I suddenly decide to get back in contact it would be deemed as weird. We’d be strangers. I didn’t want that to happen.

 I didn’t want her to disappear from my life.

 "Just don’t become a stranger" I said.

“I-I won’t”

 "Promise?“ I said reaching my pinky out. It’s something we used to do as younger children.

 "Seriously?” She giggled. I hadn’t heard her giggle for months. 

 "Yes" I said fully seriously.


 "Promise me!” I said 

 "It’s for the best Luke…“ 

 "No no no, you’re not going to be s stranger, I won’t let, in fact I’ll fly over to see you… You’re my best friend" 

 "Yeah? I’m your best friend. That’s why I have to do this Luke! Don’t you understand how hard this is for me? I can’t stay here!”

 "Well you can’t leave!“

 "Why do you care? You have her, you don’t need me!”

 "Don’t say that, I’ll always need you" I sighed.

 "Yeah but you don’t want me" she said quietly. “Look Luke, I think you should go" 

 —————————————— 6 months later —————————————–

 - y/n pov

 "Hi is Luke there?” I asked through the phone. So far we had managed to stay in contact since I’d moved to university.

 "Oh no he’s out sorry" Katey said.

“Oh okay, I’ll call back later" 

 "Wait y/n don’t go yet, I need to invite you to my baby shower” she said excitedly.

 Baby shower… 

 "Sorry what? Baby shower?“ I asked confused. I could feel my heart beat start to quicken - in fear or panic, I wasn’t quite sure.

 "Luke didn’t tell you?” She asked confused.

 "Um no…“ I said, trying to keep my breathing even.

 "I know Luke probably wanted to tell you but I might aswell now, we’re having a baby!” She squealed in excitement.

 I nearly dropped my phone but managed to quickly catch it before it landed on the floor. I held it into shoulder for a minute so she couldn’t hear my shaky breath through the speaker. 

 "Wow" I finally managed to say.

   “You okay?” She asked.

  "Yeah" I said quickly “just surprised, I mean wow… Congratulations, that’s- that so amazing! Wow” i tried so hard not to sound fake. I laughed nervously as she replied. 

 "I know right! Im so excited" she gushed. “Although i thought Luke would have told you by now it’s been… Nearly 6 months” I coughed - shocked at how Luke hadn’t told me.

 "6 months! Wow that’s wow- why didn’t Luke tell me?“ I said out loud without meaning to. 

 "I don’t know” she said mindlessly. “But I’ll get him to call you back”

 "Okay thank you" I said still in shock. My shock was slowly turning into anger. What the hell had he gotten himself into. He said he didn’t want children 6 months ago when he came to talk to me, but not even a week or so after that… I don’t understand.

 Luke, what the FuCK?- y/n 

 Why didn’t you tell me?- y/n

 6 months and you didn’t tell me- y/n 

 I know this is probably hard for you if what you told me is still true- y/n 

 But this is serious, a kid Luke. A life that you have created- y/n

 What have you gotten yourself into- y/n

 I’m sorry y/n. I didn’t want to tell you because I knew it would be true.- Luke

 But fuck, I need your help, I don’t know what to do, we alway used condoms, I didn’t want a child, it’s too late to walk away,- Luke

 Yes Luke it’s too late to walk away, don’t even think about that- y/n 

 I don’t love Katey anymore- Luke

 What? LUKE! You have to, you can’t do that to her, don’t ever tell her that okay? You need to be there for her and the baby, YOUR baby!- y/n 

 I’ll sort it out okay- Luke 

 Luke no. Phone me right now!- y/n 

 This is why I didn’t tell you- Luke

 LUKE!- y/n What do you mean sort it out?- y/n 

 I waited 5 minutes for a reply until I knew that he wasn’t going to.

 ——————————— Another 6 months later ————————————–

“I’ll see you later!” I called to Andrea, a new friend I had made at university. I ran down my road though the to my apartment. I stopped a few meters away from the front door seeing a figure sitting on the ground, head leaning back against my front door, their hood up to stop their hair getting wet. 

 "Luke?“ I asked Thoroughly confused. 

 "Y/n!” He said happily jumping up quickly. 

 "What the hell are you doing here?“ I asked. He lifted his rucksack up, shrugging. 

 "I left her” He said causally as if it was nothing.

 "You- you what? But you have a kid together!“ 

 "It’s not mine!” He smiled.


 "It’s not mine! I told you, we used condoms, she got annoyed at me because I didn’t want children so she slept with someone else, she admitted it a week before she gave birth" 

 "And you just left?” I asked.

  "Yep, went home, told mum, then came straight here" he shrugged. 

 "Luke, how are you so calm about this?“ 

 "Because i told you I didn’t love her any more” he smiled. He looked so happy, I still wasn’t fully understanding.

 "Luke you’re married" 

 "We won’t be for long, I filed for a divorce. I’m here to stay…“ He said becoming shy “if you’ll let me…”

 "Luke, of course I’ll let you, you’re my best friend.“ He smiled widely before hugging me. 

“How about we go inside and get out of these wet clothes?" 

 "Sounds perfect" 

 Maybe sometime in the future something may happen between us, but everything in this moment seemed like a dream. It’s funny how things work out so perfectly sometimes.

Dog for Calum – Calum Hood OneShot

You just want to be the best freaking girlfriend ever and get Calum his first dog :)

Dog for Calum – Calum Hood OneShot

I always thought it’d take me hours to choose one but once I walked into the shelter home for dogs I instantly fell in love. There was this one german shepherd dog. He wasn’t really a puppy anymore but he also wasn’t fully grown. He was skinny and his eyes were dull, he didn’t want to walk much and just laid in a corner but somehow he caught my attention between all the other dogs. I asked the nice lady about the dog and she explained they just got him about a week ago and he has an injured leg. That’s why he didn’t want to walk.
I picked the little fella up and laid him in my lap. He was tense but after a minute of muttering soft words and petting him he relaxed and fell asleep on me. That was the moment I knew it had to be him. I called the lady and asked her if he’s ready to be taken. She was reluctant at first and said she’d call the vet to talk to him about it. So I stayed and petted the cute dog and waited for an answer. Eventually she came back and told me I had to wait for a few days, maybe a week or two so he could get all the required vaccinations and his leg had to heal a little bit more before they want to give him to someone. I insisted she noted somewhere the dog was already chosen by me and petted him one last time before going home again.
I actually visited two times in the one week I had to wait. One day I got a call from the shelter home and they told me he’s ready to be picked up. I was so happy to hear it and instantly rushed over to get my little new cutie. Well… Not really my…

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Am I the only one who didn’t want Ichigo and Rukia shown that they end up getting married and having kids?(if they were canon at the end of course) like just them talking about things and looking deeply at each other and smiling at the end would have been enough for me. Maybe Ichigo or Rukia blushing at a comment the other made to let you know there relationship is becoming something more now that they are never apart.(since Ichigo is living in the Soul Society)That would have been a perfect ending for me at least. And maybe a new Bleach novel in the future where they do get married and want children.(●´∀`●)

A New Home


They had been happily married for several years. Killian and Emma were finally getting past the newlywed stage of their marriage and looking to expand their family. While they had talked about having children of their own, both had decided that it wasn’t for them. At least not right now. Emma had been raised in and out of foster care and Killian an orphan himself. They did not want to bring a child into this world when there were so many out there that needed homes.

And that was how they end up at the foster agency. Weeks earlier they had become an official foster home with the state and were just waiting for a child that needed a loving home. But tragedy struck when a friend of theirs, Robin Locksley, passed away leaving his son with a father (his mother passing away years before). There was no way Killian could let the little boy so off to a family similar to Emma’s situations. He talked Swan into letting Roland stay with them, at least until a family that wanted to adopt him permanently came forward. 

He had everything in the house set up the best he could. Currently they were sitting in a room filling out paperwork before being able to take the boy to his new home. 

“I feel like we are buying a car not fostering a child. How many bloody papers do we have to sign?” He asked after the tenth one.

Heart's a mess.[Matt Espinosa]

“Your heart’s a mess, you won’t admit to it. It makes no sense, but I’m desperate to connect, and you, you can’t live like this.” - Gotye 

The halls where filled with people of your generation, rushing to class, socializing with friends, scribbling down last minute homework. And you, you were right in the middle of the hallway, trying to find your first period class. It seemed like today’s luck was on your side, for now, as you had successfully found room seventy-three, tucked away at a corner of a quieter hallway. You handed your teacher your white, full schedule. The secretary who had written your classes, had awful handwriting, but he seemed to comprehend it. He smiled at you hurriedly as the late bell rung, gesturing for you to sit at the desk in the second row, third column. You shivered slightly at the coldness of the lab, the sight of dead pigs on metal sheets by table stations made you swallow roughly. The last person to come in the room, you particularly studied with a growing interest, eagerly wanting to sneak another peek at him. He had the lightest possible brown hair color, not fully classifying it as a dirty blonde. He was lanky, but some muscle was apparent on his arms. The navy blue collared shirt went well against his barely tanned skin tone, while birthmarks danced against his face, two down his neck. Much like Dylan O'Brien. He wore long khakis, that made his legs look even longer, his hair was in a highlighted quiff that was perfectly neat. You tore your eyes away from his distinctive features because of the loud sound of your new teacher’s voice. It was too cliche for you to be paired with mystery boy, no you were paired with a girl who wanted you to do all the work, only asking you your name before typing away at her white iPhone. After what seemed like an eternity, the bell rang, you were quick on your feet, to give the teacher back a handout that was earlier passed out. You didn’t see the boy without a name until the bell rang. You finally found your locker, right next to the boy’s locker room. conveniently and grossly. You sighed, knowing you would have to either wait for your mom to get out of work, or walk all the way home. Debating your options, you shut your locker, making sure your bag was good to go. “Crap, sorry.” You looked into the person you had bumped into, as you wandering aimlessly while digging in your bag. This was him, the boy with the perfect everything. He barely smiled, shrugging it off. He went to the locker, beside yours, indicating that he was at his locker. His locker was next to yours, the only word that rang through your head, was ‘fate’. “I have you first period, don’t I?” Your mom had always told you, when you want something, you have to go out and get it. And you sure as hell wanted him. “Uh, yeah. Y/N, right?” You nodded, smiling, as no one had really seemed to remember your name. But he did. “Well I gotta go. That football game isn’t gonna win itself.” And with that, he left into the locker room. You without a ride, you without any source of hope, you without any reason to pursue him. But you did.

Weeks had passed and Matt had not said a word to you. Not a single utter rolled off his tongue. He didn’t look at you, but you found yourself always watching him. It sounded obsessive, but it really was like watching a mystical creature in its habitat. He sat at the center of the cafeteria, with all the popular people, laughing as loud as possible to let everyone know what a good time they were having, to make others feel inferior to their beauty. But Matt, he didn’t seem like them entirely. He was the quarter back for the football team and the goal keeper for lacrosse. He played the games, but rarely went to the parties. He sat at the table, but rarely spoke. He looked sad, as if every passing day was diminishing him, slowly but surely. You hung around a group of three girls, they were nice enough, but not trustworthy enough to use them as an outlet of your feelings and growing fascination. How could someone so beautiful, be so sad? The next day, you left school a little later than usual, since you went to math tutoring, you were hopelessly terrible at the demanding subject. But, while you walked to your locker, you saw a figure lean against it. You walker faster, drawing closer. Only to see it was an unconscious Matthew, with a rubber band on his forearm and a needle in his skin. You dialed 911 as fast as you could, pulling out the needle, trying to wake him. You pinched his cheeks, trying to shake his big body. After what felt like hours, you heard the noise of sirens. Help was here, but you could only pray he’d be alright.

When the weekend finally came, your mom told you, you had gotten a call. Pressing the house phone to your ear, you heard an unfamiliar voice. “Is this Y/N? I would like to thank you so much, you saved my son’s life. We are forever grateful.. I was always trying to tell him that girl was no good, but I guess heartbreak can really get the best of us. Oh! He’d like to see you, as soon as possible. We’re down at Liberty Hospital. Thank you again.” The voice was light and you assumed it to be his mother’s, the cry in her throat was apparent, and you felt so bad. You asked your mom if she could drive you down, she agreed, but warned you not to take any acquaintance to him. You only let her comments roll of your back, believing there was something much more than what met the eye, with Matt. He was a puzzle, a broken puzzle with several pieces missing. You only craved to put them back together, to fully figure his complexity out. A nurse had shown you to his room, pulling it wide open for you. “You must be Y/N, so nice to meet you. Uh, I’ll let you two talk.” Your suspicions were correct, the woman from the other side of the phone stood in front of you, smiling as if her world wasn’t crashing down beside her. She stole one last glance at Matt, giving you permission to slide in a millisecond glimpse. You averted your gaze. The only word that came to mind was numb. He didn’t look worried or upset, nor relieved. Matt’s mom had left the room, closing the door silently behind her, promising to return with some real food. The food on his tray looked like crap and you kind of pitied him. You slowly walked next to him, unsure of his words. “That was pretty stupid of you. Why would you do that? Why would you snitch on me? Didn’t you see that I wanted to die,” His words were moving so swiftly, he didn’t mess up any words, as if he planned this all out, the anger clear in his voice. But also, the sadness, the empitness. “Who gave you the right? Why won’t anyone let me make my own desicion? Why doesn’t anyone ever listen to me? Did you think I wanted my dad to leave my mom? Do you think I give a shit about football? Lacrosse? What about this, did you think I wanted her to leave me? I only wanted to join her, she was the only thing that kept me here…but now she’s gone, isn’t she? I’m better off dead.”

By the end of his sharp words, you found yourself in tears. You never thought that he thought of himself as so unworthy, you never thought that his past girlfriend was deceased. Of course not. How were you to know? “Listen here, you little prick. I saved your life, a piece of me thought that you wanted me here to thank me. Not to tell me off and shame me for my actions. I saved your life. And I’m sorry about your girlfriend and all, but I think you’re great. You should never think so low of yourself when so many people look up to you as a king. When so many people envy you. When so many people love you. Including your mom, clearly…and me. I think I’m in love with a boy who hates himself, a boy who I find myself wanting to connect with, a boy whom has a heart a mess.”

/ //////////////////// ///////////////////////// ////////////////

where was i going w. this not even spell checked

wow this is a mess, saw what i did there.

but i hope matt never sees himself in this sort of light, i know i did a while ago, and i hope for no one to ever feel like that

please don’t ask for ships, ship yourself with your fave cause you have a fave don’t even lie rn, and just roll with that. do i think me and matt espinosa will actually marry each other and have two children, Brie Ariella Espinosa & Alec Lee Espinosa, maybe no but don’t let anyone tell you you wouldn’t look good with your fave magcon boy, i tripped my friend kaylynn once cause she did that. i was all like, “see. talk shit get hit." 


yeah don’t do dat *say that in carter’s mom’s voice

doing requests in whatever order i please (swag money)

but be sure to send some in to give me ideas and try to write them